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Kariba Power Station to continue generating power at half capacity-ZESCO


The dam wall at the Kariba North Bank Power station
The dam wall at the Kariba North Bank Power station

ZESCO says the Kariba Power Station will continue generating 500 mega watts instead of the normal 1 050 megawatts.

Power station manager Samuel Sinkala has reiterated that this is because the water level in the lake is lower than the normal operation level.

Mr. Sinkala says the plant will maintain power generation of five hundred watts until the next rainy season to avoid shouting down.

Mr. Sinkala added that a similar situation happened in 1995 and 1995 but that the national demand was less then compared to now.

This came to light when Special Assistant to the president for Project Monitoring and Implementation Lucky Mulusa toured the underground plant at Kariba north bank power station on Saturday.

Mr. Mulusa says the current load shedding is unavoidable, but stated that government is addressing the situation through exploring of alternative energy.

And Energy Minister, Christopher Yaluma says Government will soon install 20 megawatts solar power stations in most parts of the country.

Mr. Yaluma says this is in order to mitigate the current effects of load shedding the country.

He says the project will be done through the public private partnership arrangements.

Mr. Yaluma says government has already come up with guidelines for renewable energy.

The Minister was speaking today when he featured on ZNBC’ kwacha Good Morning Zambia programme.

Meanwhile Mr. Yaluma says Government is aware that the current load shedding is unacceptable.


  1. Too bad the problem in zambia is that we panic at the last minute we sow this coming what of our friends in Mozambique we use the same river

    • Mozambique has dams on the same river bit are not having water shortages, very strange that God is diverting the water before it reaches us.

  2. @1 and 1.1; Mozambique does not share the Zambezi and dams built on it the way we do with Zimbabwe.Besides there are big tributaries pouring into the Zambezi after Katuba which swell volumes of water down stream in Mozambique and these Kafue and Laungwa and there could be others from the Zimbabwean catchment area.The only irritating thing is that they start thinking about solar now when it should have been long part of the energy mix! They should also encourage domestic use of gas for cooking as it is cheaper and can rdeuce usage of charcoal and conserve our environment.

  3. Has and wind energies are some of the power sources which can’t work in Zambia because talk of wind our wind velocity is way too low.
    Natural gas and LPG though cheap in countries where they are produced can be expensive when imported for domestic use. They can be an alternative though for those who still can afford spending extra. Zambia just need to make use of the many waters basins we have unlike the current trend of just watching water pouring into the oceans.

  4. What are the chances that rains are going to be better this coming season.
    We might as well just close down Kariba.

  5. solar farms are a great short term solution. completely renewable and clean energy. solar cells are getting cheaper and more powerful every year. these farms may not produce at the same scale as hydro, coal, or nuclear but they are quickly assembled and can provide some relief and stabilization to the grid.

  6. Then why did we invest a lot of money increasing the generation capacity of a station with questionable source of water we should have studied climate change effect may be upgraded other stations or come up with new ones .

  7. I dont think the problem is water.has zimbabwe cut generation also? Why is zambezi river authority not saying anything?

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