Bowman Lusambo
MMD National Youth Secretary Bowman Lusambo says he is still a committed member of the former ruling party contrary to perceptions that he has divided loyalty between the MMD and the PF.

Mr Lusambo said the statements he has been issuing in the media in support of President Edgar Lungu stem from the fact that Zambia can only have one President who deserves support.

He said he is still a member of the MMD of good standing and pledged his support to MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba.

Mr Lusambo who has also declared his intentions of contesting the vacant party Vice Presidency said President Lungu deserves commendation whenever he does something good.
‘In the same token, he deserves to be condemned if he implements wrong policies. These are the checks and balances we have been providing and we will continue.’
Mr Lusambo was speaking when he featured on the Assignment television programme on Muvi TV last Sunday.

He also revealed that late President Michael Sata offered him a job in an attempt to silence him.

‘I have never asked for a job from President Lungu, infact late President Sata is the one who offered me a job shortly after the 2011 election but i refused to take it. I practice politics of principles.’

‘There is no way the youths of MMD could abandon our project, Dr Mumba is our project, we started campaigning for Dr Mumba whilst he was still in Canada and we ensured that he became President and we cannot just abandon him like that,’ Mr Lusambo said.

Mr Lusambo said people have not forgotten the role that the MMD Die Hard movement which he leads played in stabilising the MMD.

‘Post 2011, the MMD was in shambles and as patriotic youths in the MMD, we had to step in and helped to stabilise the party.’

He also appealed to the youths in Zambia to engage themselves in active politics.

Mr Lusambo who is vying for the Kabushi parliamentary seat in Ndola said time has come for young people to venture into politics.

‘The time when young people were used for throwing stones is long gone. Our engagement in the political arena has to be more valuable than that and that time is now,’ he said.
He also explained that he has decided to run for the Kabushi seat after several appeals from the residents of Kabushi.

‘I am not imposing myself on the people of Kabushi, i am just heeding to their cries. They feel the current and past MPs have failed them and they have decided to deposit their trust for improved service delivery on me and i will not let them down,’ Mr Lusambo said.

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    • Lusambo you’re a political prostitute. You’ll never get a job in PF with Rupiah Banda in control of that party and especially that the PF only has a few months before it’s booted out of power.


  1. You have lost it sir. You clearly have divided loyalty from your explanation–MMD and PF at the same time, how?


  2. Can someone who knows this young man personnel please counsel him? He is clearly a runaway train excited with being covered in the media all the time.


  3. Mr. Lusambo,
    Do you actually know the meaning of “loyalty”?
    Definitely it does not mean “stabbing in the back”


  4. Whether you like him or not, his message of the youth becoming active participants in politics instead of stone throwers is right on point. Its time for the youth to take on some of these MPs. Let us change the face of Parliament. We are the ones suffering, so let us take over the reins of power and change our own lives.



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