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Kitwe Donor comes to the aid of 2 year old boy Joseph Mubanga

Health Kitwe Donor comes to the aid of 2 year old boy...

Joseph Mubanga with his father Mwape Mubanga
Joseph Mubanga with his father Mwape Mubanga

A Good Samaritan from Kitwe Oscar Kaluba has donated K5,000 to a two year old Joseph Mubanga suffering from tumor disease that affected him a few months after his birth.

Mr Kaluba offered the donation to the child after reading about the boy and seeing the pictures.

Mr Kaluba said he was touched when he read the story and saw a picture of a boy having a growth on his back suspected to be a tumor.

“I did not hesitate to offer the donation, all I want is that the boy be quickly taken to specialist doctors for treatment, and I’m also urging others to contribute towards the treatment of the boy’s illness to help him get relief from the pain and discomfort” Mr Kaluba said.

Last week the father of the boy Mwape Mubanga, 35 told Times of Zambia that the growth on his son’s back started like a pimple six months after he was born.

Mr Mubanga said the pimple continued to grow and become difficult to heal.

He said that he went to so many places seeking solutions but to no avail, and that he had no money to take his son for further diagnosis. He decided to appeal to the Government, non-governmental organizations and well-wishers to help him financially so that he can take his son for further diagnosis.

Mr Mubanga thanked Mr Kaluba for donating K5,000 to allow him take his son for further diagnosis to specialist doctors.

“May God reward him for what he had done for my son who is in pain and discomfort” Mr Mubanga said.

Eye witness Grace Senkanti who witnessed the donation thanked the well wisher who donated towards the illness of the child and wished the child quick recovery.

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    • @Viyazi Tembo. what about you? cant you give too. you are busy urging your friends to give. I will contribute K1,000.00

    • Viyazi publicizing will encourage others to donate. Thats how donations work unless you are covering the entire cost of treatment and other expenses then no need to go public.

    • I don’t need to advertise to you whether i have donated or not like I’m in your silly church in front of your fellow docile colleagues.

  1. Glory be to God, blessed are those who give, ba HH please can you also do like wise, show us that you care for the people of Zambia especially that you want to be the republican president. You have a lot of money don’t just spend it in politics tulangeniko ubukali bwenu.

  2. Joseph Mubanga is a child of God in the Christian nation of Zambia and has the right to be taken to the clinic in South Africa where the Christian nation of Zambia has an open account. Mr. Oscar Kaluba is a compassionate and giving human being and thank God that people like him can be found in the Christian nation of Zambia which even has a day set as prayer day. The government of the Christian nation of Zambia should be ashamed.

  3. Fellow bloggers are we saying that this tumour or growth could not be treated at the Kitwe Central Hospital or the UTH? What about the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Lusaka? It could be better maybe that before the press publishes these appeals for help to get treatment or cures for these ” incurable diseases” that they seek the expert opinion of our specialist doctors at one of our hospitals. Many of tehse diseases can be explained and can indeed be treated in our own hospitals.

    • UTH? do you even remember the operation of Robiana that was publicised like a football match? while, he died after an operation.

  4. Times of Zambia should quickly and without delay open an Account at either Barclay’s or Standard Chattered Bank and avail us all the account details. This way, we could all chip in and donate the little we have to save that innocent poor soul. I am standing by…..

  5. Such compassion Mr Oscar Kaluba cannot go unnoticed by the Almighty God. Your donation is not in vain. You shall surely be blessed.

  6. HIV positive government officers are referred to SA for treatment leaving out this poor child. what a government
    it’s so sad. Chikambwili chimukosi instead of donating

  7. blessed are those who stretch their hands towards the needy.we thank GOD for your creation was not in vain.

  8. …can we please have an organised system of ‘helping’….I wished someone would take the boy to the hospital and get a quotation for whatever operation has to be done….then we start contributing towards that amount either direct to that hospital or thru someone like our hero Mr Kaluba…

  9. Bloggers,we can organise ourselves and donate as little as k100 towards the child sickness.The number of bloggers on Lusaka Times is fast growing.The politicians we keep on praising on, Lusaka Times,will never assist our families when we fall sick.As bloggers why not opening a pool fund and assist those in need.
    HH,Edgar as well as other politicians,we are campaigning for,will not even look at us when they win elections.They will even forget that we used to insult each other on blog for them to win.Politicians are most egocentric people in the world,especially Zambian politician.The time we spend on blogging can be worthwhile if we think about people like cute,Joseph Mubanga.He needs our help.

  10. LT let the family of Joseph Mubanga know that there are more people who are willing to give if there is a fund set up for young Joseph such as go fund me (online giving). I am sure many bloggers like me would be willing to help this little one.

  11. Hi, bloggers, we called UNICEF abroad who gave us UNICEF in Zambia and to contact the person in charge. We sent Zambia the link and forwarded the email correspondence from abroad, with them stating whom to contact in Zambia a gentleman. By now they should have done something and not sure why they did not contact the boy’s father. This is the email address UNICEF abroad forwarded us for Zambia. If Lusaka Times can do a follow up please. http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/zambia_contact.html

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