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No one should sabotage the will of the people – Kelvin Sampa

Headlines No one should sabotage the will of the people - Kelvin Sampa

Kabwe Central Mp-Tutwa Ngulube and Kasama-central Mp-Kelvin Sampa at the PF-interactive Forum
Kabwe Central Mp-Tutwa Ngulube and Kasama-central Mp-Kelvin Sampa at the PF-interactive Forum

Statement by Kelvin Sampa ,MP Kasama Central

Friends in the Media, all protocols observed!

Colleagues, Vox Populi, Vox Dei, which means that the Voice of the People is the Voice of God! In thanking God Almighty, let me join the leadership of the Patriotic Front (PF) in expressing gratitude the people of Zambia for unanimously renewing our mandate in order for us to continue delivering on our promises contained in the 2016-2021 Election Manifesto. The election of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Her Honour the Vice President Madam Inonge Mutukwa Wina is testimony that Zambians resolved that for the next five (5) Years, PF will continue to manage the affairs of the Nation.

Let me also state here that we in the PF, like many Zambians, is happy with President Lungu’s efforts to restore Zambia’s standing in the region and globally. Zambia has always been a key player in international affairs, brokering peace initiatives, inviting foreign investments and asserting its respected diplomatic influence in Africa and the World!
Let me touch on a few areas of national importance this morning.

1. A Judiciary on Trial?

The past week has witnessed intense debate following Presidential Spokesperson Mr. Amos Chanda’s Sunday Interview on ZNBC. The debate was caused mainly because the Opposition UPND with their counterparts in the LAZ chose to exaggerate and misreport the manner in which issues were raised during the interview. LAZ has reduced its significance to that of ordinary NGO because for some reason it has forgotten that it is a creature of statute. It’s dangerous when LAZ measures its efficiency and effectiveness by the standards set for it by Oasis Forum. It is time that legislators took interest in the Law Association of Zambia Act to understand whether the association has departed from the objectives and purpose behind its creation. We must interrogate whether LAZ was designed to serve as a political pressure group and since its created by parliament, I will personally take interest in studying its creating statute. I refuse to believe that LAZ should adopt the “Cheap talk-shop NGO mentality”. LAZ cannot reduce its role to that of armchair critics but this is happening because its compromised its core mandate by going to bed with a misguided Oasis Forum whose relevance has fizzled with the passage of time. I am calling on the cream of our lawyers in this country to stand up and salvage the image and crucial role of LAZ which is at the verge of being severely compromised under the current leadership. Demand to bring the original LAZ back!!! Society looks up to LAZ to provide unbiased and non-politically inclined guidance to the nation. Demand to bring the original LAZ back!!!

To all Zambians who listened to the repeated Sunday Interview featuring the Presidential Spokesperson, it is clear to see that LAZ gave a partisan and political reaction during its Press Briefing which was also beamed live on Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s Facebook page. LAZ is today pampering to the UPND forgetting that recently Hakainde Hichilema called judges criminals and thugs and LAZ was mum! The challenges at LAZ are exactly the same ones in the Judiciary where certain officers have elected to take a political side at the expense of discharging their core functions.
To make it even clearer, Zambia deserves an effective and efficient Judiciary that is above reproach because that is the only way it can dispense justice without appearing compromised. As an institution of the people, the Judiciary therefore is not immune to criticism and reform. The Judiciary cannot escape rebuke and will suffer ridicule if its members conduct themselves in a manner deemed to be corrupt, tribal or bias in nature.
Let me state here that in dealing with the concerns raised regarding the judiciary, it is incumbent upon the Chief Justice to ensure that officers in the judiciary conduct themselves in an ethical manner befitting the institution.
Further, members of the public are also encouraged to complain through the Judicial Complaints Authority in the event that they construe unethical, tribal or corrupt conduct of any judicial officer.
The spirit within which we have engaged in this debate as PF is still anchored in our belief that regarding on-going Petitions, PF will respect the ruling from the Courts, will appeal judgments deemed unfair, misdirected or misplaced.
My call to the nation is for them to guard against those advancing tribal allegiances under the disguise of raising legal arguments. Let me repeat that tribe remains UPND’s tool of analysis for anything they plan and execute, including the infamous watermelon which was a tribal strategy to the core!

2. UPND must accept that PF has a full five year Mandate to Rule

President Edgar Lungu and PF won fairly and squarely and has a five (5) year mandate to rule Zambia.
Here are a few facts regarding the last election:

• PF won in 7 Provinces out of 10
• PF won in over 80 Constituencies
• PF won the Referendum (with a runaway margin of 1,700 million Yes Votes against 700,000 NO votes even though we didn’t surpass the required threshold. This goes to show that we won the election this election. PF won the largest number of votes in Provinces, districts and a big number of constituencies and wards!
I want this to sink into the UPND leadership and their followers. Let me mention that machinations by Opposition UPND to abuse legal systems so as to create uncertainty in the nation are an exercise in futility. We are aware that the UPND seeks to distract PF from service delivery by creating tension and animosity in the country. We all know that this is the strategy being executed by the UPND.
But our message is very clear that we are 100 steps ahead of them and Zambians can be assured of our focus on improved service delivery and creating a better life for all our people.
3. Hichilema and GBM’s activities in Markets on the Copperbelt Province
Let me speak to the Copperbelt and those public officials aiding the Opposition that we know what you are doing and there will be consequences for your actions. In particular we have information of Councils on the Copperbelt aiding political activities for Hichilema and GBM. My message to the Minister of Local Government is that we have no time for Watermelon within the Councils because if it is allowed, it will compromise and frustrate service delivery. Comrade Minister of Local Government, we shall stand with you in cleaning up some of these Councils frustrating Government Programmes.
What the two are doing on the Copperbelt in markets and business stations was experimented in Northern Province and it failed. The same way they tried to “buy” Councils in Northern Province is what they are doing on the Copperbelt. Those Councils found wanting in this endeavour must be ready to go because they are in Office to ensure improved service delivery. PF takes Local Government as a delivery point for service delivery and there is no way we shall allow compromised civil servants in our Councils.
Lastly, let me correct some writing in one of the tabloids attributing the closure of the Post Newspaper to the PF. There are some people who today would want to blame the PF for the closure of the Post Newspaper. We wish to state the fact that it is not the PF and we have nothing to do with the closure. This is a tax issue regarding the $21m the Newspaper owed!

God Bless Zambia


    • Mmmmmm. How many statements will they make kanshi? Something is seriously not right in the ruling party. How I wish they could focus on governing the nation and solving problems.

    • This is a worrying tendacy in PF anyone can come up with a statement in the name of the party how do you work like this? Is there no policy on who can speak in the party name?
      Where is the party spokesperson when you need him?

    • “Here are a few facts regarding the last elections:
      • PF won in 7 Provinces out of 10
      • PF won in over 80 Constituencies

      WENYE!!! Why is the MP trying to deceive the masses? I know the majority of our citizens are illiterate and can easily fall for such unsubstantiated claims. Here are the facts;
      Southern and
      There’s a misconception being deliberately propagated by the PF elite that they won Central; that a lie, figures are there on the ECZ website.
      HH polled 177,854 while Lungu got 138,517.

    • Most abused words and terms by pf caders=

      It’s global.
      The will of the people.
      Well meaning Zambians
      Patriotic Zambians
      Working government.
      Voting on tribal lines.
      Unprecedented development.
      Mr hakainde hichilema.

    • Kelvin a 5 year mandate to work, so you work and spare us these statements. We voted for you to work, so only statements we expect from are work updates period. Sibongile would have been at work!!!

    • Chipante pante party kuteka kwa fipuba kupwila mukulandalanda b4 long 5frauderantly obtained years will be over with no 10billion dollars to buy weak souls with.Elo mukose because we know what was uniting you was the availability of public money to steal which now appears to be in short supply.Good luck.

  1. In their quest to be rewarded with ministerial posts, these two guys; Sampa and Ngulube have taken bootlicking to another level.


    • indeed panicking. the fissure within the party is growing so political nonentities begin blame shifting.
      kwena uku ekusabaila of the running mouth, from defending am.os Chanda-Lungu to LAZ, from LAZ to markets, from markets to HH and GBM. from LAZ to district councils and the Post Newspaper….from GBM to markets. Talking about useless issues.

  3. “Here are a few facts regarding the last election:
    • PF won in 7 Provinces out of 10
    • PF won in over 80 Constituencies

    WENYE!!! Why is the MP trying to deceive the masses? I know the majority of our citizens are illiterate and can easily fall for such unsubstantiated claims. Here are the facts;
    Southern and
    There’s a misconception being deliberately propagated by the PF elite that they won Central; that a lie, figures are there on the ECZ website.
    HH polled 177,854 while Lungu got 138,517

    • This has nothing to do with UPND. It’s about stating the facts and putting the record straight. Yes, PF won in 6 provinces; Eastern, Lusaka, Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Copperbelt. UPND won in 4; Central, N/Western, Southern and Western. I am just concerned that even the mainstream media have had this 7-3 scoreline narrative, which is wrong.

  4. “Cheap talk-shop NGO mentality” does not exist. Divergent views and opinions are welcome in the democratic country of ours. Or are you saying the civil society must be ‘His Master’s Voice’? The question really is: can a government spokesman make a mistake or not? Who will determine right or wrong in the public domain? It is wrong for public service workers (not politicians!) to insult each other using public TV. In a nutshell, criticizing a court ruling using media outlets, including TV carries with it the risk of official reprimand. The public outcry is pointing to the fact that a public service worker did not treat the judges with respect because the judges expressed views contrary to the public worker. LAZ is the expression of common good. Or do you want the courts to determine…

  5. The truth will always be as follows:We do not know exactly who won those August elections for the simple reason that HH was denied the right to be heard by the concourt.Someone does not need to be a genius to know the fraudulent activities that characterized those elections perpetrated by PF.It is only a grandmother in Luwingu who cannot know. And when is this topic ever going to end?

    • Hh was given 14days by the constitution in which to be heard and chose not to be heard. What’s your problem. Change the constitution so that you extend the period to infinity.

    • Yaba!We are back with this hot topic again! The 14 days you do not include weekends because courts don’t operate on weekends. Even in government where civil servants do not work on weekends when someone takes 14 days leave they do not count weekends. That’s my problem. You were too scared because of the evidence UPND was going to produce in court

  6. Be Alert of false prophets this is on such Kelvin Sampa. Abusing and misusing God. He will destroy you and take away everything. Stop it!

  7. Ala ba Sampa imwe lyeni tondolo … Lesa tewakupontela efi ka! Eat and enjoy whilst you can but do not bring the name of the Lord in your dirty dealings. One day, and dare I say very soon you will pay your dues.

  8. Those who do not understand simple and clear discourse are a curse and stand for anarchy. We are going to excel. Hats off Hon Sampa.

  9. Pf sabotaged the ‘will’ of the people. Now this job seeker is vuvuzelaring with the view of getting a job!

  10. Going by the comments, Kelvin Sampa is just busheeting, he,s saying crap trying to get the attention of his visionless incompetent bwana. Indeed taking bootlicking to another level.

  11. Mr. Sampa, instead of ranting about “will of the people”, you have not mentioned that Constitutional Court, notwithstanding CLEAR mandate has ignored Rule of Natural Justice. You call yourself advocate of the High Court? Shame on you.

    As to the will of the people, until petition is heard and DETERMINED, there is no will of the People.
    As much as you and uneducated 1mbeciles which are following your failed argument can quote ONE SINGLE LEGAL PRECEDENT where Rule of Natural Justice was abrogated, your childish embroidery just add to justified impression that PF has STOLEN election.

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