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Stanbic bank selects beneficiary for its data science graduate programme

Headlines Stanbic bank selects beneficiary for its data science graduate programme

Stanbic Bank data science graduate beneficiary Mwape Rabecca Nthala

Stanbic Bank Zambia has announced the beneficiary for its regional graduate development programme that  offers on-the-job experience and a year’s training in data science and analytics.
The beneficiaries of the Stanbic Bank graduate programme in Zambia is Mwape Rabecca Nthala.
Ms Nthala joins other top graduates from Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda at a Standard Bank Group Graduate Development Centre in South Africa to fast-track their careers.
The Data Science programme is the latest addition to Standard Bank’s existing graduate programmes run across its Africa network, and aims to accelerate the deployment of data-science and analytics specialists in the banking industry.
“The programme kicked off with a Data Science Conference and business orientation training in South Africa. From there, the beneficiaries have proceeded to India for three months, where they will participate in a Data Science International Bootcamp that will expose them to classroom training in advanced data analytics. The trainees will also undergo a series of training in technical business skills and intense three months of practical project implementation,” said Stanbic Public Relations Manager Chanda Chime-Katongo.
Each module of the program is supported by classroom training, mentoring and a short-term practical assignment to give the graduates a new learning experience to develop their skills and abilities.
“Data is only valuable if you can translate it into actionable business insights. This has prompted us to introduce this accelerated graduate program that we believe will ensure Zambia can participate fully in the development of the banking sector as well as take advantage of the opportunities it will create in other sectors of the economy,” said Ms Chime-Katongo.
She affirms that when big data is effectively and efficiently captured, processed, and analysed, Standard Bank will gain a more complete understanding of its customers, leading to efficiency improvements, better customer service and tailored products to meet customer needs.
By developing a broad and deep pipeline of data-science skills across the continent, Standard Bank aims to be a key knowledge source and provider of data-analytics in Africa. While this supports Standard Bank’s digitisation and customer centric visions it also demonstrates, its commitment to leveraging human potential through the development of marketable business skills that actively transform a sector with the potential to drive Africa’s growth.
“We are delighted to have a programme participant from Zambia as it affirms our commitment to advancing the capabilities of future Zambian business leaders in such a critical sector, and allows them to leverage the global expertise of the Standard Bank Group,” Ms Chime-Katongo added.

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  1. IT can only be a bemba PF cadre to win this data thing to train her to RIG the presidential by election due in few months after constitutional court DECLARES the presidency of Zambia, vacant, then kambwili will stand against HH, NOW this crook MWAPE RABECCA NTHALA will rig for PF favor

    • Imagine the tribal hatred risk of putting HH there. Just in case he thinks like you Zambians should be weary of him, We need a replacement of the president from a tribe other than a Tonga. Maybe Luvale or back to Lenje

  2. One person is not enough – you have high interest rates so you can afford to employ 100 garduates bi-annually.
    No congrats from me.

  3. Why do have this inborn hate against Bemba’s, just humble yourselves and join us if want be like us.we have similar brains as yours but we always humble ourselves,knowing how to talk to people and understanding and that makes us winners politically not like you who always pompous. Ukupoka ichinsenda kunkoko kunakilila identify a humble leader the only way you are going to rule not ifi muyunfwa tamulafika napamupando and please stop this blame game of riging election you just lost period by the way Edgar is from eastern so why continue pointing at Bemba’s when you clearly failed to produce evidence that elections within the fourteen days you given by the con court.stop being tribal and childish. One zambia one nation.peace ba zambia.

  4. Congrats Rabecca, young girl focus on God. Jeremiah 29v11 reads ‘I alone knows the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for’. So young lady don’t cease to pray, always thank God . Let those who oppose anything good remain behind because Psalm 35v6 warns them that their paths shall be slippery, they will never get to the hill because they keep falling. Congratulations once again, you have made this country proud.

  5. Congrats young lady; this is the kind of news we need to be hearing and not Lungu and his thugs who are harassing HH

  6. A Zambian learning data science and analytics in the business world at graduate level, that’s fantastic… It’s high time the country developed its own highly skilled data scientists. The few ones we have are either in the diaspora, research institutions or just teaching components of the field to none data scientists and hence not even known, and ignored for foreigners.

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