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Chingola council flush out street vendors


Chingola  Municipal Council security wing  has flushed out all street
vending from the town center and collected all makeshift tables to force
them back to a legalized market place where they used  to operate from
and  to prevent outbreaks of diseases.

Last Monday business in town center came to a standstill after the
marketeers and street venders clashed over the selling points outside
Shoprite stores because street vendors resisted to move from the
streets to go back to the market place.

Recently Chingola Municipal Council issued a directive that by
December 15, 2016 all street vendors should stop selling from the
streets and they should go back to the market place which is a
legalized place for marketeers.

Despite the directive from the council to leave the streets by
December 15, 2016, vendors did not adhere  to it and continued selling
in the street.

The others who remained in the market place are not selling owing to influx
of street vending.
To the surprise when vendors arrived in town they found that selling
points has been taken over by the  other marketeers and the fight started
which in process a lot of produce such as vegetables and tomato
were destroyed during the confusion.

Chingola Police Officers had tough time to control the situation but later in
the day both marketeers and venders where advised by police to meet the
Mayor Titus Tembo who will in position to solve their problem.

Later in the afternoon the mayor addressed both parties at the
Chingola Municipal Council were he advised street vendors to go back
to the market place because the law does not allow anyone to sell in
the street.
“Government has issued directive to all local authorities’ country
wide to put measures that street vending should be stopped by all cost
to prevent people’s life so that no outbreak of diseases shall be
recorded” Mr Tembo said.

Mr Tembo warned that any street vendors who will  be found selling in the
street will not be spared, but the law will visit that person.

And Chingola Town Center Market Chairlady Vera Chishimba said most of
the vendors who are selling in the streets has tables where they use
to sell merchandise, but left some tables vacant and started selling from streets.

Ms Chishimba said marketeers who remained in the market place are not
selling because people are buying from the street.

“As marketeers we do not want politicians to bring confusion in the
market, because street vendors are boasting  that some
officials allowed them to sale merchandise in the street because there
are the majority who voted for the Government” Ms Chishimba said.


  1. Terrible place that place . people from copper-belt are backwards and dirty
    I wouldn’t touch the whole lot even with a Million pounds offered to me

    If you want to know how retarded people act , meet people from the Copper-belt



    • I have never been to Chingola, ine ndi wa ku mushi. Straight from Luapula to embassy and airport to America. Same route every 2nd year!

    • @Nostradamus, Chingola used to be the cleanest town just like my home mambilima. Both of them have become as dirty as can be

    • This is long overdue!

      PF is a major cause of current problems!

      Where PF found ongoing problem e.g street vending they escalate2 unprecedented levels instead of remedying it! Street vending exacerbated by PF induced economic malaise is so entrenched in citizens it may cost colossal resources to eradicate it. What do u expect with job losses whereby every ‘retrenchee’ & even those in formal employment only think of going into simple business of ‘marketeering’.

      Kitwe is 2dirty. At incomplete Nkana mall vendors have already taken up spaces with cranes dangerously hovering over their heads.

      With no more Euro-bonds & therefore no more fake roads nothing good shud ever be expected from PF other than misery!

    • Finally you’ve insulted the heart of the country you originated from, hope you don’t smell like FISH down the basement.

  2. Good Move by the Municipality, Lusaka must emulate and stop this political nonsense that is going on. They changed the functionary of the Mayor to be more effective but as is typical with most things under the PF they only end in Praises for the “good move” but no pragmatism attached 🙁

  3. Selling in the streets is illegal no matter the reasons people give that they do it in order to earn a living. Earning a living does not mean we should resort to illegalities. The authorities know that it is very unsafe and unreasonable to allow people to sell along the streets of our towns. These things happen because of lack of leadership. If you have proper leaders this nonsense would not be there. But then we have these weak chaps who are fraudulent like Edgar who fear to make the right decisions fearing to become unpopular. You can’t run a country on political expedience. This is totally wrong because compromise means allowing illegalities to thrive. As you have seen, Zambia is now a lawless country because those in power are scared of making rational decisions for fear of losing…

  4. Very good move. Chingola used to be the cleanest town in Zambia but the dead MMD introduced street vending and dead Sata of PF legalised it and made the town dirty. Good move Chingola. Emulate Livingstone. Street vending should be banned completely. We’ll save people from cholera and other diseases. Street Vendors association should be banned too.

  5. It’s time for street vendors to leave our streets! We have all seen the filth the recent floods have revealed. Human beings can do better than that. It’s time to rid our streets of vendors especially Lusaka. If they resist arrest them and convert them to cheap farm Labourers under ZNS’s Medicinal Marijuana project to be when Sinkamba comes on board. I should not hear someone talking human rights trash! There is urgent need for sanity in our country. If we don’t get Cholera outbreaks this rainy season, we’ll be very lucky. Otherwise all filth is set for that perfect outbreak!

  6. Political will has been lacking for the past forty years or so. Why should people abandon the market? Also buying from street vendors should be declared a crime like soliciting for prostitutes.

  7. The action against street vending is long overdue in most towns in this dirty country, Kitwe is one such town with street vendors choking the whole town center leaving no space for walking, even car parking spaces have been overtaken by vendors and yet the idle council demands K2 for making you suffer to find a parking space. Ubufontini bwalicila kuno kumushi.

  8. All u need are a team of 100 recruits who should remove all dirty tables and all crap from streets every night from 00:00 to 04:00 for incinerating not dumping….After a month Lusaka change will be amazing…..clean streets

  9. How can a country develop in such filth? Mutati your budget is going nowhere if nothing is done about street vending. Look at the waste of beautiful buildings in Lusaka kitwe ndola, all abandoned and resources wasted to put up new structures in other parts of town instead of using those resources to build on what exists. And of course street vendors will soon choke those new shiny buildings. The cost of doing business just rises and rises in that way and nobody can see tgecreal cause of rising prices in zambia. And as ruling party PF offers no leadership seemingly happy with the dirty surrounding, blocked drainages, and feaces left in chibuku packs by the street vendors.

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