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Bishop Joshua Banda denies selling “Anointed Vaseline”


Product bearing Bishop Banda's name and image
Product bearing Bishop Banda’s name and image

Northmead Assemblies of God Presiding Bishop Joshua Banda has refuted reports that he has launched a product called Anointed Vaseline bearing his name and image.

In a statement issued by his Executive Assistant and Head of Media, Bishop Banda said he is in no way connected to the said product.

“It has come to our attention that an online publication has posted a beauty product namely “Anointed Vaseline” bearing Bishop H.K Banda’s name and image. We wish to categorically state that Bishop Banda is in no way connected to the said product,” the statement said.

It said, “This act is libellous and malicious. We can only assume that it is meant to dent the good image of Bishop Banda. This criminal act has thus been reported to law enforcement agencies.”

“Dr Banda is on record for championing the Biblical teaching aimed at raising public awareness regarding the dangers of tokenism which results from the use and misapplication of religious emblems such as oil, water etc. which is rampant in our day. We thank all the well-wishers for their quick action in bringing this evil act to our attention.”


  1. Using the name of God in your quest for money/riches/ worldly desires will not go unpunished. God the Almighty shall ruthlessly deal with all those crooks masquerading as men of God. Please concentrate on leading His people to the promised land.

    • Joshua must ask RB, and ECL on that one…But what really happens when people pray?. The answer is: Nothing happens, and people just get immotional. And ends there.

      Spare us the sentimentality of worship you donkeys!!

    • Bishop Banda should try making Single Anointed Ultra Holy Jemason Whisky. That one customer in State House will make him more money than all Vaseline lube customers in Zambia.

  2. You clearly see that the picture and the words “Anointed Vaseline” are edited in the image.

  3. Certain individuals can be so desperate and have been trying to drag Bishop’s name into the mud. Clearly every thing about the product is doctored and these are schemes of the enemy. No weapon fashioned against the Bishop shall prosper. Already the enemy has been exposed.

  4. This is all because the people in UPND think the Bishop is supporting PF. If in the unlikely event UPND came into power, they will undoubtedly be intolerant to divergent views.

    • When are you going to wake up from your folly..your great great grandparents were told the selfsame thing to trick them.
      Wake up and study about self!!

  5. A **** and his money are soon parted…if you can sit in church without questioning why would I be surprised if i saw people queuing for this like maize meal.

  6. The people who have done this are very dull.

    There is no way Joshua Banda can impose himself on other people’s products such as Vaseline, a global product.

    The owners of Vaseline product must sniff out the online offenders and teach them a lesson that some jokes are too costly.

  7. “A Whole Lot Of Wishful Thinking These Days”

    anointed soap to wash your sins away
    anointed brooms to sweep your problems away
    anointed sanitry pads for period pain relief
    anointed underwear for sexual problems
    anointed bracelets for luck
    anointed handkerchiefs……………………………………

    • Are you then admitting that Bishop Banda is the religious face of PF and is therefore a legitimate political target?

  8. The simple truth here is that the bishop should stay out of politics. You can’t go to play in mud and expect to remain clean. It is impossible .

  9. Tokenism also called iconoclasm was very rampant at some point in the early church. This seems to be a repeat of history. I know bishop Banda and have heard him several times on radio comdemn this money making scheme by the so called ‘prophets’. Bishop does not agree with this teaching and practice. Biblically its very wrongly interpreted.

    The power is in Jesus not these emblems like oil, water etc. Jesus is able to handle all those problems and there is no need to go to some prophet and buy expensive anointing oil. Just believe and Jesus will heal you completely without any of these emblems. Freely we have received, freely we shall give

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