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Five Zambian MPs to Attend Pan-African Parliament in South Africa

General News Five Zambian MPs to Attend Pan-African Parliament in South Africa

Pan African Parliament
Pan African Parliament

THE First Ordinary Session of the Fourth Pan-African Parliament (PAP) has opened in South Africa with five members of Parliament representing the Zambian House.
The session which will run until 17th October, 2015 was officially opened by South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma, represented by his Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ms. Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

The five Zambian parliamentarians are Ms. Dora Siliya for Petauke Central, Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa for Nalikwanda, Ms. Sarah Sayifwanda for Zambezi East, Mrs. Christine Mazoka for Pemba and Mr. Levy Chabala for Kankoyo constituency.

The current session has so far tabled and debated the Activity Report of the PAP which was presented to the house by PAP president Mr. Roger Nkodo Dang. The session has also debated the project Electricity for All Africa which was presented by former Minister of State for France, Mr. Jean Louis Borloo.

The session has also debated the state of the African Union (AU), which was presented by AU Commission Chairperson Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, and the African Peer Review Mechanism country reports.

Other topics expected to be tabled include debate on peace and security in Africa, debate on climate change in Africa, debate on urging the PAP to play an active role in spearheading the implementation of the Beyond 2015 Strategic Development Goals, debate on the xenophobic attacks in South Africa and debate on the establishment of the continental Free Trade Area – The role of parliamentarians.

The session is, on 12 and 13th October, 2015 expected to hold the 2015 Women Conference under the theme: “2015 Year of Women’s Empowerment and Development towards Africa Agenda 2063: From Dialogue to Action – the Role of PAP Women in Parliament.”

The MPs have also been attending separate specialised committee meetings established within the structures of the PAP.

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  1. everything is wrong with this pan african parliament. do we even know what pan africanism is? Firstly how can we have motions presented by a former french minister of state? secondly, how do we explain the global warming issue in africa without hearing from our own scientists(africans)?for all we know this cliate change is another of those white men lies? thirdly, how do you send dora siliya as a pan africanist. it defies logic!! do we know what pan africanism is? Please read the works of nkhrumah, lumumba and marcus garvey before you espouse certain terminologies. after reading, you will agree with me that dora doesnt fir the bill of a pan africanist, well, for starters because she has shown tendecies of doing more for herself even if it means stealing than for th general good of the…

    • @zagaze; Your observation is inconclusive because you’ve not give suggestions. Of the 5 MPs why have you picked on Dora? And since you have read the works of Kwame Nkhrumah, Lumumba and Marcus Garvey tell us who should have been sent.

    • @Marc Lungu – Well the general idea of pan africanism is that we put the interests of africa first before anything or anyone. It is a principle which espouses the love of africa and therfore the people first in all things. It creates the need for us to love our culture and practice it at all times,all situation and in all circumstances. this in itself defines freedom and independence. An independent person will find solutions to their own problems because who else than them understands the details of the problem. We as africans can ask for help, but help provided only to the set path of resolution as seen fit by us. the moment we are told what to do, we lose this pan africanist principle. I pick on Dora siliya as an example of what a pan africanist mp should not be

    • It is easier to analyse her inadequacy to be a true pan africanist mp, because of the publicity she has received for her works in general. the others, i know little, well maybe Geoffrey lungwangwa. siliya fails the standard because
      1. As minister of education,her and lungwangwa failed to initialise a zambian education system based on african cultural values. why do we have 12 grades of school? whats the basis for this criteria?Are we sure, the development of this system had the african thought line imbeded in school. Remember, black psychology is not the same as white psychology.None is better, but they just different.
      2. He invlovement in the sale of zamtel, the airport tender etc is marred with corrupt practices which she did solely for herself and not the zambian african.this 180…

    • this deviates 180 degrees from the principles of pan africanism.
      Of the mps currently in the zambian house, very few would strike me as pan africanist if any at all. But atleast Dr. John Phiri would have been a better candidate for this pan african parliament. Its better to send one than an entire bunch who do not reflect the goals of the forum. the ideal candidate would have been one with combinatorial nature of some of the traits of Kaunda, Kabimba, Chipimo, John phiri, wesley nyirenda, Kapwepwe. All these men have been members of the national assembly except for one. The love of all that is african has been roundly higlighted as a whole in some way or another by these men.

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