Friday, April 19, 2024

Increased load shedding negatively affecting businesses in Kasama district


Some businessmen in Kasama District of Northern Province have bemoaned the loss of business due to the increased load shedding.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS, Elliot Siame who runs a hammer mill in Location area said the awkward hours at which his area experiences power cuts has affected his business.

Mr Siame said usually power cuts are from morning to afternoon saying it is during the same hours when most customers require the services of a hammer mill.

He said because of lack of business he has been unable to pay rentals for the shop he is operating from a situation which has led to him contemplating closing down his business.

He said he relies solely on his business and has since appealed to the Zambia Electricity and Supply Cooperation (ZESCO) to consider rescheduling the hours of load-shedding.

Another business owner Mary Mukuka of Newtown area said for the past two weeks her business has plummeted.

Ms Mukuka said she runs a bottle store whose peak hours are between 17:00hours and 22:00 hours and has been adversely affected by the massive load-shedding.

She said the government through the Ministry of Energy should come up with a proper timetable that will be convenient to the majority of people.

ZESCO has increased load shedding countrywide due to low water levels at the Kariba dam.

Government is currently considering negotiating with neighbouring countries to import power in an effort to cushion the deficit.


  1. Kasama’s business is a drop in the ocean as far as the economy is concerned. This is not worthy of reporting.

    • The worst is yet to come. When Edgar Lungu said, “I have no vision”, he meant just that. I have said this before, there are no universities for PF, no ZESCO for PF, we are in this together. It takes 18 months to build a thermal electric plant. Edgar and PF have been in power 42 months

    • Good on them, next they should vote wisely & not with empty stomachs’.

      Well its not only Kasama but the entire country the business fraternity of improving the ECONOMY & KWACHA is affected b’coz of the VISIONLESS PF.

      PF (Plague First) have no plan simply b’coz the leadership is visionless. Globe trotting to more than 10 countries in 5 months whilst the ECONOMY & KWACHA are perpetually plummeting is visionless indeed.

      Good at opening Malls whose products & origin are unknown yet failures to address the economic hardship the people are currently facing. PF bring the $193 million you’re hiding & invest in latest turbines from Germany, not the cheap ones PF got from China. Load shedding is here to stay under PF, otherwise vote wisely in 12 months time.

      The Skeleton Key

  2. @skeleton – that is very true I believe the turbines from China need 10 times more water to generate power !!

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