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There is a Total Communication breakdown in PF, the President should call for an Indaba-Gerry Chanda

Headlines There is a Total Communication breakdown in PF, the President should call...

Hon. Gerry Chanda address UNGASS2016
FILE: Hon. Gerry Chanda

Ruling Patriotic Front PF Central Committee member Gerry Chanda has alleged that there is a total communication breakdown in his political party which he says is breeding mistrust among members.

Colonel Chanda disclosed when he featured on a special Radio interview anchored by Hermit Hachilonde which was broadcast on various Radio stations across the country that despite being a member of the supreme organ of the PF, the Central committee he is ignorant about the happenings in the party.

Colonel Chanda who is also former Kanyama Member of Parliament and currently serving as PF Chairman for foreign Affairs observed that the forward and backward linkages in the once united Patriotic Front have broken down irretrievably.

He said the need to keep the membership abreast with what is happening in the party cannot be overemphasized and that this will be going a long way in averting speculation and unfounded suspicion.

“There is a total communication breakdown in his political party which he says is breeding mistrust among members” Col Chanda said

The former Home Affairs deputy Minister has warned that if the current state of affairs is left unchecked, the PF will be headed for self-destruction.

Colonel Chanda also noted that the intra-party differences that have engulfed the governing party are at the expense of the majority Zambians who ushered the PF into government.

He was however quick to point out that the challenges that the PF is grappling with are not insurmountable but are issues that can be addressed especially by collective responsibility and unity of purpose.

“The problems in PF are not insurmountable but are issues that can be addressed by collective responsibility and unity of purpose” He said

And Colonel Chanda has appealed to Party president who is also republican president Edgar Lungu to call for an indaba aimed at resolving thorny issues within Patriotic Front.

“Am appealing to president Lungu to call for an indaba and sort the problems in the party” Col Chanda said


    • Only Edgar Lungu still thinks that their party is still united. The Cobra must be wriggling in his grave to see where the drunkard has brought the once-prosperous party.

    • I disagree. There has never been communication at any time in PF, from inception to now. Much as people expect him to manage the mess, EL just inherited a dysfunctional institution. Good luck, EL!

    • UKO!
      Its the beginning of the end for the disintegrating PF bandits violent & visionless illegal party. It was a matter of time for PF to be divided, thanks to the MMD leeches who have hijacked the useless PF of visionless Lungu & its bandits!
      Enjoy the infighting PF. After all, this PF was founded based on violent wrangles. Good on them.
      The Skeleton Key

    • PF is really a dying party. A lot of party officials are complaining about how RB and his people have taken over the party. They think MMD is now in charge.

    • …And that is the reason why lately the headlines on LT are mainly on ECL eligibility for 2021 elections, because ECL and his inner circle are trying to consolidate their positions within the party and at the same time continue to brainwash many of the Zambians. Unfortunately many do not realize that and continue to push forward this eligibility topic, GET RID of it and instead hold ECL accountable to issues he promised he was going to solve for Zambians. DISCUSS ECL ELIGIBILITY IN 2020 and NOT NOW!!!!

      Give me a break!!!! PF stop washing your dirty pants in public, we are not interested. GIVE US SOLUTIONS

    • PF is long gone. What’s there is a tandem of like minded army worms pre occupied with rap-ing this country. RB’s people are not PF but Edward’s baby sitters out to protect papa corruption’s interests.

    • Those who don’t like PF can celebrate quickly before the rumour is cleared.

      If you wish to dance, dance quickly before the story is cleared by genuine members who know that the party is strong, but of course with people who have ambitions and do not know how to handle those ambitions.

      Therefore, dance now, else you miss the chance because, to tell you the truth, PF is stronger than ever. Mark my words.

    • There is absolutely no no leadership…the Lazy Bum Edgar has surrounded himself with empty tins…imagine at national level noone knows his vision. Since he was elected he has not addressed the people of Zambia yet he is happy to fly around…all the normal people like this man are being cast aside

    • [email protected] Peace for Zambia. Dont bury your head in the sand while the whole behind is exposed. The truth is there are problems in PF because even if MMD helped it to win elections, it has completely overshadowed the true greens which can be a reason of concern to any sane founding member of any organisation.

    • Gerry Chanda says President Lungu should call for an Indaba?

      That will be squashing blood out of a stone!

      He is much too busy enjoying his world travelling at Zambian taxpayers expense to worry about such trivialities. And that will mean he actually has to spend some time in Zambia instead of partying, drinking Jamesoni, and living in five star hotels with his friends- and collecting allowances for it!

    • Gerry is the one who does not know how to communicate period. If he has anything to share in PF why doesn’t he go to the secretariat and share his concerns. How do you ask your president to call for an Indaba through the media? He is the Chairperson of Foreign Affairs in his party and has access to the secretariat and the president so why wait for a radio interview. These are chaps who are creating unnecessary conflicts in the PF! Chanda go to the secretariat and share your concerns not on radio man!

    • @ 1.10 mwakale,

      Can you state those problems?

      At least one.l, not the imaginary ones, like if you are an athlete and you realise there are others who also want to win. That is not a problem, simply tell them that you are also ready to compete.

      Is that a problem?

      Also, don’t speak of normal problems which are always there as long as you have life, such as feeling hungry and cooking food to eat. That is not a problem.

      Some of these are just matters, that will always arise in any party, and simply need addressing, like Lungu has done. Don’t call them problems.

      But depending on the school of thought, a simple challenge can be called a problem to you. But tell me a world which is issue free.

      In fact even a baby the moment it is born it will start crying. But is that a…

  1. As PF, we must first admit that we have a leadership challenge at many levels in the party. The day we admit this fact, we would have made a giant leap towards sorting out our problems. Yes, we should have new members and welcome and embrace them but PF should surely not give preference in terms of appointments to new members over old members. No matter how hard and how strongly you convince me that we need new members, we should not forget the old members who were arrested, contributed their little resources when it was unattractive to do so to ensure PF is where it is today. We should not condemn and victimise people like Kambwili for bringing in these realities to light. There is nobody who is against new members. And these are things we need to speak about at the indaba Gerry Chanda…

  2. What is needed in the Zambia of today are states-people (men and women) who are pragmatic and not people who pander to cadres, people who can address the issue of tribalism in real terms and can direct a police inspector general with all the human and logistical resources to deal with political violence in a non-selective but fair way; people who will tell Zambia we belong together, not those who use coercive and carrot-and-stick power formats to cling to power. Mwanawasa showed the way but among his few shortcomings was to leave us with one RB and boom look where we are today.

    • Warlord, you still believe in Fred Mmembe’s propaganda against RB? The truth is that PF took over a very strong economy from RB. This is not my claim, it is in Alex Chikwanda Budget address to Parliament in October 2011 when he thanked Rupiah Banda and Situmbeko Musokotwane for leaving such a strong economy to PF. If nothing else, at least Rupiah had great fiscal discipline. To copy from you, ‘boom look where we are today’.

  3. RB at play, he is such canning and agile political manipulator such that Lungu is carried in his pocket. How can you give sensitive posts like minister of finance and agriculture to new comers in the party when people who fought for the party are sitting idle. You thought by bringing Lungu to be your leader you were strengthening PF. Wakoniwako is at play here, Look at Dora, taking selfies and stashing stole loot when army worms are ravaging plants. The result are Malawi maize scandals were your vision-less leader and this misfit Dora slit are gaining prominence.PF will be finished even before the 2021 you are busy yapping about.

  4. PF is really a dying party. A lot of party officials are complaining about how RB and his people have taken over the party. They think MMD is now in charge.

  5. This is to be expected. PF is a dysfunctional and very disorganised party. It was a grave mistake to allow a thuggish party to grab power.

  6. Comment: It is very surprising that the highest organ of the PF, the Central Committee,members are not aware of the alliance between PF and MMD. Does that mean the alliance is only known by HE ECL and the Mmd. If the decision of the alliance was only done by the president alone then i also concur with Chanda’s view that the president calls for Indaba to iron out whatever grievances members are grieved with. Your dont impose things on an organisation with mass membership. Calling on those questioning the criteria which was used to come up with the alliance to leave the party is expecting a dog to have horns.

  7. Inside our movement we are faced with the destructive challenge of factionalism.

    Even more disturbing is that factions have nothing to do with ideology or tactical differences on how best to achieve the objective of our struggle.

    It is a factionalism largely based on competition for control over organisational power and it’s use as a step ladder for access to and control over public power and resources and dispense patronage. Public resources included public office , state institutions and state -owned enterprises and associated appointments, contractso, tenders and mining or other lincesesuitable

    Factionalism or looting use public resources to push private corporate, personal, family and elitist interest, and as the base for corruption and maladministration. This is…

  8. Curiouser and curiouser. MCCs are now speaking out. This movie is just to reach the middle – most interesting part.

  9. It only natural that Edgar looks for people who are and will be loyal to him. Sata’s people will feel marginalized and betrayed. Its a natural process similar to natural selection where the loyalists will survive.

  10. People should understand that the founding members of PF are street boys. Some of them given responsibilities can not perform. Even late President Sata used to say that. Who did not hear Mr Sata blast some of his Ministers that they were dull. Then you want ECL to appoint the same dull fellows, of course not. PF founding members should conduct an introspection that why are they not appointed. The clever ones should start night school and they will see appointments coming through.

  11. I think this is just a bunch of Bisas crying foul over losing power to mwine Chipata who is in Rupiah’s pocket. Otherwise mukakakwa fye, Chagwa is in charge period.

  12. Let’s be humble enough to render due support to those given the opportunity to lead at a given point in time so that when it’s our turn we can also be duly supported. We can’t all be presidents, ministers, permanent secretaries at the same time please!!!

  13. Stolen stuff always attached to a curse. No matter how long it takes somehow the price has to be paid. Remember Jesus had to spill blood for mankind to be saved?

    Confusion will reign supreme until the full price is paid.

  14. Comment:A very ungrateful chap, MCS removed from the shackles of poverty but the chap started victimising the people he was supposed to represent. He ganged up with ka Miles Sampa and late Kasonso to grab land from squatters at Wynsniska’s farm. He became too greedy. Now he’s paying for his mischief. There’s no communication breakdown, you’ve just been excluded. You’re no longer useful, get wise and leave

  15. RB has caused all these problems, Lungu is also spineless no vision no drive of his own, just told what to do. The whole world knows that RB was the worst whether the economy was good or not at his time it was just by other factors such as prices of copper etc. RB stole within the shortest possible time more than any president has ever done, he is such a disgrace to this Nation. WHAT GOOD ADVICE CAN RB GIVE LUNGU? LUNG WILL REGRET FOR DESTROYING THE PARTY

  16. Isn’t the central committee supposed to meet every so often per month, at which forum Chanda and his clique are supposed to air their views?

    • How can they meet with a coward(Davis mwila) as chief Executive officer who is at the mercy of the appointing authority?He is the one who is supposed to be calling for those meetings but he is busy giving useless exculpatory letters to pipo.The issue here is, Lungu wants to weed out influential Bembas like CK so that he remains with cowards like Mwila, Yaluma , Kampyongo and Kalaba although Kalaba is a bit intelligent.

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