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Antonio Mwanza responds to MMD


Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has refuted claims that he was part and parcel of the NCC sittings as claimed by communications director in the office of the MMD President Irene Musonda.

In statement, Mr. Mwanza says contrary to Ms. Musonda’s claims, he never sat on the NCC as he was not a delegate further adding that what the President will be signing today is not a people- driven document as a number of progressive clauses which the people submitted have been removed.

Below is a full statement as issued by the FDD spokesperson.


Madam Irene Musonda the Communications Director in the office of the MMD President has issued a statement claiming that I Antonio Mwanza sat on the National Constitution Conference (NCC) in 2010 to draft the Republican Constitution.

Ms Musonda has further alleged that what President Lungu will sign today is a people driven Constitution.

Here are the facts:

1. I, Antonio Mwanza was never a part and parcel to the NCC. I never sat on the NCC. I was not a delegate on the NCC

2. It is a fact that what President Edgar Lungu will sign today is not a people-driven Constitution because some of the key people’s submissions have been removed from the bill.

Clauses such as appointment of cabinet outside Parliament which was meant to ensure Separation of Powers and improved service delivery; Provincial Assemblies which was meant to enhance Decentralisation and devolution of both political and economic power; Mixed Member Proportional Representation which was meant to enhance the representation of disadvantaged groups such as women and youth and the comprehensive Bill of Rights which would have guaranteed the people’s social, economic, cultural and political rights have all been removed from the Bill.

3. It is a fact that the MMD MPs voted with the PF in obliterating the people’s submissions that i have summed up above.

4. It is a fact that the MMD held a public media briefing to congratulate themselves for closely working with the PF in betraying the people’s trust by voting to delete what the people had submitted.

If the MMD is not happy with some of the clauses that have been removed as from the Constitution Bill that Mr Lungu will sign today as claimed by Ms Musonda, why then did they support this piecemeal amended of the constitution? MMD should learn that you cannot have your cake and eat it. Just own up. The people whom you have betrayed will remember your names in the next election.

Issued by:

Antonio Mwanza,

FDD Spokesperson


  1. Stop it iwe ,mambala. Do you know the cost implications of those provincial assemblies and are you aware that our economy is less than that of lagos ?

    • I am sure if we stop paying $1,000,000.00 per 1KM road works worth $400,000.00 you will realize that this country has a lot of money for progressive activities such as provincial assemblies

  2. True Mourinho (Antonio Mwanza) was not a delegate at NCC becuase he was no longer UNZASU President. It was the Sage who took over from Mourinho who attended the NCC

    • A provincial assembly was meant to enhance Decentralisation and devolution of both political and economic power to the locals who know better what they want in the area. They know who is honesty, helpful, can assist and hard working rather than leaving every thing to the lice, dancers and womanizers in Lusaka. The only reason why PF opposed the Provincial Assemblies is because the lice in Lusaka wanted more money in their pockets. Kambwili is on record saying there will not be enough money to pay the extra representatives. Come on be real- if you are currently 150 MPs and the number rises to 750 the same amount can still be used. Divide the amount by 750. All this means is that the 150 MPs will now get 150/750 or 20% of what they are currently getting! More ideas, more people…

  3. A road constructed at the right cost is a worthy asset,than a road constructed so that PF can loot to fund their campaigns. Some roads built have no economical value. How do you explain a class one road in muchinga. What economical activities will pay for that road through taxes in muchinga?. None.
    So why not build roads at a competitive prices and use the remaining funds for the well being of the people. If people want provincial assemblies, who are you to say other wise?. The people are the masters and the politicians, the servants. It appears with PF this is the opposite. They decide what the people and they them selves must have.

  4. Provincial assemblies cannot work in Zambia because the country is divided. Imagine how will the UPND government coordinate affairs in Muchinga province where there are no UPND MPs and councillors! Or how can the PF government run affairs in Southern province where there are no PF MPs and councillors!

    • Bang Bang indeed! What do you BANG – Weed?? If the country is divided why don’t try to unite it? How do your current Councils work? Is your thinking, the reason why the current PF government has paid un proportinally more attention in developing new projects in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces in that order? at the expense of other Provinces? and only attempts to complete projects started by MMD in the other provinces?

    • So it is now THE amended constitution not a new people driven constitution? So why the hullabaloo on signing? HH made his comments before the signing that is why he did not attend the signing ceremony. Just for your information just in case you are too young to know the history. This is not the first amendment. KK made a land mark amendment in 1991 by removing the one Party system clause and replacing it with the Multi Party System- which was introduced in 1973 as an amendment of the first Constitution we had at Independence in 1964 after a refrendum. Fast forward FTJ amended the Constitution in 1996 to include the parentage clause for the presidential candidate. Note that all these were political amendments as this one is as it introduces mainly political clauses 50% +1 and running mate…

  5. Note that all these were political amendments as this one is as it introduces mainly political clauses 50% +1 and running mate…and prevents crossing the floor in parliament, level of education to be eligible for political elective office, which are really not in contention. The only seriously non political issue is the dual citizenship which is not acceptable to all.

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