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DANGOTE sensitise customers on the proper utilisation of cement in the construction industry

Economy DANGOTE sensitise customers on the proper utilisation of cement in the...

DANGOTE Cement Plc has embarked on a sensitisation campaign on the proper utilisation of cement in the construction industry.

This follows some concerns from the public that the collapsing of buildings across Africa is being attributed to improper application of various cement brands meant for different use.

Dangote Cement Group production and processing general manager Sunday Adondua said the sensitisation campaign had been initiated for the purpose of enlightening the public on the best application of the product.

He said the company has noted with concern that some cement users lacked the knowledge on the application of cement during construction.
Mr Adondua said that it is important for players in the industry to have knowledge on the right application of cement whenever they embark on construction.

“Within our group we want to enlighten the public on how best to use the cement products we produce, it sad that some buildings are collapsing and killing people due to lack of knowledge.

“We want to create awareness and protect both human life and structures,” he said.

Mr Andondua was speaking during a Media tour of Ibese Cement Plant based in Ogun State.

Mr Andondua said due to lack of knowledge, some consumers have been using cement meant for plastering which is 32.5R to make blocks instead of the required 42.5R or 52.5N.

He said the company is encouraging consumers to familiarise themselves with the information on the bags so that they get the best required product.

Mr Andondua said the company will collaborate with associations involved in building, engineering, construction and other relevant authorities on the introduction on the best standards in building.

Ibese Plant Director Armando Martinez Gallegos said the company has continued to record positive growth adding that in the next five years, the firm is aiming at increasing production from the current 44 metric tonnes to75 million tonnes per annum across Africa.

The present capacity across Africa stands at 43.6 tonnes per annum from eight countries with Zambia accounting for 1.5 million tonnes per annum.

He said in the next five years the firm expects to expand to 17 countries.

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  1. Kikiki sub standard quality always accepted by Africans. Pf cadres been singing praise for reduction in cement prices and attributing this to the government. I told then that there is always a catch with cheap goods. We hope state house is renovated with dangote cement so that it collapses while drunkard is in it

    • Comment:NEZ uli chipuba. Probably a bustard child of Mushota and a drunkard..your comments are always misplaced

    • You, my friend, are the ultimate pillock! A prize idi.ot uwakutolapo fye icushi from the whole story…!

  2. They should have done that a long time ago. Have you specified on the sack that ; this is for blocks ??
    If not then u must be rippers, do you think Zambians are all Civil Engineers?

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