Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects the bridge 1
Newly appointed North Western province minister Dawson Kafwaya inspects the bridge

GOVERNMENT has commissioned the construction of a 35km stretch of the Kimakolwe-Kandakanda road in Solwezi.
The project, which will be undertaken by the Zambia National Service (ZNS) at a cost of K1.2 million, will involve grading the road from Kimakolwe to Kandakanda.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony for the project on Saturday, North-Western Province Minister Dawson Kafwaya said Government has embarked on an ambitious programme to work on feeder roads to open up the rural areas to development and boost the agriculture sector.

“We are constructing this road under Zambia National Service and I can assure that the engineers, including the ZNS Commandant, have assured me that we are going to grade this road within 60 days,” Mr Kafwaya said.
He said the feeder road project will ease the transportation of farm produce to the markets and motivate more people to venture into agriculture in line’s Government’s economic diversification drive.

He also said ZNS has completed constructing a 28km stretch of the Kyafukuma-Mulenga road in Solwezi.
Mr Kafwaya also said the construction of feeder roads in Chavuma and Zambezi districts by ZNS is on course and progressing well.

He said Government has identified the road sector as a key driver to the attainment of social-economic development.

The minister appealed to the people to be wary of politicians who would want to politicise the development projects Government is undertaking countrywide.

And a community representative, Sylvester Mwala commended the government for embarking on the feeder road project.

Mr Mwala said residents in the area were delighted with the project as the area will become accessible by road and they will be able to transport farm produce to the markets with ease.

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  1. Ba mujibiyepi neba mudingai fisushi fyabantu. They would rather vote on tribe than civilisation and development. Always behind. This year we are edging you to vote wisely. Vote on development.


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