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Masheke urges peaceful protests against xenophobia

General News Masheke urges peaceful protests against xenophobia

Former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke
Former Prime Minister Malimba Masheke

People in the country have been cautioned not to allow xenophobic attacks being perpetrated in South Africa temper with their Christian values of forgiving.

Former prime Minister under the United National Independence Party (UNIP) government Malimba Masheke is appealing to Zambians to remember that it is not their nature as Christians to retaliate when they have been wronged.

General Masheke has told Qfm News by telephone that President Edgar Lungu is right and people in the country should heed his counsel not to take a tit for tat approach over what is happening in South Africa.

He has stressed the need for people to remember that they have brothers and sisters living in other countries and therefore the same treatment they expect their relatives to be given in foreign land is what they too should render to other foreign nationals.

The former prime Minister however notes that this does not on the other hand mean that the xenophobic attacks happening in South African should not be condemned or protested against.

He says if people are to protest against the said attacks such expression of displeasure should not be violent.

General Masheke who is also a retired Zambia Army Commander has also appealed to SADC to intervene by not allowing what is happening in South Africa affect the region’s peace and unity.

He states that SADC should ensure that all its member countries continue interacting with one another.

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    • Forget the christian and forgiving BS. It’s about losing Shoprite’s and Spar’s investments. The government and it’s spineless leaders know very well the high risk of job losses. How can a government fail to run a shop but have to call on SA to open their shops in Zambia? The country can’t even make toothpicks despite 90% of it being bushland full of wood?

  1. Nobody wanted to revenge.The intended demonstration was peaceful just to express displeasure with those killings.

    • @Suntwe, why don’t yu start making tooth picks. Am sure we would be buying from yu if yu market yoself. Do yu want the Govt to start making tooth picks or to tell yu what to do. Have some initiative.

      I want to start making sanitary towels, how do I go about, whats involved. Hey where are all the engineers. Plz lets get together and start doing something, making somethings for ourselves then maybe we won’t need South Africa

  2. Dull Masheke, so that is how you brainwash people into accepting the BS? You are a shareholder in shoprite and Spar! Only looking out for your business interests! Even God gets angry sometimes! That’s why he has to be feared!!

  3. When you show your friend by voicing out peacefully is not a sign of being unchristian but a symbol of love to the one hating you….Bo Masheke you know very well that Thabo Mbeki was staying in Lusaka with us for free!!!! Has Mbeki said anything about what is going on in SA……..Sad! South African characters for you!!!!

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