Teacher allegedly dies after Zambia lost to Tunisia


A teacher at Chilonga Primary School in Mpika district of Muchinga province collapsed and died during the disappointing loss of Zambia to Tunisia in game yesterday at the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) built for Equatorial Guinea.

This has been confirmed to ZANIS by Muchinga Deputy Police Commissioner, Bonny Kapeso, today in Chinsali district.

Mr Kapeso, who identified the deceased as only Mwaba, said the deceased collapsed at home towards the end of the game soon after Tunisia scored their second goal to make Zambia 1 Tunisia 2.

He said the body of Mwaba is currently in Chilonga Mission Hospital mortuary awaiting burial.

Zambia is laying bottom of group B while Tunisia has topped the group B with four (4) points.


    • Ladies and gents, what happens when we beat Cape Verde 1 – 0 and Tunisia beats Congo DR by the same margin? We qualify. It’s as simple as that.

    • As it stands –


      PF – 701,089 – 48.72%

      UPND – 674,185 – 46.86%

      121 Constituencies

      Viva EL Viva PF

    • Everything, to allow Lungu win after a powerful campaign from HH, is same as Zambia losing to Tunisia. That will not be the only funeral.

  1. The reason why I stopped watching football and I understand why they say all the games are of Satan.thank you lord you have delivered me from heartache.

    • Are you sure? as they say “Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it, bad people will do bad things and good people will do good things. but for good people to do bad things , it takes religion.”

    • It’s unfair to blame Janza for yesterday’s loss. If you watched the match you would have noticed that Zambia’s build-up towards Tunisia’s goal-mouth was superb but for some reason, maybe nervousness, when they had only the keeper to beat they shot wide. The misses may have been too much for the teacher who lost his life.These things happen even at world cup tournaments.
      I am sure Zambia have learnt from their mistakes and will do a lot better in the next match.

  2. Mayuka, u should have scored a hat trick yesterday with all those chances you wasted. See, now 7you have caused death to an innocent teacher.
    I think your injury could be a blessing in disguise.


  4. These elections and afcon,awe shuwa!lunch has been served and I have no appetite.Thats me, what about HH?When did he last have a bite….chuckle.

    • Yes Janza is to blame,he did not read the game hence kept the same type of play in second half without getting any results but allowed Tunisia to hit us twice,which soccer do you watch?

  5. I agree with you. Especially, in the first half the boys dominated the match. We could have scored more than 4 goals.

  6. Those footballers must be arrested upon arrival for manslaughter and playing badly and consequently causing the death a of a beloved teacher. MHSRIP

  7. Sorry for the loss of our beloved soccer supporter Mwaba. Really these Chipolopolo can kill you. Thats why I dont wholly give 100% optimism of winning. I also nearly died at tender age. Now I control myself when Zambia is playing.

  8. Chipolopolo awe mwe. ba Janza no skill in game reading. yes Mayuka scored a beutiful goal but he could have scored even more. He should have been subtututed early to allow for someone who is fit. How does a striker injure himself while trying to score? Thats a sign of lack of fitness. No wonder he has failed to make a mark in england.

  9. Only the gullible Zombies will die as they do not want to listen when we keep telling them that Zambia is going NOWHERE
    wake up people! !

  10. I don’t understand why Mayuka who has only played 9 minutes so far this season at his club is given chance to practice in crucial competitive matches. Yes Mayuka should have scored a minimum of 3 goals yesterday and the coach is to blame because he allowed him to play even when he knows very well he is finished

    • LT is waiting to see the corpse and make sure it’s cold to the touch before they can definitively declare the nice teacher as truly dead.

      As for all you pupils out there, if you truly love your teacher, try to lure him away from the TV set during intense football matches involving the Chipolopolo. Put a case of beer in the pantry and tell him to go fetch it. Then lock him in there for the duration of the match. Seriously, these football matches are becoming too deadly.

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