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MMD in Western province elated with RB comeback


Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

MMD members in the 16 districts of Western Province are elated with the comeback and subsequent adoption of Rupiah Banda as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming presidential by-elections.

In a statement issued to ZANIS, Western Province Publicity and information Secretary David Nchengu said the adoption of Mr Banda and the suspension of party president Nevers Mumba is in accordance with the provisions of the MMD constitution.

Mr Nchengu said the stance taken by National Executive Committee should be supported by all well-meaning MMD supporters in the country.

He said Mr Banda is better placed than Dr Mumba to win the republican presidency and urged the tele-evangelist turned politician and his supporters to rally behind the former head of states.

Mr Nchengu appealed to MMD members in the province and across the country to support the candidature of Mr Banda and vote for him in order for the party to bounce back to power.

Mr Nchengu also praised party national secretary, Muhabi Lungu, for being firm and bold in suspending Dr Mumba for gross misconduct.


  1. One person does not represent a province

    Deceptive reporting.

    The old man is too old and quite possibly doesn’t even have a **** hard


    • Amazing how our so-called leaders abuse public resources!
      KK has been very active in politics but continues to enjoy pension and huge resources attached to the so-called Office of the First Former President.

      Now Mr Banda is back! I wonder if anyone in the Public Service will have the guts to enforce the law regarding his pension! Poor Nevers Mumba. Used and thrown away when it is party time. Back to the old UNIP guard! Typical of our brother, Muhabi. He would have perhaps gladly hoped back to UNIP if KK were to take back the presidency!

      What a generation of so-called youths! Cosmo Mumba, Humprey Siulapwa, Muhabi Lungu!!! They all want G/grandfathers to lead Zambia in this ultra-modern era when the rest of the world is giving chances to the young and energetic!! When will this era…

  2. Good boy, Western province, way to go!
    That is the beginning of the crumble of PF kwa hae, one of the swing provinces that tilted the electoral weight in favour of Sata(n) in 2011. Good that they have realised their mistake and quickly making amends.

    • what re u trying to say? PF never won western province in 2011 but massive development has taken place within 3 years than 20 yrs of MMD….believe me you, western mourned Sata more than any other province

    • What memories does RB bring to Western province?

      Western Province is a shocker. You have forgotten the Mungu killings already!! Oh, I forgot that this statement is not from a representative of Western province but a mere “blind gullible party cadre”.

  3. I am convinced that one of the major challenges that Africa is facing today is leadership, the events in Zambia are a reflection of the situation in many parts of the continents. We have a number of individuals and political formations that have been created to steal, plunder and have endless celebrations. I feel so sad about our country, beautiful nation without direction, too many people that have no time to plan, to dream and develop a vision. Some of the statements issued by these cadres can turn someone into a rebel, i cant understand how a person with his right senses can have the courage of saying that Western Province MMD supports the return of Rupiah Banda. This is a demonstration of the deeper levels of poverty, our think ability is also affected – we cant even talk of a vision.

  4. RB is again setting himself up for further humiliation. He has got a hefty pension to ensure a luxurious lifestyle for life, his chances of becoming president again is minuscule yet he is fixated on getting state house. He must have the same advisers KK employed.

  5. RB has nothing to loose BUT the Preacher, Nevers Mumba has LOST EVERYTHING. He is embarrassed…..hahahahahaha Dora Silliya is smiling wherever she is.

  6. We are very good at talking about plundering but none ever comes up with what needs to be done to stop the rot. Lets fight to water down this useless constitution which gives ultimate powers to presidents and causing a stampede among these wannabes. They are all scrambling to enrich themselves before Zambians will realise what Kaunda called “Kwacha, Ngwee” should have called it “Kwacha ba Ngwele” instead.

  7. These Lozis are rather confused really!! Only the Litunga is actually consistent and respectable.

    Just 3 years ago RB sent his paramilitary boyz to murder Lozis for cessation and everyone condemned RB at that time. But now the same Lozis are the first ones to celebrate his come back – to kill more of them I suppose!! What’s wrong with my cousins – they have no memories!! That’s why I married a Lozi woman – they easily forget and forgive when you do something wrong like catch you with another chick !!

  8. true these are bribed cadres who can vote for rb after all what he did the lozis if its true they are useless like useless pf ministers

  9. RB the only hope from the current list of individuals vying for Plot 1, and it’s only for about 20 months. Steady the ship, hand over & retire.

  10. Some people, indeed, have short memories .Was it not RB who so brutally dealt with the secessionists during his watch ?

  11. It is a hot seat that RB is now stepping in. It will be the real test of his political acumen. Fortunately for him, he can read and add numbers.

  12. This is only an educated guess because I really don’t have any evidence to back up my “guestimation”. I think the Western province wants Bwezani in power for one reason and one reason only. He is just sleepy enough that they think they can easily pull a fast one on him over that Barotseland bull crap.

  13. Where is Charles Milupi?

    Join HH and you will regain political mileage. You are both sharp and good natured.

  14. RB what more do you want? Sick, Old, Tired and nursing a sick wife. The inheritor of the dead, is that name you want to be tagged on. Your selfishness is now killing Nevers Mumba. Murderer. So you were praying that Sata dies. Maybe you also want to inherit his wife after inherit his success “Zambia Builds” program. You are embrassment to us Zambians. You cheated the country by crying so your tears were directed at a comeback. You saw Sata remains so as to emphasise you coming back. The British, Americans and rest were cheated by you. Whats it your standing amongst your peers? They will laugh at you as you lose miserably into retirement. HH don’t entertain this comedian of the year RB, and PF showing him the retirement door as a lesson to senile old men.

  15. I support the author only RB will flush out pf. Those opposing him are just afraid and we know they are the same people who write on this bloc using different names. Zambia is for all of us. Look, same people fighting for the same presidency in the same party and you want same people to dominate even other parties. NO. Mumba is also bemba and those 6 from pf are bembas. You think we can’t see. We know those opposing RB are self bembas.
    Wapya munzi. Go and plant cassava in the chitenene system.
    Chwe chwe chwe chwe. RB ni boma.

  16. The mistake people make is that they think constructing roads only means development. A good govt must balance not only roads. PF with Nsanda have been stealing money through these road constructions and they are worried that they will be exposed now. Only Sata and the so called Nsanda were awarding contracts at state house. Never, Never, Never again (Nelson Mandela).

  17. Another MMD guy who has sold himself to RB. What position do intend to have if RB was picked? A minister? I think MMD has made a mess that will reflect and haunt them long after losing the by-elections.

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