PATRIOTIC Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila has said the party
would not succumb to pressure from some members to call for party
elections because the current mandate of office bearers had not yet
Addressing provincial party officials at Eastern Comfort Lodge in
Chipata on Tuesday, Mr Mwila who is on the tour of Eastern Province
said he would not bow to the pressure that the party should hold

He said there was nothing wrong which could warrant calling for intra
party elections stating that the current mandate of office bearers had
not yet expired.

“The party would not bow to pressure from party members calling for
early intra party elections. This is so because the current mandate of
office bearers had not yet expired,” he said.
He said  the central committee would not be forced to call for early
elections in the province as it was happy with the performance of the
current executive.

He said those calling for elections for party positions in Eastern
province were wrong.

Mr Mwila said the leadership of Andrew Lubusha as Provincial
chairperson was working well and managed to deliver the needed votes
in the August 11th 2016 general elections.

He said the party won more seats in the province because of
discipline, unity, and loyalty among members of the party.

He said it would be wise and prudent for people to continue supporting
the leadership of Mr Lubusha.

He explained that those who were trying to oust Mr Lubusha should wait
because the current chairman was working to the party’s expectations
in the province.

Mr Mwila has called on party members in Eastern Province to remain
united stating that the members must remain united if the party was to
win the future elections.

He said the party has demonstrated development as it was the reason why
Zambians gave them another mandate.

Mr Mwila said the party would not be forced to hold election at
provincial level by few individuals who want to get positions using
back doors.

He said the party constitution stipulates that elections for office
bearers would only be held after three years.

And PF Chairperson for Information Frank Bwalya said Mr Lubusha was a
hard worker who has managed to mobilise the party using his own money.

Mr Bwalya who is also PF deputy spokesperson said PF was a vibrant
party saying some people were fond of jostling for positions.

He said there were no reasons why people should agitate for the
removal of Mr Lubusha because he was a good mobiliser of the party.

And PF youths who are in different camps exchanged some punches.

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    • These thugs should just butcher each other, the way they are used to doing to the opposition. They deserve to decimate each other out of existence.


  1. We know you don’t like elections. Even the ascent to power of ECL was not through proper elections at Mulungushi, it was just by show of hands or more accurately by show of pangas. So we wouldn’t expect you change you ethos.


  2. Mwila should tell us when the current term of Office Bearers are expiring. Why should genuine PF Members be denied Ministerial positions at the expense of MMD Members who never campaigned for the Party during the 2016 elections? RB is swallowing the PF thru MMD Members who are being treated as more superior than old PF Members. The domination of PF by MMD Members is unacceptable. Thru RB the MMD Members are reaping where they did not sow. Mwila can whatever he is saying but the domination of PF by former MMD Members. Kambwili and KBF are correct on this one and Mwila and Kapita are offside on this issue.


  3. These elections just bring about more divisions in the party; wait for the right time, which is at the end of the current five-year term. Look at UPND, they have not had one since the death of Mazoka and as such they seem to be more united than PF. In fact, Mr Lungu and his leadership have helped a lot in stabilizing the PF; it was in disarray after the death of Mr Sata (MHSRIP) and we wouldn’t like to see a repeat of that. For now, just ignore these distractors and concentrate on delivering the promises that you made to the people of Zambia. God bless Zambia!


  4. Excuse me frank bwalya , you are mis informed , I my self have given thousands of kwachas to youth chair of eastern province , adressed for party expenses and he Andrew is aware of it and he gets the credit for using he’s own money that’s mere nonsense and shows you are not aware of the facts on ground , I am vouching this your senior people in the party know very well how much we just party friends have given , but you give credit to the silly man who has no PR relations at all , I have nothing against him at all but PR is important in life to work together GROW UP F BWALYA


  5. Mr Mwila should not just dismiss the demand by some members to go for elections. What a wise leader should have done was to consult the party structures very widely to establish whether this is the feeling by the majority of the members. After this consultation then he would have issued a statement based on an informed position. Now it appears he is reacting on impulse without knowing what the general membership wants. Failure by those in leadership to consult widely aggravates the conflicts that can easily be sorted out. The truth of the matter is that there is discontent in the PF because people on the grassroots feel that they have been left out from looting as this has remained a preserve of the connected few. Cadres were promised jobs and so many other things which the party is now…


  6. This PF Party surely. There is nothing that happens without confusion. This is the most indisciplined party in the history of Zambian politics. Na Vigilante bamubepesha. The election of their President both at Party and General Elections level is controversy after controversy.


  7. Pf is the only party which practices democracy. Members in Pf feel free to even talk about elections and express dissatisfaction about the leadership in others. In other parties apart from fdd and narep NO one can talk about replacing their leader even after that leader has loses elections a dozen times. All there party leaders are appointed by one person. The rest of the supporters have no option or say because of tribal inclination. What is happening in Pf is good for democracy.



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