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PF Manifesto: Zambians abroad to be allowed to Vote, ZESCO to be unbundled, target 2 million tons Copper Production

Headlines PF Manifesto: Zambians abroad to be allowed to Vote, ZESCO to be...

President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina looking at the PF new material at the lunch of PF Campaign in the Heroes Stadium
President Lungu and Vice President Inonge Wina looking at the PF new material at the lunch of PF Campaign in the Heroes Stadium

The ruling Patriotic Front has made a raft of promises in its latest manifesto as it seeks to win a fresh mandate from Zambia in this August elections.

In a foreword to the 79 paged document, President Edgar Lungu stated that the PF has delivered on its campaign promises of 2011, and is best placed to lift Zambia and all Zambians to greater socio-economic heights.

“Through appropriate interventions, such as raising the tax free income threshold threefold from K1, 000 in 2011 to K3, 000 in 2014, revision of the minimum wage, salary increases, the Patriotic Front has fulfilled its pledge to put more money in people’s pockets,” President Lungu said.

He said by building infrastructure, the PF has also saved people time and money as they travel to access services and facilities.

But in its new manifesto, the party has gone a step further to make a wide ranging promises it hopes will attract the voters as it seeks a new five-year mandate.

In the energy sector, the PF is promising to accelerate and scale up public-private partnership investment in hydro power generation to raise the installed capacity in order to meet national demand and generate surplus for export and to attain cost reflective tariffs by 2019.

The PF Manifesto for the Period 2016-2021

It also promises to allow ZESCO to make a profit and recapitalise and that it will unbundle the electricity industry into generation, distribution and customer service to improve efficiency.

The PF however says that transmission of power will still remain under the government’s jurisdiction
In the mining sector, the party says it will rump up copper production to 2 million tons per annum by the year 2017 and promote ownership of large scale mines by indigenous Zambians.

It also promises to increase the contribution of the mining industry to governments’ revenue base in line with trends and best practice in the mining sector emerging markets.

On governance, the party says that it will introduce a law to enable Zambians living in the diaspora to exercise their entitlement to be registered as voters and vote in an election.

“Our party the PF, is campaigning for the Yes Vote during the August 11, 2016 referendum. We will also review the Non-Governmental Organisations Act of 2009 and we will review and reconcile the provisions of the Official Secrets Act and the Freedom of Information Bill of 2002 in order to enact the Freedom of Information Bill of 2002 into law,” it says.

The PF also promises to support self-regulation of the media in Zambia.

In the education sector, the PF says it will continue with upgrading of the remaining 1,800 Basic Schools into Day Secondary Schools and sustain the Fast-Track upgrading programme for teachers in Mathematics and Science.

It also promises to amend the 2011 Education Act and review the 1996 National Education Policy including the 1996 TEVET Policy

The PF is now promising to construct and establish universities in Eastern, Northern, Southern and North-Western Provinces and launch the University Student Loan Scheme to replace the Bursaries Committee arrangement.

Below is the link for the Full PF Manifesto

The PF Manifesto for the Period 2016-2021


  1. Every 5 years,there are new manifestos which translate to nothing but remaining on the piece of paper they are written on.Whats new about this manifesto that we haven’t heard before? The more reason Africa will remain a begging continent.We have never been good at implementing our manifestos or programs.

    • True, but so are business plans. 90% of business plans around the world are never followed or implemented, but you better have a business plan if you seek funding and so is the manifesto. You better have one if you seek votes.

      I like the idea of being abroad and having to vote, but the 2 millions of copper target shouldn’t be in a manifesto, come on PF. What’s up with that?

      Let me just sink my teeth into this manifesto and ..I will be back with further comments.

    • Has the Dual Citizenship been effected from the time it was passed in the constitution.

    • This is more of a Manifesto than the 10-point plan promising freebies. Un-bundling ZESCO, allowing Zambians in the diaspora to vote, increasing copper production, and I know there are other points covering agriculture and education seems to be a serious document than from the opposition which in fact should be more detailed.

    • All lies, lies, lies, by Chakolwa. Copper production has dripped drastically from 750,000t on 2014. How can Chakolwa increase this to 2 million? What is he smoking on top of his Jemason?
      #PF Zwaa!

    • The so called manifesto is a photocopy of one of the ruling party’s manifesto in the region with changes only made to names of persons, companies and infrastructure. We knew that these guys cant even draft a simple manifesto that people can understand and that is applicable to our environment..

    • Great job PF!!!
      This is how a manifesto should be; clear roadmap, clear direction, and definite time-frame.
      Not UPND’s 10 point wish list which everybody else is saying, and they don’t even put any roadmap to it. As for UPND, they don’t even answer any bit of the question the Zambians are saying, ‘How??????’
      UPND, let us not hide in saying, ‘it is a secrete’, when in fact we don’t know what to do.

    • Congrats ECL and your PF! I will not be surprised to see distraught Hichilema settling for Guy Scott as his running mate. Let’s see.

    • Gone thru it, its a very poorly written document. For instance , there vision says, “The Patriotic Front for the next five years is to make Zambia more;—— industrious, prosperous, peaceful, stable, united, democratic, and inclusive society” With such a statement, how do you measure achievement or realization of the aspirations? Any vision without numbers aligned to it is just bunch of statements of intent that can never be achieved.
      This is a copy and paste document, and not a manifesto.

    • There goes the finished team. PF has shot themselves in the foot. 79 paged manifesto for what? At their launch they did not have that 79 paged paper yet they have been in power for 5 years. What a joke.



    • The issue of more money in the pocket, PF cannot be linked to the civil servants as the suffering masses are out of employment. The fact that you have not addressed the issue of putting more money in the farmers and the rural poor in general is a major failure in itself.

    • Useless Manifesto, has no depth to it? Damn all they know is talk of increasing taxes. when will you work to reduce taxes ao that ZAMBIANS Can have excess cash?? They are all dull.

  2. God who answers prayers by thunder and fire, by the blood of Jesus, HH shall excel this year and possess the gates of his adversaries and nothing shall defile, delay, or hinder him. Lord, anoint HH with the oil of gladness above his fellows. The fire of the enemy will not burn HH and team in the name of Jesus. Every satanic checkpoint mounted against HH in the heavenlies be dismantled by the word of the Lord. Every evil altar prepared against HH and team’s breakthroughs in the heavenlies, dry lands and in the sea, be dismantled by fire, in the name of Jesus. You spiritual wickedness in the heavenlies militating against HH and team’s star, I bring the hook of the Lord against you and frustrates your activities in Jesus name

    • Mr. “Prayer Warrior for HH”,
      Are you praying to God or you are praying to LusakaTimes?
      I see that you are committedly and unwaveringly, continuously submitting, committing and making your requests known to LusakaTimes.
      Or are you praying to the bloggers?
      My fear is that you risk receiving your full reward from LusakaTimes and the bloggers and thus you may not expect anything from God.

      Read Matthew 6:5:
      “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full”

    • That is because, if you pray so that you can be seen and approved by men, the men become your object of prayer, and you will get the approval of men. And because your focus is men and not God, you will get your full reward from men, i.e. their approval, and you should expect nothing from God because he is, after all, your focus. You may convince yourself that you are focusing on God also, but if your focus is shared between man and God then it is entirely on man because God does not receive a fraction of focus but full.

  3. Time has come for PF to be voted out. The 2011 PF promises where lies based on Donchi Kubeba. Where is the Zambian National Airline PF yapped about? Zero!
    On 11~8, its out visionless PF bandits full of anarchy & charlatan life.
    PF kuyabebele, out.
    Vote wisely people, only Forward UPND.
    The Skeleton Key
    PF are visionless & failures.

    • Lungu, those are not your ideas, you have no vision you don’t have what it takes to be a Leader. Listen to your speeches at Airports or wherever you are not inspiring.
      The worst is how you have soled Pf to RB. You have no morality God will judge you. You replace all the PF members with MMD as parliamentary candidates in Ndola for example what are thinking. You frustrate people out of the Party and you start saying they will come back to the Pf party and start at the grassroots.
      You even lie that you are championing SAta’s legacy, you are such a lair

  4. The new (2016) Manifesto of promises should be judged against implementation of old (2011) Manifesto of broken promises.

    No mention of implementation of IMF “SAP”???

  5. Thanks PF. We know you mean well and we will give you our votes in big numbers. Bitter people like HH, GBM, Scott, Sampa, Mumba cannot be trusted with power. Zambia needs a Humble, God-fearing, and listening president. HH and his advisors lack all the three qualities.

    • They have the right to be bitter because of how the PF Party which they fought for with their lives has been sold to RB and how Lungu has betrayed the legacy of SAta.

      Infact Lungu must stop mentioning the name of MCS in his campaign, let him use the name of the disgraced corrupt RB the worst President this Country has ever seen. Yes let him use that name not Sata. Lungu is shameless

      Lungu is a traitor a sellout. Infact all those who have stuck with PF, they have just resolved that they can’t just leave the Party with ba SAngwapo….NO.

    • Lungu is deceptive, manipulative and.virulently violent.

      Like the devil, Lungu lies day by day. A wolf in sheep skin. He is dangerously wicked.

      All attacks on rivals are his making. And being a lying Catholic he has rabid hate for Seventh Day Adventists and thus HH.

  6. How does a political party or government swt a targwt for copper production when they dont own any Mine? Mining companies have their own 5 yr, 10-15 year production plans depending on mine plans and schedules.
    The lies continue without shame.

    • Lungu is a liar and con artist. The Zambian government does not.own any mine although they have minority interest in some mines via ZCCM~IH. Anyone with knowledge of corporate governance knows that it’s the majority shareholder who decides strategy and thus the posturing of Lungu is deceptive as it is repugnant.

    • #Joseph what do you expect from the 2016 most incompetent and idio.tic president of the millennium.

  7. I dont remember receiving more money in my pocket.lol escerlating prices sivintu. I dont think im gonna make a mistake again. Change is a must for me.

  8. The PF implemented kaponya popularist polices without understanding economics resulting in Zambia being uncompetitive in many industries compared to other countries.
    Where are the investores we were promised will come flocking once we have the most expensive roads in place.

  9. It is very clear tht ECL will win these elections by more than 60 percent.Their infrastructure dev initiative is impressive and shud continue…..we dont want cow dung in cairo road.

    • Those infrastructures were not Lungu’s ideas but SAta’s. Lungu is riding on SAta’s ideas, passion and initiative and yet he does not want to uphold SAta’s values, the people he loved trusted worked with people like the Chendas, Mark Mushili who funded the Party during its bitter years. Lung is heartless. He would rather obey RB than uphold the values of the Party. Lungu’s down fall will be terrible

    • @Lizzy.
      U are right. ECL is definitely winning. You can easily tell from the bitterness of UPND cadres here that all is not well for them. This is how they have been behaving during elections,insulting and panicking while calling the president outgoing when its their HH who is going.

  10. this can be achieved and will be achieved, ofcourse dont expect 100% but atleast there will be some change especially in the energy sector….nomba for those of u who are saying u have not received more mkoney in yo pockets its bcoz u have so much nkongole ma loan and all that has been due to PF who increased yo salaries and u increased yo nkongole……..#ECL

  11. We o know Pf knows what they r talking about, bcoz they ve achieved big things from previous manifesto. Most parts of Z r now accessible. Mo skus, mo hospitals with Pf. Not Tu theoretical 10 pointless plan by inexperienced kachemas, whoz only CV is stealing parastatals. Viva Pf!!!!

    • Is the rulling Party ‘PF’ really, I wonder. I think the party is more MMD than PF. Look at the numbers of those who have been adopted, they are more of MMD and than PF.

      What is shocking is that inspite of credible people being avawilble in all the Provinces, Lungu picks MMD members. Lungu has soled the Party to MMD

    • And whats the composition of UPND? The top is filled with ex PF Bemba Brains iwe ! This is why people say ‘ A Tonga will never rule Zambia (Unless assisted by a Bemba )

  12. Has anyone taken a good look at this document? Shoddily done with pictures in the wrong places and not fitting the pages. No wonder this document could not be released. They are ready to pay artists K100,000 to compose campaign songs but they cannot even pay K10,000 to edit such an important document. The PF is not necessarily completely a bad government. The Party lacks technocrats in comparison to say MMD of the past. I still think the PF will win but working people have turned to the UPND because it has more technocrats.

  13. Another vague manifesto…Most of these manifestos are not even worth the paper they are printed on…any bundling ZESCO is not as easy as breaking apart a small shop simply ask the Ugandas this is a 10-15 program; it seems all these parties are avoiding the issue of tarriffs….where are all those brains who draw up MMD’s manifestos 20 years ago, its seems all these parties are simply taking on G9 empty tins instead of headhunting strategists.

    • @15 Jay Jay, the issue of avoiding tariffs the article has said “…and to attain cost reflective tariffs by 2019”- a realistic time frame of three years!They will unbundle ZESCO as they have said but have not given the time frame which means they will initiate the process and take it along. As long as it is carefully done to protect Zambia’s interest and not rushed to please outsiders people can be happy with that. All these are sensitive issues others are failing to state clearly but they prerequisites to attracting investment in the energy sector. I doubt their pronouncements on mining but…I hope and just hope they have pledged something sensible on Tourism,Agriculture and Manufacturing- yet to read the full manifesto!

    • Cost reflective tarrifs should have been implemented by now …who do you think is going to pay for all that power you’ve been importing at $40+ m a month for the past 10 months? And those loans? You are also creating other projects…be realistic!

  14. Very weak manifesto its like a piece of paper trying to explain why they have a failed to owner their promise. They don’t explain how they will achieve their promises when they have accrued so much debt. Which resources are they going to use looking at the manifesto there is nothing new in terms of ideology. We have heard them promise yet no implementation.

  15. Quite a realistic manifesto- building on what was started- can’t start from without! Unbundling of ZESCO’ll increase its efficiency and ‘black out’ it’s shortfalls- most of the proposals are indeed sustainable and this Great nation looks brighter! We don’t need people who are echoing what’s been done or merely coming to appease their egos by venting their myopic vendettas- Ifintu NiLungu!!!

    • Sounds easy but its complex and is a good move but unfortunately PF do not have the brain power they will simply outsource everything for a kickback…look at Zamtel they Zambians are out of bounds when it comes to the secruity and technology side of it… that department is restricted to the Chinese.

  16. This 26 chapter manifesto is far much better than the armature 10 point plan.
    COME 11/08/16

  17. Where is the manifesto for the UPND so that we can compare it with the latest version of the PF manifesto… Hopefully it will be released after battling to choose a Running Mate later today because when the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is busy, every thing comes to a stand still no one is allowed to suggest anything lest you are perceived to be at variance with the Supreme Leader HH…

    • Aba Tonga ni ngombe mudala. Coz ingombe must always have a Kachema in front. This is why they have contracted BEMBAs to help them rule !!

  18. Its very clear that HH has failed to deliver UPND to the Zambians tje way Mazoka would have loved it to be. HH has had to embrace Micheal Satas team in order to get that close to Ruling. In other words, Tongas will always rely on brainy BEMBAs in order to get into power. Morelike a Bantustan-Kolwestan marriage. Its good HH knows that the hornless tonga cows like ailing Muntanga , mweetwa and Nkombo have just been wasting his time !

    • I think you are clutching at straws…you are the selfsame people who labelled them a tribalist Tonga party now its about Bemba brainpower….this is the end result of not having the ability to conduct an issue based debate.
      You cadres are the worst cancer to our democracy….wake up from your folly!!

    • Bembas have destroyed Zambia through their stealing.
      A bemba can subconsciously steal from his own bank account.
      God should have saved Zambia by keeping the bemba thieves with their usless mines in Congo with their brothers the kasais and the rest of Zambia would have been better off by far.
      Imagine, no stealing and plundering of public coffers if the bembas were part of Congo??

    • You sound very worried that the perceived Tonga party is not so after all and you are dying inside with envy. You are the same people that where pushing for tribalism slogan like Chimbwili who is now quiet. Go hung yourself and stop being childish. What a blogger?

  19. Ba Lungu when are the workers going to be paid at UNZA while you are spending big to organise music concerts at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium? But you are really a disaster sir.

    • It’s not the job of the President to be interfering in established institutions because they have capable people appointed to do the job they were engaged to perform…That’s how incompetent people have become to always want a Republican President to interfere…

    • @ Zakeyo

      What is the job of the President? To go begging for loans and then deposit the same in his account? To pardon rapist for a song of praise? To be on “working holiday” Monday to Friday and then take w/e off to count ill gotten wealth?

  20. Why produce so much Cu when other countries are cutting down on their production numbers to influence the upward trend of the price of the metal on the international market? Most world leading Cu producing entities are reducing their production figures and yet PF wants to produce 2 millions tonnes…..Na load shedding!! Simple law of demand and supply ba PF.

    • @22Dmitri,I am with you. In fact we should be thinking of diversifying our mining sector and reducing dependence on this copper,copper…. May be they have said it somewhere in the manifesto.. but it is important to explore for oil and gas and establish if the identified areas of potential deposits really have the commodity in economic quantities and also look at developing and maximizing gains from the gemstone sector! Not this copper,copper that…same copper story for too long!

  21. True…. Lungi is a disaster. He has soled the PF Party to Rb/MMD. He is shameless. He has let down the loyal PF members who have grown the Party through thick and thin only to give it to opportunists, ba SAngwapo people like Margaret Mwanakatwe, I mean from nowhere afisangafye pa mbale This is so immoral on part of Lungu. That’s why me and some I know have decided to vote for someone else and not Lungu because he has betrayed us and SAta

    • Don’t be illiterate. Edgar Lungu is the Commander In Chief and the police is obligated to assist him.

  22. t also promises to allow ZESCO to make a profit and recapitalize and that it will unbundle the electricity industry into generation, distribution and customer service to improve efficiency.

    Its a known fact that Zesco as a monopoly has and is making abnormal profits year in year out, what has and is the problem or challenges at Zesco is the way the resources at the said institution are being mismanaged, channeled to most unproductive ventures by the state and those in charge.

    In managing state resources or business , its not about how sweet the speech of the MD is , or how appealing your window dressing is BUT well implementation, financial discipline, and understanding that 3 – 2.5 =0.5. meaning your Revenue minus Expenses must be on a positive side for recapitalization and…

  23. HH is torn between improving his chances at the presidency and bowing to the extremist traditionalist in his party. Arguably, they have a point in that they have carried him through four defeats and nearly got him the presidency in January 2015 but also they do not understand that they will have give up the notion of a Tonga succeeding HH to attain the presidency. This is not dissimilar with the scenario that got HH appointed leader and that cost them future elections and the tribal tag. If HH bows to the traditionalists, it will stamp an identity on the party.

    • SAINT. DESPERACIOUS, I think you are the one who is illiterate. Lungu is indeed commander in chief as long as he remains President of Republic of Zambia and not PF President. Police can indeed assist him in carrying out government functions and not party functions….comprendo ??

  24. Good Forward looking manifesto unlike the backward looking FIX IT UPND that failed to take off from where PF is though we advise that lessons from what ESKOM has gone through and the current takeover of municipalities debt implied in the efficiencies in the separation should reflect efficiency and ensure marginal cost and Cost Volume profitability analysis implied in economies of scale

    Wide consultation with stakeholders on this GOOD point will be helpful in implementation learning from other utilities with similar income distribution

    Good Point to consider though to ensure income protection and refinancing commercially

  25. its like learning from the case of Petrobras’s and implementing the Zesco good prepaid initiatives to increase income reducing on cost to effectively reduce the cash conversion and operation cycle


  26. Reasonable if not brilliant and practical manifesto. They will use the infrastructure which they have developed so far to achieve their goals
    Very unlike the UPND 10 point plan which fails to acknowledge that without badic infrastructure like roads they cannot do what they have promised. UPND 10 point could have gained a little credibility if they accepted that they will build on what PF have done. But then do you expect HH to acknowledge the works of PF? But that is his pitfall, he cannot sontapo for fear of praising PF. But we the voters can see and sontapo and we know the liars and the pretenders and the tenderpreneurs.

    • As the name shows, you are really Terrible. How can you fail to notice that even if your party leaves office, the infrastructure will remain? The 10 point plan is meant to fix what the current government has missed in the 5 yrs.

    • You probably haven’t read your history you ignoramus.KK rolled out massive infrastructure development in the 1st National Development Plan and where did it get us??into massive debt with little impact on the economy as a whole.We are exactly in that same space 50 years later.Nice roads to look at but they contribute little to economic development as a whole.The billions spent on roads of which 40% was pocketed by politicians would have easily been ploughed into agriculture development and started the shift to diversify this economy into an agrarian based economy and consolidating Zambia as the food basket of the sub-region.As things stand,we are the 3rd worst malnourished country in the world yet we are endowed with abundant natural resources and are a bastion of peace and stability.The…

  27. The anger you keep on showing is seeming from the writing on the wall. After September some “organization” will fragment – badly!

  28. The mistake made by this Government is turning all their energy to be a ministry of works and supply hence neglecting other aspects of development. One would see how policy was being changed like diapers. We do not need ad-hock kind of leadership.

  29. “The PF also promises to support self-regulation of the media in Zambia”
    This was there in 2011 five years down the line, it still coming in as a promise!

  30. This is not a manifesto. Otherwise even Jelita and Mulenga can wake up tomorrow and say I intend to do this, and that and this. Where is the HOW on most of these ‘ambitions’? How will you actually do it? How will you raise capital, stimulate production or pay for new constructions like schools and universities – without borrowing, for example?

  31. Have been trying to lay my hands on the UPND manifesto but the site just ends to no where, can someone help me so that I can make an informed decision between these parties.

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