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Highvie Hamududu resigns from UPND


 former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu
former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu

THERE is too much name-calling, insults, and hatred in the way we conduct politics in Zambia and that is why I have decided to resign from the UPND so that I can explore other platforms to promote new issue-based politics, former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu has said.

Speaking to the Daily Nation yesterday, Mr. Hamududu said he had resigned from the UPND to reflect on the best way he could contribute to the general political situation in the country.

He said the current political situation which was characterised by insults, hate speech, and name-calling was not the best Zambia needed and that he had taken time off politics to reflect on what best needed to be done to enhance the level of engagement by politicians.

He said time to clean up the kind of politics practiced in Zambia and that he will use any platform to propagate his vision for clean politics adding that he did not resign out of bitterness because he was left out of the parliamentary race by the UPND last year.

“It is not that I am bitter. It has nothing to do with my not being adopted in the 2016 elections. For me, this is the time to reflect and see how I can add value to this country. It is time to clean these politics of hate, insults, and name-calling and bring in a new era of doing politics which are issue-based as opposed to what we currently have.

“The current political scenario in this country is derailing development in Zambia and I believe there will be other platforms which I can use to contribute to the development of this country. Believe me, my resignation has nothing g to do with my not being adopted last year by the UPND,” Mr. Hamududu said.

Mr. Hamududu announced his resignation on Wednesday in a short letter dated 17th March, 2017 addressed to the UPND secretary

general Stephen Katuka. “I wish to inform you that I have resigned from the party with immediate effect. Wishing you well,” Mr. Hamududu said.

Mr. Hamududu was among the UPND bigwigs who were overlooked by the party in the 2016 general elections.

He was MP for Bweengwa from 2006 until last year when he was replaced by Kasautu Michelo who was adopted ahead of him.


    • A wise man this Hamadudu, too wise to be associated with these United Dunderheads!

      Well done young man! UPND is a hateful, bitter and frustrated group of misfits that have failed their own constituents for the sake of their delusional mad, sick leader Hungry Hyena (HH)! Instead of focusing on bring developement to Zambia their following their sa.tan.ic leader across the land attendingf court cases!
      Come 2021 they will continue following HH on his court cases!

      Well done badaala! Time for real issue based politics!

    • That’s a nice welcome from a name calling, hateful 2020vision for hivie hamududu. That is clear demonstration that you have jumped from warm water right into the fire.

    • What is your point? your sentence is poorly coordinated. Is your brain functioning properly @Bemba man? Anyway coming to the resignation of Hamududu from UPND it’s an open secret that they man has been frustrated from the day he was left out from the adoption. Honestly speaking Highvie wouldn’t have resigned had he been adopted to contest the Bweengwa parliamentary seat under the UPND. Higvie you’re not the only sharpest tool in the Kitchen to be always adopted. Secondly it’s wishful thinking for Hamududu to think he will get votes in southern province specifically should he form his Kantemba party. No matter how many resignations or how many party will mushroom between now and 2021, the battle will still be between HH’s UPND and Edgar’s PF (Should his third term bid succeed)

    • Which platform in Zambia can one use to avoid politics? Because even pastors, civil servants,NGOs can’t escape the brut force of politics in Zambia. Let him ask linda kasonde.

    • UPND is headed by a dictator who will crush any potential leaders who can take over from him. This is a party that is internally combusting and the only thing keeping it relevant in Zambia right now is the court petition. Once that dies, UPND will have no legs. The Gary Nkombos will be next to go. Watch this s ce


    • Once a statement has the defence “I am not bitter”, in it without anyone having thrown it at the person deflecting it; the chances are that he actually is.

    • @Nubian Princess:
      It is you called Haamunio!! Yours is excessively enlargened and has lost elasticity due to your promiscuity and excessive use of sex instruments!! Ar.sewhore!!

    • And the guy who replaced him is called Kasautu!!For sure this was an insult!Ask a Luvale, he will give the meaning of Kasautu!!

    • @Ndanje you are now showing your real background. What a shame you have no backbone despite your people being trumpled on every day. You turncoat!

    • @Back Tooth ..who are my people who trumped on? I haven’t seen a Luvale, Lunda, Kaonde etc who has been arrested or denied anything that’s their right to have. Sorry mate, my people are Zambians.

  1. Suppose you were adopted, where you going to resign. Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win. In any case , who is insulting who? above all Zambians politics is very cheap. There is bare principles in our politics…….
    I would rather you either stay away completely from politics and be an serious agriculture investor…..than keep an eye on a lucrative job that the powers that be are offering.
    There is life beyond politics…. above all, Mr Hamududu go to Church on Sabbath. Salvation is not in politics

    • Suppose isn’t a present situation, thus I want to state that you end there with your “suppose” sentence!

    • We all read how you insult ECL here and how HH and UPND leaders abuse ECL. It is there for all to see. Hamududu has done what he thinks is right, so do not cannibalise him. Hard decisions are made by tough men like him!

      He may not be an Adventist so he may not go to Church on Sabbath, but may go on Sunday and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. He is the Lord of Sabbath. His ressurection is important and very significant and worth of worshiping Him on Sunday. The Ole Testament was ponting to what was to come, The Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. He is the only Saviour. Days will not Save anyone. Jesus made this clear!!!!!

    • @ Asigai:
      I am sure what you smoke but I can tell it is more than weed!! Hasn’t he only started doing what you think is right after being rejected and ejected!
      Aka ka muntu ka Asigai ni mat.uvi chabe!!

  2. I feel you Hounourable Hamududu. You are what we need to build our country. Somehow I wish you could stay to correct wrongs in UPND. We need to come against hate speech, insults and name calling from all politicians but especially UPND. You are the future.

  3. Are there people still standing in UPND? Thought that party is the late and one can analyse matters deeply, it’s a dead and forgotten party.
    HH is the biggest liability in any given grouping and to dream that Zambians can vote for him is like saying you want to the moon with no fuel in your shuttle.

    TRY 2021.

  5. I suspect pipo are being paid to tender in their resignation letters so that the public could be distracted from calling on the presido to fire one kaiza zulu. All these most recent happenings are a total distraction from the issues of kaiza zulu

  6. Many more UPND MPs and other senior leaders will follow Hamududu soon because HH has turned this tonga party into his personal katemba.just look at how HH mistreats his MPs?UPND MPs have no MP in UPND can ask questions which some PF MPs ask in parliament about their PF Govnt.e.g;Hon.Dr CK’s question about chinese doing jobs which Zambians can do(this is democracy).but if any upnd MP asked anything which seem to be against what HH’s believes in,that MP would be history same day in upnd.thats how undemocratic HH is!!WELL DONE HAMUDUDU!!

  7. Dear Hon Kampyongo, As usual Kitwe Police in total defiance of your directive have just mounted another roadblock at St Johns convent school road here in Kitwe at 15 45 literally inconveniencing motorists. They normally hide there for People not to know they are still doing roadblocks. The other dirty trick they use is to hide near a stop sign and target motorists who may not stop. They are trying to beat your banning of road blocks smartly.


  9. It is job well done it was the best if you had resigned when you were an MP not now when hunger has strike you.
    Who in his normal senses will support this country government which has caused a lot of harm in this country.
    To me it is a welcome move.
    This is a self cleaning process as i dont support this party of thugs in goverment.

  10. One party’s slag is another party’s gold. A man who was rejected as a parliamentary candidate by his political party is a huge prize for the ruling party, to be rewarded with a senior position. That, surely, is depraved politics.

  11. The so called politicians are born of the same “mother” and Hamududu with his irony on not being bitter and using another platform just propagates the comedy! Another platform as an NGO or joining another political party? The latter is most likely what Hamududu infers! Once all politicians in Zambia get it into their thick skulls and accept that their mandate is basically one five year term on being elected and any further re-election is only a favor granted them by the electorate the better will politics be. There are too many capable people who can give it a shot at being in parliament to serve thus let it not be a profession like civil service!

  12. Kiki farewell my brother. We wish you the best. It is just unfortunate you you have decided to be negative against upnd when you are a non entity. Banda also left and nothing changed apart from him going in oblivion. So who are you ???kiki

    • That is how they leave slowly and sure, obe by one. Moving away from a disillusioned UPND and HH. Who want to live in a world of perpetual wound licking. I am sure, if HH was not Tonga, many in UPND would not have spared him. This is because HH has failed as a political player in this country. How can you want to lead when you have been rejected in 7 of the 10 provinces. Sure, sure, cant you just reason you people. And you think your petitions will go anywhere?

      All this behaviour means HH does not know which way to go or what to do next after his lose!!!!

    • NEZ he is condeming everyone and has not singled out any political party. He has done the right thing anyway.

  13. Dombwa whatever your name is,I’m saying we don’t know where we heading to with UPND. The top leadership is killing the party reason being ,they are not the ones who vote for MPs, we the people voted for MPs to represent us and to speak for us not for the leadership of UPND. HH and GBM are not doing any good to the party.

  14. Don’t worry son, there is always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. You are blessed to to walk away from sin, the wicked stick together to conspire against good.

  15. I thought that was the best news – Hazaluza Hagain has resigned! But I was wrong, a second look at it found that it was Mr. Higher Hopes instead! A better leader he is because he can see through the hollow of a self-proclaimed leader HH who will never win an election in Zambia! I wish you all the best Mr.Hamududu!

  16. Go in peace brother. You Politians it is not about serving the people but yourselves njala ngati yanyokola it is always excuses. We don’t even know who to trust.

  17. Dear Hamududu, I shall be honest with you. There is no dignity in what you have done because it has come at a time when you were seen to be a spent force and incapable of propagating the UPND Agenda in a manner that Unifies the Nation at large. In other words,You can not resign after being fired and I guess your action is an attempt to win sympathy and attract attention.
    You should have stayed to reflect on your past performance with a view of contributing positively to the party even without a parliamentary seat. You are just exposing your purpose of being in politics is to secure a political job. Sorry, that is not the kind of leadership we are looking forward to in this land of ours.

  18. So you UPND your thinking is that people should not resign from your party. But your party is full of people who resigned from other political parties like your vice president GBM and the majority of your MPs who resigned from MMD, without which your HH would not have come near to Lungu in results of elections. You UPND members, especially TONGAs under HH, you are self centred and selfish that why other groupings in the country detest you. What wrong with someone resigning? This Hamududu guy you are insulting is one of the most balanced fellow who mixes with everybody from all tribes, and his views are nationalistic. We listened to him in parliament, one of the most balanced and best debaters in the last parliament. Zambians already know who he is, a lovely guy in my view. So stop the…

    • Kikiki what resign this guy was fired before leaving. No loss here. He was just a mere card holder who has been promised a mere position in pf. By announcing thar he has resigned pf think this was way to win political points kikiki where is banda kikiki

    • Kayumba, there comes a time when mass migration is inevitable and this is not one of the kind. Such minor shifts are motivated by patronage and more often than not, a pawn is targeted to destabilize the opposition- a pawn viewed as vulnerable to an extent that when a carrot is dangled it will not resist.
      It is not a question of Tribe though it is plain for everyone to see that PF has been the most Tribal Party since Zambia’s Independence.
      Look at the first PF Cabinet, Look at Local government and the foreign service composition – I mean you should be the last to talk about Tribal issues. Your mentor RB is in the forefront singing the ‘NI WAKO song’. Just clean up guys you have messed up the Country from every angle you might look at it.

  19. Kikikiki ! Kasautu mishelo……..kasautu means being insolence .How do you replace the hard working Hamududu with kasautu ? Under five presido has a problem indeed.He was afraid of DUDUS who was becoming more popular than himself.

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