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President Lungu expected in Swaziland for the extra-ordinary SADC Summit


Harry Kalaba confers with President Lungu
Harry Kalaba confers with President Lungu
PRESIDENT Lungu is this Friday expected in Swaziland for the extra-ordinary summit of Southern African Development Community (SADC), Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has announced.

Mr Kalaba said the President will return on Sunday.

He said the summit will provide a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on strengthening and deepening regional integration among the 15-member states.

Mr Kalaba said the key issues to be discussed at the summit include consideration of the report of the ministerial retreat on the ‘SADC We Want’.

He said the report will also focus on the review of progress on the implementation of SADC programmes, the current challenges and prospects in SADC and explore alternative sources of financing for enhancing trade and market integration.

Mr Kalaba said the summit will also consider expanding SADC membership by looking at the applications from Burundi and the Comoros to join the regional organisation.

“The discussions at the summit will also focus on fast-tracking industrialisation and regional integration. You may wish to know that in 2015 SADC adopted the regional industrialisation strategy and this time the summit is expected to adopt the action plan and roll it out for implementation in member states,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said President Lungu is expected to make several interventions at the summit and use the platform to promote Zambia’s national interest for the benefit of the Zambian people.

“I must stress that it is important for President Lungu to personally attend this important summit to ensure that Zambia is not left behind in the process of making-decisions that shape the direction and future of our region and continent,” Mr Kalaba said.


  1. Uko!
    Until the presidential petition is heard, everyone & everywhere they are questioning why visionless Lungu did not give power to the speaker as required by the constitution & law.
    Let the presidential petition be heard for the country to have legitimacy of democracy.
    By the way LT~give the masses the photo of the day~I mean Kaizer Zulu causing confusion at the CAF U20!
    The Skeleton Key

    • These SADC meetings have been carried out many times per year surely what have they been discussing all these times. Better if civil servants in relevant departments go for such meetings instead of wasting money on rhetoric.
      I am beginning to think of running as president sometime in future. There is too much waste. imagine how this wasted money can help improve the lives of the street children. We can sponsor these kids to boarding schools instead of having them to loiter the streets

    • From Swaziland, dagama kamwendo munjila will briefly visit Zambia to change some clothes & off to another unnecessary international travel. Don’t be surprised when PF bandits & cabinet of blind Lungu will be dancing to dununa reverse on their journey to Egypt. As usual, the gullible will be lip serviced that the visionless man “has gone on a working holiday” craft.
      Can PF bandits tell the masses how much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Fred M’membe is ‘Satanic’
      By Darius Phiri on December 2, 201461 Comments
      By Maliko Ila Lubu.
      I have never seen a man so vile so vindictive, so churlish as Mmembe. In that man’s heart is resident evil that can not be explained in an article. If you happen to have the misfortune of crossing his path in a wrong way – real or imaginary- you are in the deep. If Mmembe was all you had in sight and you were drowning in quicksand, he would not give a damn. The man is such a sadist that sometimes I think, no I am convinced, that something terrible happened to him in the past that he harbors so much grudge, so much loath. It makes me wonder if he was hurt as a child or as an adolescent. Let me explain why I am saying this.

      In yesterdays Post in his editorial titled Lessons On How Not To Run A…

    • Sorry Tumbuka Pride, Lumgu has told me to tell you to f**k off snd stop bothering him with your stupid kalingalinga problems!

      He is very busy enjoying himself as a world tourist at taxpayers expense and has no time for trivialities such as the suffering of Zambians.

      Now just shut up!

  2. Kalaba is not telling us that his boss Lungu has been summoned to attend the Extraordinary Sadc Summit to explain why the UPND Presidential Petition has not been heard, why Lungu was declared Winner when some constituencies had not received GEN12 forms,why Lungu refused to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament,why Lungu committed so many illegalities etc. Things are now falling apart for Lungu and his Legitimacy is now being questioned openly by AU, SADC ,UN ,Commonwealth,EU etc. Following the Resolution of the Gambian Election Dispute the focus has shifted to Zambia and our own “Jammeh” is in the spotlight. Suddenly SADC has realised Lungu did not win the 2016 Election Democratically, Legally and Constitutionally. He stole the Election and that is why he has been blocking the…

    • Forget about the elections and move on…you think toothless SADC can do anything….the naive HH should not have contested that election in the first place knowing where the Ballot papers were being printed!!

    • UPND says Mmembe and Kabimba using tribalism to push their agendas
      Posted On : October 24th, 2013 | Updated On : October 24th, 2013
      By The UPND

      Zambians should observe closely how Fred Mmembe and Wynter Kabimba use tribalism to push their agendas. Today Fred Mmembe can lie that UPND was formed on the basis of tribalism because of the desperate situation he has with his chosen candidate for 2016, Wynter Kabimba, in PF. Mmembe has a right to peddle Kabimba for 2016. The constitution guarantees him this right. But he must do it in an honest and sincere manner (that is if he is capable of such great virtues). It is clear that things are not good for Wynter Kabimba in PF. Kabimba is hanging unto PF by a thread called Michael Sata. We dont want to dwell on PF squabbles…

  3. Travelling again. This man lungu has an ugly heart. He is the devil himself because any reasonable mam would realise that his own people are suffering and would try and save on travelling costs by delegating this to representatives in those countries. It is very sad that Zambia has again got a president like rb who doesn’t think about his people. Meanwhile dogs like ndanje will find a way to support this rat meanwhile they are sitted comfortably in foreign land as economic asylums

  4. LAZY thank you for visiting us in Lusaka…safe trip on your trip,hope to see you soon.Let me just call the ministers and all defence chiefs to see you off at KKIA!!

  5. I am troubled by the fact that Zambians think that their freedom from Lungu the tyrant will be granted to them following the intervention by foreigners in SADC or the Commonwealth. This is crazy because we must not give too much confidence in foreigners to redeem us. Should they redeem Zambia, they could as well impose their own choice for a leader for Zambia. We must swallow our fears, pride, and ineptitude and take on Lungu headon and throw him into the rubbish pit he belongs to.

  6. Do you know why NUMSA, a trade Union in South Africa has decided to take it upon themselves to help docile pf cadres, it’s because they have realized that at the rate Zambia is going, the number of economic refugees from Zambia to South Africa may increase, which could lead to South African worker to start competing for the jobs in SA, foreign job hunters in South Africa have also contributed to rising cases of xenophobic attacks, to cushion this i think NUMSA is trying to encourage it’s neighboring nations to take stock of their economies.

    • Quite the contrary. I think Zambian are slowly learning that having a job is not just working for a big bank or a multinational but identifying areas where you can apply your skills and make money for yourself. I mean why should you have furn city bringing furniture made by a South African of equal or less skill and sell it at ten times the price? Young Zambians are engaged in all sorts of informal activities they don’t need to go to RSA. My sofa was made in Chilulu but it looks exactly like it’s from furn city!! Zambians are going to RSA to import beer and transport it themselves (go see the cars those Zambians are driving at COMESA market). Just yesterday two young Zambians showed me their catalogue of the kitchens they make-beautiful stuff.

    • contd.-I don’t know which country you live in but to me the hardworking Zambians are moving this country forward and are taking hold of this economy. If you have decided to sit and criticize the government everyday-your own children will be working for these same Zambians who are pushing this country forward. That poverty/economic collapse was just a useless political rhetoric that didn’t work and cost our perpetual loser his chance at the presidency at the hands of the true Zambian success story: EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU. Accept it and move on, dude.

  7. At this rate this is pure insanity, the trips are just plain annoying and obnoxious.
    He has nothing to show of all his previous trips and he seems to be getting worse.

  8. When you ‘ve never been republican president it is easier to complain about trips. Don’t forget that levy died while away attending these same meetings. Rb travelled a lot but survived. Sata never travelled until sickness became unbearable. It was during satas era that updn talked the loudest against too much of being indoors by the president. They said sata has dented our diplomatic relations because of lack to interact with other leaders. Today they are singing a reverse chorus against what they promoted. The best thing one can do is ignore stupid opposition parties.

  9. #HH OVAL HEAD your stupidity is beyond measure,I think you are not just a pf cadre you are Davis Mwila or even KZ himself because the nonsense you support can not be supported by a mere cadre.

    • When Ecl stays too much at state house they screaming that he is very sick. When he goes out the story changes to he has gone for medical treatment. Believe those cretins at your own peril.
      @14 am neither supporting the trips nor what you want me to believe. I don’t reason in unison. I use my logical analysis I arrive at an answer unlike you who operates with group thinking. No wonder you want your petition to be heard. Kikiki

  10. The logical way to determine whether these trips are beneficial is to see if there is any improvement on the people’s lives. If there is no improvement on the people’s lives, it means it is just the presidents life improving because there are allowances attached to his trips

  11. The Level of insults here from United Dunderhead blood thirsty animals wishing death on others is truelly shameful!
    May all the evil sa.tan.ic wishes you place on others come back to you!
    As hypocrites first tell you millionaire tribal boss Hungry Hyena to buy gum boots for his workers that have been using tropicals and barefoot to herd his thousands of cattle! Truelly evil chaps you lot are!
    You may have valid points but when you mix them with death wishes and such vulgarness your validity is eroded by plain stu.pidity!

    • We know lungu is your relative iwe ka Sam. You think I don’t know who you are

  12. My very simple questions:
    1. Should the president refuse these conferences when called upon when Zambia is a member of SADC?
    2. Should Zambia cut off all ties with the world so that the president can be handing out freebies everyday in our compounds?
    3. Maybe we should appoint HH prime minister of these international organisations so he can be crying to them everyday about how his “birthright” was stolen? At the same time let him underpay his workers and chase villagers from his land while he tells the world that Zambia is a failed state. (and I pretty sure if he was president he was going to reject all these trips to save taxpayers money).
    4. What is the role of the president and the citizens? Should citizens expect government to create wealth for the citizens while they sit and…

  13. It should not be a must that the president should attend all SADC conferences just because Zambia is a member. The president should look at the economic situation at home first. Come and cut my finger, not all heads of state will attend and those countries without presidential representation will loose absolutely NOTHING

    • I agree with Grace. What are the exact benefits that Zambia has gained from being a member of SADC?Poverty levels have been increasing yet some people’s pockets have been fattening due to allowances accumulated from such trips.

  14. We need to emulate the Republic of South Africa where a sitting President is investigated, found wanting and made to pay back stolen public funds. The problem in most African countries is that Presidents have too much power.

  15. This is an Urgent and Extraordinary Troika SADC Summit Meeting. Lungu has been summoned to go and explain a number of issues following the Disputed and Petitioned Election Result for 2016. SADC wants answers on why the Petition has taken 6 months to be heard,why Lungu is blocking the Petition Hearing, Why and how Lungu was declared by ECZ a Winner of the Election without 120 Gen 12 forms, why Lungu was inaugurated without a Concourt declaration, why Lungu is closing free Press, they want to know why Lungu refused to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament to allow the Petition Hearing without his interference, they want to know why Lungu committed so many illegalities in terms of the Electoral Laws and the Zambian Constitution, they want to know when the Petition is going to be…

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