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Guy Scott agrees to a caucus meeting tomorrow with all suspended PF MCCs


Acting President Guy Scott with Defence Force Chiefs during the Kariba Tragedy  memorial service
Acting President Guy Scott with Defence Force Chiefs during the Kariba Tragedy memorial service

Acting President Guy Scott has agreed to allow all suspended Members of the PF Central Committee and Members of Parliament to be part of the caucus meeting expected to be held tomorrow.

Yesterday all suspended members of the Central Committee were denied entry into House where the much anticipated Central Committee meeting was supposed to take place.

The move angered some Central Committee members who in solidarity with their colleagues walked out.

However the Central Committee meeting proceeded with the other members who walked out as a quorum was formed by the members who remained.

Meanwhile, 14 Cabinet Ministers today threatened to walk out of a cabinet meeting if Acting President Guy Scott refused to change today’s cabinet meeting agenda.

The ministers wanted the agenda of the meeting to be focused on the state of the nation, to which Dr. Scott agreed.

The cabinet meeting which started around 8:30, ended at around 12hrs with cabinet ministers refusing to issue any statement to the media.

Journalists, who were waiting at State House to hear the outcome of the cabinet meeting, were only told that a detailed statement will be issued tomorrow after the caucus meeting.


  1. What everyone supporting Edgar are conveniently forgetting to comment on is that the suspended CC members started this suspension fight themselves when they met in a cowardly kangaroo manner and announced that they had suspended Scott.

    He simply returned the favour. YOU would have done the same. And now we all know who can suspend who. Fools starts fights they can’t win.

    What is more, popularity does not mean that rules have to be ignored. Even if you think the GC will be rigged. Otherwise, Edgar can also claim the Republican Presidency by claiming popularity and saying the 20 Jan elections will be rigged!! It is simply foolish.

    I urge PF supporters to plead with Scott to re-instate the foolish 16 CC for the sake of the party.

    • “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”

      These hardships will be forgone and PF will win again
      The PF shall be in Government up to 2016.


    • There’s a lot of backtracking in all this episode. I wonder if we’ll see the end of it? It now seems a minor “donchi kubeba ” is being planned behind closed doors! We are never gonna fall for it – never again! Change is imminent and unstoppable!

    • The only difference between a pure white man and other races is that a white man is systematic whereas other races are not. Europe is developed because of the mind of a white man. South Africa in Africa is developed because of white people. Zambia will never develop if you continue using shortcuts. Go for general Conference and follow all democratic processes. EL, I’m sorry to say , you are not democratic together with your supporters. Truth pains!

    • @Wise
      I’am one of those who believes that Lungu is right and not Scott. You need to go back to the start of this issue and bear in mind that Scott is an interim while the MCC are substantive. How can an “interim” person, barr MCC meetings and then make unilateral dicisions? His remit is to ensure peaceful transition and the decisions he makes have to be in consultation with the MCC if they are to be adopted as collective and therefore binding on the Party. He can’t expect unity when the majority (27) of the 42 MCC voice concerns. They need to meet as Lungu as been calling and vote on decisions including the Conference as that too can only be called in agreement with the MCC. Suspending members of the MCC so you can carry through your intentions is not following the party rules.

    • Imwe, Bashi Nono told us well before we knew otherwise that Zambia was going to be in this crisis because of Sata indecision on Sata. Can you see now how bashi Nono was right on the button? He warned us through that leaked tape by ba Mama Nono. Bashi Nono gets full points from me but not my votes at the PF Convention. My vote is for Edgar Lungu who is hated so much by Guy Scott and Mmembe. Why do they hate the man unless they have something to hide. It is said, destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. If Lungu will be dribbled and Kaseba wins, my vote at national level can even go for RB if not HH. Anyone else but the Cartel’s choice!


      The truth of the matter is that Guy Scott does not have interest of PF or this country at heart.
      1. Scott refuses to accept E Lungu nomination as PF presidential candidate, telling all and sundry, ‘ we are going to convention’
      2. Note that MCC proposal to Guy Scott is provided under PF Constituion
      3. Ten members of PF submitt their names to Guy Scott for nomination for national convention.
      4. Guy Scott turns round, proposing to use Common sense, call the candidates to vote for each other.

      Dr. Guy Scott, who are you kidding, who do you think you are , a small god and all Zambians are fools. NO, we are NOT THAT STUPID.Look at the mess you are causing to our institutions of democracy. Why have you not condenmed the abuse of our freedom, our rights by your now…

    • @thestoun well said, indeed Scott is a traitor that will go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes Zambia has ever had.





    • Scott is up to no good brother, I can only imagine my son causing so much confusion and division in Scotland amongst the majority whity…can this ever happen.?

    • It’s meeting after meeting by the same people discussing the same power struggles in this dead party every other day until the 20th January 2015! Wake up and get organised or else you will kiss power goodbye come January 20th. When are you going to start campaigning?

    • In a democracy the majority wins , but at the same time we have rules and procedures to follow, and sometimes the majority may just be trying to frustrate your rule thats why even in the USA there are executive orders, both of these sides have not behaved well and non deserves any praise.. you cant be arguing with your president in public and at the same time as a president you must exercise restraint.. the Lungu camp is championing thugry and lawlessnes. this is only a recipe for disaster if the guy wins, Scott is trying to descipline the indisplinable.. these guys are like spoilt kids … unfortunaletly spoilt by the late father… they are like brainless kids playing with match sticks and fireworks at an oil refinery…

    • He is a crook. caught pants down. and when lungu emerges winner, the cadres will take care of scot and all his friends. people in Kabwe should stock up food because the violence and confusion will spill over into town. Infact, scot will be deported.

    • The bravely and determination of ubuntungwa fighters (PF MCCs/Cabinent Ministers and MPs) represents the indomitable cha cha cha spirit of Zambia.

      When these comrades hoisted the banner, ‘Abash Colonialism’, I knew that these gallant fighters would not allow Guy Scott and the cartel to marginalise the indigenous people. We took independence in 1964 and never never shall be play second fiddle to a descendant of a colonialist.

      And, I am not PF but a full blooded indigenous Zambian who is identifying myself with the sovereign struggle of my compatriots in PF against the dictatorship of Guy Scott.

    • Scott cant continuously defend the indefensible. The PF wangles will not end until Scott resolves the impasse between his camp and that of Lungu. Camp Lungu has been consistent in calling on the MCC to make decisions from the onset while Scott has been consistent in making unilateral decisions until last week. Scott appears not to understand that he is an”interim” and has to work with the MCC who are “substantive” as PF decision makers. The majority supporting Scott have personal interests in leading the PF hence their support since Scott is the only chance they have. The others (27) have the party interests at heart (although we are being told they have been promised Jobs) and have said decisions including convention should start with the MCC. Logic there otherwise why have an MCC?

    • PF is now the New Political party without Sata called the SUSPENDED PARTY!
      Dear Zambians welcome to the SUSPENDED PARTY!

    • Sata made Guy Scott look like a hero now that he is dead Scotts true qualities are being exposed.He definitely is not leadership material.PF really ripped Zambians off.Hope we will vote wisely this time.I still advocate for people born after 1964 to get into leadership

    • Liars, Liars Liars: Guy Scott is OK, PF members of the central Committee are a Problem. They have no respect and think without Sata, they don’t respect anyone. “Just watch the Video and see their Body Language??? Hunger for Power???

      Guy Scott. Show them that there is only one President / Leader at a time. They should get to your terms than thinking, they will take Zambians for a ride.

      Go on with your confusion, while HH is Campaigning.

      Zambians: Judge this for yourself. don’t vote for a party with no direction. 10 of them want to be presidential candidates?? For Dull PF MINISTERS?? its all about Power first then people last.

      Let NEW BLOOD, NEW LEADERSHIP, NEW IDEAS. TAKE OVER. PF is gone with SATA. Buried at Levy Park..

    • My friend @theorist, Guy is simply following the constitution. This is why African states fail. Look at the charade happening in MMD. Is that what you call a legitimate party that should form government? So you want popular sentiment based on emotion to override constitutional provision? Corruption starts where laws are set aside. …and forget about the cartel, that is an illusion created to explain away the fact of following a constitutional provision against populist view.

  2. I hope the MCC move a motion of no confidence against scott and subsequently expel him… between now and then scott might pull another stint as he has always done. what has changed about him now.? This white boy wants to divide our country.mxm

    • PF have lost their heads; why not just suspend the whole party and rebuild from scratch; our country has become a circus and these characters from PF, MMD, UPND are making it worse every day; they can all surely suck my chilcala from left to right and also up and down then swallow my cum; i will also plunder the bottom of each presidential candidate after stuffing some mayonnaise and chamba into them, then smoke the bottoms out with my ‘big black pipe’like a jack hammer slams concrete ; Evans Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from lusaka fish market toilets

  3. Guy Scott is the worst leader to govern a country I have seen in modern history. He shouldn’t be taken seriously at all. first he fires EL, secondly he appoints EL’s replacement who refuses, he appoints another replacement, he reinstates EL. fires half the MCC, ban meetings, acts unilaterally. And you call this democracy my foot

    • Them calling it democracy is indeed sad. If EL had erred at the beginning before unilaterally firing him he should have called him and reprimanded him but he just went ahead and fired him without any consultations. Or maybe he consulted Dr. Kaseba! Anyways, all the best wishes for the Pf; sort yourselves out as this see-saw play is very damaging to the country. I say so because people outside will be wondering what leaders we have had all along especially that Sata himself was an unpresidential comedian.

    • Habazonda
      Well spoken. This is another reversal by Scott. Scott knows that with only 16 members of the MCC on his side he is a lame duck and one that is “interim” until Saturday. You cant suspend people just to reduce the membership so that you can pass a decision that would have otherwise been defeated by a full MCC and then expect unity. Scott is doing this for someone and that soemone is not part of the MCC. What is shocking is that Zambians (bloggers) are failing to see that Scott is dribbling the PF constitution with avoiding a full MCC which will defeat his cause when it comes to collective decision making (votes). Therefore he wants to wield power and make decisions by decree or crook. But that power, he doesnt have and and needs the support of the full MCC.

    • You’ve got to be tough to control unruly children. Ask any teacher or any good parent. Spare the rod and spoil the child; simple!

      Guy is right on.

    • The Lungu camp is indiscipline. Where on earth can a subordinate suspend his or her boss? or was it ignorance. Its so surprising that all those MPs failed to consider their constitution before taking such action. Guy was appointed president of the party and hence stood in the same shoes as was Sata. There is no way Sata could have considered such a clause in their constitution where member of the central committee to have powers to discipline him.

  4. Thank God for the lunacy in this useless Sata creation which will ensure that it does not outlive its creater. It’s only appropriate that this thing dies with its creator. Zambian jubilee attained 4 days before Sata dies means we can start afresh with new leadership and not the junk Sata left. Time to move on. Good luck Hakainde.

    • My friend don’t be deceived this confusion has the potential to spill over countrywide and your HH wont be able to campaign freely. wake up.

  5. Put your house in order some of us have a great passion for this party and the happenings so far are really bad. Don’t let the party that was formed by the Great LEADER MICHEAL CHILUFYA SATA die as a result of some selfish individuals. Let our party constitution be followed. Do you want this fragmented opposition parties we have ii Zambia have a field day? Come on ladies and gentlemen, ” ichintu chintu mwene”.

  6. Bravo to the gallant mps,ministers for representing the Zambian populace,Be sure if Lungu is not adopted then eastern province goes to HH,as RB will campaign for him.the chances are 60% for HH.

  7. Guy Scot is not a good leader.his behaviour yesterday was very unfortunate,the best he would have done was to allow all members to air their concerns as well as his,then they would have agreed together.
    Now he looks a fuul at last.
    PF cannot afford to lose any member at this crucial time.
    Kambwili is very useless i never expected him to utter such nonsense to his colleagues,how is he going to take it now that his Guy Scot has humbled himself?

  8. Guys you have embarrassed us enough. Can we see progress now. Guy Scott shaking hands with Edgar and one press statement.

    • John I thought you knew what basic tenets of democracy is the principle of ” the majority wins.?” Scott doesn’t have the backing of the people but of few greedy individuals.

      By the way show some respect no need to insult one another just coz they have a different view to yours.

    • Dude, Tongas are the only authentic Zambians. The rest of us crawled from other countries running away from different sh!t. And you’re a fcuking a$$hole, in case it slipped your mind Simplesly.

  9. M CC s don’t listen to people who want you to keep you fighting Scot they are just making sure that PF is history please respect Scot . Humble yourselves AND GOD WILL LIFT YOU UP. You have nothing to fear if you want Lungu.

  10. Ha ha the problem of UPND cadres is that when scott wants to unite with other PF members they get frustrated and start insulting scott.Immediately scott suspends CM member all UPND supporters start praising Scott.Useless chaps!!!Scott please never be controlled by UPND n Mmembe(cartel).What UPND want n cartel is to control and make sure EL is not adopted.But if u get united u’ll see how we’ll outnumber the UPND cadres.Pipo are in love of PF.We have never seen such development in Zambia which we have seen in the past three years.Therefore adopt pipo’s choice EL if he wins @ convension.We want to start campaigning for PF now.Viva PF u’re giving us now hope

    • Brother/Sister, you have hit the nail on its ugly head…. All this confusion against Edgar Lungu by the cartel will not succeed because Zambians know whats going on. Dr Scott, please wake up and enjoy your retirement in peace. Give the Zambians what they want, EDGAR LUNGU. What’s so difficulty about it?
      Remember PF has got work to do; development and nothing else and no jokes around please!!!!….

    • What makes you think Edgar Lunga can beat HH in the elections? Lungu is known as a drunkard in Zambia and a poor fellow compared to HH. The standing in public between HH an Lungu is that HH is a better focused and organized fella than Edgar Beerman Kachaka.

    • The development you are talking about is like buying a brand new Tractor using money borrowed from barclAys bank and then for five years you don’t plough yo field or there is a drought. You have no money to pay back the loan and the tractor is repossessed. These roads you are seeing now will be full of potholes in few years to come because of fake contractors who won tenders corruptly. The government will continue paying back the loans meaning no money to mend the pot holes, to buy medicines for the clinics and hospitals , pay civil servants etc.Things will be BAD.

    • PF is not Zambia. We need to weed out hooliganism in Zambian politics and the solution is elective democracy. In a democracy there is no crap like endorsement.

  11. a solution will be found not leter than friday and all you who think pf is deid will be shocked that pf eventually sails thru. upnd aswel had these same difficulties when their leader deid….please mcc and mr scot do give and take and shame the campains start next sunday…we re running out of time.

  12. What is the difference between Hakainde and Sata’s manifesto? They all have preached about keeping street vendors? I respect Hakahinde but keeping street vendors were they are, is vote buying and very bad vision for a leader.

    My view is Hakainde’s manifesto is very similar to Sata’s, except he has not promised to chase the Chinese.

    • HH’s Manifesto is copy and paste Sata’s Manifesto. seems the man has nothing to offer despite all these years in opposition- same with, all due respect, Mr Miyanda.

  13. I strongly believe that each of those cabinet members had an opportunity to sit in a civics class where they heard the terms, “executive” “legislature” and “judicial”. Where dies PF Caucas or circus or carcus come in? Yes I agree they heard about PF but that was in reference to Zimbabwe. They’re displaying symptoms of “donchiosis” that even Sata in his sick state could could refer to them as fools. The solution is not the boot but the booth.

  14. My late pastor at church once taught about the difference between the two Israelite leaders; Moses and Joshua.
    He said Moses was a great leader because he produced another leader (Joshua). However, Joshua was not a good leader because during his life time, he didn’t produce someone to takeover from him.

    I’m now applying these words to the current situation in the PF which was left by their deceased leader-MCS (Rip)

  15. I just hope the pig will call the cops again. All I need is to chase the pig cos he is misusing his chances since the time of cobra he wouldn’t test that chair. My fellow country men/women, can u see what happens when u leave your goods behind and u die? There vultures like Scott and Kasebanya waiting. Better choose the beneficiaries before u are gone and or write a will to that effect.

  16. There must definitely be peace. Edgar Lungu should calm down follow the constitution procedures. Edgar has not been denied a chance to stand but what others are asking for is a fair way that is inclusive according to the constitution.

    It looks like Edgar and the team are already set to become president without following the due law. The worst I have seen is a bunch of the so called MCC unconstitutionally suspending their boss. This is total madness. I hope in that meeting you will be fair to Guy and I encourage Guy to remain strong and not fall victim to these former KMB Kitwe Main Bus staion presidents. We have already witnessed serious cadre pangaism before Lungu gets into state house. What if he gets there with his Willy Nsanda as vice president.?
    This country will go now the dogs…

    • I disagree. As far as I know Lungu finally agreed to go to the convention but it now appears as though Guy Scott/The Cartel know he will probably still scoop it and that is why he then decided the 10 candidates should pick a candidate amongst themselves. Where did he get this method of adoption from? It is clearly not in the PF constitution. And this is someone who wants to make it seem like he is going by the constitution. It is a well known fact that majority of those 10 candidates that filed for nomination are members of the cartel including mama Kasebanya. So obviously, if things were to go this way, a member of the cartel would definitely take it. I believe it was at this point the CC decided to suspend him because he was/is clearly abusing his powers. This is plain dictatorship.

  17. Guy Scott,
    On the basis of this latest move, you are a statesman. This reminds me of 1990 when Kaunda returned Zambia to multiparty politics without necessarily going through the referendum. If Zambia went for the referendum in 1990, the country would be polarized. Kaunda went further; he cut short his term of office by three years. A good leader must always have good judgement. Go further Dr Scott, let the CC choose the candidate, rally behind that person. Sampa is right; unity for PF is a very scarce resource which you must not squander.

  18. There are some parties that are like the England Football team that thinks it can win the World Cup just because Social Media says they can win. Just thinking aloud.

    • @Dodo, u like day dreaming my youngman.
      HH is the only credible Candidate, even if PF will come up with one among those 10 NO ONE CAN MATCH HH, Miles Sampa,Wilber Simuusa & Kaseba maybe THE REST NIBANGWELE.

      Sata had picked Lungu to act because of his docility NOTHING ELSE DONT CHEAT YOURSELF THT EL is a Presidential Material.
      UPND is winning this Election.

  19. These “jokers” do not deserve to rule again! The Zambian people can not entrust leadership in the hands of such a confused lot. We may not know who to vote for come January 20 2015, but we know who to vote out!

  20. If Scotts aim is to destroy PF,must congratulate Him for a job well done .He is acting like a class monitor and is steering PF towards the iceberg-the hour has come for the Pabwato to long PF,so long..

  21. This is chance for Scott to save his face. Please Scott tell Team Cartel that the masses are not with them and that their ill intentions are slowly eating you up. People,s patience is running out. You may end up being the real victim. Some of those advising you will run away from you as soon as things thicken. Now is the time to leave them.

  22. If PF wins I am sure guy will be fired. its not about who will take over in PF but a leader that can continue with what sata started. no one is capable in PF.HH this is it.

  23. the storm has passed,its norming time in PF. any organization of the magnitude of PF is bound to have some confusion because of the fear of ‘change’ that is inevitable for PF. and its about time people accept scott,whether blue or red. Agree on the conduct of your general conference. VIVA PF

  24. Thanks President Scott We have treated well as Zambians we do not want to be seen to be racist in reaction to your recent un thoughtful decisions We love you in the spirit of unit and national prosperity work with the suspended to ensure credible presidency and support lungu as the only accepted and others like my good man chishimba and my friend miles sampa simply put off pride and rally behind lungu

    We love you Guy and lets continue showing the difference that we can entertain you even amongst the black majority because you have proved to be Zambian an African but honestly your recent made me to think more

    You can keep horses and not cattle like HH

  25. allow me to address the pf party and goverment. the acting president and the entire cabinate, please for the sake good works our great president left, resolve all differences and work as one . time is going ,the greedy opposition is busy cheating people out there. start campany meetings now and not those too many meetings. believe the monent you will declare unity amongest you all, the opposition will have nothing to tell the voters. this greedy hh is telling us voters that he will reverse this and that, he is a risky to our economy. please zambians want to see unity in you all our leaders.

    I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE APART FROM HH, HH, HH,the man for the new era, new zambia, the united zambia. May God be with me as I cast my vote on HH. Amen.

  27. UPND supporters don’t want to hear that PF wants to be united.They know immediately PF is united UPND will be buried hence supporting Scott not to reconcile with his friends.What a party!!!I hope scott resolves the issue otherwise we’ll be under threat by the kumbele guys

  28. I was thinking of voting for HH until I heard his utterances at the rally he held. I am very disappointed with what I heard. Populism policies of we will lift the wage free, leave dirty around for the street vendors and the list goes on. How on earth can HH make such statements. Be different and make practical intellectual promises Mr HH. or you will loose again this opportunity.
    You need disciplined cadres, clean the city , organize vendors, control the wage bill, expand the tax base, fight corruption, create jobs these are the policies we want please.
    Do not sing to the wind again like PF did we are fed up with the lowliness of PF and we cannot make the same mistake if even if it means voting out all of them we will. what a waste. Zambia we deserve much better leadership. viva…

  29. @Dodo, u like day dreaming my youngman.
    HH is the only credible Candidate, even if PF will come up with one among those 10 NO ONE CAN MATCH HH, Miles Sampa,Wilber Simuusa & Kaseba maybe THE REST NIBANGWELE.

    Sata had picked Lungu to act because of his docility NOTHING ELSE DONT CHEAT YOURSELF THT EL is a Presidential Material.
    UPND is winning this Election.

  30. Guy scott we know you have a hiden agenda. Why all along you have refused to meet with your friends so you discuss the issues? Please behave yourself . We are watching you closely.

  31. Is this not a result of the latest injunction countering the earlier one for the general conference? This circus is bound to continue well into December at which stage ECZ will probably postpond the by-election….

  32. The cho chise type of confrontation is not inspiring at all. It is only that PF is the only party masses can identify themselves with. In any case there is hope that the caucus meeting will result in something progressive. Both sides have the obligation for mutual respect.

  33. Zambia is not a Country of businessmen.Awee…Those protecting their interest of Business we know them.But the good thing is this!Do they buy you mealie meal?School fees for you,Fuel,House rentals,Medicals fees,Zesco pre-paid and many things.People weak up.You pay tax….again you are taking your hard earned money and go and attend their rallies for what?
    Let them talk and get dry mouths.Media stop covering them we are just wasting tax’s payers’s money.

  34. Lungu is weak spineless man being bulldozed by female/matriarchal dominance of Jean Kapata & with brainless “illicit money” driven male enforcers like Willie Nsanda. The guy likes to be dominated by older women. In his subconscious he always seeking comfort in matriarchal dominance. The man has no mind of his own & will be a disaster in Plot 1. Even a woman with a mind of her own would be better than him. Scott’s problem is that 1. No one fears him because they were all used to operating in fear under King Cobra 2. The PF leaders do not respect their own PF constitution nor the national one, they think presidency is chieftainship (done by anointment rather rule of law). I hope Scott will show steadfastness and show leadership in the remaining 2 months

  35. NEVER trust a white man called GUY. That is why Sata never allowed him to act because he knew the man was mad. he is now behaving like a colonial master, exactly the way roy welensky behave… agree to one thing today and announce something else the next moment. the sooner we dispense with all colonial links the better for Zambia. the cartel must not think they have GUY by his ……. he will shock them. If we have a problem, why dont we ask uncle Bob Mugabe in harare to help us deal with this nut. he warned us.

  36. The current shenanigans in PF just proves how inept and completely useless this group of people is and why Zambians would be utterly stupid to put them back in power.Guy Scot is completely right to resist Lungu and his cronies who seem to think they can just take over power without allowing others to have say.That is dictatorial and undemocratic,and Scot should be commended for doing what he is doing.If Lungu believes people want him to succeed Sata, why then is he reluctant to put his money where his mouth is and prove his detractors wrong.

  37. Please PF resolve your matters with wisdom and humility. Remember Before destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour [is] humility. May the Almighty God help this nation. This confusion is affecting everybody

  38. I totally agree with Kavuyi and Quest.This Saga was started by the Lungu cartel who were so desperate and in a hurry to become a president.The Lungu cartel are indisciplined and show no respect to Dr Scot.Lungu remember that what you sow you reap.I dont know why they inasisted on not going for the conference before even Dr Scot conveyed a meeting on what to do after burial of Mr Sata.THe 16 expelled caused a chill in most people when they suspended Dr Scot for 60days.This is when I lost confidence in mrs Wina and Lungu.They displayed so much immaturity.Dr Scot has done his best to tolerate them.I dont think I cant vote for Lungu.The man looks worn out.Typical of people who once were drunkards.

    Since when did we experience such tyranny? Even in KKs dictatorship (who is now crowned a hero) we never saw such despotism.

    It is becoming clear that Scott could be working with foreign agents to usurp constitutional power. This man is capable of causing a holocaust such as that of Hitler’s time.

    He is making decisions without checking their propriety, and yet he is a caretaker never elected by the people of Zambia. Even Anthony Kasolo with traces of law in his veins cannot tell the vice president facts surrounding his limited authority as interim (60 days)president.

    Guy (Mbuli) is making decisions that border on breach of peace and he does not care. He wants the Rwanda genocide to be replicated in Zambia. Let us watch this lunatic!

  40. Any sign of unity and harmony in the PF cannot be good news for the UPND. Most of the UPND bloggers were hoping that these divisions would continue so that they scoop the Presidential by-election. Most of them were cheering Scott on in the hope that PF remained divided and thus vulnerable by January 20, 2014. The unfolding signs of reconciliation in the PF is therefore a nightmare scenario for UPND’s hopes of victory.

  41. This is the end of paya farmer,this headless party has lost the direction by not uniting themselves. Why can’t they emulate what the mmd did after the death of his exellence L.p mwanawasa.There was unity and they carried the day. Why is scott so scared off the mcc and what is he hiding? Is he part he part of the 14 billion the cartel are defending ? Surely the truth shall come out soon. What the cartel should know is that zambia will never be ruled by a woman no matter what. Look at what happened in malawi, Joyce banda’s ministers became ruthless and the rest was poverty. Let’s watch out and pliz vote wisely !!!!!

  42. Pf is a party of stone throwers at popular/progressive parties. Breaking other pipo’s vehicles diminishes pf popularity, only insane like pf!

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