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Kalaba commends UCZ for contributing to national development


Foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign affairs minister Harry Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, has observed that since 1965 the United Change of Zambia (UCZ) has played a pivotal role in the emancipation of this country.

Mr Kalaba said this in Lusaka today during a fundraising service for the completion of the UCZ, Kabangwe Congregation.

He urged members of the Church to give to the Lord cheerfully as they will be rewarded greatly.

He noted that when they give generously, God will surely meet them at their point of need and their household will have abundance.

Mr Kalaba said the UCZ has also lived up to its evangelical role of providing for the poor, feeding the hungry and visiting those in prison.

He said the Church has been doing this through its various community interventions and departments such as the Boys Brigade (BB) and Girls Brigade (GB).

Mr Kalaba said UCZ needs to also play a prominent role in ensuring that there is peace as Zambia goes to the polls.

He noted that Zambia is one of the eight in the world that have never recorded any civil strife, and it is, therefore, important it maintains its peace.
Mr Kalaba said Easter is the time that the country needs to inculcate good morals and a spirit of oneness as the nation remembers the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He reiterated that President Edgar Lungu has set aside a day of national prayer because of his love for peace and unity.

Mr Kalaba said because of this Zambia shall remain a Christian Nation and has asked the Church to keep praying for peace to continue.

He has since encouraged the youths in the Church and the community not to be used as tools of violence ahead of the August 11 general elections.

The Foreign Affairs Minister said during this period, unsuspecting youths usually fall prey and involve themselves in violence which is detrimental to the development of the country.

Mr Kalaba reiterated that youths are the future leaders of this country hence the need for them to engage themselves in meaningful activities.

Speaking earlier UCZ Kabangwe Congregation Minister in Charge, Timothy Chamuka, noted that time has come for the congregants to build the house of the Lord with pride.

Rev Chamuka said many congregants have a tendency of shunning Church fundraising ventures.

He said he is happy that government has taken a strong stance of speaking against violence.

Durinmg the fundraising event Mr Kalaba pledged a K10,000 while Katuba Member of Parliament, Jonas Shakafuswa, pledged a K 5000.


  1. United Change of Zambia !!????

    New political party?

    We definitely need CHANGE in Zambia. This visionless drunkard has shown us that him and his clueless clowns have TOTALLY FAILED to run the country!

    • NO NO NO!!

      Kalaba was just confirming that United CHANGE OF ZAMBIA will occur on 11/8/2016!!

      Abantu baya!! pamafI Ya shala!! Vote wisely 11/8/2016!! Vote UCZ – United Change Of Zambia!!


      I thank you!!

  2. UCZ do not be used by these politicians, yours as to spread the good news and not entangle yourself with oppressors. A quick survey of your congregations will reveal just how much suffering is going on. DO NOT turn a blind eye to the obvious just because someone may be getting some kickbacks. It does not benefit anyone for these politicians to patronize your churches, remember Jesus kicked people out of the Temple because they had made it into a market place. UCZ be careful not make the denomination a political podium.

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