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Letter to the Editor: Rupiah Banda’s Desperate Schemes


Former president Rupiah Banda with Mulenga Sata
Former president Rupiah Banda with Mulenga Sata

Rupiah’s Desperate Schemes

Dear editor,

I write to you to expose former president Rupiah Banda’s schemes. I am inside Rupiah’s camp but cannot reveal my true identity. I believed and trusted in the man until recently when I discovered that he received large sums of money to aid his attempted comeback campaign from dubious businessmen in several countries like South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Angola and Malawi.

Rupiah assured his donors that he was very popular and would easily get MMD president Nevers Mumba to step aside for him to be the MMD presidential candidate. But Mumba has proved to be difficult to remove and Banda has been under tremendous pressure to show results to his corrupt paymasters to whom he has auctioned the country. I don’t want Zambia to become a mafia state under the control of corrupt foreigners and this is what has motivated me to speak out.

This is why Rupiah is trying to force matters. He is making lots of desperate moves to remove Nevers. He has dished out a lot of brown envelopes to some known NEC members, hired cadres, chiefs have refused to support him and he was the one who hired the cadres who stormed the MMD Secretariat on Sunday.

He declared on Monday today that the MMD has adopted him as their presidential candidate based on a fake vote by 23 MPs imagined by Rupiah and his team. This is a big blue lie. No one even knows who conducted that illegal vote. Nevers called a general meeting with MPs and they left to pave way for the NEC meeting. These MPs are not part of NEC and were not available when the NEC meeting started.

What is worrying so much is the tendencies of Rupiah not wanting to concede defeat. you would not blame anyone for believing the rumours that he refused to hand over power to Sata when he was beaten pants down.

There a lot of turncoats up for sale to the highest bidder. Rupiah doesn’t have genuine committed people. His supporters just want to eat his money. As soon as he loses the fight with Nevers, they shall dump him like a rock, if Rupiah ever took over the MMD and was beaten again he will damp the party second time.


  1. What is now clear to every body in Zambia and in the world is that the infighting have engulfed the PF and the MMD. Unless one does not believe in God, the inside fighting of theses parties is deliberate so that God’s Quick Analysis Group have now put HH at 45%, Lungu at 40%, Rupia Banda at 10%, while the rest of other useless parties at 5%. So God has allowed confusion to rock the once giant PF and MMD in order to pave way for the vibrant and energetic HH. Mark my words this will come to pass, if not 2015, then 2016. HH is Winning the Presidency.

    • @ Sandra Mutinta, I agree with u 100%. The infighting in the PF and MMD are not just there for nothing ratha they signifies the down falls of the two once giant politcal parties and the rise of UPND’s HH. Let all well meaning Zambians support God’s chosen one HH. Pliz HH prepare yourself to plot one, u are definately going there. God is your defender.

    • Ba Sandra Mutinta, sorry you are a low life hallucinating pawn not worth asking for evidence from. Your unpolished lies are a manifest of a subnormal mindset. As much as RB commands unparalleled friendship across Africa and beyond, he does not need to involve you because he is a friend of serious commoners as well as Presidents, kings and statesmen. Next time you see the donation my friends an i are set to donate to a formidable opposition party, i guess you will be hallucinating all the way to the graveyard that its not real.

    • @ Sandra Mutinta, what you have commented is really true. The greed in PF’s Edgar Lungu and MMD’s Rupiah Banda is destroying thier once vubrant parties. I think there is something to learn from here, people from Eastern Province are good chancers especially after the death of someone. Rupia chanced after Mwanawasa and Edgar Lungu the drunkard wants to chance now. Surely confusion has now alloowed HH and his well organised party to scope the presidency. Unles the confusions and infighting in PF and MMD ends today HH is winning wetha u like it or not.

    • Zambia under the PF has been thrown in a dangerous crisis which is reminiscent of what pre-constitutional suspension and institution of extra-constitutional outfits starts. We have a clear and present danger if the opposition cannot realize the need for credible leadership. The nation is now in a state of polarization and alarm. Having a stabilizer and unifier in leadership has become a 911 case for our country. Its not time for opposition fragmentation under wishful leadership that has no capacity to build a united front of opposition parties and add some a winning momentum. Be warned that beyond this current PF madness, its a surprise of suspension of the constitution under some outfit. Recall developments of the recent Lesotho madness and across Africa where politicians have shown chaos

    • Mumba need to get some serious thinking cadres to think for him if he has failed to think. This Lusambo and Nakachinda artwork is instead sinking him deep into kantolomba where politically he may not come out from. I see a replica of his abandoned NCC party to nowhere. Unfortunately, MMD may not keep him beyond another minute if he can’t change for the better. His tactics by his boys are disastrous.

  2. I agree with the last part of you letter which says if RB is beaten in the Presidential election he will dump the party once again.

    Who is willing and able to do the work that Dr. Mumba has been doing in keeping MMD alive thereafter?

    I think it is unfair to sideline someone who has tried so hard to keep MMD alive for a person whose desire appears to be the position of Republican Presidency only with no real interest in the MMD as a party.

    • I think it’s a very bad idea for RB to try to come back.Why can’t our elderly statemen take leaf from the late Nelson Mandela.I can’t believe Rupiah Banda is doing this.It’s not even constitutional for him to campaign in MMD. HH has surely stolen the show.

  3. Fake letter attempting desperately to de-campaign RB . We clearly saw RB and Mumba come out of their meeting yesterday with a promise to tell us what was agreed yesterday on MuviTV. If you claim to be an insider then you could have a least named the sponsors so that you information could be verified. You are just making the old man popular by your attempts to de-campaign him.

  4. RB became a diplomat at a tender age of twenty something together with VJ, a very rare opportunity for an ordinary Zambian. He has been there done that. Diplomat , CEO in parastatal companies and many other positions assigned to him under UNIP government. Then came the big one VEEP and finally president. What more can a person of his accomplishments want? at 78 years?

    • i think RB needs to stay away politics lest he destroys his reputation if things dont move in favour of him, at 78 he shud be enjoying the fruits of his labour and maintain the acquired legacy of conceding defeat in 2011 and not engage in politics, what more does he want he tested everything

    • Nicinji kuzisebanya teti askulu a Ala Bee! Mwakulu onse shuwa kulya na manja abili. Nthota gwa monga zotemelela! Mulekeni mwana Nevers ayesekeko vimkange yeka naye, sha! Mutu kuyuma bati.

      Solola Bye!

  5. Bt why r u tellin us this nw? Is it bkoz u hav also seen dat u will nat derail mumba and to save urself frm embarrassment u decide to jump out of the plane b4 it crushes? Koz if mumba had succumbed to u & rb’s pressure, u wudnt b revealin this nw would u?

  6. RB is UNIP to the core, what he has done is what KK did toKebby Musokotwane, eventually KK lost and UNIP has never recovered. MMD is divided heading the same way. Zambians are not like a dog that pukes and goes back to its vomit. Awisi mapasa, go home and look after amama in her sickness. If you missed your chance to steal more, consider yourself lucky.

    Surely, MMD members are you so worthless that you couldn’t find a suitable choice. Nevers is a turncoat. RB gave him money

  7. Dear author, even your writing of this article is a desperate scheme. If you are a real democrat, then allow anyone who is eligible to contest then you go and defeat them at the elections and not lobbying for someone not contest elections.

  8. these people from the east…… rejoice when presidents die… and rule to finish the term…. that’s why RB and EL are bring confusion in MMD and PF.. let Mumba continue because he was legitimately elected to lead the party….. EL do what is right go for convention…. however, both PF and MMD are just escorts for UPND the main party as at now….. VIVA HH…..VIVA UPND

    • Has Upnd given an equal opportunity to all members? It is the only party not talking about a general conference, no wonder the likes of Milupi, Patrick Chisanga, Saki, Given, Sichinga etc all left under their new undemocratic Upnd.

  9. The person writting this article is as desperate as the person he is painting black.Give us your name and proof.Useless article?

  10. Who in public office hasn’t stolen? You really think Nevers is worth the Presidency? And can HH ever win Plot 1??? Doubt it. In reality RB to steady the ship till 2016, correct the economic mismanagement of the last couple of years, get the country back on track & retire 2016. That is the best solution for our once great nation.

  11. Who wants to go along with a house on fire(PF, MMD)? past glory will not solve our current problems, we need a peaceful atmosphere. UPND please take charge. zambians please stop supporting PFand MMD and then they will grow weak and return to peace. Vote UPND and HH

  12. God works in mysterious ways. If it is true that MMD is floating RB as Presidential candidate in the coming by election and if NEVERS agrees to that, it may be the work of God stepping NEVERS aside for this election so that his image is not dented in the next two years before the 5years tenure of election competition in 2016. This may be a silent act of God who may have seen confusions in the party. If Lungu of PF went through as candidate, the probability of PF losing may be slim. This may put RB in bad light if he lost. And if that happened, people will then turn to NEVERS to save them as Presidential election in 2016. I would at this stage advise NEVERS to leave the battle to God. He should get back to the mountain of prayer on his knees. If it is his it will come back to him regardless

  13. God may be saving the integrity of NEVERS, whereas he as JACOB in the bible should fight for his blessings supported by all those having faith in him, Nevers, until God said so. The problem with Politics is that it has become so lucrative that even when people are sleeping they dream politics. So people are like on shifting sand trying this or that even when they don’t really mean it. All they may want is to benefit at the end of it. But there are truly gallant men and women with real burden and calling in political field. Honestly, RB AND LUNGU WIL make an interesting battle field. You know what? The very despised HH may take the day as the two giants tangle. With Nevers and Lungu, it would be a game of upper and lower jaw whereas others may be the shoulders below.

  14. Zambia should not be made to believe that PF has no following after the demise of its leader. It is still too fresh and campaign messages may resonate very well country wide on PF contrary to what may be held as thought. PF may soon pass over their tangle and begin to be even more active. This is why MMD should not take things for granted. Nevers , the very people despising you today may speak and call for you to represent them in 2016. However, need to make own judgment (free will and not permissive will). Remember UPND are also working their way to plot one but not sure whether they have come out of their traditional places to other outlying areas. What of Madam Nawakwi and Elias also.
    It will be interesting indeed.
    I pray for peace in the nation .

  15. RB back? RB with his globe trotting? Do we want Henry to come back to Zambia and his brother Andrew with their shady deals, one William Banda from Malawi to come and harass us Zambians? Do we want RB to come and resale the companies nationalized by the late Sata? RB will end up selling the Victoria Falls. Certainly not. As for upnd, they should hold a general conference so that HH is challenged. He ascended to that position because of his tribe, if they had held a general conference when Mazoka passed on, it could have been either Chisanga, Sikota or Sichinga at the helm of upnd. Let upnd show us that they are democratic not this HH being sole candidate all the time.

  16. The man RB can never be voted back into office, those supporting him are just cheating him. He should never, ever have been President of this country in the first place.

  17. The problem with Zambian politics is that there is a lot of populist tendencies: a lot of potential, wise leaders are quiet – the likes of Felix Mutati [international material], VJ [he, ironically, underrates himself], Godfrey Miyanda [resurfaces during election times, often single soldier] Magande [wish he remained in MMD], and by the way Mama Maureen Mwanawasa, have you abandoned your ambition for state house, nangu balimitinya, mayo? How about Aka’s sister, Inonge Mbikusita Lewanika?

  18. @TAMBWALI, Good comment. UPND must go for a convention to show the masses that you are democratic themselves. HH is busy condemning PF and MMD yet his party is the most undemocratic of all the parties in Zambia. Come on guys lets be real, we Zambians tend to forget very easy and quickly. Just 47 years ago we had no decent roads, hospitals, rural health centres, etc, in 3 years the face of 90% of the country has changed for the better and yet we want to chase a party that has worked hard from day one. I am not saying PF hasn’t made any mistakes, NO, of course they have but we have to give them credit where it is due. There is no need to ignore the good things that they have done. Come on Zambians lets be REAL.

  19. RB back never! He exposed himself as tolerant to corruption wen he took over from Levy. Very corrupt and selfish old man during his term corruption escarated and he openly objected to anti-corruption calls he even threatened to deport some ambassadors who questioned the rising corruption under his 3 year regime.

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