Sunday, May 19, 2024

Mulenga Sata joins PF Presidency race


Mulenga greets his supporters
Mulenga greets his supporters

Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata has joined the Presidential race for the Patriotic Front barely two days after he said he was content with the positions he was currently holding.

And Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has submitted his application to the Acting President Dr Guy Scott and Secretary General of the PF declaring his candidature on the Patriotic Front PF ticket.

Mr Sata says he is deeply saddened with the succession wrangles that has rocked the PF party since the demise of late President Michael Sata.

Speaking at a media briefing today Mr. Sata said after wide consultation, he decided to declare his candidature in the fourth coming bye-election on the PF ticket.

He said the PF was a democratic Party since inception and has always respected the will of the masses and that the decision to let few members of the central committee to choose a presidential candidate was undemocratic.

Mr Sata who is also Kabulonga ward councilor and Major of the City of Lusaka said lack of resources should not be used as a reason not to hold a general conference to choose the PF president and candidate for the January 2015 presidential by-election.

Mulenga has since donated close to K 40, 000 towards the holding of the general conference and has since challenged PF Members of Parliament to donate part of their allowances to support the Party that put them where they are.

Mr. Sata has since submitted his nomination papers to the Party Secretariat and he is expected to hand in a copy of his nomination to Acting President Dr. Guy Scott.

Meanwhile Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has submitted his application to the Acting President Dr Guy Scott and Secretary General of the PF declaring his candidature on the Patriotic Front PF ticket.

After filing in his application Mr. Mwamba said he is optimistic that his application will be considered.

He however castigated some Members of Parliament and Central Committee who are in support of picking a candidate by the central committee stressing that the move will not earn the chosen candidate respect.

Mr. Mwamba has since accused the Members of the Central Committee of having be been compromised as a result are not looking at the issues objectively.

He said calls by the Acting President to go for a general conference should be supported to enable the chosen candidate to be respected by all party members.

Mr. Mwamba said the general conference will decide on which candidate to stand adding that the candidate will have full support of all the party members.

He added that decision by the Acting President to consult Law Association of Zambia LAZ to interpret the law was a welcome move.

He said LAZ is an independent body which can guide the PF members without taking any sides.


  1. What a difference a week makes. This is the same boy who was sobbing last week and begging not to be thrown into the presidential mix. I guess the next one to come out of the woodwork now in that philandering adulterous fornicating boy Kabimba.

    • Well…I believe voters will be looking for a trusted and experienced leader who will restore stability in Zambia. So if PF want to retain the presidency, they will have to convince Guy Scott to run, or else the people will end up rallying for Rupiah Banda, instead of risking change.

    • I guess the Republican Constitution is up for shreds now … Mulenga does not qualify to stand under the current flawed Constitution but I guess the end justifies the means.

      He can go ahead, file his papers and then get sued but the Supreme Court would cite Lewanika Vs. Chiluba as precedence. Mulenga know that, Guy Scott knows that and so does Given Lubinda.

      While we are at it, let’s just shred all the documents we currently have in Zambia … the Penal Code, all judicial reviews, court cases, prison sentences, free all prisoners and just start all over on a clean slate.

      Does that sound plausible to you? We can then start a new society with new laws, where everyone’s history is erased and we can call it Born Again Zambia after all we are a Christian Nation?!!!

    • Let’s us create for ourselves a country for the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise that will never find itself in this quandary ever again. Let’s give ourselves actionable goals such as creating a level playing field 2016 and beyond.

      Let’s get rid of this flawed current constitution once and for all because I would like everyone to participate fully in our democratic dispensation without any hindrances to state-actualization of the highest order.

      As things stand right now, we have second-class citizens among ourselves all because of a flawed document. It is no wonder lawyers are the only ones getting rich because we have created a society which is governed by relativism. Nothing is certain and things only depend on which lawyer is smarter at interpreting what “is” really is.

    • @B R Mumba, that can never happen. Zambia is a wreck. There are too many riffraffs in Zambia who claim to be leaders. I am afraid, the status quo will not change. It will just grow from worse to worse.

  2. Pass on some popcorns please this is getting interesting indeed! 62 days remaining before the elections. Zambians please vote wisely. UPND is united hence HH is the way forward.

  3. Mulenga is far from being a quality leader. He is lucky he was elected Councillor on the back of his father. He became Mayor unopposed, he became PF chair unopposed, he became LGAZ president unopposed. Unfortunately, this time around Mulenga you will be opposed and lose handsomely. Meanwhile, explain how you became so rich within a short period of time. You bought a house that costs half a million dollars within a month of your father becoming president. You receive $5000 cheque from the Chinese every week. You are a thief, a political liability to this country.

  4. One thing that is becoming clear in Zambian politics is that it pays to be well connected to the kaponya. And if you can pull off the kaponya look yourself, even better.

  5. What is k40,000? In dollars. It is $6 and that doesn’t sound righ? I have been confused for all money figures put out here and on the post. Can someone actually write down the figure. Is it fourty thousand kwacha or fourty million kwacha?

    • aBanda, I think it depends on whether you are talking about the new Kwacha or old. Which one did this son of a thief claim to have donated? If it the old currency it means it about $7. In new currency it’s about $6,200

    • ba Political, I really wish you could expand a bit on this dog market along great east road. It sounds like one juicy bone of a gossip story. The kind of story one would wish to be in possession of on Friday night at a club when the effects of booze is just starting to reach fever pitch. These kinds of stories can bring the house down when you deliver at the right time with the perfect punch-line ka

  6. RB its a coup agaisnt Nevers Mumba this is the joke of the year.No democracy in MMD all former UNIP OLD men are back with MMD gown but inside they are UNIP.
    RB doesnt look very healthy.

  7. People are undermining our constitution mwe. Mulenga cannot legally stand as president of Zambia. They all need to go sleep some where, including the ineffective LAZ. Useless lawyers if ever there were any good ones in that forum they are dwanzy.

  8. Mulenga sata stop dissapointing your father in the grave? Pf don’t waste time adopting people with wards or constiuency they wil create by elections save zambian kwacha come 2016 I will stand as president coz I have been branchman,wardchairman,youthchairman what more?

  9. …such announcements are the ones causing the agitation, rambling and discomfort in the stomach of our senior citizens like the self proclaimed HIV remedy scientist……Sondashi. If there was a way he would relocate from Zambia to somewhere else…..
    …only yesterday he was saying he is not in a hurry…..

  10. For goodness sake! I know in a democracy everyone is allowed to contest for political power. But one needs to look at themselves first, surely – and assess whether they actually can hack it, let alone know what it entails. What has happened on the Zambian political landscape is ridiculous to say the least. The Presidency has become a sangwapo aspiration. Greed and opportunism rules. Can the real men stand up!

  11. Zambia. Zambia. What has happened to my beloved nation and people. My apology of speaking about the late president but he has destroyed the country economically and now the future has to pay high taxes for the money they borrowed and recklessly spent on by elections and enriching himself. God saw all this. Levy was a far better president but since when did you Patrick or his cousins (i.e. miles) rush to become president? The office of president deserves more because look at how his father will make the future generation pay for the choices he made during his tenure. My point is that everyone support PF in general should consider the future. These PF people do not have Zambia at heart non do they know what they are doing. Every well meaning Zambia should not allow this.

  12. Who cares! He can give part of his inheritance to poor supporters. If Zambian vote for him we are going back wards. Another 50 years to celebrate?

  13. If I can remember very well, your father was against Gearge Kunda’s family for campainging immediately after he was gone. He referred to it as no respect for the dead. What are you doing Mulenga? That seat is so sweet and as everyone else is saying you want to keep hiding behind the PF government for all the money that you have acquired through dubious means. Wanya fye, tawaipule!

  14. Now let us support Scott for trying to let PF be democratic. there’s always a start. even Mulenga is now talking about PF being democratic which is a news start.

  15. I surely like this ka candidate, the boy looks calm, composed and i think is intelligent – if i had a chance to cast 2 votes, i would vote for you and RB

  16. Wonders shall never end, firstly in our current constitution of the republic of Zambia Mulenga Sata does not qualify to stand because of the parentage clause unless he clarifies and produce evidence. Secondly his suspicious visit at Dangote Cement Plant during Aleko Dangote’s tour will remain to halt him for the lest of his life. He needs to tell us and explain his visit in the midst of a labour standoff which worsened after his visit. We don’t need leaders who shall sell Zambia like RB did with his sons. This Mulenga Sata should explain to the Zambians his hole in the labour standoff at Dangote before he even think off being PF president. I shall assure u that he shall never get close to the republican presidency once he does not clarify the two issues raised here


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