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Tourism Minister describes shooting of scout as devastating

General News Tourism Minister describes shooting of scout as devastating

Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda listening to Director of National Parks (left) as Sioma Member of Parliament Mbololwa Subulwa (right) listens. PICTURE: SAKABILO KALEMBWE
Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda listening to Director of National Parks (left) as Sioma Member of Parliament Mbololwa Subulwa (right) listens. PICTURE: SAKABILO KALEMBWE

MINISTER of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda has described the recent shooting of a community scout in Nyimba district as devastating.

The minister noted that especially that government has embarked on a wildlife conservation programme for purposes of developing the economy, it is unfortunate that there are elements among the people in society who believe they can still destroy wildlife.

Mr. Banda said his ministry would do everything possible to ensure to deter such behavior to bring down the levels of poaching and if possible stop it completely.

He said wildlife is supposed for purposes of generating worth for the country and employment for the people. Not just a few individuals who want to benefit themselves along as poachers.

He urged the officers not to give up, but step up their patrols, government would do everything possible to supplement the efforts that they are putting in to combat the crime that seems to be on the up swing.

There was a shooting incident that resulted in the death a community scout named Rodrick Ngulube employed under the Nyalugwe Community Resource Board (CRB).

It is suspected that suspects behind the shooting are from Saulo Village and Zambia Police Service have been provided with resources to pursue the suspects.
The remains of the deceased have since be taken to his home village in Nyalugwe area for burial after post-mortem.


  1. Really sad, however as long as we have a visionless corrupt P.F Government in power, poverty levels will continue to increase, & conservation will only be a pipe dream, as try telling a hungry stomach to conserve, while he sees P.F Bellyticians speeding in comfort in their Taxpayer subsided S.U.V’s.

  2. Sadly we have an incompetent reactive govt of empty tins that would rather buy useless pernal to order cars for its ministers, waste millions on overpriced roads, waste litres of jet fuel the Lazy tin in State House all over the place…than invest in equippment and technical assistance for our wildlife scouts and rangers.
    I mean in Zambia…its a free for all..poachers have it easy. You also have rich Boers and Trophy hunters having a field day in front of locals who dont see the benfits of this useless sport.
    Useless shameful corrupt govt of Lazy!!

    • To top up PF it up…this useless govt of Lazy appointed an empty tin cadre in the name of Jean Kapata as Minister wasting about 3 years…shocking!!

    • True, unfortunately most Zambians can’t see this, starting with Keyboard P.F Cadre #1 Kudos.
      We then wonder why Zambia has degenerated into a backward Cesspool??

  3. Hi guys! All what is happening in our country now do not take pf to sort but all as zambians.Surprisingly all is put on pf sholders thats not fair enough we should also check our behavers and find solutions to all these problems.Let alone why cant all political parties hold some meetings on how we shall solve some of these problems unlike just say pf pf pf comeon guys be factual.

  4. Some of these Ministers they don’t even know anything about policy planning. You can’t even hear about them. They only appear when something happens. They have no pre-active plans, just working on impulse.

    • Lombe, they are well & truly oblivious to any real meaningful developmental policies, & similar to their oblivious clueless/ visionless gumu- gumu of a leader, the only policy they are up to scratch with is the 2021 unproductive talk, in a pure case of “CHAKOLWA ANIKONDE”


  6. MHSRIP. So sorry to hear that. In order to step up security the Minister of Tourism of Arts needs to spend 1 week in the bush to experience what is actually involved. That way he will have an idea of what these hard working men and women need and the dangers they face. You have to step in their shoes in order to understand and not just offer condolences or order they arrest poachers. Give them the right tools they need in order for them to work effectively. As devastating as it is, hands on skills and training including experience in the field is what every minister should go through coming in the job. Banda needs a week outdoors to really appreciate the efforts and danger these hardworking men/women go through each and everyday. Only then will he come up with real strategies based on his…

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