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PF distances itself from Ndola airport fracus


Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The ruling PF has distanced itself from the suspected cadres who stopped former commerce, trade and industries Deputy Minister Miles Sampa.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya said the confusion at Ndola international airport was caused by 2 rival “Jerabo groups” who wanted to share the money Mr Sampa had paid to one of the groups for protection.

“Mr Sampa paid some money to a Jerabo group to go and give him protection and when a rival group heard about the money they went and tried to fight among themselves that’s what we know.

“The people who went to receive him at the airport whether it was in Ndola or Kitwe is none of our business, we are a democratic party that appreciates multi-party politics and all Zambians in this country are allowed to go about doing anything, associating with anybody and to enjoy their rights and freedoms as granted in the constitution,” Mr Bwalya said.

He added “I therefore challenge the police to arrest anyone that may be breaking the law in that manner as for us as PF we don’t subscribe to that and we will never engage on such type of behavior,” he said.

But some airport staff said the people who come to the airport were wearing PF regalia, sung pro PF slogans and flashed the PF symbol.

And commenting on the incident Saturday, Copperbelt Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga confirmed the violence at the Ndola airport saying “Yes there was some confusion at the airport caused by some suspected PF cadres who did not want Miles Sampa to disembark from the plane. They forced themselves into the runway and wanted to attack Sampa who was on board,” Ms Katanga said.

On Saturday Miles Sampa was stopped from disembarking from the plane when he arrived at Ndola international airport by suspected PF cadres.


    • The Police were 100% certain PF were the ones involved. It’s the reason they opted to go to sleep and make no arrests.

    • Fr. Bwalya should go for confession. The other day he told us that only Edgar, Kapyongo (PF youth thugs chairman, Davies Chama and himself where allowed to go out campaign, the rest of Zambians should be in constituencies.
      The same priest today is preaching that Miles Sampa is allowed to go anywhere he wants…

    • Frank Bwalya, the choice you made to ditch priesthood and pursue the life of promiscuity, lies is unfortunate. You will very soon regret this. You’re going nowhere in your political life.

    • ICAO is being contacted about the CRITICAL FAILURE of SECURITY at a ZAMBIAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!! THIS WAS AIDED BY THE LOCAL RESIDENT POLICE UNIT at the airport SIGNIFYING COLLUSION of Police with PERSONS WITHOUT SPECIAL ACCESS to AIRSIDE or APRON – it broadly demonstrates the lack OF ENFORCEABLE AIRPORT SECURITY in the country – hopefully the issue is fast-tracked so that Chagwa’s trip to Europe backfires once European Aviation Authorities slap a ban on international flights out of Zed to teach, these villagers who call themselves PF, a lesson!

    • I feel sorry for people whose job is to appear stupid. Spokespersons for the Govt and Party in Power have to take a lot of falls regularly.

      Here is a seemingly intelligent human being telling a lie with a straight face. He knows and we know that if those thugs were not PF, Kanganja, Katanga, Kambwili, Mumbi Phiri, Lusambo and sundry would have been on the 19hrs news denouncing them.

    • This guy is a fake Spin Doctor. Certain events cannot be spun. Please take a shot at what happened in Sinda two days ago when UPND cadres were clobbered.

    • The fathet is right. Where was the police. They should have arrested them. Even if you fear cadres how do you allow them to disturb airport operations. We blame the police on this one. President Lungu has on many occasions condemned violence but police are too docile when it evolves the ruling party. You are embarrassing the president for fear of the unknown.

    • A Country with No law and order? SATA and PF brought these JERABOs, it’s a group of Thugs who make their own rules? it’s a shame that our country has been downgraded to levels of Nigerian Delta state where militants control oil pipelines.

      We now have Zambian Copper militants called Jerabos. Its a shame and HH should stop this nonsense once in power. Put real Police to stop such groups.

    • If I were HH and I happened to win these elections, I would make charity Katanga my chief of police at state house but no movements, no retirement just to reach her how to be professional

    • This incident must be reported to IATA so that the GRZ can be censured. How safe are Zambian runways if thugs can be allowed to cause havoc on an international airport runway? What toothless security wings Zambia has. They are so impotent in the face of PF thugs. This is shameful.

    • Frank Bwalya, sebana wikute! Apparently tabalekufolesha bwino mu bu patili, how on this bloody earth can you sink so low as to conduct yourself in duplicitous manner? Ndie camene nikambila ati ivi va buKristu niva cabecabe!

    • you people am wondering what has happened to PF cadres on this blog they have disappeared from the time DF was formed. Look at the arguments they are putting across. In Chipata and since the tour of Eastern province no pictures or proper convincing report . The silence in PF is scary. Where is Chama Kambwili Mumbi the Lungu himself. Something is not right somewhere. Even the tone has gone down in the Lungu I know now he is crying for help when he said he can go it alone. PF cadres we miss you come on board.

    • Who ever has made you a party spokes person surely he/she is of questionable standing. Bwalya, just arrange for more chickens to behead to help clean your party.

    • This airport has no security? Hooligans can go all the way up to the plane? In these modern times of world- wide heightened airport security? Was this a private plane? Was it a commercial plane? Can you imagine the impression this barbarism leaves on tourists visiting Zambia for the first time? This is completely unacceptable. And the government cannot just dismiss it as, ” it’s none of our business.” Yes IT IS YOUR BUSINESS. You are responsible for the security of the nation, making sure airports are securely protected from lawless thugs like these. Incidents like this should be thoroughly investigated by the government, the culprits punished to deter future criminal copycats.

    • Ati man of God. This is what the maneuvers of Jameson Kadansa Lungu can do to a man of the pulpit

      Turned into a rotten liar

    • The cadres were clad in PF regalia bearing a portrait of one Edgar Lungu. Edgar condones violence. Edgar has failed to tame his thugs, how can his man therefore manage more complex problems affecting this country. Edgar claims to walk the talk but we have seen tithe is all talk and not even his cadres take him seriously. he tells them no violence and they do the complete opposite

    • @Roving Report. Is this coming from deep or at the bottom of your heart? I just hate to see human blood coming out of another human being caused by another human being. Please let us not support lawlessness from whichever corner or fabric of the political arena we belong to

    • Jerabos supports Pf and are up to milking Sampa. These are people who can do anything as long as money is on there side. You deprive them of money then you become their enemy and they will sort you out. They had to clad themselves in pf regalia because that was their strategy.

    • @Ask Mumkombwe

      You consistently been hurling tribal insults at the opposition and ululating Lungu’s tyranny and economy assassination through unprecedented corruption driven kaloba borrowing backed by a tandem corps of hoodlums, robbers, jail birds and economic anarchists.

      The international violation of airport security could lead to Zambia being considered a high security risk nation. That aircraft could as well been South African Airways.

      What is revolting is Lungu justifying violence by denying that he is not the one that sent the cadres. Lungu MUST pay for humiliating Zambia. Zwaa Lungu!!!!

  1. Ms. Katanga, do you know difference between “confusion” and unauthorized invasion of “secured area” of an International Airport?
    Please, try to educate yourself before making childish ignorant statement.
    Can you clarify if the Officer in Charge of the security of the aircraft’s and passengers within “secured area” will face disciplinary proceedings and what action Police is taking in identifying perpetrators of this criminal act?

  2. If its pf involved not arrest ;if the police make arrest then i kno the oppositions are or accused of been involved.thats how i sa

  3. OMG. Is that you ba mupatili talking? Did ya just hear yourself talking? Not too long ago you defied Miles to travel outside his constituency and now you say and I quote ” we are a democratic party that appreciates multi-party politics and all Zambians in this country are allowed to go about doing anything, associating with anybody and to enjoy their rights and freedoms as granted in the constitution”? End of quote. Like really? Or maybe have you suddenly evoluted into a dog that consumes its vomit? Anyhow, let the drama begin, that’s what happens if ya re not using your head space to think? Pork your eyes into the economy together with your Chagwa and see. Stop this nonsense and work man. Stupid *****s.

    • Imagine you are a genuine Catholic and you are going to confess your sins to such a priest!! Bati maloza, Bati!! Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC), this chap Bwalya is embarrassing the entire catholic church. Can’t you take him to Rome, the way you did to Milingo?

  4. Like they are fooling kids, even my 2 years old boy knows that the confussion had the blessings of the government. Time is fast aproaching when God is going to answer to our prayers of 18th October. Zambia will be too small for some of you.

  5. And two poor souks where arrested in kalomo at lightening speed AND YET a security bleach is caused at an international airport and the thugs are still not arrested.and some police whatever says and confirms that SUSPECTED pf……. very annoying. We need professionalism from these kanyangus

  6. This is the nincompoop who will make the PF to lose elections because through him and out of his misdeeds, the Almighty God, the creator of the visible and the invisible is becoming angrier and angrier everyday. No wonder, out of the misconduct of this false priest, the PF is now a cursed party and is home for the devil. He is adding no value to Zambia’ s political landscape.

  7. So, how does Frank know all these details about Miles paying “protection money to one group of Jerabos”?? Are these groups part of the PF since they were dressed in PF regalia and flashing the PF symbol and singing PF songs? And by the way, if they were rival gangs, how come they did not fight between themselves but both attacked Miles’ supporters? Your judgement is coming! August 11 is at hand!

  8. This Frank Bwalya is frankly speaking not fit to even be deputy spokesman because he talks shiiit! Why cant he just politically distance himself from such as opposed to going to lengths of trying to fool people, who do you think you muta fuuka!

  9. How possible is it for Miles’ people to organise such a group of thugs, hire the tipper trucks and travel all the way from Kitwe past all the police check points and get access to the runway at an airport, when we all know it is impossible for any opposition to even meet in a closed-door meeting, let alone gather for lunch at a private lodge? Answer this former priest.

  10. Th President should address this quickly, letting person who are not respected to comment is un presidential this is serious…… Guy Scott is at pain seeing his party he help formed go to ruin its sad

  11. Saka,for real you are a Saka.How can you refer father Bwalya to a tick.The bitterness of upnd cadres is putting this country into danger. You have stuck to a perpetual political faliure HH yourself and what do you call that.

  12. there only about a dozen of you who make discussion on this blog… so you think your form the opinion of over 13million Zambians muli zondokede… I wonder if you even vote… tubene Mushota, Careless Whisper, Nshima, Kaponya, Nostradamus and you ka Topcat… Mwalipana

    • @one Zambia, I thought I was part of your one Zambia! Kikikikiki. Now you are cleansing me from your sorry from our one Zambia. Yaaaaaaba. Enjoy your day

    • @ one Zambia. Is it your concern to justify my own entitled vote? What I do in the voting booth is none of your business. It’s like ya re having political hallucinations. BTW its one nation zambia all the way. Stop being personal and look at the bigger picture; ZAMBIA.

    • Its not a secret anymore, your boss has confirmed he can’t manage 50% +1, with or without my vote things have fallen apart in PF, this year ni zwaaaaaa! muntu wandi. Good day kaili ni One Zambia mwebele

  13. Ba ZM am also amazed at the amount of data the escapee priest has concerning the airport skirmishes, are these not acts of extortion? Is this legal under pf? Is the government not supposed to protect it’s citizens from such elements? From the way this failed priest has come out one can tell it’s normal under pf.


  15. It seems in each party their stooges whose job is just to say non-sense. We had someone in UNIP, had another in MMD, and we have someone in PF.

    • Damn right; this is what i recall;
      – Kaunda had Alexander Kamalondo and Fines Bulawayo
      – Chiluba had Kangwa Nsuluka, Chawinga and that ZIMT Zulu (Mthakati)
      – Levy had Mike Mulongoti and Mwananjiti
      – Rupiah had …………………(fill in the blanks)
      – Sata had Wynter Kabimba,
      – Chagwa has plenty; Kambwili, Sunday Chanda, Tayali, Fran Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri etc

    • Hahaha! You have made my day! Ati “A monkey can never teach a baboon monkey teicks”!!! Yaba! August 11 kaya! Wina azalila! Mwamvela ati munzi wapya ku chinsali? Bafuna HH! Kaya!

  16. Father Frank Bwalya you have forsaken GOD, Zambia will remain cursed because of people like u. PF today is using the name of GOD 4 cheap politics. GOD is watching u and time for reckoning is coming.

  17. That’s the first report I am hearing of cadres fighting among themselves. Crazy former priest. So the money was at the airport?

  18. Sinkamba Wisdom – I wish the International community could ban Edgar Lungu from travelling out side Zambia for allowing his party thugs to invade the International airport. This is a serious criminal offence but as usual because it is a boy friend and girl friend relation between Zambia state security wings and Pf cadres , its okay for them. If it was UPND or MMD the police cells should have been full by now.
    Please, learn to live by standards. What is the international business community looking at you now. This is truly a failed state were party cadres could command state security to abandon their job for fear of being fired by cadres. Shame on you.

  19. Am here to make sure people are not misled upnd bitter caders who have infested websites and the social media. These characters who have always failed think can cheat zambians. HH and friends danced when Sata died thinking his chance had come for him to win. But to his suprise he lost to Edgar Lungu who made just a first attempt. HH will never be allowed to rule Zambia because of such wickedness.

    • @Chewe the ……! How does your post relate to PF cadres on the Ndola airport runway blocking Miles? By the way are you God’s spokesman? When did He tell you that HH will never rule Zambia? I advise you wait for August to see what He has determined will happen.

    • @virgin…. If UPND danced ( which I doubt but should be condemned if ever it happrbed) when ba Sata died that is quite sad. However, you seem to be avoiding the topic at hand…the attempted murder of Mr Sampa at an INTERNATIONAL Airport by some political cadres and the lukewarm reaction of our security wings. Otherwise I guess you and i ( me a none political affiliate) want the best for zambia

    • Address the motion instead of wallowing in bitter tribalism ….you have a single vote and so do other Zambians.

      The price of groceries, fuel, power, taxes and high debt plus no food coupled with beatings, maiming, etc by PF cadres will determine if PF Wako ni Wako Rupiah-Dora-Lungu of the defeated MMD will continue stealing using Henry Banda under PF.

  20. Its no longer business as usual in Zambia.soon Biafra like war will erupt in Zambia.Lungu should remember Bishop Chihana’s dream.He will run out of state house like a dog with know one to help him.He will cry like a baby,”ati teyine neka uwayibile na kambwili ,Kalaba,Chama,na bashi kulu Chikwanda bali bulileko tu ma million $.Lol time will come soon”.

  21. Frank the airport is one of sensitive area were the jerabos can not even be allowed to enter. We rerecive VIPs. This cannot happen in Mwanawasa’s government. Umuntu nga aleka ubupatili balapena. Kupena ko ba Bwalya.

  22. This kind of thuggery (grinding airport operations to a halt by cadres) we are seeing in today’s PF was only seen UNIP vigilante days, and William Banda/RB’s MMD. Anyway RB is now the real President puling string from the rear. So not much of a suprise at all. If these thugs were ordinary Jerabos hired by Sampa. Police would have arrested them already! Suffice to say the wouldnt even been allowed to breach airport security! Mwaya ba fi colour mukachimona!

  23. Iwe Sido who doesnt know ba Bishop Chihana?? I know how he used to come out on Sata.Be cheated those of you in upnd who are used to follow a politica perpetual faliure and loser HH.The man who will be taught a lesson of his life come august. Spiritually its indicated that HH will never rule Zambia no matter how much he tries. That is the reason why despite all the efforts HH made on august 20,2015.He still lost. There might be all these challenges in Zambia today which in a way should give an advantage to HH, but the fact is that upnd will still lose. Because spiritually it is a concluded issue.God loves Zambia so much.

  24. I have been following with interest Father Franckson Bwalya’s political statements from the time he was appointed Deputy PF spokesperson its like the man speaks anything he comes across without verifying. Last night’s ZNBC sponsored program on issue based subject exposed the man’s shallowness in discussing real issues. The man is as empty as a tin. If the likes of Frank are the composition of EDGAR A TEAM to spear head the campaign to retain power I am afraid there is need for serious reinforcement. Who can believe Frank that the guys who caused problems at the Airport in Ndola where Jerabos paid out by Miles Sampa. When things go wrong with our execution lets just admit rather than going into circles. That man needs serious prayers to rescue him from evil’s jaws.

    • No no no no Zakeyo!

      Please Farter Frank Bwalya, we love your comments. Make a few every day PLEASE!

      We want to hear all the wonderful things PF is doing and just how unreasonable every body else is.

      We think you should have YOUR OWN DAILY PROGRAM on TV and radio.

      You can call it PF explained! Comic relief!

  25. Father Bwalya is cursed.. HE HAS TO REPENT. U cant be peedling with lies and remain without a curse. Napwisha, I cant wait for OGA leven.

  26. Let government through Ministry of Home Affairs demonstrate their dislike against violence by firing the police who were present during the time the cadres enganged in violence

  27. The same violence has been reported in Sinda where the president went. PF should understand that most Zambians deslike injustice and this is a big minus from their party. And its true that the president has the capacity to stop this violence. This lack of actions to that effect reflects very badly on him

  28. You people you don’t understand logic… “Father” B asked Miles not to go to other constituencies when Sampa was in PF and not when he forms his own party… Father Bwalya is saying any other person can go anywhere apart from a PF member…. And now you are saying he is a double tongued person… Sampa has formed his own party, hence Bwalya is saying Sampa is free to go wherever he wants… simple… Where is the double-tongue there or U-turn, you *****s… Pabwatooooooooo2016….

  29. Dear Catholic Church.
    As many hundreds of people will agree, you have an obligation to stand for truth, and lead by example. We take an OATH to our Creator using the Bible. That’s the highest level of making a promise to stand for truth. It follows that the general public is entirely justified to expect you to discipline and correct an erring Priest, especially if he is repeatedly going about it in a very blatant way. Silence on the part of Catholic Church means consent to what an erring Priest- FATHER FRANK BWALYA is doing. This is wrong and completely misleading.

  30. Come August 11 Perpetrators of political violence must be hunted and prosecuted much the same as LPM WENT AFTER PLUNDERERS in 2002!

  31. PF is worse than ISIS. Imagine if an International Flight was ahead of Sampa’s flight. We are a very disgraced nation due to lack of leadership.

  32. The whole incident has made the police and the entire Ndola airport security personnel look very f0olish in the eyes of everyone. And Frank Bwalya rubs it when he challenges the police to arrest the culprits knowing full well that Zambia Police can never do that. For how long are the police going to tolerate the nonsense from PF cadres? Under PF the image of ZP is in tatters.

  33. Serious breach of icao. If it was the time of British Airways tbey would be considering to suspend their flights into Zambia.plse PF cadres should be termed.

  34. Those of you that have read the bible know how sin came to be ! It is from a greedy angel who thought won the trust of his fellow angels “LUCIFER’/Shonongo in bemba.Those bad angels were thrown here on earth and Father Bwalya is a reincanate of the same. How then do you expect anything good from the devil himself. Not long ago Lucifer’s son was against PF today he is pro PF. He is upto confusion Shonongo !

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