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Kaingu loses mwandi petition


Michael Kaingu
Michael Kaingu

The Livingstone High Court has upheld the parliamentary election of Mwandi Constituency.

The Livingstone High Court has dismissed the electoral petition filed by former Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu.Dr Kaingu petitioned the election victory of Sililo Mutaba.

The Court ruled that Sililo Mutaba was validly elected as Member of parliament of Mwandi Constituency in Western Province.
Mutaba stood on the United Party for National Development (UPND) ticket in 11th August 2016 elections.


    • By saying I agree – does not mean I do agree with your statement as your statement is full of tribal hate – what i do mean is if you want the judges in Livingstone to retire because the rightful winner of Mwandi ward was duly elected then surely the judges in Lusaka should also retire as they did not allow the rightful winner of the 2016 elections to file a petition against the manipulation of the presidential elections !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • There is no reason to retire Mathew Zulu a young judge who has proved that he doesnt believe in wako ni wako by not blindly ruling in favour of PF

  1. All those degrees, PHDs and he was a LAMENTABLE FAILURE in the Education Ministry, am sure the UNZA and CBU students are overjoyed…simply just another educated foool….you would think these guys would know better. Please go and run/rebuild your Lodge in Southern Province..no more blank cheques from GRZ.
    By the way payback our monies!!

  2. Kaingu is an outcast as far as Mwandians are concerned. Man needs to understand, in life there is always a rise and a fall. THIS IS HIS FALL TO THE BOTTOMLESS DUSTBIN OF HISTOyRY.I

  3. Good riddance!This is one of the most useless ministers Zambia has ever produced.Tearing the Presidential parliamentary speech is childish.Ati am not employed to create jobs!

    • Tearing the stoopid Sata’s speech was the apex of his career. Fathering the hooker daughter, Iris, was his low point. Now he can spend more time being a proper father to Iris.

  4. Boo kaingu ba mbuye mwabazi eno , go and concentrate on the lodge in choma or join us zambia forward not dununa reverse jomwatalika.

    • What is the difference between “premeditated” and “thought over” (sic)? Are you saying that the courts are manipulated not to deliver justice to all? Could this explain why the Kangaroo Court never delivered its judgement in the Presidential petition? You cannot have it both ways. Either the judges are crooked or they are not.

    • “Thought through”. A blatant admission from a PF loyalist that under Lungu there is no justice. Everything is manipulated. Judges are crooked. No wonder the Kangaroo Court could not deliver its judgement.

  5. Kaigu, just work on your family and see to it that Iris changes for the good even if her video will remain on youtube for ages. hope PF cadres will see sense when we tell them that PF stole HH’s victory.

  6. Upnd claim that judges in Zambia work under Edgar ‘s instructions. How come all PF MPs petitions in Southern, Western and NW Provinces have failed. Is this also from Edgar?

    • But you yourself claim it was premeditated, to use your choice of word. So where is justice under Lungu? Either there is no justice or it is proper all the way.

  7. @Ndanje khakis, the judges have now realised that if they don’t do what is right now their time will come when the Nigerian style of arresting corrupt judges will come to Zambia since PF’s future is no longer assured. @Buck Teeth Lungu, i like your answer

  8. Who ever is the winner ultimately shall work for Zambia. Its not like one shall be building and the other demolishing the same structure. Kaingu should now start supplementing the efforts of the new member of parliament.

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