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UPND is happy with the amended constitution-Edward Mumbi


UPND special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi (L) with William Banda
UPND special assistant to the president for special duties Edward Mumbi (L) with William Banda

THE United Party for National Development (UPND) says it does not want the new amended Constitution to be subjected to yet another amendment to satisfy those who have fallen victim to clauses such as a Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent for anyone aspiring to participate in any elective position in the August general elections.

UPND presidential spokesperson for special duties Edward Mumbi disclosed that some senior Patriotic Front (PF) officials, members of Parliament and ministers have been petitioning President Edgar Lungu to consider taking the amended Constitution back to Parliament to amend certain clauses believed to be unfriendly.

He said President Lungu should be commended for having respected the decision of the PF and MMD members of Parliament and he should not be arm-twisted to take the amended Constitution back to Parliament to satisfy those who had been disqualified by some progressive clauses in the new law.

“The UPND has no problem with the amended Constitution and we want to go to the general elections with the entirety of the clauses that were amended. The amended Constitution was extensively debated; the clauses such as Grade 12 certificate or its equivalent was unanimously passed by Parliament.

‘‘But we are concerned that some PF officials, MPs and ministers have been petitioning President Lungu to consider taking back the amended Constitution to Parliament for yet another amendment. Many of the PF MPs have become victims of the Grade 12 certificate clause and want it changed. My advice to the President is that he should not succumb to the demands of his MPs or ministers and attempt to alter any part of the new law,” Mr Mumbi said.


  1. Today they are not for it, tomorrow they are for it. If I remember very well, is it not upnd president who said its a useless amended constitution? But today it’s good, and these are people who want rule Zambia, who don’t even where they stand on all the issues and call themselves intellectuals? Mamayeeeee.

    • This is indeed FLIP FLOPPING at its worst!

      Ba UPND, what is it that you really stand for and want to contribute to the building of our democracy and country? Because at the moment you really seem “adrift at sea”—NO BEARING WHATSOVER!!!

    • Mumbi is not verbally articulate just like Canisius Banda.

      Listen to HH’s comments on the amended constitution to get the correct and overall guiding view of what UPND had to say about the amended constitution. At no point in time did they say that they supported it.

      Mumbi was trying to be sarcastic, but not doing it very well, by saying that he is happy that the PF has shot themselves in the foot by including the grade 12 clause without fully realizing the current and future implications to its cadre support base of thugs.

    • And you think UPND would admit it even if they were?

      And how was UPND going to pass the Constitutional reforms/amendments without costing the treasury dearly? I hope you do realize also that for a referendum to be valid, it has to meet certain Constitutional requirements such as the % of registered voters who MUST participate. Now given the current voter apathy, how was UPND going to excite enough people to participate right after the presidential by-election?

      There was also the possibility of a referendum NOT passing. In that case, even the good/progressive amendments would have gone up in flames too. So what the govt decided to do was both financially smart and politically astute. One more campaign issue GONE—now lets us debate other problems!

  2. Grade 12 clause should not be amended.Please Ba lungu don’t amend the clause.We Zambian people want the same clause.To tell you the truth Zambians will be serious with education if the clause stays.The country soon will develop if the G12 clause is not amended.

  3. There we go with the Flip Flop personnel. Problem of having so many Spokesperson. Today, it Ichilema, tomorrow Chifwekelo, the other day William Banda, limbi that Kamwenfu at times kapompa saladI GBV. Hmmmmmmmn bane nangu ni trying to outdo each other teifi. Just state your party position otherwise you are confusing us. Let’s hear from Wanzelu hope is out from the basement where he has been squatting

  4. Edward Mumbi,once a brilliant upcoming politician,lost in abyss of tribal party.He used to articulate issues on a point of knowledge now he has just been turned into a political garbage.It is a pity how politics can turn someone into waste bin.This man needs to have his own party not the way he is being used like a recycle tissue.He joined a tribal party thinking that he will change their colour.A leopard does not change its spots.UPND will ever be a tribal party no matter the colour it will be painted.It’s leader came on a platform of tribalism.The demon of tribalism will continue ressurecting at each and every election unless they make some adjustments to the party.

  5. Grade 12 clause is undeniably discriminating and uninspired by real practical processes that occur in human academic or professional education or indeed intellectual development. We Zambians must remember and remain resolute to support the reasons for inclusion of that clause in our constitution. But as I understand, It is not Grade 12 certificate that matters but the intellectual capabilities assumed to be acquired at Grade 12 level. As such genuinely acquired professional qualifications should be considered. Therefore, the clause should have read minimum of a G12 certificate. What will you do to a form 3 who who has acquired Diplomas, Degrees and more. It is either the writer of that clause is not alive to such or intends to discriminate against specific individuals and this is a de…

  6. What a useless party is UPND. To day they are supporting the closes and yet yesterday they did not want it. where do you stand UPND?

  7. What’s so difficult to understand mumbi’s view point? So far only Moscow OP and kafwanka are the only ones in line with the topic at hand so far, the rest are just shouting ye ye ye ye like pf MPs who did know what they were voting for in Parliament, the grade 12 clause has fix pf more than other parties, most pf MPs and councillors will not be adopted to stand again, their colleagues did a donchi kubeba on them, the main aim was to fix an individual, but they are the ones affected in thousands. Moscow there is no OP in Moscow try KGB or to be up to date FSB.

    • The G12 clause was drafted long before pf and Upnd were birthed. To say it was put in the new constitution to fix Upnd is being immature.

    • It’s not who thinks up a good idea, but who puts it in action that is praiseworthy. Floor’s full of discarded good ideas.

  8. Can’t you see that Mumbi is mocking PF members of parliament who voted the constitution. Are you like them? They are so dull that they didn’t read the document as usual dosing in the house. Now they want to reverse their own decision. Only Fools do that and it has to be PF

  9. Mumbi thats what u were told to say bcoz pipo have laughed at u opposing what pipo want now u want to turn arround to be were voters are mubepele fye.
    #Upnd voted against the amendments today u support it nonses u under 5
    #Devil at work.
    #go for a convention choose another party president not that one
    #now its chipantepante uwo bolla ya shema niuyowine.

  10. There is only need to add more to the constitution not remove amendments. In order we create a healthy democracy, we need to impose by law the need for Leader selection Conventions to be held, no matter how contentious the outcome. Party Leaders must be picked democratically, otherwise how can we allow them to head a national democracy if they show they do not use democratic approaches to rule their Party? But it is good UPND are finally beginning to sounding like a credible opposition.

    • To be honest, I have no knowledge of a failed politician leader in the Western political field, that has contested and failed to lead his party to gov’t such as HH. Most resign to give other Leadership material in the Party the chance to lead the party to success. Maybe when those foreign journalists from Bloomberg etc are interviewing HH next time they may want to query why this is so in UPND. Sounds to me that Mumbi here is Presidential in conduct.

  11. What is this again naimwe ba upnd mwansebanya. Now everyone will think has we are dull in our thinking please let’s stop this nonsense let’s just stand for one thing naimwe

  12. “The amended republican constitution is a sham and a disgrace to the nation …….” HH – 8 January 2016. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!

  13. just some weeks ago it was a shame and disappointment to zambians.on top of that it was never going to be followed. surprisingly today they are happy with it. what a bunch of pricks.

  14. At one time in 2011, I considered uPMD with its economic manager theories as a viable alternative government. Honestly to me uPMD was that much better, more intelligent , more economically astute than what I considered PF kaponyas. With hindsight, it’s good that they never became government. Just look at what are spewing to the public now, everyone of them from head to toe, lies contradictions, you don’t know whether they are coming or going, I mean literary everyone of them including former economic manager in 2011, now reverted back to underfive in 2016. Can you imagine that what they are spewing would have been official government pronouncements had they beaten Sata and PF in 2011!!

  15. Are these the imbeciles you can trust with the governance of the country? My foot!! Lelo ili lyalanda ifi, mailo ishilu limbi nalyo lyaisa landa fimbi. No consistence, no planning and no nothing!! Rubbish..

  16. And take that goon in Chipata who was arrested over the weekend for insulting the President as reported in the Urinal Post today. Just when the uPMD was given a life saving breather by President Lungu, that goon re-ignites the tribal tag of the uPMD. Did he insult President Lungu for being non-tonga? No sir, he did not use so many words, but just look at his name, he is Mweene, my gosh!!!! I think to myself, Is this tribal thing gonna end soon when it seems to be in the DNA of some people!
    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, you cannot do better than that!

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