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Nevers Mumba maintains that his suspension is illegal


Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

Suspended Movement for Multiparty Democracy President Nevers Mumba has continued disputing his suspension and says he has established that the purported meeting held to suspend him was not a NEC meeting.

Dr. Mumba explained that the party constitution demands that 7 days notice be given before any NEC meeting is held a requirement not followed hence making the meeting illegal.

Below is a full statement released to the media by Dr. Mumba’s office.

It has now been established that the purported meeting held to suspend me as party President was in fact not a NEC meeting.

Our constitution demands that 7 days notice be given before any NEC meeting can be held. It has been established that no constitutional notice was given.

As both President of the party and Chairman of the NEC, I neither called the purported meeting nor received notification of the same.

Many other NEC members were equally not informed, like the Vice-National Chairman, Mr. Edgar Keembe, the Chairman for Legal, Honourable Bradford Machila, the National Youth Chairman, Honourable Howard Kunda, the Chairman for Education, Prof. Geoffrey Lungwangwa and many others, including key provincial leaders.

The public may wish to know that the NEC comprises 66 members, but only a handful met to hold the purported NEC meeting.

Therefore, even before talking of whether NEC has power to suspend me or not, the fact that the meeting that purported to suspend me was illegal makes the suspension unconstitutional and as lawyers would say, it is null and void, ‘ab anitio’ that is, from the beginning.

Our members across the nation should also be assured that all party programmes, as planned, have continued under my leadership. We are confident that these illegalities will soon be curtailed in order to concentrate on the preparations for the up-coming by-election.

I thank you.

Nevers Sekwila Mumba

MMD President


  1. I’m just wondering: How much would he lose if he declared himself out of politics and pray for MMD and the country at large. God’s plans are usually not outs. Dr. Mumba could be fighting to open doors the Almighty hasn’t chosen to open. God always has a better plan for you and you only open your eyes to see the real doors once you accept and stop pursuing the wrong ones.

    MMD is surely headed for doom, why would any upright person be clinging to this lost UFO??

    • Brother Mumba, though you have “consistently inconsistent” i have a lot of respect for you at a personal level on matters of faith. Unfortunately, politically you don’t have the prowess of a political machinist. If only you could develop value for independent professional minds to advise you instead of pastors, the Nakachida and likes of Lusambo, your dream could crystallize well but still overtime. I advise you just revive your NCC and Victory Bible church to learn public leadership then launch the journey in public affairs on it. I know that in NCC and in Victory Bible Church, decisions were unilateral which is impossible in public office. Like you repeatedly said, that you would never join politics because doing so is a demotion, may be God is taking you to your words.

    • Its sad that brother Mumba has been “consistently inconsistent”.

      “Any involvement in politics would be a demotion.” Mumba on live Frank Mutubila’s ZNBC hosted Frank Talk.

      The power of the tongue.

      This is why as brethren, we are alarmed by your yet another irresponsible statement that you will fight to your “last drop of blood”.

      For real that is what God has told you?

  2. Man of God,the battle is not yours but the lords.I know you ahve vision for Zambia but you just went ahead of God before time.
    Time time to seriously seek the lord.Am speaking out of love of Christ for you.

  3. The best thing you and Gen.Miyanda can do is to take your supporters and seek an alliance with UPND.
    You don’t stand a chance because time is running out.You haven’t sold yourselves enough for the Zambian people to decide.

    MMD & PF are headed for a split!Watch this space!

  4. Ba Mumba just let this pass. You have better things to do elsewhere I don’t think politics is meant for you. You are just wasting your time in politics. After all why cling to a sinking boat. Even the chosen one who will stand on MMD ticket will not win so whats the point.

  5. As a law abiding citizen, I do not support the purported MMD NEC if they did not follow your MMD constitutional procedure.
    However, there’s nothing you are losing Mr Mumba, save for your dignity and societal image.
    After all you wouldn’t have made it in the January 20th Elections and neither will Rupiah Banda make it!
    Sit back and relax, they have saved you from the embarrassment of losing presidential elections shamefully.

  6. I agree with you Nevers. It was null and void. Muhabi Lungu is a bad boy turncoat. Rupiah Banda will never rule again. Nevers you stand a chance to rule in a distant future. PF will rule for the next fifty years. The turbulence in PF will soon calm down.MMD and UPND members of parliament are planning to float you Nevers for the alliance candidate.

  7. Nevers Mumba lost our support when he agreed to sell MMD to a smaller party UPND.surely how can agree to be led by HH who has never even been a councilor?many leaders in MMD has been ministers etc while HH nothing then Nevers Mumba agrees to be led by him-shocking!HH is too selfish and thats why many voters never vote for him!this mafia cant be vice,why?bcoz he thinks he is the best in Zambia!so please voters lets defeat these crooks(mmd and upnd) once more!they cant win,look at what both parties got in Mansa central by election,huge defeat!so it’ll be like that in all PF strongholds!

    • You must be a dull chap!
      History recall that when Mazoka wanted to contest for a post in MMD,he was told ha has to start from the grassroots.When he stood and won in Bauleni,he was expelled which led to the formation of UPND and the subsequent labelling of UPND as tribal
      Update me if you can,was Nevers Mumba a Councillor before?What about FTJ,Chipimo,Fr.Bwalya ah,Kaseba Sata?
      Your point is invalid ,

      Your quote”look at what both parties got in Mansa central by election,huge defeat!so it’ll be like that in all PF strongholds”- THIS IS PURE TRIBALISM WHICH MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE ROOT IN ZAMBIA!

  8. Let it go mudala. If you can’t beat them just join them. It’s not just the party which has rejected you but the country. You would be just making up numbers but if you choose to unite with the veteran, you stand a chance for comeback and may even warm up to the zambian people for 2016.

  9. BaMumba this thing you have been holding on to ( MMD) died a long time ago. Forget about it,chalabolela. Mark my words. Don’t be so desparate kwati teti. Muciteko fimbi.

  10. Country men and women and bloggers, a wrong is a wrong, Nevers was saved a suspension as having flouted party regulations, his name needs to be cleared, and can only be done through arbitration. RB and M-Lungu used an orthodox method to un seat Dr Mumba. Until we learn to be honest with our dealings, these things shall continue. Those who can not be trusted on small things should not be trusted in manning bigger things.

    If I was in Dr Mumbas shoes, much as I admit time has been wasted, in the name of clearing my name, I would still file a suit to counteract the decision, let them choose RB on a proper full NEC meeting.

    Rules are set to be followed. In the game of football e.g, if you are offside, even if you score, it not counted as a goal…

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