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Wife of UPND Vice President Canisius Banda dies at UTH

Headlines Wife of UPND Vice President Canisius Banda dies at UTH

UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda
UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda

The Wife of United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Canisius Banda has died at University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

This is according to a statement released to the media by UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to the statement, Mrs Alice Banda passed away last night at University Teaching Hospital.

Below is the full statement from UPND President


18TH APRIL 2015

Dear Colleagues,

We are saddened as party on the untimely death of Mrs. Alice Banda, the wife to our Party Vice-President Dr. Canisius Banda, who passed away last night at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

I have known Mrs. Banda as a pillar behind Dr. Banda and the entire family. Her sadden death is a huge tragedy not only to the Banda family, but to the entire UPND family and Zambia at large.

The sadden death once more reminds us that God’s plans are not really ours.

On behalf of the entire UPND family, and indeed on my own behalf, we join in mourning Mrs. Banda and call on the family to remain strong.

We wish, as a party, Dr. Banda God’s guidance during this tragic moment.

Those wishing to join in comforting Dr. Banda, the funeral is at House Number 22298/99 PHI, Lusaka.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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    • Ah Zoona, so they are busy fabricating medical records that Edgar L ungu is sick and about to die kanshi it is their wives that is sick. Awe sure. Anyway condolences and may Mrs Banda’s soul rest in peace and may UPND sober up on issues of health and death.

      As PF we wont even demand to know what your wife died of as some of you have been doing on our late president. That is a private matter and we shall let you mourn your beloved one in peace.

    • Its not good to mock others. I suspect people who supported Edgar, it’s kind of retaliation on joke of mosquito nets. Nababalowa fye bana Banda.

    • @Luka- you are stooping very low. And do not be deluded, many people know that Edgar Lungu was not sick the day he collapsed but merely had a bad hangover. Look, Lungu is not exactly a bad leader, but he will have to accept that to serve people, you have got to sacrifice your bad habits too!

    • I lament with you Dr Banda, may God help you in this
      sorrowful moment. Please cast your burden upon Jesus
      and He will give you rest (Matthew 11: 28-30 ).

    • @Nubian, please please you can’t continue attacking Banda, why don’t you ask to release his medical records after his own death. Ba Alice has lost her innocent life just from his husband’s opposition nonsense.
      To you Nubian Prince, but to all you PF: “… mwembwa mwe, mwapwa abana babanenu ukulowa, muli bachabe chabe..”

    • Nostradamus, UPND has been celebrating and making fun of other Zambian’s demise especially those who belong to PF. Since you are so happy when people die, death is brought closer for you to embrace. Never mock others when they are mourning. You never know when you would be losing someone close.

      You have talked rubbish of the death of Sata and others. You have wished death of EL and so on. Well, death comes suddenly to anyone.

      Let us learn to do politics with dignity and honour, with full respect to each other as children of God.

      We mourn with Dr. Banda

    • Does anyone come out of UTH alive? Really? I have never heard of a hospital that loses so many people. If you go there just know you won’t come back. God help us.

    • Could it be the prescriptions released where actually Dr Canisius Banda’s wife and doctored to look like Mr Edgar Lungu’s. If you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones!

    • @Nostradamus
      This funeral you have to attend,,, Canisius is your mbuya from chipata,,, and you will have to buy all the beers for mouners,,,, tachamoneke bwino,,,, i will escort as usual my bro

    • @Ndobo, sorry my friend, I already sent my condolence. I don’t want to meet Edgar there, we don’t want to make a drinking bash at that funeral.
      Just help me push Edgar & Ba Ester to attend funeral to show that what Canicius joke about are not that personal.

    • Sincerest condolences to Dr Banda and may his late wife ‘s soul rest in eternal peace. That is coming from me a die hard PF supporter, if only UPND satanists could also be as true in wishing people the best instead of wishing death and the worst on others, but that is their true nature they can never wish good on others but we know them and despite this we still love you UPND chaps and hopefully one day you will change your wicked ways.

  1. Wakufa zadziwika…. death can strike at any family. Hope this scruffy vp will learn the basics of life, however painful. MHSRIP

    • mmd chiluba died and mwanawasa from PF sata died i never expected someone from Upnd can get sick and die i wil be coming to lusaka to verify if its true.next expect something BIGGER.

  2. Condolences Doctor,may the almighty God be your comforter in these trying moments in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord & savior.Our prayer is that you remain strong & march-on as you have a vision for this country.

  3. The “sadden” is saddening. Was it sudden or sadden? You see how disrespectful typos come out at times like this. MHSRIP. condolences, Canisius. Take heart and find comfort in the strength of the faith and your larger family.

    • The typo could also be LT’s own not HH’s for what we have is not a photocopy of the original UPND statement. However “sadden” is permissible

    • Iwe @Dobo Man, are you even reading the context in which it is written? If it is a 17th Century construct that is only used in bulletins just explain.

  4. Well, death does not have respect indeed. I remember all the unpalatables uttered by UPND members when PF lost Willie Nsanda and others.

    I thought UPND members never die and feel the pain of death.

    • Have some decency.

      You may not like Dr Banda that much and that is ok but mock him and his family when they have lost a wife and mother? Is that really what has become of us as a people?

      If we cannot share in the grief of a fellow human being or indeed offer any messages of condolences we can at the very least just not comment at all.

      These same politicians we claim to follow have been seen together at many funerals sitting side by side comforting each other. Why can we not follow their example?

    • Have some decency people. Someone has just lost a mother sister auntie wife. Imagine it’s your mother who has passed on.

    • This is the culture that was started by Sata, HSRIP. We did not start the fire, but now we are burning from it. The basket mouth late President mocked everyone. He called George Kunda “red lips.” He is the first opposition leader I know who went to great lengths to prove his point. Invaded a great many people’s privacy including RB’s.

      The good that came out of it, although it has not been acted upon, was expose the porous nature of our institution’s security agencies and the weakness of our law enforcement. There is no confidentiality in Zambia. Edgar will be the first to tell you that. And you wonder why they would rather go to SA for treatment!

  5. A life has been lost and it is not the time to bring in politics. Mrs. Alice Banda was a private citizen whose death should not delight political opponents of Dr Carnicious Banda. Let us allow those who knew and loved her to mourn her with dignity.

    • Thank you for your wise words. Let us not involve Mrs Alice Banda we never knew in the politics of death of the husband and the UPND. Let us all wish her a peaceful rest. Death is usually a time for all of us who are alive, including Dr. Canisius Banda, to reflect on the way we have been leading our lives. Wish some Bemba can use this occasion to shave Dr. Banda as he mourns his beloved wife. Rest in peace amai Banda!

  6. Instead of caring for his sick wife, Banda (dr) was busy fabricating Lungu’s medical report. MHSRP. Dr Banda looks like a very uncaring individual.

    • Let the family bury her at the earliest and move on. No need to waste money on unnecessary rituals and lengthy mournings.

    • “looks like…” Conjecture or rather speculation, is one blight we Zambians need to inoculate ourselves from. This is the definition of ignorance.

  7. Sad indeed, i hope lessons are loud and clear to those wishing others death. God’s plan is all that matters. MHSRIP.

    • Our politics have really sunk so low…….Now we are happy when others die eeeeh…..sad indeed. Wakufa sazibika mubbale wanga.

  8. PF! Why Mock the innocent lady who has nothing to do with politics! Even if your education background is very humble but you can still possess some wisdom! It appears even common wisdom is rare amongst your kind!

    • Surely this is a very sad reminder to HH, Dr Banda, ZWD, Nalumango, Masebo, and UPND supporters, Fred Membe and haters of ECL, that matters of health and death are for God Almighty to decide and not for Political Jokes and Mockery. Our fellow human being Alice Banda MHSRIEP

    • Hey Ted. When does God Almighty decides?
      When someone is on their hospital bed, you all chant, “The Devil is a liar! The Almighty will intervene!”

      When somebody ultimately passes away, you change your tune, “S/he answered the Lord’s call.”

      My question is, When does God decide?

      Should we take sickness as God’s call upon someone?

      What about accidental death, where there is no warning? Is God snatching?

      Keep God out of things that we don’t quite understand. Especially death. It is a loss and let’s treat it as such.

  9. Surely this is a very sad reminder to HH, Dr Banda, ZWD, Nalumango, Masebo, and UPND supporters, Fred Membe and haters of ECL, that matters of health and death are for God Almighty to decide and not for Political Jokes and Mockery. Our fellow human being Alice Banda MHSRIEP

  10. That is a sad development. Have thine own way Lord (I remember Madam Kaseba crying to this song).

    We are all but mortal and that is a gift, knowing that any day may be your last is such motivation to make every action count!

  11. Busy looking and mocking others pipos health forgetting about oneself and family members health, now look at your foolishness doctor. After burial you should start separating politics from health and death. Now you will know how it feels to lose a beloved one. MHSRIP

    • But it is HH and dr. Canisius Banda who just few weeks ago where mocking pf about the death of our dear president and the perceived EL’s fainting. Next and very soon, it is HH crying mu gi Tonga. Unless he lives in heaven.

  12. Now when it is at the heart of UPND, HH acknowledges the will of the Almighty God. You see, Chagwa Lungu is still alive despite what you have been preaching against him. Please learn to know that Its God who has the life of each person.

    I join in comforting Dr Banda, May the Living Lord God comfort the bereaved family in this time of loss.

    • To “comfort” Dr. Banda, God should have saved the life of Mrs. Banda. What you are saying is nonsensical. Don’t get me wrong, you are entitled to it, but it is still nonsensical.


    We must learn lessons from whatever is happening around us. Dr. C. Banda talks a lot and negatively about other peoples health status. Meanwhile those they always call, abalwele baleshala elyo abatuntulu balefwa. We should all know that our lives are in God’s hands.

    • It was actually just last week he went fabricating ECL’s HIV/AIDS medical report whilst the ***** left his ill wife in bed. We hear that was his late wife’s medical report he was doctoring or altering the names and they year of birth to suit those of EL. Next it is HH and a Ms. Maureen Kakubo for we all know they have been having steamy unprotected sayxi of late. HH has even stopped going the country for campaign for he is now busy manufacturing some person in Maureen.


  15. banda has just tested the bitter side of his own medicine. As a qualified doctor he should not have been mocking others ati my wife and I can provide EL with mosquito nets. What is the cause of his wife’s death if he has all the mosquito nets at his house? Death strikes just as it wills. I hope this gullible dr. has lent a lessons. He that laugh last laugh the most. My sincere condolences.

  16. Hope and wish Fred Mmembe, Nawakwi and Masebo can learn something from this. Hope these …………………….can for a minute learn to respect our God.

  17. I hate to politicize funerals but let us be realistic and sincere when issuing such funeral statement. How can HH really think that Her (Mrs Banda) sadden death is a huge tragedy Zambia. It is sad every time there is a bereavement in any family, but let them keep it within their circles, surely this is not a tragedy to Zambia as perceived by HH. MHRSIP

  18. “Instead of caring for his sick wife, Banda (dr) was busy fabricating Lungu’s medical report. MHSRP. Dr Banda looks like a very uncaring individual.”… Mwebantu, haven’t you read that it was a sudden death? Why mock somebody over the death of his wife? Have we become so politicised and so callous? This is disgusting!

  19. How can the death of Dr.Banda”s wife be a national tragedy? what has she done for the nation to make it a national tragedy? People shouldn’t be exaggerating things when befallen them because I doubt if she was even a politician to be a UPND tragedy. It’s a family tragedy people not a national tragedy and May her Soul Rest In peace. May God strengthen Dr. Banda and his family in this trying moment.

  20. We re all zambians,so let’s try 2 be gud in da way we handle things pliz.Rest in peace mama Banda.Zambians nw re behaving lik south africans.

  21. Condolences Dr. Banda. May the Lord comfort you in your loss – friend and former workmate of yours at KCH.

  22. death is bitter pill to slow no one is used to death and one thing i would like advice my fellow upnd candres and carnicius banda is that death has no boundary it can catch any one at any time never again celebrate the sick or death of any one despite political differences like u did to edgar wen he collapsed, u confess and ask for forgivness.God loves us all despite who we a in the society. may her soul rest in peace!

  23. Death can strike any body and at any time regardless of how healthy or good some one looks like.ZWD,Post newspaper,HH and his UPND,Nawakwi and those others who have been mocking EL…..be careful and reflect.You should be talking about development based on what alternatives you would offer if you were given that opportunity.

    For our late sister who was very innocent from this uncalled for daily blame game and hate speech….MHSRIP

  24. I am happy that Silver Masebo knows who the boss is now and has recoiled.
    U5 HH it is sudden not sadden death, iwe mambala. fake economist.
    Now who has died. Is EL or somebody else. This is what we know about death. Only God has appointed time for the immortal. MHSRIP

    • @DJr,
      Be what you think but I tell you that you may not know who is feeding you because maybe the company you are stealing from is for HH.

  25. I have a question, why hasn’t this statement been published on the official Upnd site, Zwd? Zwd has blocked me I can’t comment on their site becoz I asked how their GS Winston chibwe who was evacuated to US is doing and how the insane Lloyd himaambo is.

  26. Mockers of death should read Ecclesiaste 9:1-14. I trust let the do it because they will never meet death. When one dies we all should get closer to think about our lives in death. No one will live forever only those who die in Jesus are assured of the resurrection. Today eat and keep on mocking others one day you will meet yourself somewhere.

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