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Civil servants warned to move to area of duty or be reitired in national interest


Luapula Permanent Secretary Buleti Nsemukila has conveyed a Cabinet directive that Officers who are staying in different districts away from their duty stations should move to their areas of duty within 30 days or be retired in public interest.

Dr. Nsemukila said the directive came from the President because he is concerned about officers staying in different districts away from their duty stations which has resulted in low service delivery to the people which they were employed to serve.

He said this when Minister of General Education Dennis Wanchinga and his entourage paid a courtesy call on him in Mansa.

Dr. Nsemukila said there are Officers who are staying in Samfya who are employed for Lunga District as their duty station and have not been providing the services effectively to the people of Lunga because they are domiciled in Samfya.

The Permanent Secretary said some officers were employed for Chipili but live in Mansa while others are employed for Milenge but live in Samfya or Mansa which results in loss of service delivery for the people they are paid to serve.

Dr. Nsemukila is categorical that anyone who will not heed the Presidential directive will be retired in public interest and will not get any benefits.

And General Education Minister Dennis Wanchinga said agreed with the Luapula PS that “officers must heed the directive.”


  1. Thoughtless creation of districts when any normal person knows that money is needed to actualize these villages into districts. The concept of villages was essentially to sow seeds of dictatorship across the country because it has been proven that Zambians civil servants in 9/10 elections, they become agents for the ruling party at elections time! These districts are to form trojan horses for the PF…remember that they want to rule for 100 years!!!

  2. That’s intrusion into people’s private lives. There should be no issues as long as workers are reporting for work at 8 am and knocking off at 5 pm. The only exception is if such employees are living in institutional houses.

  3. these places dont have any accomodation nor offie space whats your problem Dr Buleti? how many times have you slept on Lunga swamps? tell me youve done that 6 times and you would understand why i am against this threat. i would understand it for other places not Lunga

    • You’re very right, I was in Samfya and I hear Lunga is something else I actully witnessed a girl girl from University whom they had just posted to Lunga crying before she could even get on the boat

  4. Mr Buleti jxt shut yo mouth up bcoz u hve been to rural areas b4, do u think 1 can stay in a grass thatched house alelokwa nemfula whilst u u r enjoyng .

  5. Not discussable issue – confusing- how does this man talk from Mansa pupating to be from Lungu in Lusaka. What is this – morons

  6. You know why Europeans are successful? They venture where there’s no development and develop the area. We Africans want easy things. Even our priests, where as European priests use bicycles, ours want Prado or Pajero. Europeans invaded African bushes and transformed them into cities.

  7. Even in industry, most ZAMBIAN Mining Engineers would rather work in offices not Underground. It’s different with whites. A white engineer will spend endless hours working Underground therefore gaining vast experience and understanding the problems faced in operations. If you don’t develop your surroundings nobody else will do it for you. No wonder Senegalese have taken over our gemstones because they take risks while the ZAMBIAN only wants to pilfer from government.

  8. Take it up with DEBS offices in these Districts..find out why there is that issue and map up a strategy with them..they are teachers that commute everyday from home to work and they deliver..all in all,there must be a valid reason for that situation to be there and so one has to investigate before retiring people in national interest..

  9. What are these things above our comments Ba LT please deal with them,every time am browsing your site in a public area am afraid I ll find nasty picture before reading the comments awe bane this makes your site look cheap,deal with these things please,who wants to read about Angelina Jolie kissing her brother and Zambian millionaire please work on it.

    • Mr Banda, houses have been built in Lufwanyama, but civil servants have continued to travel to their work from Kalulushi and Kitwe. Why? Because of allowances for mileage and housing. If we don’t change, nothing will change and we will only end up politicking without substance.

  10. The most important thing is civil servants executing their duties. Where they live should not be Nsemukila’s business. Most of these so called new districts do not have infrastructure, so how do you expect poor civil servants to move in? And the majority of these transferred people are suspected to have voted for the opposition in the last general elections and hence these forced transfers.

  11. Honestly, even him Nsemukila, can he confess that he is happy to have been sent to Mansa? It’s just circumstances, given a choice he would have preferred to remain in Lusaka.

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