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State House will issue a statement regarding President Michael Sata’s visit-Speaker

Headlines State House will issue a statement regarding President Michael Sata's visit-Speaker

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini

Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has said that State House would issue a statement regarding President Michael Sata’s visit to Israel and reiterated that he would not compel the Minister of Health to answer questions regarding President Sata’s health.

Dr Matibini made the ruling following a point of order raised by United Party for National Development (UPND) MP, Jack Mwiimbu who wanted to know whether it was in order for Government not to provide answers regarding the President’s health or his whereabouts.

Dr Matibini said the Ministry of Information had already issued a statement when the President left the country and that he was on a working holiday.

“You have rightly pointed out yourself that there was an official announcement or communication from the Minister of Information clarifying the dates when the President arrived and also confirming the fact that the President is within the jurisdiction of the country.

“The Vice President indicated that in as far as that subject is concerned, all communications will be issued by State House. That is the current position, as and when need arises, those communications will be made,” he said.


    • Please bare with us, once the the visitor from UK on Friday leaves we will announce about Sata’s funeral so we can beggin the grief moment of healing. Kabimba will be our next president if per advanture HH wins the elections, Kenyans are already here to rig the elections.

    • Folks,

      Sata says he will be ok and jogging around state house in 90 days. This is his promise to you all.

    • Wena Speaker! stop this nonsense! stop hiding th truth for Sata`s sake and wasting time,,,,just tell the nation the truth so that people pray for him,,, moreover Sata is entitled to sick leave,, he is human NOT iron man,,, everything donch kubeba!,,,, Sata is dyng in the darknes! if he was open enough,,, by now he would have been on sondashi formula,,, more power and energy!

    • Exactly. He is supposed to be the impartial adjudicator of Parliamentary debate, not take sides and a partisan stance!

      He is obviously in cahoots with all the LIARS trying to hide the TRUTH away from the Zambian people!

      Matibini, you better be reminded who your employer is. You have obviously forgotten or choosing to ignore it.

  1. Can somebody save Zambia from this unnecessary suspense created by having incompeteant people in all arms of government? Why do PF people think that what is happening is normal, and sad that the speaker thinks it is normal too!!! So you expect George Chellah to come to State House and issue a statement? What is going on? Can’t they feel how the nation has come to a stand still and everything is now being done without heart?

    • There is no suspense the president is fine

      Unless you want to live on rumors sir, I caution you to keep your heard down until we hear from the hoarse’ mouth

      I personally think, there is a lot of witch hunts mostly Tongas and people from Eastern Province who has a problem with a bemba ruling

      I demand you retract your statement sir within 48 Hours


    • Mushota, so you ” demand he retracts his statement sir within 48 Hours”??

      The only thing that needs retracting is whatever you have stuck up you ass. It has rendered whatever brains you might have ever had into SH!T. When you get that out, you can stick your comment there. It is where it belongs.

      KING CABBAGE is history. Face it.

      Then go and see a doctor. You also have IPOMOEA BATATAS syndrome, and it is more deadly that EBOLA when complicated by CRAINUS EXCRETUS.

    • @Mushota,
      Do you work for LT? Why is it that with all your impressive degrees every single one of your postings has grammar or spelling errors ( like LT do) which even a primary school pupil cannot make. It’s ‘head down and horse’s mouth’.

    • @2.1 Mushota – Of course Mr. Mushota, we already heard his voice and it was really hoarse. Not the way he used to sound when we used to call him King Cobra. I guess now we can as well call him King Cabbage.

  2. The shroud of unhelpful secrecy continues. Typical of the old communist behaviour. Not announcing any dire news until the political manoeuvres have been settled behind the scenes – through a parallel security and intelligence wing. In some countries, including in Africa, this has had the effect of triggering witch-hunting, power struggles and down right messy conflict. This govt. must really be careful.

  3. Dr Matibini, surely this is not helping matters. i thought parliament is independent? now its like you are taking sides. in as much as i would not like to discuss personal health issues of an individual, i am sure that a statement from state house would be ‘more muddy’ than if it came from elsewhere. the problem i have is that your MPs from your parliament have been giving statements that are confusing. all i am asking to know is how is my president doing not the working holiday that you keep on talking about. alot has happened for you to take us backwards to the working holiday in Israel. we are told HEMCS is around but not sure when he came in and from where – friday/saturday; KKIA or Mumbwa Airbase? surely we can do better than this. everyone gets ill but the way things are its not…

    • DR MATIBINI: Please sir lead by example. you are a very learned lawyer with fine brains. Do not curtail debates on important issues. Please do not take sides. we seen speakers but you seem to the worst

  4. Govt has been clear that the presedent is in state house ever working hard. No one seems to believe this. Ok tell us if ur sayng he isnt in state house where he is. U seem to be more informed than the inteligent chellah or the doc. If they say zambians are, for lack of better term, mentally challenged, this is what they mean. We are easily misinformed by people without any iota of knowledge abt a subject matter. Look at the so called mps and the issues they sayng in paliament. Very retarding. This is sickness issue is as good as bobbys video. Usless!

    • @otherside
      ya! you are right man,, the pesident is working hard gasping for air in state house,,, just like mwanawasa was once seen jogging into the clouds

    • Go get an education! We are not gullible like you. If you can’t get an education then I demand you go out more often – punk!

  5. @otherside, the challenge we have is that the person who is employed to give us statements hasnt been heard from (George Chellah) and this is fodder for the enemies but not only enemies of the president, also a common man on the street is confused. George used to answer to every thing on the political scene but now he hasnt been seen and this situation is not healthy for us as a country as others may take it to mean that the president is sick when may be he is not. so whats so difficult with statehouse putting the matter to rest by either showing us our president or just saying he is resting or busy working which should mean him swearing in the newly appointed officials that were ratified by parliament. i dont mean bad for the president in all this i want the matter to laid to rest

  6. The current updated dictionaries still have no words yet to describe adequately the unbelievable stupi!dity of these punks governing Zambia. It hasn’t occurred to Matibini yet, that Zambians through conjecture, theories and ZWD, ZR, Israeli newspapers, rumours and gossip have finally arrived at the truth, that Sata won’t be with us for long. State house can say something if they wish but it would be a waste of their time because it’s too late and unnecessary.

    • “State House will issue a statement regarding President Michael Sata’s visit”

      WHEN? Next week? Next YEAR? 2017?

      We want the TRUTH NOW!

  7. Sata is already vaguished. Just tell us what your political party will do for mother Zambia once voted into power. You seem to have no definite plan to redeem this country. The agenda you have is just to amass more for yourself.

  8. Who doesn’t know that Mr. Matibini has access to State House and the president at short notice? What Mr. Matibini aught to do is go to State House and get the proper information that the Members of Parliament need. Zambians in general are not afraid of the outcome about the president it be good or bad news. Life will go on for as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. As a national we have to move forward. One Zambia One Nation.

  9. The only SOLUTION TO THIS DILEMA we did put ourselves is:

    1 Let the Acting President Wynter Act and Set the Day of Elecions. If Zambian r not Happy with Wynter let;

    2. Guy Scott shud STAND UP and ACT as a PRESIDENT and in 90 days elections.

    During this OCCASION let him REPRESENT SATA and on his behalf let him ask for forgiveness from Chitimukulu & others Sata has wronged.

    3 As WE TALK THE CONSTITUTION is ALREADY BREACHED and its in tatters. Alot of things ve been Breached by these inuits

    FAILURE TO THS- There will b CONFUSION even WAR but I would NOT want ths to happen.

    IF we dont do this will “JUST BE YAPPING DAY in Day OUT” about our GRANDFATHER SATA who is about to go the Land where no one RETURNS.


  10. Sata is vanquished not by the hand of man and any normal human being can see it. Just start organising your tu ma small parties for possible take over but we are watchin you. Thougg PF is gone gone i cant see hope in the opposition either. Mark my words

    • It has nothing to do with the size of a party even if PF win the by-elections at least we shall have a head of state capable of running national affairs.

  11. He is fine, stop having sleepless nights over this non-issue.He is right now doing push ups in the state house gym.

    • @saulosi
      Like the animal you are in the picture you’re on a leash and have to follow your master. You are one of those brick-heads.Your brain is solid matter. If you are an intellectual, as you often claim, you ooze imititi. Once you claimed to be a lecturer or tutor of some sort. If indeed you are, it’s a great shame. If you are Sata’s son, clearly understood. If you are married, it is even more a shame ‘cos you spend so much time on the computer writing the trashest of trash.

    • @Sick Saulosi
      Ulichisushi sana.Yes you don’t agree with Saulosi just like I don’t most of the time but does it mean you have to say all that trash ? I blame your parents for raising you in this way.Banoko nabawiso babwelapofye ,muli chisushi.

    • @12.3 Zain,
      Your words of counsel to Sick Saulosi are such a relief but unfortunately at the end your tone changed and you fell into the same trap and emulated him.

    • Saulosi I am of the opinion that you speak in opposites. You are opposing the views of others when in reality you are supporting. Whether you deny this I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that you do this and the reason is to maintain a steady flow of the argument and humour. It does not bother me because I enjoy it when there are dissenting views. Keep it up we need comical dissenting views like yours that make the world go round. From your frenemy AM

    • After marathon swim in the dead sea, 90 daily push-ups, followed by 90 meters indoor sprint and 90 minutes in sauna should do the trick?

  12. What is the real reason for keeping this a secret?? How do we know if Sata is not already gone to the other fiery side?? The people currently are simply buying time for themselves!! Critical behaviour of all African tyrants!!! Some send corpses abroad for treatment just to fool everyone!! So that they keep staying in power!!! Power hungry dictators!!! TELL US THE TRUTH !!! SO THAT WE CAN GET ON TO VOTE OTHERS INTO POWER !!! YOU HAVE OVERSTAYED YOUR WELCOME !!! PANGA FAMILY !!!

  13. There is no separation of arms under these PF empty tins even the Speaker sounds like a cabinet minister.

  14. Just who have Sata’s children been mourning recently, do they know anything that we don’t as citizens?

  15. This sham of a speaker is as clueless as my name suggests. He is one of those people that laughs in our faces thinking that we are imbeciles. Maybe he is right after all the majority of people went and queued to vote for the chief imbeciles in the name of PF, even intellectuals went and voted for the most hopeless man in Zambia to become a president. They claimed that he was a saviour, a person who was in MMD for 10 years during it’s worst crrupt rule, a violent man etc It’s a shame to be a Zambian. As for you Matibini pleeease just SHUT the Fck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ha ha why should Minister of Health comment on the President’s health? Because both subjects contain the word “health”? Opposition is surely from the village where spear chuckers rule and cows get shagged. Thanks

  17. Understandably, PF is bunch of retards. What is shocking is that these guys cant even have the brains to manage information about Sata`s illness. What a bunch of useless people

  18. the silence on the sickness is not health for the economy the investors are scared now right now are holding on their monies in two months time wait and see what will happen to our economy. if sata and pf loved the country could have handled this issue of sickness in a civilised manner.

  19. I wanted to bring my investments into Zambia but without a head of state im afraid i have to head towards Malawi.

  20. As we write and ask questions that seem not to attract any convincing answers from our leaders over our once beloved HEMCS , am compelled to remind my fellow citizens that perfection is not to be found in us, not in our leaders either because of the fallen nature to which we belong..Its all vanity of vanities..quoting from …Cloudius The god..Leaders start at a benevolent and rectitude note and end up the worst despots, overriding the same policies that they could have championed. So let us look to God for guidance

    • @ mansung Gods guidance is there for all those with eyes to see!

      When your once beloved HEMCS was in opposition, this King Cobra was spewing his poisonous hatred and evil at all those working hard. Just because he greedily wanted the Presidency for himself.

      Now God has seen fit to punish him for his LIES, ARROGANCE and DECEIT….. IN PUBLIC.

      He is now tasting his own POISON! KING CABBAGE is now on the receiving end.

      Divine retribution is plainly visible!

  21. It was LAWs other than men under Mwanawasa
    It is Men other than LAWs under Sata
    Probably a combination of the two under the next leader.

  22. This is a very unfortunate thing that is happening. The country is left in the dark to speculate on the health of a president. Is he even the president right now or is Kabimba still acting? If he is unwell, there is nothing wrong for the nation to know.
    If the president dies then please Zambians don’t reward Kabimba or the other PF leaders the presidency. He will be the acting president but when elections come, they need to be punished. Micheal is a public official under oath to carry his duties fully and if he is unable to do so, he needs to inform the nation. To keep his health status secret to the country is a unforgivable sin.

  23. It is common knowledge that ba Sata is ill. Let the man rest a while. He will recover soon and you will hear him in a stronger voice and will see his much better shape. You know when you grow older (he is 77 remember), it is always difficult to quickly recover. It takes time. So let our president rest. The good thing is the country is not on a standstill all is going well at the moment. Can you imagine, even the Kwacha has stabilised a bit…!

    I wish our president a quick recovery and God’s blessings. May God grant wisdom to all those that are surrounding him so that the decisions they make will not plunge the country into chaos but to perpetual peace and development.

    God Bless Zambia

  24. When David Muzamai (DM) was dying just after one term in office the entire world knew there were no lies at all because he loved his country so much and the country loved him too! Here it’s the entire opposite!

  25. “…Here it’s the entire opposite” bcoz PF came into on the bedrock of lies hatrade, tribalism, and indeed divisive mentality that PF followers have adapted to like veep utterances and lies from PF Ministers. The common knowledge remains that the zambian president is gravely ill or clinically dead.

  26. “…Here it’s the entire opposite” bcoz PF came into power on the bedrock of lies hatrade, tribalism, and indeed divisive mentality that PF followers have adapted to like veep utterances and lies from PF Ministers. The common knowledge remains that the zambian president is gravely ill or clinically dead.

  27. Satana’s cronies are busy chowing away at the state coffers and erasing the paper trail. Zambians are too docile it hurts! Faced with an imminent envasion, there would be no commander-in chief and the defence forces be left to their own fences. Sad state of affairs indeed. What boggles the mind is how a whole 10-15 million Zambians in the country can allow a situation like this, pathetic.

  28. Sata is already dead I tell you! Because the Chines are already building the crypt … why do you think the ZMW is self-correcting? Because the economic threat (Sata policies) has already been removed. His family and cronies will announce his death once they have burned all the evidence of the theft of funds.
    God is not sleeping, he raided the country’s coffers to build himself a big house and now he will not get to live in it… let this be a lesson to all other want-to-be-presidents… do good by the people or you will certainly pay one way or another (for generations).

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