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Zesco reduces loadshedding hours from 8 to 4

Economy Zesco reduces loadshedding hours from 8 to 4

Rolling black outs of up to 8hrs in duration continue to plague Zambian
File:Rolling black outs of up to 8hrs in duration continue to plague Zambian

State power utility ZESCO has announced that it has reduced the hours of load shedding from eight to six following a rise in water levels in the Itezhi Tezhi dam.

According to a notice issued by ZESCO Senior Manager for Marketing and Public Relations Bessie Banda, the water levels at the water inflows in the Itezhi Tezhi dam have improved and that ZESCO is now able to generate at full capacity.

Mrs Banda said the development coupled with power imports have made it possible for ZESCO to reduce load shedding from 8 to 4 hours daily.

“ZESCO also wishes to inform customers and the general public that the load shedding will ease even further as we continue to commission projects that are nearing completion,” Mrs Banda said.

She added, “ZESCO would like to take this opportunity to thank its customers for their cooperation and understanding during the period when the power deficit was at a critical period.”

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  1. ZESCO accelerate development of more power stations and other sources of energy so that the country does not experience this kind of power deficit again.

    • Bushe imwe mwaba mupepi na Dora, bushe alileka ukusunda batini??

    • “ZESCO would like to take this opportunity to thank its customers for their cooperation and understanding ….”

      Madam get it right we only cooperated but we did not understand, just like is the case from the blues we have enough water in Itezhi Tezhi and there is nothing down the stream at Kafue Gorge. Something is not making sense.

  2. Generation of power should not be left alone if this problem is not happen again. The private sector should be allowed to generate power and sale either directly to consumer or for the purposes of regulation private sectors sale power to zesco.

    • energy tariffs are too low for private energy companies to invest in Zambia we need to increase tariffs(cost reflective) which we should see after the election

  3. this is suspicious we have deflect of 700MW according to the ministry this power station only produces 120MW…..if Maamba was online it would make sense but that only becomes a factor in august…… im sure is now importing more electricity at prices that are unsustainable…. i want to see if this stays intact after elections.

    of course by then we should see a rise in electricity prices regardless of the party in power

  4. Where has the water come from, rains stopped in March 2016. Has Dora and Chama urinated into the dam to raise the levels?

    • People in Livingstone will tell you that the maximum amount of water over the Falls is observed in June and not March. It takes time for the water to travel the furthest point being Kaleni Hills and its progress is slowed down by the Barotse plains or is it Zambezi plains as KK may have changed the name. Why insult based on lack of knowledge?

  5. Just lies, the Zambezi River Authority said last week the waters in Kariba were still low. We get most of the power from there. The government said it will take three rainy seasons to get back to normal. Last week Dora said loadshedding will get worse in October/November. So where have we all of a sudden found water and power.

    • I’m also wondering… we have electricity 24/7, my argument is why not give us 4 hours a day so that we are not subjected to 10 hours load-shedding in October

    • It does not take 3 years to fill the ITT dam because it is a very small lake, 7 billion m3. The Kariba Lake is 280 billion m3. Do not confuse the two. For the first time in Zambia the water which was spilled at ITT to generate power at Kafue Gorge is now generating 120 MW because the head here is 50m at ITT but the same quantity of water will generate 8 times more power at Kafue Gorge because the head is 400m i.e. 8×120 MW. It is a very effective project.

  6. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the reduction is due to the upcoming elections

  7. If only life was much easier (though there’s not much change under PF) like it is during elections time. Zambia would be a mega destination for investors

  8. Too late ba Dora, you urine in the Kariba and Kafue Gorge will not save you your cabinet position, you should have urinated much earlier than that mama

  9. Electricity has just gone in kitwe riverside extension, and this is approximately 14:30 hrs looking forward to witnessing the 4 hour load shedding plan

  10. …we won’t be fooled by these cheap campaign ploys. We the people demand credible leadership–one that can put in place sound, sustainable energy policies.

  11. Silly campaign gimmick. Anyway pack your bags u ar still going we have suffered enough you monkeys.

  12. And it will be 16 hours if the 2016 most incompetent and idi0tic president of the millennium Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba rig the 11 August election.

  13. “State power utility ZESCO has announced that it has reduced the hours of load shedding from eight to six following a rise in water levels in the Itezhi Tezhi dam”. meanwhile the LT heading says: Zesco reduces loadshedding hours from 8 to 4. This is an indication such a reduction is just hallucinations of ZESCO which is which reduction from 8 to six or from 8 to 4?

  14. The max generation of the Itezhi-Tezhi plant is 120MW. and recently a 50MW was added onto the facility.What crap is this Banda talking about?The water levels have to do with Kariba and not Itezhi-tezhi.The PF dont just lie,but they also dont know how to lie aswell.The truth is that,the PF has been exporting the Zambian power at high prices and then import minimal cheap electricity But most of it is not imported,It is locally electricity then they sell it to mines and charge them premium,as tho it was imported electricity.This is how Edgar made his 23million,and also from road contracts.Overcharge and then only pay less,then reminder is all stashed under the carpet.Thats how fraud works for those that dont know.

  15. I bet you,and trust me,Zambia has got enough electricity generation to not have a single loadshedding.Wait untill the next Government takes over.The PF is just trying to cover up the mess but they dont know how to do it properly-Chiluba was good at this but still the Zambian people caught up with him.The PF are such laymans.The new government will investigate from the time those chinese turbines were bought.cos this was the beginning of our suffering.Everything was staged up by the PF.Cos a problem,when people are grabbing bags running up down-steal.If its quiet,people can see u stealing,but when there is a confusion-no one will notice anything.This was the PF strategy,but unfortunately its going to be a costly one-whether PF wins or loses this election.It ll cost them and there will be a…

  16. Ba LT why not give us the full text of what this Bessie said…! Your summary is very confusing. Is it “ZESCO … has reduced the hours of load shedding from eight to six” or “ZESCO has reduced load shedding from 8 to 4 hours daily”? It all sounds like a gimmick to get some votes for one ECL.

  17. And you wonder why ZESCO never makes a profit here is the answer…political agenda driving company strategy – these liars Dora and grandma Bo Inonge are on record for stating in parliament that it will take 3 years for Kariba to fill up; so these empty tins are know risking all and running the dam at full capacity…with no care about tomorrow it will take care of itself with more loans – simply for selfish political reasons. How can these filthy swine sleep at night?

    • The article has not talked about Kariba Dam. It is ITT Dam whose Lake is only 7 billion m3 compared to Kariba Lake which is 280 billion m3. If you genuinely wanted to criticize please read the article first but you can’t because you have already got preconceived ideas about PF. PF can never do good even when it is supposed to be good news i.e. the easing of load shedding. Mind you Kariba was and it may still be the largest man made lake in the world.

  18. In Mpika the load shedding has been reduced from 8 to 6 hours but the number of days has been increased from 3 to 6 principally meaning load shedding has INCREASED. So which places are you referring to

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