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Kambwili warns civil servants against pilfering resources

General News Kambwili warns civil servants against pilfering resources

Chishimba Kambwili
Chishimba Kambwili

GOVERNMENT has said it will not take kindly to civil servants found pilfering public resources.

And Government has warned councils in Eastern Province against an exorbitant price of service charge to any land.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili said when he addressed heads of departments and other parastatal organisations in Chipata yesterday that it was saddening that some civil servants in the name of accountants are engaged in pilfering of public resources.

Mr Kambwili who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said it was sad that some accountants were engaged in pilfering the Government resources.

“It is sad that accountants are pilfering the Government resources. Civil servants must stop the culture of stealing public resources,” he said.
He said Government would purge any civil servant found stealing the public resources.

“It is sad that civil servants like accountants are engaged in pilfering of public resources. Let me warn that Government will not take kindly to anyone found stealing resources,” he said.

The minister said it was also sad that some traffic officers from Zambia Police Service are engaged in corrupt practices by mounting unnecessary roadblocks in order to earn an income.

He said police officers should work professionally by not engaging in any act of corruption.

Mr Kambwili said police officers and civil servants who are engaged in corrupt practices must not destroy the name of Government.
He said the Government was concerned with some behaviour of some civil servants towards work.

He said civil servants must not be lazy in executing the public service because doing so meant that the tax-payers money was being stolen by unfaithful public workers.

Mr Kambwili explained that civil servants must die for mother Zambia saying the country cannot be develop by foreigners without the effort of Zambians themselves.

“Zambia will only develop if civil servants become hard-work because the country cannot be develop by foreigners but Zambians,” he said.

He explained that civil servants must work hard to ensure that various developmental projects such as the issue of fertiliser were followed up to the end.

“If see no items of fertiliser follow it up with Lusaka and when you don’t get a feedback, go to ZANIS (Zambia News and Information Services), Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to air your concerns and don’t just keep quiet,”Mr Kambwili said.

The minister has also taken a swipe on Eastern Province Local Government Officer Macleod Nyirenda for allowing councils to be charging land at exorbitant prices.

Mr Kambwili said that it too much that the fees for land being councils were charging in the province was too high while Mr Nyirenda was just watching.

He said the service charges for one to get a land should be cheaper saying the trend must come to an end because the poor people were not benefiting.
He said there was need for councils to reduce the service charge to allow the poor people to be able to get land.

“It is sad that a land in Chipata is going above K10,000 and other councils it is K12,000 this trend must come to an end,” he said.
He said councillors were to be blamed for allowing lawless to take place in the local authorities.

The Minister has also taken a swipe at some civil servants who were promoting tribalism at their work places.

He said it was unfortunate that tribalism and nepotism was taking place in some work places saying such attitude must come to an end.
Mr Kambwili also prodded civil servants to support the Government of President Edgar Lungu.

And Eastern Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Zechariah Luhanga said when he opened a Provincial development Coordinating Committee (PDCC) that the Government was working hard to ensure that various developmental projects were enhanced in various places.

Meanwhile Breeze Radio Station Managing Director Mike Daka has challenged the Government to see how the community radio stations in the country could boost developments.

Mr Daka said when Mr Kambwili visited Breeze FM in Chipata yesterday that the decision to liberalize the airwaves was an important step to promoting both development and democracy.

He said that as a result of this, there has been massive infrastructure introduced under the media sector, with a lot of radio stations being opened up in most of the districts.

He however expressed disappointment that most of it was still being underutilized, despite the potential media has to effect change in the local communities.

Mr Daka noted that meaningful content to help the locals was still missing from the majority of radio stations operating all across the country.
And Mr Kambwili has acknowledged the need for Government to begin to empower the local radio station more often so that they can air more developmental programmes that Government was carrying out.

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  1. Even if he spouts rubbish sometimes, u have to give credit to kambwili. It will be interesting to hear from luwanshia residents on how he has performed as My.

  2. Haaaa Kambwili is hardworking, his time is like us bloggers. Every other hour is Kambwili… does he even have time for privacy and service his bedroom?

  3. Too many warnings, no action. Too loud. If its t home children will even get used of the warnings and take them as business as usual.

  4. Have you explained how you constructed 40 Houses on state land?
    Its you promoting tribalism Kambwili as you are the founder and promoter of tribalism
    How do you expect civil servants to perform when they are not getting grants from the bankrupt government

  5. President kambwili, the UPND in PF. Just talking talking. . . He needs to find a balance between action and his excessive talk. How does a civil servant benefit from workin hard. . .he gets. . . Paid either way. What are the targets in civil service??? People could be working hard on the wrong targets. But hey lets celebrate kambwili’s speeches while they_ last.

  6. Other councils are charging 12000 while chipata is charging 10000 and more and minister says it’s higher compared to other councils. Failing to understand that statement. ‘ it’s sad that land in chipata is going at k10 000 While other councils k12 000. This trend must come to a stop’.



  8. Kambwili is acting holier that thou! This is the man who is alleged to have built on Luanshya Golf course . EL should call for an investigation in this. It doesn’t make sense how someone can build on a golf course. Kambwili needs to guard his utterances because he will dig his grave!

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