Minister of Gender Victoria Kalima has stressed the need to enhance technological advancement to improve productivity in the agriculture sector.


Ms Kalima says there is need to relegate the hoe to the archive and embrace technology in  to improve productivity.


ZANIS reports that the Minister said this at the ongoing African Union (AU) summit where she is attending a side meeting on Gender and Youth Empowerment  under the theme ‘harnessing  demographic dividends to empower the youths.’


Ms Kalima said government has already started distributing tractors to 288 chiefdoms across the country but that there is need for other people to realize the benefits of engaging in new technology to boost agriculture productivity.


She stressed the need to spread the programme to urban areas so that other people such as civil servants can benefit from the programme.


The Minister also said that there is need to make agriculture more attractive as a business.


Ms Kalima noted that agriculture has always been regarded as an income generating venture for poor people stating that the perception has made the agro sector unattractive to youths.


Ms Kalima said that there is need for the youths to understand that agriculture is one of the most lucrative businesses and that role models in the industry can play a critical role in encouraging them to take up agriculture as a source of livelihood.


The AU summit started on January 22and is scheduled to end on January, 312017.

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  1. Easy said than done. Been chasing my title deeds for 10 years now. nothing coming. Always telling me that my farm exceeds 300 hectares. So what! I know some farmers with 10,000 hectares and have titles!


  2. It is diabolical the ministry of lands works in Zambia. It’s so anti-development and anti-progress.

    I only have 10 hectares lodged for to no avail.



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