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Another Lusaka man killed by girlfriend

General News Another Lusaka man killed by girlfriend

Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo
Zambia Police Spokesperson Esther Mwata Katongo

Police say they have received a report of murder in which Francis Zimba aged 46 of Garden House compound in Lusaka has allegedly been murdered by a female believed to be his girlfriend identified as Meya Namfukwe aged 21 years of Kanyama West.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said this happened in the early hours of today, 09th November, 2016 at around 0100 hours.

“This was after the two allegedly picked up a quarrel which led to the suspect picking a knife and stabbed the victim. The suspect who handed herself to police is currently detained in police custody and will be charged with murder. The body of the deceased is in UTH mortuary awaiting postmoterm,” Mrs Katongo said.


    • It’s called slaying biatches – keep up.

      You mess with me, I slay you. Physically. No prisoners taken. Total war.

      AKA hell hath no fury.

    • This is due to high poverty levels brought about by EL and his minister thugs, Husbands are finding it very hard to provide for their families hence creating tension leading to this.

  1. This is the woman empowerment your so called lungu was talking about. He has given women the passport to eliminate men over slimzy reasons. Mixed with poverty under pf, women have become so angry and short tempered. Hunger can cause some one to do things that they never imagined they would do. Kwashala lungu, when esther cuts his small manhood he will learn to wake up and do some developmental work for zambia

  2. Kaponya (HH) once said PF wives should deny their husbands conjugal rights. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is using his wife Mutinta to inspire Zambian women to commit these ritual killings.
    UPND is a satamic cult

  3. PF with ritual murders; they are at it again. In 2011 when PF won elections we experienced unprecedented huge number of road accidents. Same happened in 2015. Now they are celebrating their fake victory in a different way, using women to kill husbands; sad.

  4. Men should start defending themselves! It embarassing that men are being murdered by women willy nilly and cant even defend themselves! They need to defend themselves even if that means striking first.
    The bi.tches in Zambia are enjoying a curling season for husbands and boyfriend and that should NOT be allowed to continue….and the blame is on men failing to defend themselves!!


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