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I’ll deal with Muhabi, threatens Mbulakulima

General News I’ll deal with Muhabi, threatens Mbulakulima

MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu
MMD National Secretary Muhabi Lungu

MMD national secretary Mwansa Mbulakulima has threatened to physically deal with Muhabi Lungu and his ‘rebel’ group if they continue with their plans to hold an illegal national executive committee (NEC) meeting.

Mr Mbulakulima said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that he has invited MMD party cadres to “physically deal with Mr Lungu and all those who plan to attend the illegal NEC meeting meant to bring confusion in the party”.

Mr Mbulakulima said the fact that the Supreme Court threw out Mr Lungu’s case is a clear testimony that the group is standing on very shaky ground.

“The Supreme Court and the High Court have loudly told the Muhabi rebel group to rethink their clandestine activities, reflect on their conduct and allow civility to prevail and not the current anarchy they are engaged in,” he said.

Mr Mbulakulima said despite the court ruling, Mr Lungu has embarked on another crusade by calling for an illegal NEC meeting to be held this Saturday.

“It is this kind of arrogance and intransigence which is putting the MMD in bad light with the Zambians,” he said.
Mr Mbulakulima said Mr Lungu and his followers must come to terms with the fact that they are no longer members of MMD and that their action is borders on contempt of court.

He said all those contemplating attending the NEC meeting risk being cited for contempt of court and that they should not blame the MMD if they are prosecuted.

Mr Mbulakulima further appealed to Mr Lungu and his group to leave the MMD and find space elsewhere to settle.

On Tuesday, High Court judge-in- charge Isaac Chali dismissed Mr Lungu’s application, saying the matter was overtaken by events.


  1. This boy called Muhabi is a nuisance. I knew him during my UNZA days in the 1990’s. He is a failed Politician. Ever since he appeared on the political scene, he has never shown any progress. Just parroting. Please Mr. Mkhondo Lungu advise your small boy. It doesn’t pay to be stubborn.

  2. but ba UNDP you are good at making yourselves feeling good. so you are imagining that by saying RB has taken over PF, villagers will vote for you??
    2016 is nega formula in use so be ready to fail below 25% because this time around all provinces are taking their chickens and cows to vote as did the bantustans.

  3. muhabi whatever politics u do u fail. tafyamikonka tata. unzasu failed and ran away, unip u failed, mmd namufilwa. ninshi balimitiipa polo balimishilikila? mufileke bwana, muvisiye vamikangani. sakilani ncito idzamilekezani

  4. Why are you pipo working hard to destroy MMD.Us the ordinary members dont want to join either PF or UPND.We know your plans,you SG and Nevers want to join PF and get ministerial positions while those who know cannot be appointed want to go to UPND.Please,if you are tired leave MMD and us who are even more educated can take over.MMD is a national party,it still has a future.

  5. I see no sense in this Mbulakulima drama. Muhabi was supporting Edgar. Nevers Mumba is now supporting Edgar. Why expel Lungu when both are supporting the same candidate? Is it because Muhabi supported Edgar earlier than Nevers?

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