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Energy Forum Zambia challenges HH to substantiate claims about the energy subsidy numbers


Johnston Chikwanda the Forum's Chairperson
Johnston Chikwanda the Forum’s Chairperson, second from Left

Energy Forum Zambia has challenged opposition UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to substantiate his claims that the country is losing over 1.8million in subsidizing the energy sector.

Johnston Chikwanda the Forum’s Chairperson says his organization has been tracking energy subsidies and that the UPND Leader’s figures are way beyond the findings of his organization which he said is consistent with the findings of the IMF.

He said his organization finds Mr Hichilema’s statement outrageous and exportation of hopelessness as it paints a picture of an apocalyptic energy sector.

“The President of the United Party for National Development (UPND) Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has been quoted by sections of the media that Zambia has been losing $1.8 Billion per year on electricity alone. He also said the Zambian economy has been destroyed by President Edgar Lungu. He said this at a press briefing held at his residence on 10th October, 2016.

“Energy Forum Zambia has been tracking down the level of subsidies the Zambian government has been spending on both fuel and electricity. To this end, the forum can reveal that Zambia’s combined subsidies on fuel and electricity in the recent past are estimated to be slightly above $60Om per year and that this figure got exacerbated due to expensive electricity imports. This figure is consistent with observations made by the IMF team which visited Zambia early this year. The bigger portion of this subsidy is due to fuel subsidy alone.

“Therefore, the Forum hereby challenges Mr. Hakainde Hichilema to substantiate the statement that Zambia is losing $1.8 Billion per year on electricity alone. As a forum, we are of the view that this is outrageous and exportation of hopelessness. This statement paints a picture of an apocalyptic energy sector. It is not true that this is what government is spending on electricity subsidy. The forum is also alarmed that Mr. Hichilema is describing subsidies meant to support the public and business houses as “losses.”,” he said.

Mr Chikwanda further blasted the opposition party for not articulating how they would fix the sector adding that the Minister of Energy should give a ministerial statement on whether Mr Hichilema’s figures are true.

“The Forum is further concerned that the UPND has never discretely articulated itself how it intends to fix the energy sector other than plagiarizing efforts of the current government. We analysed their 10 points and found that the point dealing with the energy sector fell well below expectations for a leading political party.

“The Forum wishes to call upon the Minister of Energy to issue a ministerial statement on the floor of parliament to inform the nation whether the figures Mr. Hichilema mentioned are correct and if not to correct the wrong message which has been exported to the public through a media briefing.”

He also said his organization will continue to provide checks and balances on the country’s energy sector as it continues to lobby for the removal of subsidies from fuel and electricity as it only benefits few people in the country.

“As a Forum, we have decided to become very steadfast in dealing with statements coming from those who sit in the alpha position regarding the status of the energy sector as they can either build or imperil the energy sector. Furthermore, we call upon the Minister of Energy to inform the public when government will start eliminating the subsidies so as to prepare the public instead of announcing sudden price hikes.

“The Forum has consistently lobbied for the removal of fuel and electricity subsidies as they tend to benefit a narrow section of society at the expense of the majority population. For instance, of the estimated $600m subsidies, direct beneficiaries are motorists and commercial consumers which include mining houses. Further, electrification in Zambia is less than 25% of national households, meaning that from a household perspective, only 25% is benefiting from the above subsidy. Subsidies not only benefit a narrow section but they also benefit business houses, households and automobile owners who are wealthier than the majority of the population.” He said.


    • What about this:

      The World Bank has advised the Zambian government to cut its expenditure bill by dropping a fuel and power subsidy programme which gobbles nearly $600-million in public funds from the treasury annually.

      Source: http:// www. engineeringnews. co. za /article/world-bank-advises-zambia-to-stop-power-and-fuel-subsidies-2016-09-06

    • EFZ tell us your figures unlike just saying that UPND Leader’s figures are way beyond the findings of your organization which are consistent with the findings of the IMF. At least HH has given us some estimates but what about you otherwise it you are just wasting our time

    • Dombwa or is tombwa. Read the article you will come across the figure in paragraph 3. The problem with 1mbecilty is that it only attacks those who are in Upnd. This is something I need to do a research on.

    • The best way to counter a lie is by presenting facts on the table because facts speaks fro themselves. EFZ have not given us the basis of their argument not even an estimate of their findings apart from the fact that their findings which we don’t know are consistent with IMF. Should we agree with you EFZ just because your findings are in line with IMF? What was IMF’s findings if that’s the case? If you (EFZ) want to prove your relevance it must not be in this manner. Your statement on this issue is a blanket one completely off mark, remember to keep your lane Mr Chikwanda. People with Chikwanda names are messing up our country big time and the earlier we sidelined them the better

    • See Lusaka Times – “Procrastination on power project costing Zambia and Zimbabwe $45bn” – June 17, 2016

      UPND President Hakainde Hichilema does not need to substantiate his claims that the country is losing over 1.8million in subsidizing the energy sector, it is COMMON KNOWLEDGE to any sensible well read person with a brain!

      Except these ignoramuses.


    • As DePal below says let the so called EFZ give us figures instead of arguing like cadres! I also look forward to seeing the publication of the UPND’s PVT for the last elections regardless of what is supposed to be happening in the courts …

    • Chikwanda form a political party so that we can answer you propery.It is true that Government is losing 1.8million per year.Statitsics in zambian Government department are not acurate and ussually do not reflect the true sitution on the ground.Any one can bear witness with me,especially if you are carrying and research few government departments can give you correct data.

    • If fuel in Zambia is subsidised, why is it more expensive than in neighbouring countries like Botwana, Tanzania, namibia etc?
      I have been asking this question for some time but none of your online geniuses has the answer

    • # 1.3

      No need to research. In your case 1mbecility has been caused by genetic malfunctioning. Just carry-on sucking and licking and you will be ok.

  1. The fool should just tell us how much we are losing rather than ask HH to justify himself. Why ask this question months AFTER the utterance and when load shedding has reduced?

    Shallow minded individuals who don’t have anything to contribute.

    Give us numbers yourself to refute HH’s claim.

  2. So the IMF has lectured everyone to see things from their lense! who are these EFZ? I have never heard of them. You should have been sharing your statistics instead of responding to attacks. We will not take you seriously. Lol.

    • Chikwanda (not sure how he is related to Alexander) is the appointed PF guru on energy. His sole purpose of existence is to try and punch holes in UPND’s vision, to reduce it to Lungu’s (ie. no vision). EFZ is a PF funded NGO and Chikwanda is the PF-appointed Chairman of Indeni. Johnston is part of the PF armoury against sensibility among Zambians.

  3. Says a man who wanted to bribe a young journalist in the walls of what is supposed to be a holy place. This message would have been more dignified had it been disseminated by a neutral person, not an OP operative based in SA and at the same time drawing a huge salary as Chairman of Indeni.

  4. HH is a liar, the devil is a liar. HH is a dangerous liar who does not even blink even when lying. The lie detector cannot catch HH because he is devil himself. His world is the exact opposite of the truth, good and well being. He belongs to the dark under-world.

  5. What about this:

    The World Bank has advised the Zambian government to cut its expenditure bill by dropping a fuel and power subsidy programme which gobbles nearly $600-million in public funds from the treasury annually.
    Source. Engineers News – RSA

    • Divide that number by 365 days and you have your over USD1m daily power subsidy. Does Chikanda know how to count?

    • Does Chikanda know how to count? Not if he is related to the sorry excuse for a Minister of Finance we have had for the last five years!

      The one that managed a WORLD RECORD of BANKRUPTING a whole NATION —- TWICE!!!!!!

      Simple genetics.

  6. Lusaka times why are you these days covering every jack and Jane with anything to say against HH. This Chikwanda guy is one of the glorified “Sebana Wikute “and yet these are the people making headline news! !

  7. By issuing a political statement EFZ that wants to portray itself as a professional body has lost its bearings. They could have fact checked HH’s figures instead of ‘blasting’ him.

    • @7 itizi turu,but they have compared HH figures,theirs and those of the World Bank and the IMF. Like the UPND’s PVT which differed with ECZ’s and other monitors’, HH’s figures on energy subsidy are way out of those being quoted by the EFZ ,WB and the IMF! So HH should be the one to do fact checks!

  8. It is not strange for HH to blow figures. He blew his election figures from 47 to 55% without justification. That is HH for you.

    The truth of the matter is that HH has been rejected by Zambians.

  9. Typical of Zambians. Can’t be bothered to read yet quick to pull the trigger. In his speech, he has given figures, yet some people here are saying give us figures lol and smh!

    • Like one “@Dombwa”. Demanding figures when it is already given. Just like HH. Demanding justice when the same had just lapsed.

  10. But then, who is going to tie the bell around the cat’s neck? That is the question that the mice asked. The statistics need to apply to the entire nation. Credibility in statistics is necessary for the nation to move forward. May be CSO can help. In the meantime, it is prudent to stick to the figures proposed by opposition leaders.

    • Does the HH have access to the figures in totality? He believes in buying stories even if he is told the truth like 4 are in Kamfisa, HH goes to say, there hundreds of his supporters in prisons. Is it natural for *ongas to lie.

    • lying to the public like he lied and undervalued copper mines so that his connections could buy. Posterity will judge HH harshly.

    • @ Ken

      Can you PLEASE refresh our memory on the subject of lying in public?
      Was it HH who was blabbing on different 90 days miracles?
      Was it HH who was lying about POA amendments?
      Was it HH who was creating 2,000,000 jobs followed by 1,000,000 then 500,000 and now again 1,000,000 jobs?
      Did HH misled Parliament when stated that GRZ is suing New York PD for lying that Sata was sick in a hotel?
      Was it HH who was producing for 4 years inflation figures of 9% per year?

      There is no need for posterity to judge HH. To-days reality is a judge of constant lying and deceit of your convicted embezzling and lying idol.

      Facts are there. Be ready to roll red carpet for IMF, kiss your own arse and say bye-bye to “unprecedented development”!!!

  11. Now I am confused. HH promised us that everything would be free under his administration so why is complaining against subsidies? One his pronouncements was that energy was too expensive in Zambia and that’s one reason the mines were closing. Or does he want to play “good boy ” to the IMF?

    • He does not even know that Zambia has one of the cheapest electricity tariffs( if not cheapest) in the southern region. But you will find that even some Electrical Engineers support his claims. Its really sad!!

  12. Bushe mwebantu namupena….this organization as put up figures supported by other credible institutions. Tribalism has really blinded you chaps. This Chikwanda is no relation to ABC. He is his own person with a very good experience in the energy industry. He knows what he is talking about. He is not like some useless educated theorists who mislead people day in and out. If you do not agree with him give us facts not HH theory please!!!

  13. That’s the problem with the tribalist. They want to sound relevant even when their comments are childish. When they come across the figure in the article they close their eyes. Kikiki next they will start fearing even their own nakedness

  14. I am a veteran politician and have never seen lawless politicians such as HH and GBM since Zambia became independent. These elements have no regard for the President, the courts of law, the police and I really wander whether HH would like the people of Zambia, particularly the PF to treat him the same way if he becomes President of Zambia. HH keeps on disregarding and breaking the law mostly with impunity and if police arrest him he claims Lungu is a dictator. This is utter stupidity. He wants police to watch him as he says he does not recognize Lungu as president? Please our President His Excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu, we voted for you as people of Zambia, you won the elections and you have the mandate. Just put these elements in prison, we have your support as Zambians.

  15. Mr Chikwanda, Can you substantiate the story of CHINESE GETTING ORIGINAL TURBINES FROM KARIBA AND REPLACED WITH SUBSTANDARD ONES??? we heard that The issue of Kariba is not about low water level. Kaunda machines were Originals not photocopy types
    The original set-p was in such a way that those Generators, or turbines were made in such a way that the water level is low, water would be recycled back to continue operational. I saw a similar set up at Nakambala Sugar company where they generate their own power using steam run turbines.
    The issue is that You allowed the Chinese to get the original turbines and replaced with theirs which were and still are not up to standard that is why We have this power problem
    PF=because of corruption, allowed Chinese to get the Original Turbines, and…

  16. Commercial subsidies MUST STOP, immediately AND they should REFUND the amount received over the years. We have always been against this. The gov’ts stand to allow this is questionable. The mines must operate from their investments which they used to win their contracts. Little did we know, along with cheap labour, every Zambian had to PAY them to bring 0% to the GDP. They only give us our money back and take the profits abroad. HOWEVER, HH, must be put on the spot for inciting the citizenry to violence, uprising against the state. His exaggerations are meant to rile the citizens. This is evidence in his coming cases.

    • To add ordinary citizens getting a little relief from high cost of fuel should continue to receive staged reductions.

  17. Who is EFZ…where are they when these corrupt crooks are single sourcing energy contracts? If he was telling lies give us the real facts instead of challenging people; are you a govt minister?

  18. Oh Northmead Assemblies of GOD press corruption manager? Interesting how they are worshiping God and being so canning! Well, God watches!

  19. These people are professionals? Why does he sound like a PF cadre? Always reacting negatively and easily irritated and too sensitive to criticism. Couldn’t he have come up with accurate numbers without citing IMF?

  20. Mr Chikawada do not narrow the benefits of electricity subsides to less than 25% of the house holds directly connected to the grid. They are also indirect benefits of low energy bills due to subsides such as commercial and industrial development that creates jobs and ordinary people in the communities not connected to the grid are employed. Total removal of subsides will affect production of goods and services and that will result in job loses.
    The energy challenge before us now is that demand is more than supply mainly due to the increase in population and technology. I believe we can still make more money from the available energy if we implement efficient energy conservation measures (energy conserved is energy generated) so that subside removal will not cause people and businesses…

  21. How much was Govt paying for the Turkish ship generating electricity to end Load-shedding during elections (including commission for their middleman RB)?

    Aren’t these 1diots in suits ashamed that load-shedding is back after elections?

    See article below:-




    REPLACE DOT with .



  23. You people are throwing insukts at each other and no one has bothered to validate Mutati’s statement. Mutati told the IMF that Zambia will be reducing the subsidies by $1 billion per year. What doesthat.tell u?

  24. This nonsense being puked by this so called Chairman of fimofimo. This individual castigatesender someone who has attempted to disclose what the PF does not want to hear. In other words he admits the subsdies the over US $6000 million per year. What type of double standards are these? If Chikwakwa wants a job from PF let him.count in the open and say so. We can no longer pretend to hide behind the finger and claim we have hidden. The reality is all there. Chikwanda just say you have nothing to tell the Zambia people. Where have you been all along just to come out now with your unsubstantiated and unwarranted attackso on a man trying to assist Zambians without a hidden agenda?

    You worked at Chilanga cement, you failed to protect Zambians from the unscrupulous way you and your team…

  25. Little cry babies you think you good with figures when you can’t even produce PVT you’ve being cry about. Any way days Red moving and we rule the country .

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