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Collapsed SDA Church claims two lives, several others nursing wounds



A Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church has collapsed in Chinsali district of Muchinga Province, claiming two lives

A thirty-eight year old woman and a three year old child have died while several others are nursing wounds at Chinsali district Community Hospital after a building collapsed during a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) camp meeting.

Both SDA Central Zone Chairperson Buumba Monachibize and Acting Chinsali district medical officer Aaron Nyirenda confirmed the incident in separate interviews with ZANIS in Chinsali today.

SDA Central Zone Chairperson Buumba Monachibize said the disaster occurred yesterday around 14:00hrs in Mweye village during a Camp meeting where over 500 members of the Church had gathered for the meeting.

Meanwhile acting district medical officer Aaron Nyirenda revealed that the hospital received 45 casualties who included 13 children, 29 female adults and 3 male adults.

And Dr. Nyirenda added that the 38 year old woman who died was brought in while in coma and died before she was attended to while the 3 year old sustained severe head injuries.

Dr. Nyirenda however said that 9 people have since been discharged while 34 others are still nursing injuries at the hospital.


    • Recently when I was in England and Europe wandering around all the amazing, huge and very wealthy churches, cathedrals etc, I had that very thought. These were big in medieval times, when MOST people, including all the people that worked and gave their lives (in some cases generations of lives) lived in abject poverty, and yet, they built these monstrosities, to a nasty evil god who didn’t give a fuuck about their petty little lives. These building were used by a elite few and cost more than most could even understand. They keep the ordinary people poor, and for what? A empty monument to empty fairy tale. Its evil.
      What is even stranger is that the poverty stricken give their hard-earned money towards the upkeep of these buildings and the priests, vicars, pastors etc. to enable them to…

    • @eye opener and @just saying

  1. Abena Chinsali
    Condolences to those who lost loved ones and a quick recovery to the injured. What are the Buildings Engineers at the Council and PBE’s Office doing about such matters? Someone needs to be held responsible for such acts!

  2. What a coincidence. Right after the Chief Masonist’s shocking address to the ConCourt and an equally shocking behaviour of the ConCourt judges. Thank God 3 of them went to church yesterday. People we have just won a Spiritual battle and in Jesus name ‘ armagedon’ shall not set its foot in Zambia . Amen !!!

  3. Safety number one. Over Seers ensure there’s safety in whatever you do. We have been hearing church ? buildings collapsing, makeshift structures gutted, only one thing lacking and safety. I am speaking as a professional in safety issues. I am sure you have professionals in this field who can do the assessment free of charge, consult them before your conferences begin pantu uyu mulandu wa mulopa tekufwa pa mulandu wa Cebo cakwa Lesa awe but because of negligence.

    • Spot on worried. This is negligence on the part of the people entrusted to build/make the camp. What is even more troublesome is the leaders will of the church will sweet talk the victims that it’s God’s will or God knows. Yes God knows put don’t bring in God in your lack of knowledge. That is negligence and you must compensate the families, individuals and families affected by your substandard works.

  4. There are lessons to be learned from this sad event. First, that a lot of safety precaution is supposed to be observed, anytime there are are large gatherings. Please let us leave politics in such matters; you have no idea what pain you are igniting. Lessons learned, let us see the way forward and see that the correct thinking is applied in all our decisions.

  5. Christians especially in Zambia we are fond of building temporary structures and this is not the first time a Church building has collapsed in the midst of prayers and worship. We understand the financial constraints Churches face. Banks have since stopped lending money to Churches to build proper structures. Now lets see the relevance of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. One of its roles should be to come up with a revolving fund where Churches can Borrow at reasonable interest to build Churches. These funds should not be a donation but must be paid back to allow other Churches to borrow and build. Strictly no political influence perhaps the three Church Mother bodies in the Country should come up with modalities. Churches can be allowed to borrow up 250 000 Minimum to be paid…

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