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We will not condone violence in PF – Musenge


Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge
Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge

Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge says that the Patriotic Front (PF) will not condone or support anyone indulging in political violence.

Mr.Musenge noted that the PF wants to promote politics of integrity and ensure that primitive type of politics which involve stone throwing and insults is brought to an end.

He said this yesterday when he paid a courtesy call on Chililabombwe Mayor Paul Kabaswe.

Mr.Musenge who is also PF’s Party Central Committee member noted that the PF as a party in government has serious issues to address such as job creation for the people.

He added that government wants to ensure that the country has improved services in education and the health sector among others.

Meanwhile,Chililabombwe Mayor Paul Kabuswe assured the Minister that the party structure in the District is intact and working hard to grow the party.

And Mwenya Musenge says he is happy that the road works in Chililabombwe district are progressing well.

Mr.Musenge says government through his provincial office remains committed to ensuring that the road network in the country is improved upon as good roads are critical to attracting investors.

He noted in Chililabombwe yesterday that the more investors come to the country the more jobs are created for the people as well as other income generating opportunities.

And Mr.Musenge has noted that government wants to see proper control of trucks at Kasumbalesa border post.

He said this is why the local authority should ensure that the truck parking port is constructed as soon as possible.

The Minister noted that the truck port will also be another opportunity for the council to raise revenue which can be used for other services within the district.

Meanwhile,Chililabombwe Mayor Paul Kabuswe noted that the land earmarked for the construction of the truck parking port has already been cleared.

Mr. Kabuswe explained that the council has submitted its report on the progress made on the project to the Ministry of Local Government and is now waiting for the Zambia Development Agency to carry out the tender process to select a partner for the project.

He said he is hopeful that the process would be done by September or October this year.


  1. Action speaks louder than words.

    Why not start by confiscating all the machetes from your cadres and impose real sentences on those that violate others.

    • Hon Musenge, you talk so much sense….PF as a ruling party should lead by example. Mwanawasa stopped this cadre nonsense. Please prevail over Edgar.

    • I think Hon Musenge deserves a hand of applauds. He has more strength than Lungu in terms of maintaining discipline. Each and every Zambian’s rights must be respected. In short, No violence against anyone. Challenge people mentally and through the ballot only – this goes for anyone even those in UPND.

    • Kambwili has Jerabo friends, now Musenge says no thuggery, kanshi there is no option left:
      Mwenya Musenge should fight Kabwili, live on TV. Baiponone fye tumone umwaume.

    • Musenge is in a wrong party. Soon all the criminals, thugs and thieves, like Chimbwili and Lungu, who control PF will flush him out.

  2. That’s the way Hon Minister. Lets focus on developing the country and not sowing violence because no one will be a winner. May the good lord bless you a million times…. Happy are the peace makers for…

  3. He is the only responsible PF politician.May God bless him.Politics of violence should never be tolerated in Zambia and PF leadership should emulate Mr Musenge.

    • O how thirsty and hungry we are of such reputable and plausible leadership in my Zambia. O God give us men and women who will not be sold nor bought by the lures of money, office, power or sex. Men who are true to their character come rain or sunshine.
      This man, Mr. Mwenye Musenge, makes me feel there’s still hope for our mother Zambia.

  4. Ba Musenge, don t just talk about it sir, Action is what we the Zambian people want to see. Zambia right now is being ruled by panga wielding cadres, even the President has no jurisdiction on them. One day those same pangas will be raised against Lungu himself.

  5. Ba Musenge pls. Talk to your jemson man to learn to talk sense like you. If you were the president i was going to give you my vote not this kachasu WAKO NI WAKO man.

  6. This man was once upnd chairman for cb
    i have a feeling he wants to go back to upnd pf has been invaded by wakoniwako

    • Whatever the case may be, this man talks sense and means well. Some of you just want to find fault even in genuine things.

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