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Zambians do not Need HH to Recognise President Lungu’s Victory


Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo being introduced at a church congregation by UCZ Masala Congregation Reverand
Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo being introduced at a church congregation by UCZ Masala Congregation Reverand

By Hon. Bowman C. Lusambo, MP-Kabushi

It is not surprising that UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has announced that he will not recognise the election victory of President Edgar Lungu. The announcement does not come as a surprise because Mr Hichilema vowed way before the vote was cast that he will not recognise President Lungu’s victory no matter what.

What is however interesting about Mr Hichilema’s announcement is his desperate plea for Zambians to join him in his illegal crusade to make the country ungovernable.

After losing so many applications in the courts of law, Mr Hichilema is now asking Zambians to take over the fight using other ways outside our constitution.

I believe by asking Zambians to take over the fight, Mr Hichilema is placing young men and women in his party in harms way. It is for this reason that I call on peace loving Zambians to rise in numbers and denounce Mr Hichilema’s latest and most desperate plea.

From August 15th when President Lungu was declared winner of the August 11 elections, he has showed the greatest level of statesmanship by exhibiting high levels of patience and allowed the due process of the law to take its course.

He has never circumvented the constitution in order to quicken his return to State House. Zambians have observed with great pride how a man they voted into office has watched as the UPND legal circus has been going on.

Now it has become abundantly clear that the UPND are hell bent on derailing the democratic process in Zambia by preventing a dully elected President to take office. The levels of selfishness exhibited by the UPND leadership is now a source of concern. They are clearly operating on the mantra of ‘It’s me or no one else.’

This reminds me of the story in the Bible in 1 Kings 3:16-28 when King Solomon had to make a decision about two women who came to him arguing and claiming one. A sword was brought, and Solomon ordered, “Cut the baby in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”

“Please don’t kill my son,” the baby’s mother screamed. “Your Majesty, I love him very much, but give him to her. Just don’t kill him.”

The other woman shouted, “Go ahead and cut him in half. Then neither of us will have the baby.”

Solomon said, “Don’t kill the baby.” Then he pointed to the first woman, “She is his real mother. Give the baby to her.”

So Mr Hichilema is acting like the other who wanted to have the child cut in half because he does not care about the welfare of Zambians. He has desperately wanted to create confusion since he stepped on the Zambian political scene, luckily, Zambians have seen through his real motives and have repeatedly rejected him.

The legal circus that has been going on has created uncertainties in the economy and has caused some level of damage to the judiciary. I believe all the drama could have been avoided had Mr Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Mwamba accepted the verdict by the Zambian people to re-elect President Lungu.

Without a shadow of doubt, the conduct of the two leaders has been despicable and Zambians should therefore stand in unison and conduct this self-centred approach to national leadership.

It is unfortunate that in other countries, they keep experiencing earthquakes and Tsunamis but in Zambia today, we can confidently say that Hichilema and GBM are Zambia’s biggest natural disasters.

Mr Hichilema has lost countless number of general elections, he has never gone back to the general membership of the party to renew his mandate and yet he continues to posture him as Zambia’s Messiah.

I call upon all Zambians to ignore Mr Hichilema and Mr Mwamba’s calls and turn up in large numbers on Tuesday, September 13th to witness President Lungu’s inauguration.

By attending the inauguration in large numbers, Zambians will be yet again affirming their love and trust in President Lungu. I take this opportunity to invite Mr Hichilema to join the millions of Zambia who will be attending the inauguration ceremony as it will be a great sign of reconciliation. We should all be reminded that Zambia is bigger than all of us and therefore the interests of this great nation should always reign supreme.


    • Honourable Bowman Lusambo is right.

      The power to choose a leader for Zambia lies with the people of Zambia, and

      Only one institution has the power and mandate to declare a winner.

      It is only ECZ which has power to declare a winner.

      Next to it is the ConCourt which has power, but only to either nullify or uphold.

      No ordinary citizen has power to decide who the winner should be.

    • The pathetic people of Kabushi found it in themselves to elect this dishonourable dumbass Lusambo to represent them in Parliament. I suppose they wanted to improve the average IQ in the constituency by expelling him to Manda Hill.

    • @ 1.6 Buck Teeth Lungu,

      I think it is wrong for you to insult the people of Kabushi. They were not with Bowman when he was saying these things.

      Just as it would be wrong to involve the people of Dundumwezi where HH insulting judges calling them thugs.


    • @ Peace for Zambia

      You are real 5tupid jack-ass. Read you comment at #1.3 and then attempt to understand content of your own 1mbecility.

  1. Chi Bowman jst shut up. Whenever you open your stinky mouth you speak rubbish. Are you the only MP. Even Kambwili is quite because he knows there ‘s another fool in the party.

  2. HH naimwe grow up! We can’t all be presidents of Zambia. If you God wants you to rule Zambia one day, you will. 5years is around the corner.
    I for one would have liked to see u elected like I did many times Sata was in opposition. You will one day be president. Now man up and show us you care for all Zambians . By the way, fat Albert was a wrong running mate choice!

    • what alot of people are failing to see is that it is not only hh that has been cheated but the people that cast their votes for him; what is happening in our country is unacceptable;

    • Ba Buck Teeth fimo fimo…you need a chill pill. What constructive things have you ever said here apart from your insults? Just displaying your bitterness. You’re part of the reason the opposition is in disarray. Be objective!

    • Some people think by insulting here, they are helping there cause in any way. You’re simply inviting more insults and mockery from people “on the other side of the fence”. But if it makes you feel any better, perhaps you’re entitled. Ati “olila sibamugwila pakamwa”.

    • He has no right to speak for me as a Zambian. I’m not a resident of Kabushi constituency. He is not a minister, so he should know his boundaries.

    • Ati speaking for you? Did he mention your names? Guys you give yourselves too much credit! Change your attitudes otherwise you’ll forever be mu opposition.

  3. Tge search for guns at NEVERS MUMBA’S house by a MUSEVENI-WANNABE should be condemned by all friends of democracy.

    The search should have been at MAX CHONGO’S house. Nowadays, he now drinks at High Court Gardens Tavern.

  4. As Zambians we are not united on a cause that affects us all. If what HH said is true, then we as citizens need to know the truth and therefore the ConCourt should have heard the case. Maybe Bembas did vote for HH but if there was rigging then it paints a false picture and tribal talk starts-and all done by a handful of people for their own interests. We should allow HH to put his evidence on the table. The truth will surely set us free.

    • If the courts have refused to hear (which they haven’t), why can’t UPND alias HH & GBM show us the people the evidence, and allow us to make up our minds. We’re ready to hear them without any time limit.

      Here’s your chance to be heard…

    • @Peter

      Stealing elections in Africa is the order of the day and Zambia has seen it before. And remember, this is one of the most corrupt Afrcan country. Also the public officials and even top 1 helps himself to public funds. Look at how he accumulated wealth in less than two years.

      So why should it be impossible for him to steal some votes? We know he is a thief from his previous law practice. And he hasn’t explained the more than doubling of his wealth in one year compared to the previous 57 years!

      Give HH chance to prove that he got majority votes. Simple.

  5. Of course HH has every reason not to recognize the fraudulent victory of Edgar Lungu.Both the ECZ and Concourt are disgraced institutions never to be trusted again,especially ECZ.Zambia is a rotten society under PF.Edgar was not cleared of any electoral malpractices by Concourt.So what pride do these people celebrating his so called victory have?

    • Leave you where? Not when you occupying nwr. Go to northeast where you celebrate thieves and criminals like RB and Kafupi Lazo.

      Masholi mukaise!

  6. No one needs HH’s approval

    I never consulted HH when I was voting.

    It is like a farmer who has laboured with his own strength and resource to cultivate and harvest.

    After harvesting, someone says I don’t recognise your food, so what ? Was I producing for you?

    Of course if you ask for some I will give you but if you don’t want any of my food what harm is that to me?

    • @Peace

      Lungu needs legitimacy with the alleged 1,8m and the announced 1,7m that rejected him.

      HH is speaking for this constituency. And he graphically alleges theft by known persons of which Lungu is fighting tooth and nail for the allegations not to be heard in court.

      Why is he refusing if he is not the thief. Courts are there amongst other purposes to clean oneself of allegations.

      Right now, Lungu is on the back foot!

    • Who is in charge of legimising?
      Is it HH or it is ECZ and the Courts?
      It will be naive to expect to be legitimised by someone who promised not to accept even before the casting was done.
      I have not idea how reason can fit in such an equation.

  7. Hazalusa Hagain and his Tonga supporters on the blog are still in denial and living in a dream land! It is time the Tonga Party “voted” or appointed another Tonga man to try in the next election.

    • @James

      It’s so easy to use the tribal card, ain’t it. Simpler than facing reality, I guess.

      Come down to earth. GBM, Nalumango, Mumba are not Tonga but different from you. They can think and are not tribal.

      HH/GBM speak for the 1.8m who per UPND pvt voted for the pair with at least 1.7m announced by ECZ. These known and stolen are the ones who have refused to recognise Lungu.

      Stop trivializing a grave matter. Lungu has no legitimacy in more than half of the land mass. And if you missed civics in grade 6, Tongaland does not extend to western, Lambaland, Northwest.

  8. Someone needs to learn from American Presidential losers! John Kelly, Mit Romney, Jon McCain! They are all gone but this five time loser is still around and causing confusion daily! He is unelectable. Someone needs to tell him the hard truth.

    • When you stole his votes…..he is and was elected.

      Why do you, if you can, think.Lungu pees in his pants doing everything to stop HH presenting the evidence?

      Lungu has a perfected track record of theft:

      1. Theft of client funds
      2. Violent theft of PF presidency at Kabwe conference
      3. Used Mungeni Mulenga to prevent Miles Sampa presenting evidence of Lungu PF presidency
      4. Stole in one year more than he acquired in a life work time as a lawyer!
      5. To prevent scrutiny of 8/11 ballot theft, he refused to step down for Speaker when he was petitioned.
      6. He then used Mungeni to silence HH in ConCourt.

      Between the two, I don’t trust Lungu. The guilty are afraid.

  9. Bowman whatever the people of Kabushi call you enjoy my friend. It looks like your time. What happened to been an MMD diehard.

  10. Why is LT not reporting on Nevers Mumba’s arrest by a drunkard MUSEVENI-WANNABE? Is it self censorship?

    Some pipo are meant to be house-boys, not walking in the corridors of power.

    Lets liberate NWR. We can’t be forever yoked with sick oxen. We’ll both perish.

    Im game, I volunteer to retreat to the bush.

  11. If Lungu was not a know thief before and during his presidency, I would have believed Lusambo.

    A short story. There lived a short foxy silver tongued man who mesmerized crowds with his nonpareil eloquent speeches, prayers and preaching. Everyone, well almost, loved him. He led a nation from autocratic socialism and sold houses for K1!

    When some said he was a thief, they were stoned and beaten for accusing a holy child of God who declared Zambia a Christian nation.

    Truth caught up. He died as a convicted thief and his disciple thief writes the daily nation.

    • Lungu is of the same thief stock as FTJ.

      He also hides in church. With a difference. He drinks like a fish.

      He also loves money. The oasis of evil is the love of money. Records are open on what he has stolen in short space.

      He is also a pretender. He beats FTJ hands down.

      He also will have immunity lifted and prosecuted. Zambians specialize in that.

    • @Spaka like lilo

      Human nature does not and should not recognise fraudulent victory.

      We despise ministers / public officials who get rich by stealing.
      We run away from doctors with forged certificates.
      We ridicule exam cheats who score straight A+ in all courses out of leakage.

      There are still people in Zambia who have no time for an election thief.

      Lungu stole this election. If he wants, let him sue HH.

  12. This PF new comes is talking too much. You will have 5 yrs to debate in parliament and your language will change. In Ndola there are parliamentary return tickets. The guy used to buy beer for everyone to drink in Kabushi constituency.

  13. The simple reason why UPND concerns must be addressed in full is that even after the election results were compromised, they still had a very a huge amount of votes caste in their favor + the courts of law did not hear their constitutionally lawful petition, ECL abrogated our constitution, The numbers from the elections clearly show that It will not be possible to govern Zambia without addressing the above mentioned issues. Remember those votes represent the wishes of the people of Zambia. Their concerns will not simply go away, they have to be addressed. Remember a divided nation is a weak nation and it cannot develop. Development can only happens if we put all our heads together as One Zambia One Nation.

  14. Which Zambians? Just speak for yourself. Lungu is a bigest thieve we have now as a country. We join HH & many Zambians who voted out Lungu to reject him. He is a failed president & organic thieve of the 21st centruary. I join HH to reject Lungu. Lungu is only the president of the CC & the ECZ, period!

    • Of course we are not talking about the few who voted for other candidstes.
      We are talking about the Majority of Zambians.

      You will recall that ECL had 50.35% of the total valid votes, while the other 8 candidates PUT TOGETHER had BELOW 50%.

    • In actual fact the number of valid votes cast was 3,781,505, not the 3,695,710 as claimed by ECZ.
      The number of votes scored by Edgar Lungu was 1,860,877 and those scored by Hakainde Hichilema was 1,760,347. In percentage terms, this means ECL achieved 49.21% and HH 46.55%, meaning that the 50% plus 1 threshold was not attained.
      Justice Chulu cannot declare Lungu the winner when he did not attain even 50 per cent. This decision has unfairly, illegally and unconstitutionally deprived more than 85,000 Zambian Citizens of their basic democratic rights.
      Justice Chulu should have referred to the Constitution which clearly states fifty percent of the valid votes CAST, which was actually 3,781,505.

  15. Peace for Zambia ulichipumbu chamwana iwe….u seem to be sucking on something…..remember what goes around comes around….How can ECL be so happy and busy looking forward to being inaugurated when clearly the nation is very divided. We can just progress. This is not about HH nor GBM, this is about the many Zambians who voted ECL out and got dribbled by ECZ and CC. There is no looking at 2021 and saying yes there is always the next time. Well I must report that there is no better time to fix this problem(of Judicial collapse) than now before we move on with anything else.

  16. Bowman Lusambo, an MP, an Honourable one for that matter. It must be easy to become an MP in Zambia. Clearly he is campaigning for a ministerial position in Lungu’s new government, perhaps eyeing for Kambwili’s govt spokesman position.

    I don’t know the man and my opinion of him is based on what has been reported of him in the media. But from what I have read about him, he is not the type who can truly make laws in parliament… he’s an alleged thug that belongs to the street mafia wars.

    As for HH, he represents almost 50% of the electorates who feel cheated. There were fraud and those allegations have not been proven wrong.


  18. This statement is true in the sense that we have 2 Zambians EVIL ONE and HONEST ONES, Evil Zambians dont need honest ones and honest Zambians dont need Evil Ones to recognise themselves!

  19. Zed pipo with selective amnesia. ….HH was voted for by nearly half of the registered voters so don’t narrow it to him. He has a big following who wanted to see justice done because of various issues that arose during the elections. If PF won clean, why not allow the process so that they is no doubt in any one’ s mind?

  20. i strongly feel that the church should not involve itself in politics and a platform for politicians but preachers please lets distance ourselves.

  21. THese losers have no evidence. they just want to make noise around. HH knows he will never have an opportunity to contest for presidency again. May be the thought of losing a record six times is what is making fail to accept the outcome of the elections. He wants to be president by all means his money can buy him. he thinks he can buy concourt lawyers, high court lawyers and all those he thinks can sink so law as to be bought off by him. One wonders which other institution he will run to. i will not be surprised if i hear that he has summoned the traditional Chiefs to make a ruling on his petitions. He has shown us how immature he is. Be a gentleman HH and accept that you lost.

  22. However long it takes, perhaps even 30 years, anyone who breached Article 104(3) will face Lady Justice.

    It does take time for truth to have it’s way but inexorably it does. The Nazi criminals ultimately were caged, Gadaffi and others overthrown.

  23. I have actually seen and have a copy of the petition filed in court. Some contents are below:
    1. ECL did not create a conducive environment for free and fair elections
    2. UPND were denied access to the Public media
    3. UPND were denied air space by ZAF to fly where ever they wanted to go for meetings
    4. ZP failed to stop violence by PF cadres
    5. ECL allowed ministers and deputy ministers to continue after dissolution of parliament
    6. HH & GBM were denied to disseminate information of national character and political ideology

  24. Contents of petition contd.
    7. ECZ de-franchised people by not updating the Voter register
    8. Numerous events took place on polling day which are contrary to the law
    9. ECZ did not provide all the required Election materials at the polling stations
    10 ECZ did not stop cadres from wearing part regalia at 400m away from the polling or totaling centres
    11. ECZ did not provide ECZ official stamps for marking the ballot papers
    12 ECZ permitting and/or failing to prevent unauthorized persons into polling stations, tallying centres and server room
    13 ECZ failing to evacuate results and other materials in good time to the tallying centres
    14. Recount in Lusaka was rejected by ECZ

  25. Guys,
    As an expat who lived for 2 decades in Zambia
    As a foreigner with a Zambian wife of 34 years
    As someone who passionately follows the politics of Zambia.
    I honestly feel that the Hon MP has made a poignant point.
    It is time to start running the country, we have lost 1/12 of the year already!

  26. The cause of all the confusion in Zambia today is Chiluba MHSRP. He set a very bad precedence by pretending to be Christian leader who was all sorts of character behind the scenes. The declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation was purely to try and solicit forgiveness from Zambians in the event that his

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