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Kaizer Zulu advised to resign on moral grounds by Sakwiba Sikota

General News Kaizer Zulu advised to resign on moral grounds by Sakwiba Sikota

Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota
Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota

President Edgar Lungu’s Special Aide for political affairs Kaizer Zulu has been advised to resign on moral grounds following his arrest for allegedly threatening violence.

Mr. Zulu, whose alleged offense emanates from last Saturday shooting at Lusaka’s Chrismar Hotel, has been encouraged to do so to save President Lungu from embarrassment.

Constitutional lawyer Sakwiba Sikota thinks that despite the fact that there is no legal requirement that can compel Mr. Zulu to resign if he faces charges which do not directly have anything to do with his duties, his predicament hinges on morality.

Mr. Sikota states that morality however requires that the Republican President is not put in an embarrassing position where someone who is a closer staffer of his is facing criminal charges.

He has told Qfm News that this is even when the alleged criminal charges do not related to his official duties.

Mr. Sikota who is also opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) president has advised that if he was in Mr. Zulu’s shoes he would therefore resign to same the Head of State the embarrassment.

He notes for the very least he would ask for leave until such time issues surrounding the charges he has been slapped of threatening violence are sorted out.

Mr. Sikota has suggested that in doing so, one has to however take into consideration whether going on leave would be fair to the person whom one is supposed to be providing services for, who in this case he says is the President.

He says if going on leave, on the other hand, will create a void it would better to completely step aside in order to free the Head of State to put in somebody who does not have the impediment that one has to perform his duties like Mr. Zulu has.


    • Dream on Mr Sikota. The only reason Kaizer was arrested in the first place is that he threatened the Kavindeles. If the person he threatened was a “nobody” the guy would be dining with the president in the USA by now! And @Patrick all Zambians regardless of standing in society have no integrity or moral conscience. They can hide in their so called education and degrees and wealth but I personally would take a kaponya any day over the “some of us”.

    • Kaizer zulu can not resign. you are dealing with a low life here. Infact the reason for the fight is a woman!!!! These idio.ts loot the coffers and spend on foreign women not even zambian women. these are i.diots i tell you.

  1. If resignation was a culture in Zambia we would have completely new people in politics. There is that tendency to blame nature, the acts of God and even fate when anything happens. Therefore, resignation is only done by being fired – after which beans are spilled all over the floor…

  2. Sikota and Miyanda make alot of sense when they speak most times, it just unfortunate that they appear to be running one man parties. This is the tragedy of Zambian politics, everyone wants to lead a party even if that party is just in the imagination of the leader. For one I do not see why Miyanda cannot join HH of Sikota joining Lungu. As things stand now there are only two parties worthy of following thanks to Nevers Mumba who managed to kill MMD. To me Nawakwi, Chipimo, Mulongoti, Milupi, Mpombo, Sondashi, Sakala and indeed Nevers are just wasting peoples time. Sinkamba and Muliokela are meant to be in Chainama and not leaders of parties. Isnt it time Zambia was given quality parties? And the latest dreamer is Kabimba!

    • I like your observation although the so called democratic right allows them to have their own tiny parties, it will make sense for all these guys to put their heads together and joint the major parties but one thing eats them up, Greed!

  3. Zulu needs to employ Robert Amsterdam and Richard Elsen to do some world-class “reputation management” for him… Oh hang on, can he not afford it? Too bad then

  4. I have never seen a politician in Zambia with the morals. Kaiser is a least person who one shud advise on morality. Recently he is the one who was involved in the corruption scandals and the president protected the guy. On that issue non of the PF member talked about it and if any in PF had morals they would have talked about it openly but no one voiced. Except they started investing Funga and Fred on how the got hold of the information. Even if Kaizer, we’re to resign or fired it will be done conditionally such that somehow he will continue to benefit from PF government so that he does not spill the beans….it’s a shame bane.

  5. Yes,Sakwiba is a man of high integrity.If he was made UPND President after Mazoka,UPND could be ruling by now.But due to selfishness and greedy that only people from one region could lead the party,God cursed them and they will never rule Zambia.Ba PF, talk and convince Sikota to work with you,he is an asset.

  6. Bwahahahahahahahahaaaa! On moral grounds! In Zambia! When has that ever happened? What grass are you on Mr Sikota?

  7. He cannot resign due to high level of unemployment in the country. Even if he is requested to go on forced leave he will wait until he is finally fired.

  8. Morality hinges on conscience. To start with, one must realise that he has done wrong. But when it is the most common thing for a person to do wrong, doing right is an impossible option.

  9. Sikota says Kaiser should consider resigning to save Lungu from embarrassment. Tufiakwa (abomination) !!! Lungu cannot be embarrassed by anything. The benefit of surrounding himself with all manner of character is the one he is receiving. How many times have Zambians called Lungu by his name after Kambwili ‘s endless nonsense. When Tongas and indeed Zambians were discriminated against by Dangerous Chanya did Lungu feel anything??? NO. Wait br Saki we will hear a lot from what is supposed to be Excellence Presidency. It’s malabishi now because of crooks at State House. Viva Conmen at Plot One.

  10. Who will be served from embarrassment? Lungu??? Why surround oneself with people with suspicions characters? Somebody says “show me your friends I will tell you your character”.

  11. this is what the police shud b doing lnstead of teargassing inocent souls like what happen in solwez even lungu shud b arrested

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