Monday, February 26, 2024

Zambian Olympic Prospect Prince Mumba’s Story



  1. These are the stories we need to have in Zambia. Prince is an inspiration. At this point whether or not he wins Gold on the track, he already is Gold medalist in my mind!

  2. He has been to 2 Olympic already, you keep on reducing the age to keep trying to rip ‘Gold’. It’s time to look to the future, Prince has become a Kalu of Zambian athletes.
    He is my former classmate, I’m 45 now and he is still in the 20s…. Come on.

  3. Comment: you’ll always be my hero and my inspiration,may God protect you in everything that you do.don’t let people without a living pull you down,just continue doing what you do best and make zambia and me proud. love you so much babe

  4. Then when he succeeds you start calling him Zambia#s ambassador when he is being pushed by others. The problem with talent in Zambia, we do not nurture. We just like to get in on the action when one has already become successful or marketable. Samuel Matete gave us pride as well, but we had no input in getting him up there.

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