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Bowman Lusambo says Nevers Mumba is a winner even if he has lost this Election

General News Bowman Lusambo says Nevers Mumba is a winner even if he...

A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport
FILE: A jubilant MMD Die Hard National Youth Coordinator Bowman Lusambo dancing at Mongu airport

Press statement for immediate release


Lusaka, Zambia, 21-01-15

As the final picture from Tuesday’s election emerges, we as MMD youths wish to categorically restate our support for our President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba throughout this process and beyond.

The below par performance of the MMD should be viewed in the correct context by reviewing the pre election turmoil that characterised our election campaign.

The MMD suffered incessant attacks on its leadership both from within and outside the very moment Dr Mumba took over the party presidency.

As MMD leader, Dr Mumba demonstrated strong resolve when he fought against the insurgency by Major Richard Kachingwe and Co. and the attempts to deregister the MMD by the PF through its then Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

Dr Mumba again had to summon his strong character to withstand a major revolt by Catherine Namugala which was followed by another turmoil instigated by the then two Vice Presidents Brian Chituwo and Michael Kaingu. This was also followed by the ill advised attempts by Rupiah Banda to return the MMD presidency.

The campaign period also saw majority of the MP’s abandoning the MMD by crossing the floor and leaving Dr Mumba almost singlehandedly on the campaign stage without MMD party structures.

With all these things put together, it was always going to be a mammoth task for the MMD to beat its 2011 record. For us, the mere fact that Dr Mumba was on the ballot paper means he is a winner given the rough terrain that he had to endure pre election period.

We believe the MMD under Dr Mumba is undergoing a painful cleansing process which may continue for a short while.

As MMD youths, we continue to pledge our loyalty and allegiance to Dr Mumba in this trying period and urge him to look towards 2016 with renewed hope and vigour.

To our fellow opposition parties, this is the time to reflect and the real purpose of our politics which is service of our people. We need to set aside our selfish and personal ambitions and regroup in order to reinforce our voice. The voter apathy could mean that trust and confidence in our ability to deliver has reached an all time low. This is a wakeup call on all of us to that which is honourable.

To Edgar Lungu who is the likely winner of this election, we appeal to him to dissolve the PF cabinet by ushering in a new breed of leaders that will help him unite the country. We urge him to consider adopting a new republican Vice President outside the PF as a way of uniting the nation.

We also appeal to the incoming President to stiffen the fight against corruption by ensuring that all those people currently facing corruption charges are given an opportunity for their cases to be fully heard by the competent courts.

Aborting ongoing corruption cases at this stage would send a bad signal to the local and international development partners on the new administration’s commitment to the fight against corruption.

We send our heartfelt congratulations to the winner of this election without any reservations. We floated the best candidate in Dr Mumba who possesses the best set of quality needed in modern political leadership. Dr Mumba has leadership based on morality, integrity and accountability. The final choice was for the Zambians to make and we respect that.

To our fellow compatriots, let us continue to preserve our peace and the unity we have shared throughout our 50 year history.

I thank you

Issued by: Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die Hard Youth Wing Coordinator


    • I’m now in sh#t. Nkongole, my 100 trucks, My post Newspaper (Emmanuel Mwamba will shut it down), writing bad things about EL, etc. Again in the opposition? The corridors of power were sweet under Michael this, Michael that. Should I start writing about how visionary and patriotic Edgar this, Edgar that is? Let me be very clear that he has really won. I would have even preferred the Bantustans to win but I was not sure too about the after elections. Confused! Please help me through these trying moments!

    • Iwe this is Mumba speaking not Lusambo. Go into the archives and read Lusambo’s previous statements and the level of English used and follow Mumba’s arguments in the past and you will determine whose statement this is!

    • The English is too, too good certainly not written by Bowman. This is Nevers Mumba’s language checked by one Nakachinda.

  1. Very mature statement from Bowman.Dr Nevers Mumba has shown chutzpah! He has stood strong despite all odds.Good on you Nevers and good on the ONE who has given you this strength and faith.

    • I like this blog…..chutzpah…

      and the ONE…….the ONE.. .whose name the ancients never uttered save in holy grounds….the Lord Almighty, Strong in battle….the Rock of Ages….our Cloud in the heat of the day and ball of Fire in the cold of night….my Redeemer and Eternal Saviour…..the Son of Man…the Only Begotten of the Father…..King of kings and Lord of lords for Jesus is LORD!!!!

      I voted HH. And whatever the final results, I rest in peace with unequivocal faith that God is in control and has the outcome is within the will of our Lord.

    • Viva Pompi

      That is the correct attitude.

      Hope and Help for mother Zambia. The choice was in the ballot box.

      Viva Zambia.

    • Its not Lusambo speaking please! When you read people’s statements, don’t you formulate an identity? When did Lusambo use English and construct sentences so well?

  2. DIE hard for nothing! Its like a louse stuck to a dead body. Wake up and get a life…can’t you see that MMD is being lowered into the tomb?

    • I think they know. ECZ is even talking of results being announced later than 23/1.

      Agony will be waiting for the presidential results for the majority.

      Viva Zambia.

  3. If only people knew Bowman Lusambo well and in person they would appreciate the young man that passionately loves Zambia. This is the way to go Bowman and I just hope politicians mostly career ones could learn from you a thing or two.
    Ive personally interacted with him and I can say that he does put forward a constructive and mature discussion on politics. Reading from his statement above you see a young man with a mature approach and response to defeat and see victory in the process of our democracy. He seems to believe in his leader win or loss. And he sees victory in the successful democratic election process.
    I salute you Bowman and like you have said we move on and build this nation.

  4. One of the best articles in the history of the Zambia Political turmoil. Well framed and I hope EL gets some wind from this one.

    • Mumba is simply having an early start of his defense against the backlash in the MMD. The members will not allow him to stay on just like HH wants to justify his continued stay at the helm of UPND by claiming he has been cheated out of victory. UPND members are likely to re-examine his continued stay.

  5. If that’s how he feels – good for him. He deserves the praise being showed on him and he won’t be a bitter loser.

    Viva Zambians.

  6. So far from the results from PVT HH has polled 976,173 and EL is trailing with 753,127

    Remember that voting is still going on in some parts of the country and that ECZ will only announce the official results on Friday

    These results are courtesy of the church and TIZ

    • @ ?Chanda Chilengu,

      Ikalenifye tata, which PVT? The results we have are a landslide victory for Edgar Chagwa Lungu.
      Just start preparing how you will pay back the million of dollars your borrowed for the campaigns. Why is your HH panicking all over like a headless chicken? Seven Provinces have been swept by Edgar Lungu with huge margins in case you are still dreaming.

      Edgar Chagwa Lungu, PLOT 1.

    • @chanda Chilengu,

      you are telling us that the tables have turned? Shall wait patiently for the final.

      If you figures are correct HH is leading by over 220,000 votes.

      Viva Zambians.

  7. So Mr Lupambo, would you propose your Dr Mumba for VP again as being from outside PF? Fat chance, mwaice, not with RB as Lungu’s advisor.

  8. Nevers Mumba showed character dispite being abandoned by his own MPs he put up a good fight. Next year I will be all our for Nevers Mumba and his vision for a new hope Zambia

  9. Bowman wayako serious simwana nawe. Your Nevers Mumba promised to bring better politics to the stage. what did we see from him? same dirty politics. he was urging voters not to vote for Lungu because ‘bakalasangwafye nabakolwa mu hotel room.’ he is not even an eye witness to Lungu’s drinking yet he speaks like banwa bonse. When press freedom committee of the post called him he validated a fake report that was published by the post and Zambian watchmbwa about RB, Lungu and Bokoharam. he is just another power hungry politician. he is a loser.

  10. Dear Lusambo,
    Lately I have followed your political pronouncements with keen interest. I must admit that you have matured into a political leader worth his salt. What you have addressed in you statement are key issues affecting the, once upon a time, mighty MMD. I can see that you have learnt your lessons and that because you see no chance of your Presidential candidate winning, you have conceded defeat. Very realistic indeed. Your advice to Lungu could be premature but this does not take away anything from your advice which can be applied even by HH if he won these elections.

    With such a good brain, good voice and a good command of english, please Bowman Lusambo build on your positive image and discard violence and other negative vices. You will make a very good senior MMD official.

  11. The hour has gone, UPND is the official opposition . The border between UPND and PF is an almost straight line from chililabombwe to Fiera.

    • How will UPND be official opposition? What would be the criteria if not the number of MP? Does second placed loser count. Just need some education – nothing personal but total ignorance on my part.

  12. This statement is from the high ranking officials in the defunct MMD, not from an illiterate thug like Lusambo. MMD has to go back to the drawing board, should have let) stand instead of no hoper Mumba. The end is near if not careful.

  13. From the look of things and with uprightness as exhibited by MMD under the leadership of Nevers Mumba, the chances are there for MMD TO FORM GOVERNMENT AGAIN. Let MMD not disband but persevere. UPND in current form is even drawing fast backward and drowning under HH. One or two provinces can not give one a presidency. Certainly PF will work extra hard once they form government this week to secure victory in 2016 again.

  14. Wakamba mushe boi! Ekulanda uku Bowman. Thanks man.

    Political maturity exhibited at this level gives hope to our country.

    God bless Zambeziland

  15. Keep dreaming Team UPND and Flight HH2015. You shot yourselves in the foot when your president declared victory long before we the Zambian voters cast their votes. The last nail in the coffin was when Team Halibelela Hakulusa embraced one tribalistic and opportunistic old man by the name of Daniel Chibwalu Munkombwe.

  16. What happens to all those useless MMD Mps who abandoned their party to campaign for other parties??? Even Jesus would find it difficult to forgive such scum.

  17. Am nat really a fan of mumba,bt I really feel 4 hin in the manner in which shrek betrayed him,i salute him 4 his endurance and perseverance.

  18. Just tell nevers to pay back the money he conned people and go back to the pulpit he is just a conman who just wants to survive on MMD.He has just killed a once so Vibrant party because of his foolish ego.

  19. Nacho ichi chi Lusambo, ni chipuba chasu tyala. The election has exposed Nevers for what he is, an unvotable leader, as his NEC and MPs discovered. And Lusambo calls that a victory!

  20. Yopu people, who betrayed Nevers, the pastor is simply unvotable no matter what support he gets, regardless of any real or perceived betrayal. This by election just shows it: zero votes sure, even if one has been betrayed. He is happy that at least he stood, but in aid of what?
    Nevers comes from the same mould as Kabimba, uNvOtAbLe. Just wait until Rainbow party gets zero votes in the next election if it will survive that long.

  21. One of the best articles at a time such as this. Boman you have exhibuted a rare behavour of patriatism to your president Dr. Mumba. You together with the team that worked and stood by your president must be emulated by all party followers. Now what needs to be done is to start your campagns immediatly. Engage in a country wide recruitment of many youths who will be voting for the first time in 2016. It is this group that will create a swing. Secondly let the party be cleansed by realising all the sellouts. Mps and some NEC members. Hon SG call for a post election meeting next for all the NEC members who are still MMD and all well wishers to attend so that you can begin to reorganise. countrywide. I wish to engourage Dr. Mumba and thev team nof to take heart. You did put up a good fight…

  22. Hats Off Dr Mumba. We knew you were to lose but we love your perseverance especially for a party which was recently rejected. And for you Rusambo, that is great patriotism – hanging on to principles. The greater losers will be the MMD MPs who supported PF and UPND whatever the outcome.

  23. I think u have not been following lusambos speeches since mmd lost power he is the staunch supporter of mmd and Dr Nevers Mumba in particular. He writes good speeches and this must save as a warning to those people who think carders are people who are un schooled

  24. MMD is, indeed, in dire straits, what with the situation in which even the long-entombed and forgotten UNIP has better election results.

  25. Bowman am proud of you. you have truly shown what true loyalty is and i hope more people shall emulate you. i wish to encourage Dr Mumba and the entire MMD as a party not lose hope but to remain focused and to continue organising and mobilising the party.Surely some day the MMD shall bounce to power

  26. It doesn’t matte whether the statement was single handedly writen by him or someone else. What is more important is that it has been signed off by him. Thus this makes it his statement and the content in it (whether bad or good) is his. Congrats BL. Eruditly written and the level of maturity exhibited in every sentence is exemplary. U may have difficulty in verbal expression but this does not make u less intelligent. Those questioning this have been defeated by this statement. Thumbs up man. Perhaps it’s also time for you reconsider your alligence with MMM at some point.

  27. I am surprised that there are some of our colleagues who are still in doubt and disbelief that Lusambo could write a statement of this quality. I want to let you know that Bowman is one of the fastest learners among political cadres. He is also a very good strategist. Remember Umkonto We Sizwe produced the current ANC leaders. Bowman is undergoing the best mentorship a young person can get from the good pastor. Keep it up Lusambo.

  28. People please stop being jealous, this guy has been improving for sometime, give people a chance , this ‘s why it’s important to be and good leadership so that young people under the leadership can become better people like Bowman has become of late, improving young people is the best any leader can do or give any young person, when you improve or help a young person grow and free them it’s the best thing any leader can do for the young people, Bowman has done the best so far as far as I m concerned.

  29. Bowman has done well in this statement, wether he wrote or not himself, then he must be a good boss for his team, I have worked for several bosses who I have actually written speeches for and supervise there intended objectives,

  30. Lusambo is a good team leader or member from what I see in this speech, that’s what is important, leadership is about accepting your weaknesses and allowing other people to cover you, that’s leadership which I believe Bowman is showing now, job well done bowman

  31. So the loser is now the winner. A bunch of BS like I have not heard since Kaunda occupied state house during his dictatorship that he tried to pretend was a democracy.

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