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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sylvia Masebo endorses HH, declares Chongwe no go area for PF

Headlines Sylvia Masebo endorses HH, declares Chongwe no go area for PF

Slyvia Masebo addressing supporters in Chongwe today
Slyvia Masebo addressing supporters in Chongwe today

Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo has endorsed the candidature of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema for the January 20 presidential election.

Ms Masebo told her supporters at Chongwe’s Mponda ground that she has decided to support HH because he is a hard worker and economic manager who will serve Zambians diligently.

She has urged Chongwe residents to vote for Mr Hichilema saying voting for PF candidate Edgar Lungu will be wasting votes.

Ms Masebo said Zambians will regret for the rest of their lives if they voted for Mr Lungu.

She has since castigated Mr Lungu for allegedly destroying the PF saying he is a wrong candidate for Zambia.

The PF Chongwe MP has since declared Chongwe a no go area for Mr Lungu and the PF.

Ms Masebo who maintained that she is still PF Election Chairman has pledged to campaign flat out for HH ahead of next month’s election.

Slyvia Masebo endorsing HH
Slyvia Masebo endorsing HH

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    • Whatever ! Silvia “Zambia open” Masebo has always been a flip flopper. I am not surprised with this, Old habits die hard

    • Mr. Edgar Lungu has humor. He ought to have jumped out of the boat already. Or could it be he doesn’t know how to swim?

    • hahahah yes very good the chief political prostitute Masebo has made her move that we PF die hards knew she would always make…thank you masebo for leaving us, after you failed to function with your corrupt tendencies you found you had no place to maneuver so you have opted to run to the Satanic camp of UPND, just like GBM this is truelly a good riddance..please go there and stay there we never liked you anyway!!!

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • Is this crossstitute talking of her under-parts or Chongwe district a part of Zambia being a no go area? When did Chongwe get balkanized to become a preserve of Masebo and not Zambian district when even in Southern Province where they strictly vote HH at 98% per tonga only doctrine, its not a no go area for none tongas.

    • Even Masebo and Guy Scott ‘s camp are planning to endorse HH after speaking rubbish about HH saying a Tonga will never rule Zambia.

      Its good to hear enemies of UNPD come open and endorse HH. HH is a down to earth man who does not practice vengeance. As a Christian he has forgiven all his foes and left vengeance to God.

      On the other hand, Lungu a Muslim, who believes in revenge and vengeance has vowed to sort out his enemies, starting with Mmembe and all those who opposed his candidature. Under Lungu there will be retribution worse than seen under Sata.

      Lungu pretends to be humble now but give him power, he will use it to settle his personal scores as he has indicated.

      PF is gone walkies and people are now beginning to run away one by one.

    • If you jump from one bed to another without remorse, you will jump from MMD to ZRP to MMD to PF to UPND without shame.
      Whichever it is, it is called ‘u hule.’

    • Promises….yes we have gone that route before and this time Zambian voters are not buying any more Promises.sorry!!!!!

      ” ichintu chintu umwene”

      ” a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush”

      2015 vote PF ( Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Wina a zafa na BP.

      Lungu went to Nigeria to strike deals with RB for auctioning Zambia for $2million. What a shame bane!

      RB stated that he wanted to partner with HH in the same deal but HH refused to be bought by the Ka $2million, when he worth 50 times more than that offered to Lungu and RB.

      So you see PF minions, HH is not a joke, he refused to auction Zambia for change. Your Lungu and RB got the crooks bait and will soon dance to their tune if Lungu fails to win.

      Now I know why Sata wanted to jail RB. Its true Sata knew something fishy about RB. RB is a corrupt thug.

      In UPND we are watching his son very closely as well. If he was sent in to cause confusion in UPND he will be ejected very soon.

    • PF President Edgar Lungu jokes with GBMs elder brother Major Gilbert Mwamba and sister in law Alfredah Kansembe, and PF founder member and brother Lupando Munkonge and other family members who have attended Northern Province Rallies.

      “Ni ulule? Ni ulule? Rupiah Banda said out of the 10 candidates he realised that I was a better candidate. He is supporting us so are his MPS and his party structures. He even donated to us this PA Truck we are using”Edgar Lungu

      2015 vote PF (Edgar)

      I thank you

    • Oh!!!this is the end of PF and I sympathize with Election Loser EL,By the way these endorsements are just like a train that can never move by its self.In case you have forgotten, let me remind you the endorsements HH has received from the time elections were flagged of which has never happened in the history of our elections.
      1Maureen Mwanawasa
      2Vernon Mwanga
      3.Charles Milupi
      4Lameck Mangani
      5Mutolo Phiri
      6Felix Mutati
      7Kabinga Mpande
      8Victoria Kalima
      9Charles Shawa
      10Dipack Patel
      11Serish Disai
      12Keli Walubita
      13Geofrey Bwalya Mwaamba
      14 Sylvia Masebo
      15Ronnie Shikapwashya
      16.Patrick Mucheleka
      17.Brian Chituwo
      18Imenda Ms Mulumemui
      19.Geofrey Lungwangwa
      20Stumbeko Musokotwane
      21.Peter Phiri
      22.Sarah Saifwanda
      23Richard Kachingwe

    • Ba Masebo ati she is still PF Election Chairperson and she will go flat out to campaign for HH,why not sayin she is UPNDs Election Chairperson,These politicians are disturbing sometimes,do they think they own us? U r sayin u r PF but u will campaign for HH.Be serious ba Masebo.

    • Well shes a very good political hule..what do you expect. First UPND then MMD then PF and now back to her original sugar daddy..back home lol.

    • Hahaha Masebo how about you join upnd and face the music come 2016.? You and GBM will see that your leader HH has nothing on Edgar C. Lungu the incming Prez.

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • @small giant yes please let the following people join UPND as they are truly over recycled politicians. Only UPND are ready to chew a piece of bubble gum more than once..hopeless and real desperation a sign that HH is headed for sure and certain defeat!!! Yayaya..UPND are dreamers:
      1Maureen Mwanawasa
      2Vernon Mwanga
      3.Charles Milupi
      4Lameck Mangani
      5Mutolo Phiri
      6Felix Mutati
      7Kabinga Mpande
      8Victoria Kalima
      9Charles Shawa
      10Dipack Patel
      11Serish Disai
      12Keli Walubita
      13Geofrey Bwalya Mwaamba
      14 Sylvia Masebo
      15Ronnie Shikapwashya
      16.Patrick Mucheleka
      17.Brian Chituwo
      18Imenda Ms Mulumemui
      19.Geofrey Lungwangwa
      20Stumbeko Musokotwane
      21.Peter Phiri
      22.Sarah Saifwanda
      23Richard Kachingwe
      The list above comprises of Pf rejects and failed politicians rejected from…

    • OK in the whole history of zambian politics nothing of this kind ever happened where a ruling party is in disaly and lost popularity in just 2.5yrs the party deserted. Things are bad for PF on the ground


    • @Mei Matungu

      Check your facts. Chongwe was never a PF stronghold. HEMCS lost to RB by with a 30% gap. Masses herself lost to her own relative who she persecuted until he relinquished the seat and fled the country. She was successfully found to be corrupt by actions initiated by UPND and fired.
      Now you accept her as part of the winning team!!! DESPERATION WRITTEN ALL OVER……


    • futseki chi masebo, we dont need edorsements from you. You are the same people who jumped ship from mmd to pf and now upnd. suntwe – careful with such women, they are a danger to society. no ideals whatsoever, lelo ati HH is capable of running the affairs of this country when it was just yesterday you were calling him names.
      It seems in zambia, presidents are made only with the approval of a few people. we are slowly becoming like the USA, where people have been given an illusion that they chose presidents when in actual fact, it is a few elite families that chose who will be president. So HH will only become president once these elite people (mwaanga, masebo, GBM etc) decide to back him. I hope HH will remember those who stood with him from the beginning and not vultures like masebo

    • Illuminati’s trump card? Utter failure. Zambians cannot be fooled any more. Illuminati is dead scared of Blacksmith’s hammer, solid 400,000 votes of MMD that are moving to EL. That is Master Knockout Punch. Titbits of Dipak, Maureen, Mutati and Masebo are no match for Knockout of RB’s solid vote bank of East. 2015 is a fight between Illuminati’s haves, the elitists vs commoners, miners, factory workers, farm workers, peasant farmers, teachers, students, civil servants and other marginalized in society. Viva EL, Viva the silent majority, Viva Zambia. Happy New Year. Year 2015 is the year to bury Illuminati once and for all.

    • She has a nice figure no wonder men are wildly defeated for wanting what’s between he thighs.

    • I’ve always said honourable Masebo is a woman of honour. She’s always been and happy new year honourable

    • I am disappointed with our politicians. Ms Masebo use to call the late president mr MCS a lunatic person and later she called him the only saviour for zambia. its a well known fact that upnd despised ms masebo so much that they comonly call her sperm bank on zwd and they have branded her as the greatest prostitute who sleeps wih every man yet today they are calling her a hero. In their eyes she has became a saint becoz now she is supporting them. Same with GBM, they use to call him a bag of maize, a tribalist, uneducated and today he is a political heavy weight and he has become slim with a phd, and a changed tribe. Look at Ms Nawakwi, she was the minister of agriculture with the caringtone maize issue, today she has the best how to develop agriculture.

    • Interesting times in Zambian politics. I am loving this. HH is now a darling of most people. Things can change indeed. Anyway if it’s for the better, so be it as is the case now. We need sanity in Zambia.
      Welcome mayo Ba Masebo.

    • @ Big giant Thank you for reminding them. Pf cadres forget easily and think all is well with them when they see a handful of people attending their rallies. Those people just want to get a glimpse of who lungu is and why he has torn PF apart also why many Farmers are suffering while he can borrow money for campaigns not for solving their problems. Nevertheless Northern province was once a PF stronghold not now where farmers have not received their payments and fertilizer and you think they will vote PF NO!!

    • IWE FRED NAMAKANDO M’MEMBE she does not have a nice figure. It is those hip pads from Kamwala some women are wearing these days. She is finished. Just look at how finished her face looks. She is pa mankwala. Pasopo, she is a danger to foolish men!

    • That is the way the game is played. Any wonder Edgar Lungu is flying around, first to see uncle Bob on the other side of lake Kariba. Then to Rwanda, to see none other than Paul Kagame, enroute to Nigeria to consult General Obasanjo. None of the three can be said to be clean. Clearly, EL wants to play it dirt and dirt is the way he is going to have it.

  1. “Zambians will regret for the rest of their lives if they voted for Mr Lungu”

    Endorse away, lady but there is a general election coming up which means buyer’s remorse can kick in within a short period of time. To be fair, he or she who gets in will have a very short noose to work with.

    Then again… who knows how long we will live…

    • Comrade Robin fear not THIS IS GOOD NEWS as this harlot was a known UPND sympathizer let her be gone as she has done more harm than good, we have strong and principled women in our ranks such as our dear Mama Inonge Wina, a true example of strength and integrity.

      PF well do very well without these rotten apples such as GBM, Masebo and two others (whom we all know)..this is truelly a blessing and I am actually happy as for the votes mark my words the residents of Chongwe are for PF 100%…

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • Yes, she is not a role model for Zambian women. Because of her and the rest, Jean Kapata et al most decent women would never enter politics. She is a total disgrace this woman.

  2. Desperation of the highest level. Sylvia, its is too late even if all chongwe votes goes to HH I dont see your HH going to state house. This is the end of your political career.

    • True. All those who were disciplined by late Sata are gathering under Up N Down umbrella. Umbrella opened and collapsed before rain started. More paper tigers leave PF better it is. Genuine members will get a chance to join the mainstream and work for Mother Zambia. Paper tigers of the likes of GBM, Masebo, Mutati, Maureen, Dipak, Desai, Hu Hu have been bottlenecks for the aspiring capable youngsters. Time to say bye bye paper tigers, chingololo. By the way Sylvia, why are you still using my friend Dick’s surname when you had committed adultery and separated?

    • Some people cannot just sober up and humble themselves after a clear defeat, they think humility is a weakness, they are so proud that they’d rather self-distract than humbly apologize and move on in peace. She was in the forefront fighting EL’s candidature now she knows all her fighting was a waste. No wonder some countries have war coz of leaders with suchlike traits–they don’t want to look “Weak”. Actually humility is strength not a weakness for one has to work hard to fight against the selfish/personal interests that our nature usually pushes ahead for and put the interests of the masses ahead.. Simply put she is too proud and arrogant. She can tell “Her people” to fight her battles, but in the end it all goes down to personal decision, even for “her people”..

    • She is murambira HH and upnd told us. After all the insults UPND hurled on her and her son being a retard , she goes to UPND ? shocking !

  3. THESE PEOPLE ARE MAKING LUNGU MORE LIKEABLE. Just look at the caliber of those running away from PF and welcomed by UPND. People who even before they state their reasons we readers already knows why. Coz we’ve known them for quiet some time now.

    • Lungu as a personwas never unlikeable…….his suitability for party/republican president? – abhorrent!

    • For sure Edgar is being made popular by the kind of people endorsing and being embraced by UPND. Genuine voters wanted PF out because of characters like Masebo, GBM, etc Now these are going to bed with HH. A Colleague told me Edgar will get his vote out of sympathy from the attacks from the Post and ZWD.

    • Self cleaning mechanism ,let all the rotten eggs go , after all Sata fired them and dared them to induce a bye election.

    • RB alone will get 400,000 votes for Hon Lungu from the East. That is a game changer. Wait for Hon Lungu’s visit to eastern province next week.

  4. Wonderful. As I expected. Zambia is too big a country to leave to riffruffs. There is NO substance in Edgar. Chakolwas want him but the sober minded nation does not. Look whats happening now: Muslims from Nigeria are financing Lungu. We have always known that the Muslim community have not been happy with the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. Lets wake up Zambia. Viva Masebo. Reality dawns.

    • I like how the Tongas have changed the blog names. Sadly, upnd hasn’t a national appeal. That it will remain for as long as HH is president. Zambians haven’t forgotten how he usurped power from likes of Sakwiba simply because a tonga had to be upnd president. That is what cause the tonga tag and as long as he is there no winning of elections!

    • So, your HH does not want Muslim Votes, Hindu Votes and Atheist votes? Brand and divide people, Polarise them as much as you want to and can, but our resolve is to vote for Hon. Lungu. Come rain, come shine, we will be out there voting for Hon. Lungu in North (N), East (E), West (W) and South (S) and it will become a NEWS on 23rd January, Hon Lungu is the NEW(S) President. He won from North (N), East (E) and West (W), trailed in South(S). He, however won wit a comfortable majority and is about to be sworn in as 6th President of the Republic of Zambia. One Zambia, One Nation.

    • Can you imagine a Tonga Ati MWEWA kekekekekekekekeke

      ROTFL iwe Hakanyenga just write your mane and be proud. LOL

    • am sober and am voting lungu!!guess what!!he is my l;ovely country’s unifying factor!!rich or poor!!ngwanwazi,busdriver,chakolwa,marketeer,whitecollare,all tribes etc.very humble and embracing man he is!!for HH,lets not even go there!!


  5. Now we can see UPND and HH is useless,Murambiwa and fat Albert(GBM) insulted and humiliated you in very campaign they had against you but u still accept them .these are what we call gon”nca(used up garbage ) .u will take what ever rubbish the is for a politician but u will still not beat Edgar Lungu

  6. So, hows this supposed to work? On one hand insisting shes still a PF member on the other hand she says Chongwe is a PF no-go area. is this supposed to mean she herself wont go into Chongwe…

    • @laso, blimey! are you guys new to politics? The MPs who are endorsing other candidates outside their parties have no confidence in their chosen leaders. That means they will almost vote alongside UPND MPs when UPND forms govt to pass vital bills until 2016 when everything comes up for renewal. In 2016, they can stand on the UPND ticket or remain in their respective parties hoping they are happy. This is what they call “knives are out” in politics.

  7. Masebo should not forget how she lost her seat to MMD in 2011 general elections, she got the seat back because of PF.
    So lets meet in the ring on 20th, she will surely be on the losing side. I fill sorry for her for she is lost in the jangle…

    • And she will get the seat back bkos of UPND. Isn’t she a wise politician who predicts elections correctly?

  8. And you are still doubting as to who will win these elections. Please PF guys we know you are diehards but it is becoming clear that HH is our next president. Love him or hate him, he is taking over. chongwe is gone, rufunsa is gone,Kafue is gone,Chilanga is gone,Kanyama is gone,Matero is gone,Munali is gone, Kabwata is gone. What then is remaining for PF in Lusaka, nothing. The entire copperbelt rural is gone and not less than 40% in urban copperbelt is for HH. Its game over for PF guys

  9. Welcome to the winning team Sylvia. We can imagine how stressful it is to be in PF. We know you are not the only one that has been suffering at the hands of thugs. Come and enjoy peace with our candidate unlike those that p are still pretending that all is well. You can remain PF but no problem u can work with us. Come and baord flight HH2015!

  10. Sylvia Masebo must be a really sad person. She has jumped from one party to the other just like she has been jumping from one man’s bed to the other for years. Political opportunism is too rampant in Zambia. If I were HH and got voted in, I’d be very weary about bringing such people even close. Sata made that mistake and he realized quick by firing her. It is too late in the game for you to have an impact Sylvia, we know your real party affiliation is rainbow!

  11. UPND Hand symbol is a freemason symbol, google ” hand of glory symbol”. Just following blindly, lwenu!!Viva PF, VIVA EDGAR LUNGU

  12. Good mama.

    I commend you for this. Edgar has acted criminally through out his adoption process. This man is a danger to our national security if given power. I’m resident of this area me and my family we are behind you and we are voters not like some of these bloggers.

    Miles Sampa and Guy Scot where are you. But we need Guy so that after election these thugs will not hold onto power. Good bye polyo PF although I do not regret having voted for My beloved man Michael Sata.

  13. It appears the losers in PF have picked a side. They will inflict as much damage as they can before lungu will get a chance to expel them.

  14. EL needs a crash course in politics 101. He must have missed the lecture from iconic politician Michael Chilufya Sata.

  15. We stay in Chongwe and we are voting for EDGAR Lungu and PF NOT regional party. No one knows UPND here, it’s pa BWATOOOOO fye. Even chieftainess Nkomesha has disowned this prostitute.

    Silvia, you have never been a factor in politics and Chongwe to be specific.

    Viva Edgar Chagwa Lungu

    • Not in Chongwe, it’s wishful thinking. Ask the chieftainess and you will know da story.

      It’s pamaka, it’s Edgar Lungu fye…….

    • @blago with dreams like yours all I can say is this is a definite clear win for PF..Masebo giving UPND 80% yayaya please dream on more like 8%…that woman is vile and disliked throughout Chongwe..our mother Chieftainess Nkomeshya is our stronghold and she through the late HEMCS secured Chongwe as a PF stronghold not that woman that you UPND chaps only recently called a ule..your words not mine..

      ****VIVA EDGAR LUNGU 2015 AND 2016****

    • @Lord Voldermot
      I hate when you insult her just because she’s a woman, and not because of her politics.

      If I were as vile as you I’d say Your mother had 1 abortion less than she should have had.

      But since I’m too cultured and polite, I won’t say it or even think it.

  16. By the way the next to endorse HH is Miles SAmpa. Take care of yourselves all of you in 2015 under the sober leadership of HE HH. God loves Zambia will not allow it to be destroyed by selfish people. We are beacon of peace in the region, Africa and entire world.

  17. Indeed this prostitute does not listen! Can she explain the reason Mr. SATA fired her? The other day she is the one who was harassing ZNBC for showing clips of the same Under Five she is cheating now, unused, it’s too late.

    Edgar Lungu has infiltrated ZAMBIA, and he is walloping clean again!

    Viva Edgar

  18. Whether you like it or not the departure of Sylvia Masebo and G.B.M cannot be rubbished. This is significant. There are more coming just wait you will see when elections are near.

    How can one ascend to the party presidency dubiously and expect to invite others to support you no.

    If he had ascended to the party presidency decently I do not think all these endorsements would have happened and he should have been enjoying the support of all.
    The boat has cracked full stop. Most of those surrounding Lungu are novice in politics and do not have a clear understanding of politics.

  19. Before UPND supporters rejoice, be reminded that Sylvia Masebo has health issues worse than Edgar Lungu’s so called health problems. The same Chongwe people voted her out 3 years ago and had to get back the seat through the back door.

    She is a politically loose person. Next you will hear her flocking with Rainbow Party. She has no morals at all. RB and GBM are far better than this woman. She is no better than Alex Muliokela.

    • No, why bring Mr. Muliokela in this? He is a more dignified person that Sylvia. UPND supporters have constantly referred to her on Zambian Watchdog as a SPERM BANK. Today, she is their heroine. Do these boys and girls on ZWD have any better morals than Sylvia? I doubt.

  20. EL is playing it dirt and dirt is the way he deserves to have it. He first flew to go and see uncle Bob on the other side of lake Kariba. Then, recently he flew to Rwanda, to see none other than notorious Paul Kagame, enroute to Nigeria where he consulted with General Obasanjo. What a dirt set of leaders to be associated with! I believe this gentleman is up to no good. He deserves a little taste of his own medicine.

  21. Poor Lungu alone he will be left standing. With all these defections its only a matter of time that the entire PF structure crumbles. The foundations of the organization have been compromised. Scott is only being diplomatic he too would jump ship. It took Sata many years to build PF and in less than 90 days Lungu is able to bring all that work to nothing. Lungu is to blame for the demise of the PF he has failed to lead at a critical transition. Inclusion and not exclusion should have been the way forward. All he had to do was call for a meeting with all the PF candidates at the convention before accepting the nomination and suggesting an open vote which he would have won and if anyone had challenged that Lungu would have full party and public support. Instead he tried to be a strong man.

  22. Masebo, No go area? Are you aware the Lungu controls the defense forces? PF will campaign and campaign in full force! You are no longer an MP.

  23. Edgar Muhammad Lungu is now finished.

    GBM and MASEBO will cause Emmanuel Mwamba to die.

    2015 vote HH.

    God be with you.

  24. U hav done well mama masebo its yo right honestly u ar not a factor but u ar among few individuals trying to destroy PF am happy congrants.

  25. It is Sylvia Masebo’s democratic right to endorse anyone of her choice in this case HH. UPND is a party for both ‘saints’ and ‘sinners’. Thank you for endorsing a sound leader !

    • But is it not Sylvia Masebo UPND cadres on ZWD have always called a SPERM BANK? Where are your morals UPND cadres?

  26. A good New Year Bonus for HH.

    PF Thieves are now paniking.

    Go out of the country u PF Members if u cant stand the current heat.

    Iam ofering free passports.

    Come back after 20th January when the wind of change will have settled.

    You are in for a rode and vigorous unfrendly schock u F00Ls.

    • A good New Year Bonus for HH for someone UPND cadres have always referred to as a SPERM BANK on ZWD? You are really not short of heroines ba UPND!

  27. Please do not insult just because you are frustrated by her moves.Let us ague in a civilised manner. Is being left with instruments of power a qualification to become a president? That is what others are arguing against like Masebo.

    I hope you are not talking about the Chongwe town centre with PF thugs insulting others and threatening to beat up people that Chongwe is PF popular.

    I have got a farm in Chongwe and I know the feelings of people I talk to. This evening I will be leaving my office to go to the farm and campaign and encourage people to vote for any other party other than PF. I’m doing this out of passion for my country Zambia and at my own cost.
    I will still have voted for PF if Sata was alive. But the way things stand now it is very dangerous to vote for PF…

  28. This the kind of negative publicity that HH does not need at the moment, remember that he can lose all that he has achieved so far, within the next few weeks. Election is numbers yes but not Sylvia please. The only thing she can offer is a juicy leg nothing else. Leg yena chalikwata provided you dont look at her face.

  29. I like the heat that the corrupt PF are curently experiencing.

    They have now been reduced to defend every posting in the media.

    Ran away from Zambia before it is too late.

    The fire is catching up with you , you BUSH MOUSE.

  30. Lungus campaign team have no idea on how to brand him. PF is running around like a chicken in the rain. Oneday they want to brand him as a victim of internal hatred in the PF the next they want to show him as the one Sata anointed as successor. Two days later he is the strongman Zambia needs. Absolutely no consistency in presenting their candidate. They are failing to sell Lungu because Lungu has no character attributes and personal successes to sell. They are hoping that he will be elected by circumstance. In their minds they believe PF should win because of incumbency. Other than the fact that he is the PF candidate they have not given the voters any reason why they should vote for lungu.

  31. Between a Christian and a Muslim.

    Who do you favour?

    Boko Haram Leader is SICK.

    His Lungs have collapsed.

    You will sweat blood you F00ls, just wait for 20th January 2015.

    Your Kachasu Man will be behind baars.

  32. Well done Hons. Lungu, Wina, Kapata, Luo. This is cut throat brilliance. Reconciling with this Scott led gang seemed disappointing, but it was necessary for PF to pull the blinds down on the internal war.

    Wisdom says Angry people who do not reconcil their woes with others, will be CONSUMMED by that anger, the Anger turns to Hatred and Revenge. The bible says clearly, HATRED IS MURDER. What GBM, MASEBO have done in this endorsement game is telling on their inner turmoil. Sampa is definitely, working on his next Grand Move on the Chess Board………ALL DRIVEN BY HATRED. All their Lame Duck efforts is proof to the Zambian Citizens of the errors in our Constituion also in the errors of Party Constituions. Party members must be REMOVED, EXPELLED without delay.

    • The fact is these people are REMOVING, and EXPELLING themselves!

      They only hold on to PF because they fail to do the decent thing. RESIGN, let the seat be contested if you feel so confident Chongwe is yours Madame MASEBO.

      If I was Lungu and PF election group, I’d send in the team and set up a massive door to door campaign of Loyalty in Masebo and GBM areas. RIGHT AWAY!

      This can’t go on! PF must find a way to exercise this horrible petty group of individuals.

  33. Masebo speaks like the voters in Chongwe are in her pockets, and she moves with them wherever she goes.
    She does not give a chance that there are free individuals in Chongwe who choose which party to support on their own without her coaching.
    Attitudes like that usually lead to great surprise. It may be correct to infer that she might be overrating her capacities.

    • ba masebo is just 3 years in pf so ba upnd ask ur selves if u are gaining or loosing.GBM joined pf after Hon Chishimba resigned as Kasama Central MP,before then he was in MMD.Ba Masebo naba GBM are stil ve got mmd blood in them.These two fools r no genuine PF members.

  34. When Dipak joined HH team, it was clear that the cartel is working behind the scene. They could not come out in the open, eat their vomit and support HH. They created background material and stage for HH to jump on. The real master behind HH is the Cartel- Zambian Illuminati. The true color of the Cartel, Zambian Illuminati is coming out. Bavarian Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776. Zambian Illuminati chess mated HH on November 29, 2014. Zambian Illuminati is really dangerous. Its tentacles spread deep down the system. Without its support HH could not move an inch towards his dream of warming President seat. Dipak, Masebo, Wynter, Desai, Scott, Maureen, Katele are all pawns stringed by Zambian Illuminati. HH is there to warm the seat and play by the rules to be considered for re-elect

    • If HH plays by the rules and act as a Puppet in Muppet show, he will get clean chit to stand for 2016 or else Rainbow Party is there to takeover. Who does not know Masebo doubling with Wynter and Dipak at the same time? All knots on the string are being used to make HH stand on the knots to achieve the unachieveable. Hon. Lungu shall win to defeat the Zambian Illuminati. It is not time for name calling and bickering. It is time for Zambians to unite and say No to the pawns of the Illuminati. Zambians shall be making Kings and not the other way round. They shall be kingmakers. Zambians vote wisely.

    • Very funny! So she only becomes a political prostitute once she endorses HH but when she joined PF she was seen as a heavyweight. Pano calo!

    • Like GBM, Masebo is a political heavy – weight! That is why her pronouncements have always been news. Of course as she is human, she may have made mistakes along the way and that should not be used to insult her. Time comes when one repents of their sin. We know what she said about HH in the past, but she has realised she was being used by people who wanted to demonise HH. We appreciate her stand now and we love her…she is welcome to the loving UPND Family. We love Zambia. May God deliver Zambia in faithful hands where no more thieves will feast in our confers.

    • We need objective and principled politicians. The best would have been to resign as PF MP first and then support HH. Why cling to something being run by someone you don’t agree with….except politics of the belly as correctly stated by Munkombwe. Its very interesting and strange that rejected people are only endosing HH and not UPND!

  35. Who tells you only Tonga people follow UPND and a Bemba will not. If you did not know, come to Avondale Complex , by the small market this evening. You will be shocked to hear how a Mr Mwila speaks the loudest for HH. Some of us were educated and brought up by non-Bemba families.

  36. Movements to, and endorsements of HH like these are good for PF’s EL.
    Many of the people moving to endorse HH are stranded people, who have been rejected in PF.
    They are seeking refuge in HH after failing in PF.
    They could easily have contaminated PF, but the risk has been transferred to UPND.

  37. Who wil be happy keepin rubish in his/her home? its UPND the waste bin a place for waste(silver and GBM) to thank here it a relief.

  38. We ule we chi Masebo!you’re disappointed after your Miles Sampa lost!let all those who supported Sampa go to UPND now so that we can defeat them pants down!IFINTU NI LUNGU!

  39. PF, move out of the way. Clear the space. Guy Scott is next to endorse HH. This is done and dusted. The planes from the Muslim financiars will not be enough to outmuscle the will of the people. All Zambians, all ethnic groups, let us redeem our country from these visionless hijackers of our nation. We reclaim truth and righteousness and the Lord shall exhort his people.

    • Yes, We the real Zambians shall redeem our country from the Zambian Illuminati that controls us as pawns, puppets and muppets. Brother Scott endorsing or not endorsing HH is neither here nor there. He is controlled by the Illuminati and is doing whatever the Illuminati wants him to do. Twenty-two jumpers to HH bandwagon think they are doing it on their own sweet will. They are conditioned to move in that direction. It is high time, people realised that everything is happening as programmed by the Illuminati. Don’t be fooled. HH is being used to massage his Presidential seat ego and he compromised on November 29, 2014 to sign and seal the deal dictated by the Illuminati.

  40. Zambian Illuminatti or whatever you are, these individuals are a thousand times more influenctial than you are. You can call Masebo names….whatever you think, 13,000 votes have disappeared from EL today. EL will never get into State House. Zambians have stopped him. he may have manipulated his way to where he is but will never cheat the nation.

  41. Yes she knows the strengths and weak areas of Chongwe. I’m coming from areas of Chongwe and I know what is happening there. I have interviewed a few a people at the church and farm in the rural areas of Chongwe without malice, they don’t like your Edgar Lungu.

    I’m not saying this because I’m a cadre of any political party and I do not like to be a cadre anyway because it limits one in analysing issues. That is why in my voting life I have voted for Chiluba, Mazoka, Levy and Sata. I voted for Levy against Sata because that time Levy impressed me. Another time I voted for Mazoka becuase I did not understand the calibre Levy to run the country. Again I voted for Sata against HH because I went for his experience. This time among them HH is the only one who seems sensible to become…

  42. Indeed Masebo is a political prostitute and vice versa, how many political parties will she join? any way this is the end of her political career and by the way does she own chongwe under her pit cot just to ask!!

  43. @ Northerner
    @ mei matungu
    So you are thinking that your HH can win lusaka ? Yo HH only managed amolst 50, 000 votes from 700, 000 registered vorters.This time if he can do better, may be he may get 80, 000 from lusaka, EL will surely get more than 400, 000 from Lusaka.

    @ Northern
    @ Those changing their names to be a notherner
    You must have a very low self esteem, surely being a notherner will give you a better image and high self esteem.

    • How about you being GRAND, does it make you any better than Northerner. Just market your candidate rather than trying to play the game of tribalism. Why are you so frivolous?

  44. Country Men and Women, as we come to the close of the year, it is important that I share with you the performance of our economy in 2014 and provide my reflections on the outlook for the economy in 2015 and in the medium to long term.
    GROWTH IN 2014 – The economy in 2014 has remained strong with preliminary real GDP growth of 6 percent; making Zambia the seventh and tenth fastest growing economy in sub-Saharan Africa and the world, respectively. This is consistent with our ongoing vision of becoming a middle income prosperous nation.

    2015 vote PF(Edgar)

    I thank you

  45. Ba Sylvia muli kapuba cacine , a woman without morals,not long ago you were saying HH will never rule zambia. chongwe people you teach her a lesson.These are the same people destroying zambia. God forbid you are going nowhere.

    • mukwai naleya she was such a pain. Luapula, Muchinga, Eastern, Northern, Lusaka, Copperbelt Northwestern, Central EL’s Big.
      Southern, Western for grabs.
      Fwebo kuno uluapula lonse lwakwa mbuya wesu Lungu

  46. Our Masebo is a principled person, who cannot be fooled,she is intelligent, hard working, ask me how tourism went up, when headed that Ministry, and compare her with Kapata, looks scruff , no foresight whatsoever , Masebo, you belong here , Welcome to flight HH 2015

  47. Uncultured, unprincipled, reckless to say a few is what Sylvia Masebo is. If UPND will get excited by her support. She is big time political prostitute. In 2001, she was MP on ZRP ticket then Mwanawasa poached her. In 2006, she won again as MP on MMD but differed with President Rupiah. In 2011, she joined PF and stood. What happened?………….She lost to Mwakalombe of the MMD who was threatened and he resigned just under a week. She then recontested in a by election and due to PF’s incumbency and she managed to win now on PF ticket. She was then given a Ministerial position but what happened………? She got herself fired for doing things in unlawful manner. Who is she now she has distanced herself from President Edgar Lungu…….? A stranded politician who is looking for solace and…

  48. She is just ashamed. Let her go to HH that’s only 1 vote of hers. People of chongwe will decide on their own. They are not kids to be directed what to do. Go will silvia and may God bless you in HH’s hands. Amen.

    Remember 20 January 2015 Lungu is in state house.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • Mukwai noyo batilila Miles Sampa kuti bafuma baaya. tapali ubuyo muli aba bakaboke ba mupamba sylvia, sampa gbm have caused too much anguish in PF. It’s a relief to see them leave.

  49. Sylvia Masebo can do one more thing – RESIGN – from PF. Those endorsing other candidates on so-called principle must have the integrity to resign their seats in parliament and re-contest them under UPND or PF…then we will see how popular they really are in kasama or chongwe, or wherever they currently hold seats….INTEGRITY demands that they resign…..

  50. FACT:


  51. Despite who endorses HH,UPND must be mindful of who they welcome to join the party. Masebo is known for hopping from one party to another. Unless you want disloyal members.

  52. Katondo boys: uka votela Edgar weka. Silvia , well done. At least for once you made a good decision. Ba PF ndipochakubabani! Mulefilwa no kunwa amenshi . Ala efyo iya. Anyboby who cares for Zambia will do the right thing next month. Voting for HH. WE need abit of Sanity in our country.

    • Milimo



      2015 vote PF(Edgar)

      I thank you

  53. Masebo is still exploring parties. Careful with defectors. They always follow the wind. We are PF members in all seasons.
    Masebo shud not say chongwe is PF no go area. Its rediculous to think she decides on our behalf. Chongwe residents will chose by themselves to her dissapointment.

  54. Mwamba said Kasama is in his hands today he has seen the Edgar rally in kasama. Even Masebo will see the rally of Edgar in Chongwe.
    In bemba we say Pansaka tapabula fipuba. Ne fipuba kuposela ba upnd. Happy New Year 2015.

  55. As things stand, here are the numbers for voters’ registered in PF strongholds;

    LUAPULA 408,791
    MUCHINGA 269,139
    NORTHERN 434,478
    EASTERN 600,098
    COPPERBELT 845,439

    Total 2,557,945

    this constitutes nearly 50% of the electoral roll. Now do you see why the cartel and its prostitutes are panicking?

  56. Thank you mama Masebo! That is the best thing to do. UPND is a peaceful party, we all want to belong where we can be accepted and respected and NOT where Panga Fighting is the order of the day! Zambians love their peace….! Unless PF stop violence, NO one want to be part of that. For now, Zambia MUST move FORWARD with UPND & HH. Wise decision mama and God Bless You and those who follow you!

  57. Let UPND and HH take the leadership of this country. Zambia will NEVER be the same, this mediocrity we see in the economy, politics, education, health and agriculture will be the thing of the past. A foundation will be laid where mediocrity will have NO chance! Vote wisely..Vote HH. Mama Masebo, we can move forward together…thank you for the support!

  58. I wish to say, sometimes actions and symbols speak louder than words. Have you ever sat to analyze the symbol of a ‘fist’ as opposed to an ‘open hand’? On one hand for me, a fist has a lot in that; there is secrecy (holding on to something), oppression, not transparent, UN-sharing, powerful, violent, etc. On the other, an open hand represents openness, nothing to hide, freedom, help, giving, honesty. Just my thoughts anyway, you may have yours to interpret these symbols.

  59. GRAND if you understand Zambian geography and voting pattern you must be able to understand that Masobo stands far much a better chance in UPND than in PF,were people were forced to vote for her after trying 2 time in the same party PF,Take note that Bantu-Botatwe were divided into two some in MMD because of Levy influence and some in UPND but this time around they will get together,we are just looking forward to Northerners to add up by voting for a person with international appeal,imagine if we outsource Britain or USA to vote on our behalf do you think LUNGU can make it into top 7 on the current list?NO! NO! NO!.I would advise you to get the facts before you debate,your debates with Katondo boys are always below standard

  60. I like Edgar as a Zambian but I do not believe he can make a better president than those we have had before. I believe we should be moving to getting the BEST every time an opportunity arises to chose the leader especially the presidential seat. I say so because, EL has NOT yet convinced me that he would bring order to the PF. These cadres if left unchecked will run the government and EL has NOT condemned the violence exhibited by the PF cadres. Ba Sata used to restrain his cadres even when he won the 2008 elections. I do not see this character in EL. We need leaders who have the command on their followers and NOT being directed by cadres. We need to end mediocrity in politics!

  61. At exactly, 00:01, 1st January 2015, allow me to say HAPPY NEW Year to you all. I wish you good thinking and decision making to VOTE for HH as Zambia’s Jubilee gift for the next 50 years! God Bless Zambia! HH for President!

  62. This election will be revolutionary. People tried the 90 days promises and found them untrue. The country moved from counting surpluses (PLUSES) to counting deficits (DECIETS). From hope to hopelessness. Their freedoms were curtailed. People could not assemble freely. People cried and their cry has been heard. Enough is enough. We were choked with bye-elections until we have the bye-election. We have a chance to end the oppressive regime. We have a chance to move Zambia forward. Our children will not remember us for emotional voting. Our children will remember us for voting a government that will make Zambia a better place for all. This is a new dawn. Vote HH on 20 January 2015.

  63. Its 1 January 2015. 19 days to go. A new hope a new dream.
    Vote HH on 20 January 2015


  64. I’m not Tonga but i just love this shift towards HH as its a great example that Zed is for all and that skill-set comes before tribal considerations.

  65. We cant wait for 20/01/2015 to defeat HH and his prostitutes like GBM and Masebo!its only 3 weeks from today before EDGAR LUNGU enters State House!UPND will see if those people owner our voters cards!since a vote is a secret,dont cry!WHEN JESUS SAY YES,NOBODY CAN SAY NO!EDGAR LUNGU IS THE CHOISEN ONE!GO PF GO!

  66. Jesus my HH is poluted now! I have no option but to go for Lungu. All bad ones are looking for akalilo. Its just MMD to PF to UPND. People will never be rescued because next is Dola to apologise and polute HH even become a high commisioner. God help HH and Lungu to avoid bad eggs.

  67. …….Sylvia’s reaction is what I call emotional ’emancipation’….just very recently in August 2014, can some-one please remind her what she said about UPND and HH during her campaigns for PF in Mangango…??
    …she reminds me of a wife who intentionally breaks all the utensils in the kitchen after a brawl with the husband…..

  68. Anyone or anything that gets support from Mmembe and the Past is a no go area for my vote. Whether mmembe and Past do it overtly or covertly it is the same.
    As you can see, after so many insults to HH, Mmembe and Past news are too ashamed to openly support HH.
    The Past now condemns Edgar daily while remaining silent about the man they called a bantustan boy not too long ago. We hve taught mmembe a lesson he shall never forget. But everybody who hates mmembe will vote for whoever mmembe condemns. If mmembe condemns anyone that person is a good man, thats the dictum, the only safe way to deal with mmembe. HH better watch who endorses you, else you lose everything in your excitement.

  69. People in Chongwe have being taken for the ride by this lady. Wake up you guys it’s over due. REMOVE her and choose the trust worthy candidate.

  70. Slyvia, Syvia, hold that tongue. Abuses, insulting others are a blessing to those whom you curse. You will swallow your words. Silence is golden. History repeats itself , remember the insults on late HE Sata, & Sata won the elections. You came back crawling. This time Edgar wont allow you in PF again. Shame to womanhood.

    PF nayoooooooooooooooooo-

  71. Ubusushi bulasabailisha kwena, Masebo a political prostitute and I hope it is only in politics. What happened to principle anyway, are these people serious political leaders or what? We certainly cannot have all these *****s in wrong parties. I hope HH does a donchi kubeba on them. It seems every Jim and Jack want to align themselves with HH just because they have disagreed with their party leader and so on. Masebo for your own information, you do not own Chongwe and to declare a no go area for PF. As much as we want PF out, let us be object and principled in our actions and words.

  72. pf mps are stil intact.upnd can get endorsements from individual thats not a worry to us as pf because all these dimagogues endorsing hh are rejects of pf.gbm was suspended,masebo was also suspended for some deals in her then ministry of tourism,vj was suspended by late mwanawasa,mmd failed to change the face of zambia for the past thirteen years excluding mwanawasa years and have now realised that zambian people no longer need them hence the support for upnd.The number of mps or other individuas doesn,t matter what matters is the number of voters they are bringing to your party.so honest speaking Edgar lungu is winning and mark my word come 21 jan 2015 edgar lungu will be in state house.opinion polls does no reflect the actual results.

  73. IN 2011 during the presidential elections hakainde thought it was sangwapo and their opinion poll had put them ahead and followed by RB and the last was late sata.
    MMD HAD PUT THEMSELVES ON TOP FOLLOWED BY HH THEN LAST LATE SATA BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE RESULTS.Upnd claimed to have taken over lusaka,copper belt and luapula provinces but what happened from the results.even this time again hh and his upnd still think of the same old formula.Today they are putting themselves on top against the popular pf.infact they are lucky had it not been for the mmd to have confusion in their party he could have come third.This time again he is loosing to edgar.


  75. Masebo you can help us bring votes to UPND if you can, we will be grateful. But remember there is no room for people like you in the UPND, crooks and scoundrels ready to demonize others when it suits them, should HH make a mistake of placing you in any high government position that will be the day he will did his own grave politically. We know who you are, and how you have contributed to the demise of this national economy through corruption. You are now rich when most Zambians are poor as a result of action like those you involved yourself in. We will make sure you that you are nowhere near where the national cake is because we know you are jst a monkey in a maize field. You are no inspiration at all and we will not pretend that we do not want you around

  76. hahahahahahaha PF makes me wonder how there thinking is:

    1. When GBM, Masebo, Maureen , VJ, Mutati etc endorse HH, they rubbish and say its no consequence.
    2. When Mpombo, masumba and now RB endoses EL..it is the best move.

    Now, if you see how many people will follow those endorsing HH and EL..my word you can tell by youeslf.

    VIVA HH 2015

  77. We have not yet even disciplined her and yet she moves to UPND to deliver gross indiscipline.Which man or woman wud follow this misguided woman? She does not own Chongwe and the pipo of Chongwe are not under her pitcoty government.Let them gung up coz EL is a done deal,EL2015 wasanga aleteka EL2015!

  78. Kavuyi, am from rural Chongwe. Perhaps you talked to Masebo’s relatives. Lets just wait for 20th January and see.

    Masebo never cease to amaze me. What a woman!!! HH was insulted by her in the run up to 2011 elections. Today according to her, he is the savior? oooh c’mon spare us please.
    I retaliate what I said sometime back: “Zambians are no longer docile and duffed”. No one should take us for grunted

  79. I remember Masebo and Mm’embe told Edgar Lungu on a monday after kabwe PF convention that its over for EL!but today Edgar Lungu is on ballot paper and the post,GBM,Masebo,HH,etc are in tears!very soon on 23/01/2015 you’ll all see Edgar Lungu in State House,mark my words!THIS EDGAR LUNGU HAS GOD’S FAVOURS UPON HIM BCOZ EVIL MEN HAVE FOUGHT HIM BUT FAILED!HH IS UNDER THE CARTEL NOW,BUT MASS VOTERS WILL DEFEAT THEM SOON!

  80. Ba UPND ati we will do politics differently. E differently iyi? Bragging in prostitutes and political hoppers like manganic, masebo and kasaka GBM? Forsils like Vernon mwaanga, sara sayifwanda and Maureen kakubo. So we have professional jobseekers on one hand including some who due to arrogance have failed to keep their jobs all their lives like manganic and masebo. We also have those who want to keep their job with edgar. I would rather vote job keepers not aba when they where there they never built a road not one! Ni Edgar fye these forsils have been rejected before

  81. Go Go Honourable Lungu. Don’t waste time on such riff ruffs. Chongwe is not a go area….do you own it. Anyway, we cant be surprised, thats the mentality of UPND with southern province syndrome

  82. Masebo, finally ubuule (whoring) bwasuka bwakupenya, efyo nalekweba ati tekanya. Surely this time you done for you….


  84. Unfortunately PF have lost chongwe . Don’t even waste money campaigning there! LOST ! Nkomeysha is wiping masebo’s bottom as we speak.

  85. I don’t get how these politicians jump from one party to the next all in the name of a promised job and money. One minute GBM and Masebo are on the other side insulting UPND and the next they are for UPND. How is that even remotely possible? Is it because they realize the winning party and want to be a part or it? I strongly urge Hakainde to not give them any positions. Let them retire if they have to. You will realize Masebo will go join Kabimba if she has no other option or offer. PF has been terrible to people and the reason people are fed up. GBM and Masebo were in the PF government and we will not forget that.

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