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Defection of Maxwell Mwale to PF is good riddance-Kakoma

Headlines Defection of Maxwell Mwale to PF is good riddance-Kakoma

Former Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Malambo Member of Parliament Maxwell Mwale
FILE: Former Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) Malambo Member of Parliament Maxwell Mwale

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Charles Kakoma has described the defection of the party’s Chairman for mines and former Minister of Mines and Minerals Development Maxwell Mwale to PF as good riddance.

Reacting to news of defections by top UPND officials to PF, Mr Kakoma said that there were more people joining UPND than those leaving for other parties, adding that people should come to the UPND Monday briefing to see the quality of people who will be joining UPND.

“People should look out on Monday the calibre and quality of people that will be joining UPND at a press briefing,” Mr Kakoma claimed.

And Mr Kakoma said UPND national trustee Maybin Mubanga’s defection has no bearing on the party.

“Mr Mubanga has been rejected by party members in Luapula,” he said.

Yesterday, Maxwell Mwale and Maybin Mubanga resigned from the opposition political party to join the Patriotic Front (PF).

This comes barely a week after UPND Katuba member of Parliament (MP) Jonas Shakafuswa endorsed President Lungu’s candidature in the August 11 general elections.

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  1. Comment: Those are political prostitutes, Vagabonds and Mercenaries, Who got nothing to offer to the People of Zambia, after all no future for recycled politicians in Africa, Kuja kwathu ku M’mawa timati “Mwala ugudubuka siwumayanga Ndele” Let them go may be they will be settled to PF, They are nothing but greedy Politicians, My Brothers and Sisters be careful with this kind of politicians and don’t even try to vote for them come 11 August, Vote wisely! Vote for HH

    • Why did you appoint them to strategic senior leadership roles if they are Zambians of low Grade and caliber? In case of Maxwell Mwale you appointed him as your Mines Chair which is a very senior and important position. Your poor damage control statement manifest the kind of chaos your party would melt on the country if we ever risked our country with you chaps. If you can appoint those you deem the most useless into shadow leadership of highly sensitive and strategic sectors of Zambian institutions, only to denounce them after they choose to separate, thenyou are legime of clueless pinheads. Besides, all these pushes you back into a regional party without a national character. Doing some 11th hour patching with scavenger hunters like GBM does not add any character of national leadership…

  2. Any defection of a party member to another cannot be downplayed as insignificant or good riddance if the adage “any vote counts” is anything to go by. Stop deluding yourselves.

  3. The three are just trying to go for the cheaper product pf, they have failed to meet very high upnd standards and know that they will not be adopted as members of Parliament, why do you think pf has extended their adoption process, aim is to entice more mmd into pf with possibility of getting adopted as mps, looking at pf’s new campaign strategy of displaying strippers at their public meetings like what happened at chrisma hotel, i now understand why people like Jonas shakaz has been enticed to join pf.

  4. Officials are at ease with stealing public funds in PF, almost any weak mind would want to get richer quicker from such freestyle plundering going on in PF. Mwanawasa days are gone, these officials in PF are not scared, not one bit.

  5. voteit seems like everyone who joins upnd is something but if one leave it, is nothing he/she has no influence to people… am sure even when hh leaveshe will be nothing. lol

  6. We are not worried, only the blind can’ t see that the boat is sinking in deep waters. What is so special because the deplorable economic level in this country has reached under the PF administration speaks volumes about its failure to govern the country. Those with eyes to see can’ t go for the PF, only the job seekers who are just concerned with their bellies and they are used to cheating people. Vote wisely on 11/08 to change the phase of Zambian politics which is very pathetic at the moment. It’ s you ordinary Zambians who shall suffer more if you again go for the PF in the next five years going by what is prevailing at the moment. The Edgar Lungu administration has got no heart for you the ”have nots” and your suffering will be terrible if you make that mistake. Ubunga…

  7. The defectors must have seen the happenings in the inner bedroom of UPND, the stuff they call DNA you know. The DNA cannot go away you know, it’s the very fabric of UPND, just watch.

  8. Ati ‘good riddance’ yet the UPND paraded these guys at a major defection rally. Non-Tonga UPND bigwigs have realised that they are just being used as Tissue in that Cattle Herders Party. They also know that ONLY a Bantu Botatwe will be Running mate ! Viva ECL meanwhile

  9. I thought Maxwell Mwale was in Jail. It is sad that a mining engineer could end up being a cadre. Mwale is simply responding to RB’s call and not PF. If he had any moral fibre left in him, he would have gone back to MMD. POLITICS OF CHANCES…JOB CHANCES AND NOT IDEOLOGICAL CONVICTION ARE KILLING AFRICA.

  10. Imwe ba UPND, just accept that you are not going anywhere because even those that were disillusioned and joined you in frustration have come to realise how deep is your tribalism ideology. When someone of high ranking joins you, your Kachema parades them and at that moment you start dreaming that you are popular but once these come to terms that you are a regional party and very tribal and leave your party, you start insulting them.
    By the way do you honestly and truly believe that UPND will ever form government in Zambia? Unless am wrong but having toured Zambia extensively, there is no chance for HH and UPND at least for the next fifteen years.

  11. But PF has equally paraded them. I think like Prof Lumumba has advised in the other article africans need to move to a level where our arguments make sense. Kakoma’s reaction is also childish. How many times has politicians like Donald Trump or Bloomberg moved from republican to independent to democrat & vice versa but nobody insults them. Its called conscience. Whatever the motive for Mwale’s moving he has a right to it.

  12. And the joining of the CARTEL is it a good riddance Mr Kakoma? The Cartel your WATCHDOG NEWSPAPER condemned day and night.

  13. Com
    This is the name of the game ..kkkkkkll.gbm is expelled frm pf so he does not add value to up n down….gudbye

  14. Mr Kakoma’s comments should be well measured. Some times it is good to simply wish the defectors “good luck”. Its not fair to insult your spouse after divorcing… just part your ways with respect. Defectors have their own conscience that should also be respected. After all UPND seems to be the net beneficiary from all these defections, why should you respond with vernom? What are you saying about those leaving other parties for UPND? What is good for the goose is good for the gander! try to be above pettiness Mr Kakoma.

    Crying for Mr Mwale sure? Mr Mubanga? Is this the UPND caliber?

  15. Soon Cornelius Mweetwa and Gary Nkombo defenctions will be another good riddance for UPND? Let us wait and watch. Let us be serious, Zambian politicians.

  16. Upnd will die a natural death till someone else takes over the upnd presidency…! The I know it all atitude of hh is discouraging many…! Me and my extended family are voting for a humble man……viva ecl…!

  17. Comment:humility yaboza.this man is a pretender.visionless leader ,hiding in da name of church,but biz doing all sorts of bad acts.

  18. On Monday we shall pay attention attentively. If His Excellency President Lungu is NOT the one joining UPND we care not at all!

  19. Defection is obvious looking at the election period ahead of us..this is where one can show true character and boldness to a common call..I envy VJ who has always been MMD from inception..these people who jump from one ship to another just shows a lack of focus and one ness they lack..after all,there is no such thing as a perfect party either in opposition or ruling..so for me,its purely centred on what I can do for the people of zambia and not the party I defect to..#qualityandnotquantity..

  20. Stop lying VJ is upnd. How can someone support others & not his party like what vj did in January last year

  21. UPND has to grow up!!UPND RARELY MAKE SENSE TO MANY ZAMBIANS!!FOR THEM A POLITICIAN OR ANYBODY ELSE ONLY BECOMES A SAINT UPON JOINING AND SUPPORTING UPND!!ONCE HE LEAVES,THEY CALL THAT PERSON ALL SORTS OF NAMES-SHOCKING!!all these politicians joining PF know very well that upnd cannot make them win mp seats in none bantustan regions!!DURING 2015 PRESIDENTIAL BY ELECTION,PF CAME OUT FIRST IN MAXWEL MWALE’S CONSTITUENCY!!THIS YEAR RESULTS ARE LIKELY TO BE THE SAME!!expect people like Dr.Brian Chituwo,Prof.Lungwangwa,Dr.Situmbeko Musokotwane,Kabinga Pande,etc to join upnd as they know that in their bantustan area upnd can make them retain their seats!!SO KAKOMA U CANNOT BOAST ABOUT YOUR FELLOW BANTUSTANS AS THEIR ACTION OF JOINING UPND WONT SHAKE PF IN ANYWAY!!we all know that hh would win…

  22. We all know that hh would win in southern,western,n/western and none bemba speaking areas of Central!!SO ALL PF STRONGHOLDS ARE INTACT AND U CAN ADD EASTERN TO PF WHICH WAS UNDER MMD!!

  23. HH and UPND just wait for 11/08/2016, for sure Southern ,western and N/western are for them. Don’t be cheated PF is very very strong in LUSAKA, COPPER BELT, LUAPULA, NORTHERN, CENTRAL AND MOTHER EASTERN. This year is the end of HH AND FAT GBM GRADE 4, UPND just prepare to go to convention and elect Garry Nkombo or Mwetwa as UPND party president because HH kachema is losing again this year. whether first round or re-run is going to lose. Even if the joining of GBM and others, it wont chance anything to zambians. VIVA PF VIVA EDAR CHAGWA LUNG. And 2021 PF IS GOING TO WIN WITH PRESIDENT KAMBWILI.TILL 2030 THE DF SAMPA WILL TAKE OVER. 2016-2030 IT WILL BE PF.

  24. so you mean losing a single vote does not mater in your party?well to us in PF it maters welcome Maxwell Mwale to the party where your single vote maters.

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