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Inonge Wina’s full profile


President Edgar Chagwa Lungu congratulates newly apponted  Vice-President Inonge Wina during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu congratulates newly apponted Vice-President Inonge Wina during the Swearing-in-Ceremony at State House on January 26,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Inonge Mutukwa Wina, was born on April 2, 1941 at Suibumbu Village in Senanga and has just been appointed as Vice President of the Republic of Zambia. She becomes the first female to hold the position making her the highest ranking female in the history of Zambia.

She was married to the late Arthur Nutuluti Lubinda Wina, a freedom fighter and academician. Ms Wina attended primary school in Senanga, at the then Barotse National School—now Kambule Secondary School in Mongu. She eventually completed her high school education at Santa Monica High School in Los Angeles, California in the USA. She obtained a diploma in social works at Santa Monica City College.

She also read for a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Zambia when it was first opened. She holds a degree in history and sociology. Mrs Wina’s passion for community work dates back to the early 1970s when she gave free service to women’s movements as a volunteer.

She has served on a number of boards of Non Governmental Organisations and as president of the Young Women’s Christian Association, where she was instrumental in promoting women’s human rights agenda, resulting in the Zambian government’s establishment of the Victim Support Unit under the Zambia Police Service.

She has worked in the government as a civil servant and as a politician. As a passionate women’s rights advocate she volunteered her time on various boards. In 1996, she was elected National Chairperson of the NGO Coordinating Council of Zambia (NGOCC). In 2000, Wina led the women’s movement in the Red Ribbon Campaign in defence of the Zambian Constitution.

Wina also served as director on a number of boards in the public sector; this included Refuge Services Zambia, Zambia Council of Social Services, University Teaching Hospital, and the University of Zambia Council.

In 2001 Wina contested and was subsequently elected Member of Parliament of Nalolo Constituency under the United Party for National Development(UPND). She was elected chairperson of a number of portfolio committees, including the Committe on Human Rights Gender and Governance, and Women Parliamentary Caucus.

In the 2006 presidential and general elections, Mrs Wina re-contested her Nalolo seat under the United Liberal Party(ULP)—a breakaway faction of the United Liberal Party. She lost the election and petitioned the results in the High Court; the case was ruled in her favour but later overturned by the Supreme Court.

In the 2011 General Elections, Mrs Wina again contested the Nalolo seat, albeit under the Patriotic Front ticket, and won. She was appointed National Chairperson for the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Inonge Wina was appointed the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs before being moved to be Minister of Gender and Child Development by late President Micheal Sata.

On January 26 2015, newly elected President Edgar Lungu appointed Wina as Vice President of the Republic of Zambia.


    • i heard the same noise from the up and down party cadres…..i have never seen a form two with a bachelors degree……nachibakalipa ba mambala….zonda uzalema.

    • @Impako you have to understand that UPND cadres are really hurting, so they will throw any mud at anyone. Everybody knows that the Lozi royal clan is highly educated and how could someone think Inonge was a mere form 2 is beyond me.

      I think people need to realise that this is a different sure the illterate Kaponya label will be hard to stick on their back. The look like they mean business to bring order and civility to their party. I think they have too if they are to be respected.

    • How about your MMD, MMD Chief Bootlicker? How is reorganisation going on? It seems you are now a praise singer of someone’s family (PF) when your family (MMD) is wallowing in disorganisation and shame.

    • Its hard for some of us to believe anything PF says than extracting water from a stone.

      PF minions said the same about Sata, that he had a Masters degree in political science after he became president. Which was totally false.

      Of under PF its difficult to prove this because PF is so scared of freedom of information law.

      Any way her family will surely enjoy and travel abroad on government expenses while her voters in Nalolo have not seen her in years.

      In her personal capacity she has really done very well. As a leader, I doubt it very much.

    • This is great news MAMA INONGE WINA…truely this is a position well deserved by my mother…God bless His Excellency Edgar Lungu for choosing to appoint her as VEEP…

      This is a remarkable move..the first woman VEEP in Zambia and one of the few in Africa…

      Anyone who dares to insult my mother I personally will locate you and drag you to the Police..



      NOMBA NI EL2016

    • @Impako?? Do you have to call your fellow human beings dogs?? Good she has been appointed and let us move on as one Zambia One nation.. Sad that instead of moving forward in 21st Century, and with so many intermarriages in our society?? selfish politicians have to bring back tribalism in our midst.

      Let PF deliver the promises, because that’s what is key for Zambians. At her age 74?? i don’t know if she will be in touch with modern / millennial demands..

      Time we thought we should have younger Cabinet than the same old veterans.. when we the young-ones as rule?

      Mind you these positions are demanding, with alot of stress. we can just wish her the very best….

      To fellow Zambians let’s not kill our loving values of One Zambia One nation… congrats to Lungu and Wina..

    • Show us notarized copies(American government notary please) of her certificates. Until then, she’s just a Form 2 in our eyes.

    • May be not. But in Barotseland she is a traitor that with Sata(n) devised the Linyunga Ndambo fiasco which estranged RB from the kingdom and was later abandoned by the duo (Sata and herself) resulting in today’s stalemate. And of course visionless Lungu can’t see this. All he sees is the fact she smuggled him to the presidency through Mulungushi!

    • Hey Mr. President watchj your appointments. I am grateful for the appointment of a Westerner to Veep. Now Mr. Lungu we are watching you and confident you will do some balancing. Already five monkey eating chaps have been appointed as full Ministers and one North westerner (Jean Kapata) while the other two and just Deputies heading provinces. Statehouse so far is an Eastern/Northern/Luapula affair.

    • How do you speak of being respectful and call someone a dog in the same sentence? You are a very vulgar chap indeed! Zambia will not always be tolerant of mediocre chaps running the show–its high time true intellectuals ran this country; we will soon emerge from the dark ages, mark my words; when that happens, there will be no place for you kind–illiterate, vulgar and uncouth.

    • stop calling others cows, dogs name it. the problem is you belong to the devil, satan, jabulosi the thief. you have failed to understand that God gave us our identity Lozi, Tonga. further more he gave us where we belong western and southern respectively. if you are learned enough look for the Bulozi national anthem then you will get my point.

      you people with a poverty of learning other people languages are a problem. I’m pretty sure all you speak is your broken mother tongue and broken English. Shame upon you. I think walitipwa, cursed, ukutilwe wena. Repent!!!!

    • Can a 74 year old really have the stamina to do a VPs job efficiently? This is a taxing position. She looks younger but I doubt.


  2. Isee, she been more courageous in her works despit not having high level of education, The job of veep is suitable.

    • A bachelor’s degree is no low level education. I you have achieved it you will know. No one is ever awarded a honorary bachelor’s degree ever, because one has to toil and study hard to achieve it- Chikwakwa or what ever degree it may be

  3. The ZWD and UPND cronies as usual called her uneducated and dull just because she has achieved what most them will never achieve even if they are given 10 lifetimes.

  4. It is an incomplete profile. Given the full profile, the woman solidly deserves the job. Western province and northwestern should just support her.

    • Why should they support her? Do they know what she stands for in life or you just want them to support her because she is one of them.

    • Why should Western Province support her, just because she is Lozi. This is gross regionalism. PF has not shared the national cake or positions equal across the country, Inonge Wina is just a poster girl (or should I say poster lady) to hide their gross nation wide discrimination.

      Northern province gave Mazoka less than 4% in 2011 while Sata got close to 20% in southern province yet they are not called tribal. Tongas have to be better at pointing out how they are tribally excluded and victimized.

      This victimization of Tongas for political reasons has to stop. I am not Tonga but I feel sorry for them that they are flogged with this tribalism belt when other regions, especially Northern and Muchinga is united by their tribe as well as their hatred for Tonga, this is the worst tribalism

    • @7.2 Arithmetic. You are not making sense. Mazoka was not alive in 2011. Also, HH got a lot more votes from Northern Zambia in 2015 than Lungu got from Southern province – check your figures.

      Your worst error is claiming that “Northern and Muchinga is united by their tribe as well as their hatred for Tonga”. For a start there are several tribes in those provinces (Bemba, Bisa, Tabwa, Mambwe, Lungu, Namwanga, Tumbuka, Lambya, Nyika etc) – otherwise we wouldn’t be saying we have 73 tribes in Zambia. The second error is your claim that we hate Tongas. Actually they are the ones who have a complex (inferiority? superiority?) and are bitter. They call us thieves, monkeys, kaponyas etc and call our language as a language for thieves because it is more widely spoken than theirs. So don’t…

    • arithmetic you are among the wise Zambians. I wonder why some people have so much hate for tongas. let all Zambians compel these politicians to stop ukubuta, manyengwe, mandwani, play house at their age. majority of them are elderly (65yrs and above) or closer to elderly. they have a poverty of reasoning. they talk about development when 50yrs (jubilee) after independence we still have a pupil who goes to school to sits on the soil. they make poor parents build their own school, the so called community schools. shame !!!PF, UNIP, MMD, you make me weep. VP went to good schools: Barotse National School which is now below standards. Santa Monica , of course this was not in Zambia. UNZA is now hell. VP must look at people’s needs before going to wants like roads and drainages. Shame PF.

    • SNEPA. they are like cross boarder traders. they all belong to UPND and reincarnated in PF. twacula, lwanyanda, tavutika, twapenga, twasuzika. HH is the only “undefiled” fellow.

  5. Madam Wina is 74 years of age… Of course I have no problem with that, what so ever, but I am hoping she wont start dreaming about becoming Republican President. Honestly we the young ones need to take over. Other wise, her appointment is welcome and it will boost the image of our women in Zambia.

    I beg to move…

  6. H.E E.C. Lungu is Educated and Veep madam Wina Educated..This looks promising if you ask me,though Mr Lungu as an individual has little time to deliver and prove something more to the people. Congrats once more Madam Wina and good luck Mr President!

  7. i also heard the same comments and i am surprised to read this. i voted for HH but one thing i dont do is bring someone down. she deserves it and i wish her well. at the end of the day, if these guys deliver the 2 minimums for me, i am happy 1. constitution 2. share the national cake equitably (not equal – as there is a marked difference between equality and equity)

  8. Both President and vice may be educated but none of them is an eloquent speaker.Dr Scot needs to be appreciated too.Both President and Vice areformer UPND members.Congatulations UPND for being trainers for the jubilee president and his vice.

    • We don’t need people who can just speak- Deeds, not words! Mr Lungu might not be a good speaker,but I think he is the man of action.

      “Your job is not to isolate or insulate the President. My stay at State House is short and I won’t hesitate to fire you” -Lungu

    • Why Mary, I think you were being a little disingenuous right there. You sound to be in two tones! Insulting and falsely praising on the other hand.

      Did your mother not teach you not to give double handed statements? If you are going to say something, mean it or keep quiet.

      In fact you are very right, there is a lesson for HH in all this. NICE UPNDs GO FURTHER UP THEIR CAREER LADDER THAN DU.MB TROUBLE MAKERS. Both Vice President Wina and President Lungu were wise and made good judgements to advance themselves in the service of their country.

      As for UPND being Trainers, that’s total bunk…..or your party would win office or……something! As a country Zambia is now uniting under good Leadership. Come along for the ride.

  9. Usually, UPND cadres say that uneducated people voted for EL but if you can see the results, HH lost on Copperbelt and Lusaka where learned people live. The reason HH lost the elections is only thing. People still like PF and their developmental projects they have embarked on. I can foresee, 2016 HH will lose with wider margin than the current one. Let them try to endorse someone else like Garry Nkombo or Kapita.

    • HH was disadvantaged because he could not address the rallies in icibemba. This is because he did not grow up in a Bemba speaking area. Because of this some people say he is pompous when the man is very humble.

    • @15.1 Let me say this…..Nevers Mumba speaks the best Bemba (proper) out of main candidates. How come he came fourth? What about RB who can not even speak Bemba, did not beat Sata in 2008? Your argument is silly.

  10. Vice President Wina is indefatigably Zambian in every way, her dress, manner and conduct. She has dedicated her life to serving Zambians.

    It is fitting that the cherry on the top of her selfless service is awarded the highest honour for a serving Female of that era through to current times.

    This appointment was thoughtful and is Righteous for Hon. Wina. She stirred that PF Boat right out of Choppy Waters! What a Women eh!!

    Ululations galore! We wait for the NGOs and Nawakwi to let us know their approval. We have to support this very positive appointment!

    AND how qualified she is for this role! I remember my parents going for a Christmas party at the YWCA and telling us how they enjoyed it and spoke well of her. WONDERFUL WINA!

  11. @ Hamukoma!! You have got it wrong. A huge number of people both on the copperbelt and Lusaka voted for Vodka. How and Why?

    These are two provinces with a lot of shanty compounds and you know how heavy the shanties are in terms of population. The elite voted for HH

    But the loafers, tavern dwellers,ngwangwaziz etc in the same category voted for Vodka.

    Are you aware that the Chi Big Castle bottle is now called Edgar Lungu in the compunds?

    • Then come 2016 the same majority compound dwellers will vote for Lungu and the few elite will vote for HH……..mind you democracy is a game of numbers and not education. I thought this loss has taught you to stop insulting voters alas you never learn.

  12. Lusaka times ,please thank you so very much for the profile for Mama Inonge Wina. One would easily believe that she was a form 2 though i had a lot of doubts about that foolish chap who had mentioned that she was a form 2.
    Surely, how do you fabricate stories starting from the time of Printing Ballots, to counting and eventually to announcements , yours is to oppose what kind of people are these?
    If you dont want to appreciate someone its better to keep quiet. Thats why even in 2016, PF will still continue because this kind of hatred can not make some one go to state house no.
    Congratulations Madam Wina, you deserve the appointment.

    • @Tembo, these people have swallowed the ZWD “koolaid” hook and sinker! To them peddling falsehoods has become as normal has taking taking a cold one on a lazy Sunday afternoon. To them anyone they don’t like or agree with is either “dull” or “unducated”. Yet they keep getting clobbered at every election.

      You know, there is saying that goes: “If you go to bed with DOGS, don’t be surprised if you wake up with fleas.” And these people have been in bed with ‘DOGS that WATCH Zambia’ for far too long and now they are trying to bring their fleas to LT.

      Be careful with ZWD scumbags!

  13. She is the right person to go and remind LINYUNGANDAMBO that Barotseland is still in Zambia.

    Otherwise Zambia reserves the right to have a vice President from another country.

  14. Good Profile Mama Wina, I support EL also on this appointment. Madam Wina is one of the few Zambian Ladies with Guts. Ireen Mambilima and Inoge Wina have proved women of Steel in all Circumstances especially wen faced with Huge Challenges that would make most ladies Compromised.
    Please Mama Wina Criticize EL wen need arises this is just a Job but you are what you “Is”, continue with the same spirit with no Compromise. To EL Great Leaders have Strong people around them who are not afraid of telling them truths.

    God Bless you all and Good Luck.

  15. Thank you and congratulations. You may be the first female president of Zambia. God bless Zambia. Mark my prophecy!!!!

  16. Will upnd cadres ever stop insulting voters. How can someone vote for you surely if you insult them everyday. Up to now you have failed to master that the elite dont vote.

    You guys dont know politics

  17. @vision 2020 . Before you drag the bagger to the police ukanjeba first nkamuponone baaad ! By the time he gets to the police he won’t know what hit him. Dare insult the Iron Lady , Woman of Substance, mother of the nation. Cholwa ukeshibe fye ati you will be hunted down.

  18. Zambia is a strange country. Inonge stands for election on UPND ticket she is a degree holder. She stands on a PF ticket she is a form 2 holder.

    • UPND should be excused and you people must understand. Very frustrated and they will do every thing to discredit what the govt will do.

  19. Congrats,

    ZWD news has lost meaning and direction.

    I read something like UNPD DOG.

    Leave the barotse issue and report on your southern province news where your candidate failed to assume power to state house.

  20. Thank you Edgar for giving us Madam Wina. We are together on this one. If Scott is willing give him a less sensitive Ministry to run.

  21. That’s my president, show them you are not tribalist and the era for kaponyas is over and we need discipline in the country. Please remember to ask these guys for advice as they done before. With Wina, she deserves it and for Guy Scott he deserves to taste his medicine. All those who showed maturity in trying times need to be awarded. Lastly they should work hard for mother Zambia.

  22. Upon the realization that she’s not the uneducated person they have been claiming she is, now they find problems with her age. Bitter losers indeed!

  23. Congratulations to Madam Wina and you deserve to be in the history books as a harvest from your labor and that of your husband. For those who want degrees in political leadership, degree holders don’t always perform e.g Mugabe. It’s important to mention that Zuma is very much uneducated and he leads one of the strong countries in Africa. Kuikulika fye nga chakalipa sana

  24. May the Lord God bless her. A true State lady. The wife of one of Zambia’s greatest freedom fighters. Now holding the highest office a Zambian woman has ever held. We salute the Lord God Jehovah for a wise president Lungu and his visionary Vice President lady immaculate Inonge Wina.

  25. “Ms Wina attended primary school in Senanga, at the then Barotse National School—now Kambule Secondary School in Mongu”

    Was Mongu annexed from Senanga or was it the school that was relocated from Senanga to Mongu?

  26. @Arithmetic (Mathematics) I know Mazoka did a good job in ZR, and may not have been known by many people from N. Province.
    Sata had been around for a long time and curved his name in every ministry he went too not forgetting he had been governor of Lusaka before. Sata’s work ethics even though some would say he was shrewd helped him to win (though he kept losing before). Nevers could have won Northern but he didn’t! Your math is baseless.

  27. it breaks my heart to know that there is such ugly divisiveness among Zambians based on tribe. fyafuma kwi kanshi??? had our fore-fathers not stood in unity, who knows where we may be today. lets not take the peace that Zambia has endured for granted and embrace ourselves as ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION as we are ONE. Abash tribalism.

  28. Many good leaders abandoned the UPND after the demise of Mazoka. in four days we have learnt that EL and Inonge wina were in Andy’s camp.

    The question is why did they ditch the party that they helped to form? its now clear that people learn from experiences , the tribal stance by people like madyenkuku that only a tonga should succeed Mazoka was one of the darkest tribal thing that robbed the country of a good direction.

    UPND lost big guns in Tetamashimba, Lubinda, Alfridah kansembe, sakwiba , EL , inonge wina, Mwenya musenge e.t.c

  29. Its true watchdog have lost it anyway right now the are in mourning day 2 – so we should just understand them. Now they are posting baroste issues.
    Anyway veep does not tolerate nonsense, she managed to bring order in PF what about parliament she is well able!!!

  30. congrates Mama Inonge Wina for your appointment as VP, but make sure you influence equality and equity in the distribution of national wealth so that all provinces develop at the same rate. You have a challenge of coming from the most underdeveloped province in Zambia. Find means of making sure that money is released for the construction of the Lewanika university and the stadium without people putting a wrong tag on you. Construction works for universities have already begun in other provinces except western province. The VP and HE please look into this matter urgently before you accuse westerners as tribal or voting on tribal lines. make sure that these road constructions finish before 2016 elections. people are using western province to steal money. let these roads finish now!!!!

  31. In NWP we are happy with IG Stella Libongani for what her officers are doing to apprehend the sponsored tribal gang by some suspected local chief and his henchmen.Plz work hard and the sponsors of this armed gang in Zambezi should be brought to book.

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