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PF Copperbelt panic whilst UPND feels vindicated


Crowds at UPND rally
File: Crowds at UPND rally

The election defeat in a local government seat in Mukuba ward of Nkana constituency on the Copperbelt has caused panic in the ruling PF.

The Opposition United Party for National Development UPND has scooped the Mukuba Ward Local government seat.

UPND Candidate Graddy Simukoko polled 438 votes beating his closest rival Gilbert Mushota of the Patriotic Front who polled 361 votes.

Chibwe Kaputo and Dorica Lungu who both stood as independent candidates polled 138 and 32 votes respectively.

Returning Officer Brian Mbula declared Graddy Simukoko of the UPND as the duly elected candidate for Mukuba Ward.

And speaking to the media, newly elected Mukuba Ward Councillor Graddy Simukoko said the victory means that the party is now being accepted in the province considered a PF stronghold.

Simukoko said the win is a stepping stone for the UPND in the Patriotic Front stronghold.

But this victory has been seen as confirmation of the divisions reported in the ruling party on the Copperbelt.

Senior PF officials in Kitwe said they did not campaign because of divisions in the Party.

” Just this week, senior PF officials complained of divisions and been sidelined. Now you can see these results. In fact a lot of PF officials especially the youth leadership are very happy with this loss. This party is divided and they feel like they are not benefiting anything. So its better the MMD takes over than for us to fight for a party that can’t appreciate us,” they said.

Meanwhile the UPND said the win have vindicated their claim that they won just ended general elections.

Percy Chanda, the UPND Chairperson for Labour said his party has been saying that the elections were stolen from them and that the PF has used the police to suppress the truth.

He said the message from the by elections is very clear that they did not just win the August election but that just like he had predicted it is the end of PF as a party.

“As UPND we have been saying that the August elections belongs to us but these thieves have been suppressing the truth by intimidating us using their brutal police. Today and many days to come will prove that HH and his Vice President GBM and the people of Zambia are the true winners of the August elections.

[pullquote]PF are in hurry to amend the constitution because they are scared of their crimes[/pullquote]

“The message from these by elections is very clear that we did not just win the August election but as I earlier predicted this is the end of PF as a party. The PF knows very well that they cannot win an election without stealing. This is the more reason why these thieves are in a hurry to amend the Constitution so that with simple majority they can continue stealing,” he said.

He said the PF are in hurry to amend the constitution because they are scared of their crimes.

“By tempering with the Constitution they are just confirming that yes indeed they are scared thieves. Who are ridding and living on UPND’s stolen victory.But let me severely warn these thieves that their days are numbered. Very soon you will pay for whatever crimes you have committed to the people of Zambia which is well documented. There is no dignity in stealing our victory apart from perpetual embarrassment that will live with you till death.

“I urge all UPND members to celebrate this victory which has vindicated you that you are the right winners to put on our Party regalia throughout the Country. In any case why should you fear a thief? One thing about thieves is that they morally weak and cowards. Remember God protects that which is right. Stealing has no place in the eyes of the Lord.

“As UPND we dedicate this victory to all our colleagues are incarcerated by this brutal dictatorial regime. Brothers and Sisters scattered throughout our filthy prisons be and remain strong God is with you. Very soon you will walk out of those prisons and then these thieves will take your places, for them they will remain there for good,” he said.


  1. Exactly!!! PF did not win Elections, they stole elections!!! ba Mbwalala ba makaka. TYhey are now pretending ati austerity measures? do they know what austerity mean? why do you copy words from developed countries which you do not understand!! Pathetic Fools (PF)

    • PF can not win any fairly conducted election,to win they need to use pangas,guns ,music,beer,insults,makamaka tribalism but with the hunger they have introduced in the country,you need a platoon of kanganjas boys around you to say muntu ninani.At the rate we are going we shall all realize that the Dudumwezi were the only sane ones on 11/8/2016.

    • It’s repression kind of defence mechanism that thief’s use when not cot and their friends are cot to pretend they are not thief’s by calling their friends thief’s yet they are the biggest thieves. It only takes a thief to identify his fellow

  2. Comrade Percy our loss was painful, its not what we expected neither did the world…but let us focus let us not cry over spilt milk;our deeds our actions will endear us to the people we should be better than our rivals, its not by saying what we wished had happened that things will change. Its by campaigning smarter offering a clear option that we shall win. Did they steal votes we felt so and we lost our chance to show so but deep down someone knows what happened. Look you and I burnt the midnight candle together and now? we have reaped what we sowed. No pressure. 2021 Zambia Forward better organized, focused and determined.

    • Ba Percy you behave like a drunken person, how can winning a ward poll vindicate you that you won the August polls amidst so clear evidence that you were whitewashed? This is amazing!

  3. Even during the general elections that area had more votes for Upnd. In any case ours is not a one party state so any party stands to win and Upnd is mostly favored in areas where you have a large concentration of charcoal burners.

  4. Late Mapenzi’s blood is on Edgar Lungu’s hands. The defenceless lady was killed in cold blood in July 2016 by Lungu and his PF police on Kafue road for merely belonging to opposition party- UPND. Indeed in Chewa they say ‘Mulandu su ola’ meaning that no matter what time the case takes, a day shall come when the truth will come out. So today they maybe dinning and partying, but tomorrow shall dawn and they will answer the criminal charges that will be read to them. The junior police officer who triggered the gun will not be in the dock but the head will be there.

  5. Appointing hardcore MMD cadres such as Bowman Lusambo to head strategic copperbelt province leaving out hard – working PF leadership has this consequence. Forewarned is forearmed, ba Lungu, unless the intention is to bring about the destruction of SATA’s party.

    • Sata was MMD B team the A team are just trying to salvage some remaining credibility after the chaos you have visited on the country in the last 5yrs.Zambia has become hell,is this what sata meant when he said he wanted to lay the foundation for the country.Everything he found working well has collapsed,introduced institutionalized tribalism,lack of accountability,dirty language on opponents,unplanned childish projects,grandtheft of public money,the list goes on and on so MMD A is right to claim back their leadership,but more importantly came back by invitation from a desperate PF to stay in power.Bola naikosa.

  6. I do not think you won to the election. This time around no one can steal votes. PVT was conducted by credibale NGOs and international community which showed that PF won the elections. My PVT in mukuba ward were I reside showed that PF won the elections. So do not call them thieves, you just lost the August elections and begin to prepare for 2021 with your HH may be, you are going to try again to be closer if FDD won’t surpass you.

  7. PF did not win the august polls. Why did it take 5 days to announce the results even in Lusaka where it is just a stone throw away?


  9. pf lost the august election pants down if the icc desides to say a rerun edward will get nothing this time even with an attempt to rig it wont help. these are not the first by elections we have ever held immidiately after general eclections

    • Don’t delude yourself PF has swept clean the ward by elections including your own bedroom not this propaganda by. Percy Chanda

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