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President Lungu Meets Israeli Counterpart

Headlines President Lungu Meets Israeli Counterpart

President Lungu with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin
President Lungu with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin

President Edgar Lungu has held talks with Israeli President REUVEN RIVLIN at the Presidential Residence in Jerusalem.

The Head of State who is on a five-day official visit at the invitation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met President RIVLIN at 09:45 hours this morning.

President Lungu says Zambia looks forward to the amicable solution over the security challenges facing Israel.

He says Zambia draws inspiration from Israel hence the need to put the house of Israel in order as it plays a key role in the global economy.

The Head of State says Zambia is looking forward to working with Israel in many spheres as for the benefit of Zambians.

He says the Zambian Government will dialogue with Israel and Palestine for them to get a win – win solution.

And Israeli President Reuven Rivlin says all Jews have a warm feeling towards Zambians as they contributed effectively to the independence of Zambia.

President Rivlin says Zambia was one of the first Countries in Africa to receive Jews when they hunted down during the second World War.

He says Zambia harboured the Jewish people in Livingston and Ndola resulting in setting up a Jewish Museum.

President Rivlin says Zambia is growing rapidly, a move that has excited the Government of Israel.

He says the Government of Israel is happy with Zambia’s stance on the need to fight terrorism.

MR. Rivlin says terrorism should not be tolerated as it is affecting the Middle East and other parts of the world.

He says Israel is happy with the many Zambians that are seeking educational needs from his Country.

President Rivlin says Israel is keen to see peace and harmony in his Country and the Middle East in general.

He says Israel sees Zambia as a symbol for cooperation with Africa.

President Lungu who wants to strengthen economic Diplomacy with Israel established the first ever Embassy in Israel two years ago headed by Ambassador Martin Mwanambale.

During the official visit, President Lungu is also expected to officiate at a business forum organised by the Israeli and Zambian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) which would focus on investment opportunities within the two countries.

The Head of State is further accompanied by a business delegation in order to accord an opportunity to the private sector representatives of both countries to interact and forge business partnerships.

The visit is further expected to provide Mr Lungu and his delegation an important opportunity to market the numerous business opportunities that Zambia has to offer with the view to attract Israeli investment into Zambia.

President Lungu will also interact with Zambians living in Israel.


    • I think the President pretty much accepts any invitation, without thinking through whether it benefits his country or NOT

      WHat will Israel do for Zambia. He should have sent Kalaba there and be more accessible to the Zambian people.

      WHy he runs out of the country at any given opportunity is a mystery.

      I think he pinches himself, knowing he shouldn’t have been the President to start with



    • Mushota, with all due respect you can not send a Foreign Affairs Minister to meet the Head of State of the country being visited – That could be considered demeaning for the host nation. If Kalaba was to go alone or with other ministers then he was only supposed to meet his counterparts at the same level.
      One other thing is: please do not leave in denial – Lungu was invited by the president of Israel. Israel is very advanced in Agriculture and Energy sectors and this is the reason for Lungu’s selection of his entourage. During the years of Kamuzu (Malawi) and Kaunda (Zambia) both our countries benefitted a lot from Israel in terms of agriculture and infrastructure development. Most people were not born during the early years of our independence hence they can not appreciate the support…

    • Now Lungu actually knows that there is a country called Israel and where it is!

      How much have Zambian had to pay for educating this Chawama drunk?

    • This new peacekeeper Edgar, he just confused the Morrocan vs West Sahara. Now its the peaceful Israel vs Palestinians.

    • The President in Israel is ceremonial. He does not have executive powers. We should wait until ECL meets the Israeli Prime Ministers. Its the prime minister’s office that holds the power.

    • Lungu is in hospital for a crucial operation in Isreal. All this is just a scam to musk the main reason why he is in Isreal. The picture LT are showing us is a file picture.

      Lungu is a head of state not ceremonial. As such he can never make state visit without meeting either foreign minister or prime minister.

      We wait and see if he will meet PM or FM. Remember Sata ‘s trips. Thats what protocal entails.

      I will up date you soon as soon as his location in Isreal in known from by my sources in Jerusalaam.

    • Lungu ‘s cancer is well advanced now!. Thats what happens when you kill and steal to hold on to power. He has been given a few months to live now thats why succession wrangles have started in PF.

    • Lungu is there on Medical Tourism for treatment in Israel. These days he falls from fits especially after heavy drinking. You can see the wound on the left chick which he sustained just a few minutes before his departure – look at the picture taken by LT when he arrived in Tel Aviv.


    • To start with, this is actually the most important trip the president has ever made since he entered his presidency. if we understand the history of is real and Zambia, we would really appreciate this. This is not only about diplomatic ties between the two countries, this can be dated back into the biblical history on how God has been favoring the nation of is real, because of his covenant relationship with their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. God chose Israel as a model nation from which other nations are where supposed to learn the commandments of God, even if they do not seem to portray that, God has never broken that covenant relationship with them. In genesis 12:3 God actually told Abraham, who is their forefather, that he will bless every nation that blesses Israel and curse…

  2. Mutati is talking of austerity measures to stir-up the economy.The question to ask is,who is to bear the blunt of the weakening economy,obviously it will be the poor,the very ones who were in the fore-front dancing and shouting “dununa reverse”.I say so because of the large delegation on this tour,indicative that they are not willing to abide by Mutati’s austerity.

  3. Why was Lungu not given a Presidential welcome by the Israeli President…though his powers as President are ceremonial, the Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Racist’ Netanyahu does not give a flying f’ about black people let alone Zambia. Yet we have government officials busy globe trotting to countries that do not add any significant value to their countries. Lungu is indeed the

    • There 2 reasons for that:
      1. They dont recognise him as a duly elected Head of State
      2. He is not on a state visit. Lungu is there on Medical Tourism for treatment in Israel. These days he falls from fits especially after heavy drinking. You can see the wound on the left chick which he sustained just a few minutes before his departure – look at the picture taken by LT when he arrived in Tel Aviv.

  4. Nothing wrong with lungu seeking assistance from isrealis in the agriculture and tech fields.

    Let’s just hope he does not forget the spirit of a liberation struggle vis a vis the palistininans

    • Lungu is sick and is there on Medical Tourism for treatment in Israel. These days he falls from fits especially after heavy drinking. You can see the wound on the left chick which he sustained just a few minutes before his departure – look at the picture taken by LT when he arrived in Tel Aviv.

  5. The Zionist regime z of no benefit to Zambia. Those are war mongers that only dream about war… Mr president you have declined to increase the salaries of civil servants but busy globe trotting. U r blinding the masses in the name of a christian nation. But u v increased salaries for parliamentarians. Imagine a teacher getting k3500. Its even less than a sitting allowance for a mp for only 3 days. What a shame? And u v come with the useless teaching council to starve the poor teachers more. Where are the so called toothless brown enveloped minions in the name of a union. We have a pro rich government whose aim z to enrich their pockets. But whatever goes up must come down. 2021 will come like tomorrow. Only a fool will forget this.

  6. So 9:45 Lazy meets President REUVEN RIVLIN and after that attends Business forum opening now, what the heck is Lazy going to be doing for the next 4 days in a foreign country that his ministers can not do? mind you he has the whole of State House with him!!

    • Lungu is sick – he is there on Medical Tourism for treatment in Israel. These days he falls from fits especially after heavy drinking. You can see the wound on the left chick which he sustained just a few minutes before his departure – look at the picture taken by LT when he arrived in Tel Aviv.

  7. I am saving money because I don’t have to go to a circus. Just watching Politics is enough circus, the only worry is the number of people going without food in the country…like fiction ehh and yet real. People are gallivanting all over the world

  8. I don’t expect upnd zealots to be commenting anything about the republican president because they don’t recognize him. The best you can do is to wait for the hearing of the petition in 2021. Meanwhile as wait for 2021 you can start bull fighting and sucking tits and cokes as entertainment.

    • These miscreants are just ashamed that HE ECL has met his counterpart. Remember in their earlier posts, they showered all sorts of unprintables that he was being met by a junior (consular)! This is the caliber of these United Donkeys! Always seeing darkness were there is light!

  9. Israel is desparate to dump unwanted immigrants from their country to any African country. Uganda & Rwanda have been given huge sums of money in exchange for accepting refugees from Eritria, Ethiopia, Sudan etc.

    LUNGU, if u r reading this, please do NOT sell our country like the way you auctioned it to Tu-ma-chinese & other immigrants. We already have more than enough of these filthy immigrants:- Ma-gore-gore, Tu ma choncholi, Rwandans, Angolans, Kassai’s (conmen like Mr.Dora Malubana) Malawian teaboy mentality, Mwachusas from TZ, South Africans, Mozambiquans, Somalis, Senegales, Malians etc that have impoverished our once prosperous…

  10. Please, Please President Reuven Rivlin is not a counterpart to lungu. lungu stole votes and President Rivlin did not. the counterpart to lungu is Mugabe and mu7ni. Israel has a genuine president and he can’t be a counterpart to a thief. please, please people don’t degrade President Rivlin.

  11. Romans 2:28 A person is not a Jew who is one only outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical.

    Lungu = is the Jewish person by definition in the bible and his being saved by Jesus Christ.

    Rivlin = the Isreali president. By national birth.

    Interesting is it not Christians on LT that Lungu excellency can actually help Netnyau and Rivlin get to heaven on day.

  12. @Wantanshi (6): “Dispicable” and “repugnant” are rather relative terms. Who cares how your mentors, the chaps you draw enormous inspiration from, are described? Does it matter if to some the two are regarded as dispicable or repugnant as long as they school you on how to effectively rig elections and remain in power for as long as you want? Does it matter if, on their sound advice and through their wise guidance you continue to enjoy the trappings of power and your gullible and docile electorate dance for and declare you the “chosen”, “anointed” one of God?

  13. i don’t understand what we Zambians mean when we say these visits will bring us development, these visits only wastes our tax payers money…. we need to look for means of development within ourselves and not run to foreign countries to tell us what to do as if we don’t think that does not make sense… lets believe in one another. YES WE CAN..


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