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Women for Change disappointed with the harassment of Hon. Lubezhi

General News Women for Change disappointed with the harassment of Hon. Lubezhi


Women for Change (WfC) expresses its displeasure with the remarks and conduct attributed to the Minister of Education Dr Michael Kaingu towards his Namwala female counterpart Honourable Moono Lubezhi in the Parliament Restaurant last Friday.

We are saddened that honourable Kaingu is reported to have addressed Hon Lubezhi as a ‘prostitute’ and attempted to assault her for asking him to harmonise his response while he was answering a query in the National Assembly.

WfC would like to express its concern at such remarks and conduct which, we feel, are detrimental to the realization of an enabling environment for women participation in political leadership. It cannot be over emphasised that violence be it verbal, physical or psychological are great barriers to women’s participation in the development of the country.

It is sad that statements attributed to Dr Kaingu demonstrate a clear lack of foresight on the appreciation of addressing structural causes of inequality in our society even though Zambia has ratified a number of international instruments supporting human rights which include promoting instruments that call for the upholding of the rights of women including gender equality.

As things stand, Zambia is ranking very poorly when it comes to women in leadership positions even though the country has ratified several international and regional instruments that support women’s participation in leadership positions. This situation is in part caused by the unsupportive attitude by some male politicians.

WfC would like to appeal to the Hon Minister to apologise unreservedly to Hon Lubezhi and withdraw the remarks that he uttered about her.

Salome Nakazwe
Women for Change
Programme Coordinator


  1. Could it be that after Dr Kaingu’s daughter’s acts a couple of years ago scared Dr Kaingu so badly that the man thinks all women are into what Iris Kaingu gets up to? Sir, even in parliament you are not above being questioned by a woman if you are incoherent.

    • It could also be that Kaingo scared the daughter when bringing her up resulting in the same behavior. (I leave the translation of how he might have scared her to your interpretation). Either way Zambia’s attitude towards women needs to change. The only man who puts down women is one who has MAJOR insecurity problems and uses this insulting, abusive and condescending attitude to women to cover their insecurity. Just examine men who are into beating and raping women (same, same). Its the same with bullies inside they are empty and that vacuum is what motivates their rotten behaviors.

  2. Old shameless, rapist and Useless thief Kaingu who openly stole CDF in Mwandi for poor people. Nowonder his small constituency has not developed. The are the people who have let down western province because after voting for them they get busy developing themselves and not their constituencies right now Mwandi has no water the water tank collapsed but he has never been to see what caused the problem

  3. In UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and other democratic developed countries Hon. Dr Kaingu would resign to avoid being fired. The pressure from the public would be too toxic for the Head of State to ignore. In those countries the public are masters, not in Zambia where leaders who kneel before the public at rallies to beg for votes, suddenly become little despots. The cadres make sure those with different views are insulted to the hilt.

  4. These women should just shut up. Busy talking about this ‘prostitute’ and forgetting about the girl dying in UTH. What shameless hypocrites, *****s.

    • In the 70’s there was a song “silence is golden” maybe you ought to reflect on its meaning sometime. So if say your mother, sister, wife, daughter (assuming you have any) are abused verbally, physically or mentally you will tell us to visit UTH. Why are you deflecting the current topic are you a career rapist? You make ALL men look bad.

  5. Why are the other women’s N.G.O’s when women are abused they are silent but let there be a an incident with political mileage they are all over the place. A woman has been degraded in parliament you are silent. Then you will be telling us next month….the girl child must be prepared to be successful….the girl child must be tomorrows leader…fyo fyo….then when they do a caveman like Kaingu degrades them and you take it lying down. WTF. There are so many other examples of similar incidents where you remain silent, you disgust me. You are waiting for us men to make noise. When people tell you all you are interested in is the money.

  6. Kaingu thinks every woman is a prostitutes coz he takes his two wives as prostitutes for sharing… Now he should knw that not every woman is a bitch like his wives let him continue f..cling his bitches no wonder his daughter she is a hole..

  7. Kaingu has no place in our modern society. How would he feel if someone insulted his mother, sister or daughter? Shame on him. I hope and pray people of Mwandi don’t vote for him in 2016.Charity begins at home. I wonder how he was brought up. I have a son and my husband and I have taught my him to respect women because us mothers we are the pillars of our families and society at large. I hope President Edgar Lungu as the appointing authority would discipline this loser. He should not bring his bush manners to parliament. If we have men like him who think they can abuse women anytime they feel like; how do you expect more women to get into politics?

  8. Why did Honourable Moono Lubezhi, address Kaingu at a restaurant instead of addressing him in parliament the following seating. She got what she deserved. Women have this thing that they can insult a man but when a man retaliates they start talking about gender issues and violence against women.

    • Typical example….. I am sure you are the type that rapes women ati kaili she wore a short skirt. Are we still living in tree’s/caves. By the way when you say “Women have this thing” are you including your aunties, mom, sisters, nieces, daughters? Or are they excluded as in women excluding my close relatives? Thank you also for enlightening me that women aren’t supposed to speak to men in restaurants at their places of work…. have you heard of the “darwin awards”…google it.

  9. He is useless and has got an inferiority complex. He knows that sharp people know that he is dull. He cannot articulate issues and I even wonder how he got this PhD. This man cannot think properly. How do u insult a woman like this? Shame on you kaingu.

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